My Special Family

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June 4th, 1972

I stared out the window, sitting alone in my own train compartment with my backpack filled with my electronics sat next to me and my guitar rested onto of my two suitcases filled with my life essentially. Summer had officially started and instead of spending it with my parents or catching up with my old high school friends. I decided to go to Brooksville where my father’s side of the family lived. I don’t think my dad ever meant for me to even meet his family, after all from what was told to me by my mother, there was only the men left as all of the women end up dying a tragic death. It was hard trying to find them, in fact it was more so meant for a summer project from my school. If it weren’t for the project maybe this wouldn’t have happened.

Two weeks prior

I ran downstairs to meet my mother for breakfast and see my dad. Dad was rushing out the door before I could catch him and ask the particularly important question. I groaned in frustration as I saw him run to the car and practically sped off to work. He liked being on time, which was his only thing he had ever done in my nineteen years of life. I don’t think I have ever seen my father ever be late to anything no matter how late he leaves. I leaned against the door sulking as my mother came out of the kitchen to greet me. “Now honey, why are you sulking?” She asked me, I huffed looking down,

“I wanted to ask dad something important,” I said to her, she stared at me sympathetically but waited for me to continue, “I wanted to ask him about his family tree.” I said to her, my mother tensed for a moment before turning away and walking back to the kitchen. Talking about dad’s family had always been such a sensitive topic to him, even when I was forced to do the family tree project in high school my father refused to talk about it and the mysteries of the women dying in his family. “It’s for a project.”

“Why not do my side again?” My mother asked as she handed me a bowl of cut up apples and mangoes.

“Because they want me to do both and if I only do one side my professor will give me half credit.” I damned that asshole called Professor Fletcher and his extremely strict rules. “Even if it just goes back to his parents.” I said to her and my mother once again tensed, “Uncles? Cousins? Mom, you have to help me out here.” She gave a sigh of defeat.

“Okay okay, everything your father has about his family is in his storage box in our closet.” She said, “But I guarantee it will not be much.” She countered but I didn’t listen, I just set the bowl of fruit down and dashed upstairs to their room and ran straight to their walk-in closet. After turning on the light and looking around for a few moments, I spotted a small brown cardboard box in the back corner of my dad’s side of the closet. It was barely noticeable from the long slacks and suit he had handing up. I reached down and grabbed it, the first thing I had noticed was how dusty it was, as if my father hadn’t touched it in a long time. I wiped the dust off and walked back to my room with the box and sat at my desk before opening it. I was immediately met with disappointment as there was nothing but some letters, cards, and an old watch that looked like it needed a new battery. I sighed pulling out one of the letters I stared at it,

Uriah Felipe Adom

317 Gainesbrook Rd

Brooksville, OR 51278


Seldom Tien Adom

72 Evans Rd

Halward, CO 624839


The letter was addressed to my dad when I looked inside the envelope it was empty. I let out a sigh before realizing that there was a return address. I quickly picked up the letter that had a return address and smiled at it, while the letter looked old part of me could only hope that it was the right letter. I grabbed it and wrote down the address before pulling out a piece of notebook paper.

To whomever this is,

Hello, my name is Renata Adom, daughter of Seldom Adom I am 19 years old, I think we are family, I am writing this letter because I want to learn more about our family and where we come from for a project I am doing on college, I hope I can get to know more about you and maybe we can meet, if you have any information on our extended family I would really like to know,

Somethings about me, I really like astronomy and anything to do with Space really. I’m in college to be an astronaut if you can believe it. I love the color yellow, or red, or anything that could remind me of a burning star. And I hope to know a little bit more about our family if I hadn’t stressed that enough. Anyways, I hope to talk soon.

Renata Adom

After I finished my letter, I wrote the address that was on the older envelope and sealed the newer one, I was able to meet the mail lady and hand her the letter before she took off. All I could do now is hope I got a reply and to my surprise, two days later I got a letter back.

