My Son, My Hero

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This is my first story. I appreciate all insight and help that anyone as to offer.



Prologue –

It was true, not many women enthralled him anymore. He was devoted, to say the least. Still only being a boy of 19, he has had experience most men would kill for. He still remembers that fateful night, and can not help but get aroused. The many intricate pleasures she had shown him. The passion she had unlocked within him, the desire, the love, and the lust.

Whenever he looked at other women, he only saw Susan. She was his goddess, and likewise he was her Adonis. Much like an artist, she had molded him and shown him how to be a fantastic lover……her reward was his absolute devotion to her.

Scott can’t help but feel his loins stir whenever he thinks of her, or when he remembers their fist night together. Her thick, voluptuous body, her large 40dd breasts, her long, thick nipples, but most of all she had the prettiest pussy he had ever seen. Lovely large lips capped by a very pronounced and always hard clit. He could still feel her hands on his head pushing her clit further into his mouth as he suckled on it. Her taste was exquisite, like a nurturing liquid that sustained him. He could never get enough.

Susan could not get enough of her Adonis as well. She would spend many days while he was at work, or away on some errand, feverishly working her pussy over. The way his tongue would dance over her pussy, or when his very thick manhood would stretch her just right. She had fallen asleep many times after their sessions, with his manhood still buried in her. Scott was like a drug, she could never get enough of him. She wanted, no needed him all the time. She didn’t care what else was going on in the world, as long as his stiff cock was buried in her.

Things happen for the Best —

Susan had just finished for the day when her boss, Matt, called her into the office.

“Susan. How are you doing? I now things have been tough since your husband left.”

“Not to bad. Its tough, but this will get better with time. Thank you for being so understanding.”

“It’s not a problem. How long have we worked together?”

“4 years”

“It’s occurred to me that I never taken you to dinner. Would you like to join me?”

“I don’t know if I should.”

“Nonsense come to dinner with me, you need to have a little more in your life than just work and family.”

“Ok…..let me call Scott and let him know that I will be a little late tonight”

“How old is he know?”

“18 with the body of a 25 year old. He is always running and swimming.”

Susan called her son and let him know that her boss was taking her to dinner at his house. Gave him the number and hung up the phone.

After enjoying a lovely dinner, candlelight, wine, the whole works they had adjourned to his study to sit and talk for a while.

“You must be pretty lonely, Susan”

“At times, but I work through it”

“The point is you shouldn’t have to work through it”

Susan found herself looking at her boss in a new light, one the no employee should ever look at their boss with. As her eyes danced across his body as they talked, she noticed the tell tell sign of a bulge in his crotch. Finding herself thinking what she could do with it, unnerved Susan and politely said she need to get going.

As she walked to the door, Matt eyed her up and down, feeling the growing need in his crotch he had to go for broke. Just as she reached the door, Matt grabbed her by the arm pushed her up against the wall and began to kiss her. His tongue flying out in search of hers, his crotch grinding against her pubic bone. She managed to push him away just long enough to slap him.

As she attempted again to leave he grabbed by the back of her hair and drug her back to his study kicking and screaming……

“Please don’t do this”

“Shut up bitch, you have enjoyed my hospitality; no it’s my turn to enjoy yours.”

With that he pulled her up and ripped of her clothes tearing her dress as he went. Roughly mauling her breasts as he ripped off her bra and flung it across the room. She sarıyer escort tried to scream, hit, bite, and scratch, whatever she could do to get away. She had managed to bring her knee up and knee him in the balls, as he doubled over in pain, he would not let go of her. The next this Susan saw was a big fist coming towards her face.

She awoke thinking it was a bad dream, then realized that something was inside her and moving at a furious pace. She couldn’t see or move. She was tied down to some type table on her stomach. She began to scream, a rough hand grabbed her by the back of the head lifted it up and slammed it back down on the table again.

Dazed but not completely out, she could do nothing but lay there and take it. Although his ministrations were having some effect on her, the situation was too surreal for her to get any enjoyment out of it.

“ooooohhhhh Fuck, its time. I am so close to cumming.”

Matt pulled out of her pussy with a plop and then swung his 6in cock in her face….

“Swallow it…….or you’ll regret it.”

Susan had no doubt that Matt would keep his word; she shamefully opened her mouth and proceeded to suck his cock. It did bring some memories for Susan. Her husband would tie her down, blindfolded and get really rough on some occasions, always ending up with fucking his 8in cock into her throat.

“Ohhh….Fuck,” Matt squealed as he blasted her throat with his cum.

Tears strolling down her face, “please let me go”

“I don’t think so. I think I want to enjoy that pussy some more, hell its only 1 in the morning, we have plenty of time”

Suddenly, she herd a door crash open.