To Renata Adom,

Hello Denizli Escort Renata, I’m Selstria but please call me Kyle. I’m your cousin, we are around the same age I am 20, I read the letter to our uncle Uriah and he wants to invite you to Brooksville, I know its weird but I hope you agree to come. Some things about me is that I also love the color yellow and orange. They are a pretty color when swirled around together, I also love cookies or anything sweet to that affect. I’m in my third year of college, you like Astronomy? Are you taking any classes for it? Uncle Neplin loves space, he can help you with it if you’d like.

In this letter is a train ticket to Brooksville that leaves in two weeks. You have three uncles, Uncle Uriah, Uncle Neplin, and Uncle June. You also have three other cousins, Vulcan, Munna, me obviously, and Mark. I will meet you at the station if you decide to come.

I realized I never really talked about their ages, Uncle Uriah is 47, uncle Neplin 49 while Uncle June is 38. Munna and I are twenty, he’s like my best friend in the whole wide world you’d love him. Vulcan is 22 years old, he is a bit out there but he means well, and Mark is 23, he is a bit reserved and he doesn’t talk much but he does also mean well. I hope to hear from you soon Renata.


Present Day

It took a while to convince my parents to agree after all I was only 19 years old, in my second year of college. My father wanted me to wait longer before I saw my uncles and cousins. He even wanted to forbid me from going but I was excited, and it was summer break so of course I agreed to go. I didn’t know what to expect, so when I stepped off the train holding my items, I found myself being greeted by a guy that was at least 6’2, his hair was curly and dark brown while his eyes were a green color. His face was chiseled and he had a stubble growing in on his face as well as he looked very well built.

“Renata, right?” He asked, I nodded silently, “I’m Kyle, we wrote letters to each other.” He said holding out his hand. The second thing I noticed was his eyes, they flashed a bright yellow hue with orange streaks in them and the third was how amazing he smelled. It was sweet and pleasant but not too sweet. It was just enough for me to take a deep breath in.

“Kyle, it’s nice to finally meet you in person.” I said smiling and took his hand. His hand was soft but hot to the touch. I gasped and pulled away looking at my finger tips that had turned red as if I had gotten burned.

“I’m sorry,” Kyle said quickly, “Brooksville heat, I swear standing here alone could give you third degree burns.” He retorted and I shook my head for a moment.

“It’s fine,” I said calmly, and he smiled again sheepishly before starting the car,

“You will love Brooksville, it’s really quiet here and sort of small, we have a diner, there’s a library though there is one in the house really.” Kyle explained as I looked out the window, while Brooksville had looked small, I noticed how nice and bright it was out here. It was secluded, surrounded by the trees which is why one of the main transportations other than cars was the train. While there were no apartments that I noticed here, I saw houses ranging from small to large, each had its own porch attached. When looking up, I noticed there wasn’t a single cloud in the sky, everything about this place screamed ‘come and stay’. “Earth to Renata, come in Renata.” Kyle said snapping me out of my thoughts.

“Sorry,” I laughed gently, He looked out the window on my side and hummed,

“Like I said, you will love it here.” He smiled at me, I smiled back, my face turning a light shade of red as I looked down. His smile reminded me of the sun, for some reason it just made me happy. After another five-minute drive, Kyle pulled up to a rusty gate. He got out and pushed the gate opened then pulled into the driveway of what looked to be an old and abandoned house.

“You’re not planning to kill me, are you?” I asked him, his eyes widened with shock before he laughed.

“No, fuck no, I don’t do well with any form of violence.” He said to me, “It just keeps the kids and other assholes from coming here, kind of secluded from the rest of Brooksville.” He answered as he got out. I stepped out of the car and looked around, if anything the place reminded me of Macon Manor in Beautiful Creatures. There was a large back yard and it had its own garden, the sun shined brightly over the practically abandoned house. “Come on,” Kyle said, I turned to him as he held my luggage in his hand and walked up to the door. I walked behind him, stepping on the creaky steps that made me wary of the stability of this house. Kyle set down one the luggage and reached in his pocket for his key before unlocking and opening the door.

Like I had thought before, the house did remind me of that same manor, as on the inside it looked so much cleaner and neat. The walls were a vintage maroon Denizli Escort Bayan color with some designs as a wallpaper. When you walked in there was an area to take off your shoes, I quickly slipped mine off out of respect and walked fully into the house. It was sort of a dark vintage aesthetic to the living, dark red couches, purple wallpaper with designs on it like some sort if swirls. The floor was a sort of darker toned polished wood that didnt have chips or cracks in it. Everything looked and smelled like it was brand new, “the others are out for the day but they’ll be back by tonight or tomorrow give or take.” Kyle said to me, “come I’ll show you to your room.” He smiled again.