“Get the hell away from her you fuck”

“Who in the hell do you think you are”

Susan couldn’t be sure, but it sounded like Scott. The shear violence of what she heard scared Susan. If it was Scott, is he ok. Can he get her out of this? Susan’s mind was awash of emotions and thoughts, when she felt someone fall on her with a slump. Someone had fallen, and was probably not able to continue, tears welled up in her as she feared for her son.

“Mom, are you ok?” Scott asked as he undid her blindfold and untied her from the table.


“Scott,” She lunged at him holding onto him for dear life, unable to understand how he had come to be there. Unable to understand how he knew that she had needed him.

Still naked and shuddering, she looked down at Matt who was out cold. She turned her gaze to Scott who stood tall and proud that he was able to rescue his mom. At the moment Susan fell in love with Scott, and she knew it.

The aftermath —

Needless to say Susan was out of a job, and Matt was doing 10-15 in Soledad prison. The trial, the reporters everything has been very trying on Susan. She would spend hours in her room crying. Her son would try to talk to her, console her. He would leave a tray by her bedroom door full of food. When he would return it would still be there. Finally after about 4 days of this Scott decided enough was enough…

Crashing through Susan’s door, not expecting to find what he would find. Susan lay out on the bed in throes of an orgasm as she feverishly fingered her pussy. Her orgasm even increased in intensity when she heard the door break open. Moaning out her son’s name, Susan peaked through her orgasm and drifted back to reality.

Standing there with a huge tent in his shorts was Scott. She immediately looked away and began crying, and covering herself up. Screaming at him saying stay away from me….I am hideous.

“Mom….we need to talk. This is getting way out of hand.”

“Just go away. Don’t look at me. Don’t call me Mom”

Angered Scott yelled back, “shit happens that is the reality of it, but you need to keep on living your life. You can’t stay up here for the rest of your life fingering yourself. You have got to get passed this. Now, will fucking eat something before I force it down your throat!”

With that Scott left her room and headed for his room. Once inside, he ripped down his shorts took his 9×7 cock out and began stroking it like a madman. Thinking of what he just saw, how mom was calling silivri escort his name out. Thinking of that night he came to her rescue. How her juicy and lush her pussy looked. How hard her nipples were, how they felt pressed against him.

Screaming out, “oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh, mmmmoooooooommmm” as his cum shot across the room.

Down the hall, cries could be heard, and a fork dropping on a plate.

The Rebirth —

Susan lay in her bed tossing and turning. Her dreams filled with the events of that night. She woke with a start, her body sweating and heaving, not realizing but 3 of her fingers were buried in her pussy. Her whole crotch was a swamp. She pulled her fingers out and began to cry. What was coming over her? Her mind was awash with thoughts, the only thing she had to hang on to was Scott, but how could he face her after seeing her at her weakest. She remembered the bulge in his shorts when he stormed in the room earlier that day…..It was so big. Her nipples hardened even more, her pussy began seeping its juice all over thighs, she could not control herself. Scott seeing her masturbating, and then her realization that it turned him on, made her lose even more control. Before she knew it she had her fingers buried in her pussy again, as her other hand slapped her clit.

“Ohhh…..Scott. Give it to me. That’s it baby make me come on that large cock of yours,” imagining that is was her son fucking her, using her like the slut that she is. Moaning and writhing on the bed lost completely in her fantasy she did not hear her son open her door.

Scott stared in wonder at his mother, her moaning and writhing on the bed. Calling out his name and she fucked her hand. He slowly unzipped his shorts and began stroking is already hard cock.

Suddenly, Susan jerked up and turned over on all fours. Quickly she shoved 3 fingers in her ass, and began screaming as she came. This was too much for Scott, he let loose a huge volleys of cum from the doorway some of it landing on the bed and her legs. If she noticed she did not let on, but once Scott realized what he had done, he hastily retreated and headed out for a walk. The fresh air would do him some good.

Susan with a knowing smile reached down her leg, and felt the glob of cum. scooping it up in her fingers; she quickly shoved it in her mouth, and savored that taste. Lighting exploded all around her as her pussy walls started contracting, and spewing forth it’s cum. Her nipples hardened even more, her clit throbbed lewdly, and her pussy kept gushing. Her anal ring pulsated as the orgasm continued. Susan thought she was going to die from the sheer pleasure of it. A few minutes later, after lying in the wonderful aftermath of probably the most violent orgasm she ever had, she made a decision.

The Night —

Scott roamed the streets for a good hour. How he could he face her? It was one thing to jack off in room to thought of her, but quite another to do it in her room while she had obviously given into a moment of weakness. Scott had no doubt that she would find his cum, and then tell him to leave. After seeing what took place at Matt’s he above all should know that she was obviously feeling very low, and gave into the carnal desire that was robbed from her, by the situation. How could he even face her?

Startling him as he walked. His cell phone began ringing. Knowing it was his mother, out of fear he decided to answer it.


“We need to talk Scott. Please come home.”

“Mom-,” the phone clicked off. Knowing that he was in for it, he decided to face whatever came his way. He loved his mother more than life itself, and did not want anything to change that, or to change her feelings towards him. As he walked back to the house he came to the realization that he had already changed them by his actions. While he was her savior, he was also another man that took advantage of her. How could she ever forgive him?

Opening the door he slowly walked in. Leaving the cold moon filled night behind him and heading into what was probably the last time he would be able to see his mother. Torn by guilt and grief he wept as he ascended the stairs. Coming to a stop just outside şirinevler escort his mother’s bedroom door, he wiped his face and tried to put his best foot forward. With a shaking hand he knocked on her door……

“Come in, Scott.”

As he opened the door he could not believe what was in front of him. Candlelight danced all around the room. The scent of his mother’s perfume engulfed him to the very core. There on the bed was his mother in a beautiful low cut red teddy with a red sheer robe around her.

Lying out across the bed on her side, he stared in awe as his gaze travelled up her shapely legs to creamy thighs, further up her stomach, her heaving breasts which were almost spilling out, to her lovely face. Dark Red lipstick painted on her lips, her makeup flawless and knowing yet seductive stare coming from her.

“Mom? What? Uhmmmmm….”

“Come here, Scott. Lay down on the bed with me.”

Transfixed by her beauty and raging erection he had in his pants, he did as mother requested. Lying down on the bed beside her, he looked deep into her brown eyes, and saw no anger, but love.

He began to cry, “Mom I’m sorry for what I did. I will leave if you want me, too. I don’t expect you to forgive me. I am no better than that asshole Matt.”

With that Susan closed the gap between them and kissed her son full on the lips. Her Tongue searching out his as she felt him open his mouth. Pulling him over on top of him. She continued to kiss him rubbing her hands all over his back and chest.

Scott suddenly sat up, “I’m sorry Mom. I should not put you in this situation. If it weren’t for Matt and what happened this would not be happening now.”

Susan sat up hugged her son, “Scott….I am not mad at you. I want you. I want you to love me. Yes, what Matt did may have set this in motion, but all it really did was awaken what was inside me. I have always loved you Scott, but after what happened with Matt, I realize that I am in love with you. I want you to be with me. I am not doing this because of what happened earlier, I am doing this because I can not deny my feelings for you anymore. I want to be with you in all ways, not just mother and son.”

Scott began crying as he leaned forward and kissed his mother, “I love you mom. I always have. I have wanted to be with you like this for a long time. I want you to be my wife. I want you to have my children; most of all I want grow old with you.”

Susan wept as she kissed her son. Her mind filled with emotions she started crying and couldn’t stop.

They slowly undressed one another, until mother and son lay together naked and crying. Susan slowly reached down and took a hold of his stiff member and guided it into her. Her eyes filled with tears as she felt him enter her fully, not from pain, but from the love of it all. She opened her eyes and stared at her son, as he slowly slid in and out of her.

Scott leaned down and began to kiss his mother fervently as continued bringing them towards their much needed release. Her hands roaming all over his body as he labored above her. His hands squeezing her thighs and roaming all over her body, as he continued to pump. Their skin on fire from where it touched and danced to their love making. Their pace quickening, their kisses deeper and harder. Feverishly urging one another on, until it happened.

Susan arched her back moaning and screaming Scott’s name. Her pussy clasping on to his thick cock as it continued its assault on her. Her nipples felt like they would burst. Feeling his cock harden even more, made Susan begin to go in to convulsions as her orgasm continued. Then she felt it. Her son’s was cumming, the warmth and force of it as it splashed the hot itchy walls of her pussy. The sounds of their bodies slamming into one another, as the moans and screams echoed from their throats.

As they cam down Susan and Scott wept together as they kissed and shared their love with one another.

Epilogue (3 years later)–

Susan and Scott had moved to a new town as Husband and wife. There they enjoyed the life that they had always wanted. Together. That was all that mattered to them. Regardless of what they faced as long as they were together, it was worth it.

Susan knows that her son is in love with her. Scott knows that his mother in love with him. But most of all, they know that they have saved each other from the evils of this world. They know that nothing can come between them.

Let me know what you think…

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