For a moment I thought his eyes turned the same yellow hue with orange streaks coming from his pupils, like the color of the sun but quickly went back to the green eyes I saw earlier today. I quietly followed him up to my room, “Volcan had been working on the space since he heard you were coming.” Kyle said to me,

“Volcan, he is the other cousin, right?” I asked him,

“Yep, you remembered.” Kyle hummed as he walked up the steep stairs effortlessly.

“So what? The females just magically disappeared in the family?” I asked him.

“Something like that, for many years everyone believed we were cursed. I can’t really blame them for it, after all half of our family died.” We finally reached the top of the third floor which I swore would never exist if we looked at the outside then began to walk down the corridor.

“Why?” I asked him,

“It’s a long story but I’ll explain that later.” He said then stopped at a door. “Here’s your room, I told Volcan how you liked astrology and astronomy so he went all out,” Kyle opened the door and I stood there in awe and disbelief. Inside the room, the ceiling had shown the entire solar system, I walked inside staring at the ceiling, it felt impossible, it was impossible. I turned to look at another wall and my zodiac sign just appeared on the wall giving quotes of inspiration or what the day was going to be like for the said sign. There was a desk in the room to set up my things and a dresser as well as a clothing rack beside it with a mirror attached. The bed pressed up against the window that showed the outside and I walked over to it looking out of it. This wasn’t possible, at least scientifically, the house was bigger and nicer on the inside. “We also put in your own bathroom since you’d be staying with us and you know girls like to have their own space away from guys.” Kyle ranted. I turned to him and he blushed scratching the back of his head.

“This is impossible, how is this possible, I can see the stars and solar system yet it’s not night, the outside of the house shows two floors yet we walked up three flights of stairs, theres writings on my wall that show quotes from my zodiac sign.” I said in disbelief. Kyle just smirked at me,

“If there’s anything you should know while living with us Renata, is that even the impossible is possible.” He said to me then looked around before turning away. “Anyways, I will let you get settled in. You’re welcome to explore the grounds.” He said before leaving the room and closing the door behind him. I sat down on my bed looking back up at the ceiling with the slight feeling that I was meant to be here. That a part of me felt like I had come home and I couldn’t understand how I could feel that whenever I never stepped foot here to begin with. I sat back on the bed and immediately pulled out my phone to dial my mom.

“Hey mom, I just wanted to say I made it without any trouble.” I told her

“They haven’t caused any trouble, did they?” She asked,

“No, well I only met Kyle so far, but you should see my room it’s amazing.” I told her as looked around again.

“Just don’t be a stranger and be careful Renata.” She said and I sighed

“I will, I love you.” I told her then hung up the phone setting it on the nightstand that was beside my bed. I decided that it was probably time to take a shower after sitting on a train for more than a day so I got up and opened up my suitcase pulling out another pair of clothes to wear. Then while getting sidetracked I started to put my clothes away into the dresser since it would be easier than now. Once I finished, I got ready to go take a shower pulling off my shirt and stepping out of my leggings. I turned around to head into the bathroom when I saw Kyle standing in the doorway dumbfounded. Here I stood, in nothing but matching undergarments,

“You’re matching?” He asked pointing at me as I covered myself quickly,

“I uh, you never know when you’ll have sex.” I admitted but quickly regretted saying that “Why are you in the doorframe with the door wide open?” I asked, I noticed a subtle bulge forming a tent in his pants before looking at him,

“Sorry, was going to ask if you wanted a pizza or anything but then I saw you putting your clothes away and so Escort Denizli I waited until you were done then you undressed yourself and now, we are here.” He said quickly. I felt my face turn even redder from embarrassment.

“Okay, well, uh,” I stumbled over my words looking back down at his bulge then up at him. His eyes were yellow again like the sun and it made me lose focus, “hey are you wearing contacts? Your eyes are like yellow.” I said to him.

“It’s nothing, I should go.” Kyle turned and left the room closing the door behind him. I stood there dumbfounded once more before shaking my head and walking into the bathroom. Whilst taking a shower all I could think about was Kyle’s eyes and for some reason his bulge. It looked big, part of me wondered if he was big. The thought went straight down to my core as my stomach filled up with butterflies and I quickly dismissed the idea.

“No, no Renata he is your cousin.” I mumbled to myself quickly to shun the idea out of my brain. I finished my shower and quickly changed into some pajama’s before walking over the bed and laying down on it. I looked at the different stars in the sky still amazed at how beautiful the ceiling looked despite Volcan doing the impossible. The waves of sleep came crashing over me as I had realized how comfortable I had been and felt the need to take a nap. So, I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.

When I opened them, Kyle was standing in my door frame again, this time his eyes had turned the fully yellowish red color that reminded me of the sun. Not just his pupils but both of his whole eyes. “Kyle?” I called out, he walked over to me and crawled into my bed. He didn’t say anything as he hovered over me and eyed me, from his facial expressions I could tell he liked what he saw. I opened my mouth to speak but he just shushed me quickly,

“We’ve been waiting so long for you Renata.” He whispered gently before leaning in and crashing his lips against mines while taking a deep breath. Everything inside me felt electrified but in a good way as if his touch sent shocking chills down my spine. Kyle pulled away for a moment to let me breathe before leaning back in for yet another deep passionate kiss that felt all too real. Kyle leaned forward making me lay back on the bed as he pulled away and looked down at me. He quickly lifted up shirt and gazed at my chest before smiling “DD Cups?” He asked and I nodded, “So pretty.” His fingers pinched my already perky nipple sending yet another pleasurable shock through my body.

I let out a moan as his other hand grabbed both of my wrists and pinned them above the bed. He pinched and tugged the other nipple then looked at my reaction smiling. “Why is it so intense?” I gasped,

“Just enjoy baby.” He whispered seductively as he leaned down and pressed his lips against mines while his hand trailed down to my panties and into them. He moved slowly around my vulva before pressing lightly against my clit rubbing small circles as if I weren’t aching for his touch already. “You smell amazing.” He moaned as my hand reached down and grabbed his wrist. He paused before opening his eyes and smirking at me, Kyle leaned down and pressed his lips against mine passionately while he pushed a finger inside me. I gasped while he pushed his tongue into my mouth. I leaned up against him as he pulled and pushed his finger inside me adding a second one.

His touch was intense, and electrifying, his other hand trailed up my side and around my neck gently squeezing it for a moment as his tongue swirled around mines. Kyle moved his fingers inside me faster and faster curling them up against my g-spot as he pulled away from our kiss ad slid behind me. He leaned me back against him while running his thumb around my clit in fast circles. His lips pressed against my neck and I suddenly felt hot as I came so close. Kyle bit the top of my ear cartilage gently before pulling away “Cum for me baby,” I gasped and moaned louder as I got closer and he kept going at the same pace not stopping. His hand tightened around my throat so I could feel it but not hard enough to where I couldn’t breathe. I looked up and saw his eyes glowing that bright yellowish orange that reminded me of being close to the sun. Everything around me felt slowed, as I came hard around his fingers.

“Oh god,” I woke up gasping for air clutching my blanket. A guy with brown hair and green eyes stood beside my bed. “HOLY SHIT.” I screamed jumping towards the corner of my bed and grabbed my pillow before hitting him with it.

“Stop, stop, ow how does you hitting with a pillow hurt so much, STOP.” The guy shouted and as I lifted up the pillow to hit him. He held his arms up as if he was surrendering. “Please, put down your weapon.” He said to me and I glared,

“Absolutely not.” I said to him and he scowled, “Who are you and what are you doing in my room?”

“Seriously?” He asked in disbelief and I began to hit him in head with the pillow “Ow, okay okay, I’m Volcan,” He said to me quickly as I lifted the pillow up, “The other cousin, Kyle sent me in to come get you. Dinner is ready.” He mumbled and I slowly lowered my pillow before glaring at him. “Please don’t hit me again, that hurts.” He said and I huffed,

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