My Stepmother Daisy Ch. 02

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So, as I’ve already said, I was back from college for the summer, and staying with my family, my dad, and my stepmother Daisy.

Now Daisy, was a little younger than my dad, she was in her mid-thirties, and she was a short, slim, ginger woman, with a beautiful pair of D size boobs, and a lovely round MILF arse.

How do I know those last two facts?

Well, a couple of days ago, while my father was at work, and Daisy and I were at home, we kind of accidentally had sex.

Of course, when I say kind of, I mean we did have sex, but it was all down to an unfortunate chain of circumstances at the time.

However, afterwards, my stepmother did say to me, if I ever felt horny again while I was at home with her, all I had to do was let her know, and she would happily take care of me.

God bless, stepmothers!

Anyway, a couple of days later, on another bright summer’s morning, I strolled into the living room, having just got out of bed, and then noticed the patio doors were wide open.

Moving over to see why they were open, I stared outside, and saw Daisy stood out on the stone patio, watering some pot plants.

Instantly I stared in amazement at her, because she was wearing just a small purple bikini that barely covered her plump round rear, and her big hanging boobs.

My young, half asleep cock then jumped to life, when she bent over to water one small pot, and her apple shaped butt, then stretched that flimsy thin material covering it.

I couldn’t believe how hot she looked right then, and how horny, her lovely mature rear and her long slim shapely legs were instantly making me.

Eagerly, I squeezed and rubbed my crotch through my jogging bottoms, making my young dick harder and bigger, as I watched my stepmother continue to water the plants.

Then, Finally, I couldn’t just watch her anymore, and with my cock straining against my bottoms to be released, I quickly walked outside.

I then walked right up behind, and as she continued to bend over doing her little job, I quickly placed my hands on her hips, and then pressed my large bulge against her arse.

“Oh!” she exclaimed in shock, as she felt my throbbing lump pushing against her lovely rear.

I immediately started to rub against her, enjoying the feeling of her soft warm buttocks pressing back against my hard straining cock.

Daisy then lifted her head up, glanced over her shoulder at me, and then asked in disbelief “Steve! What are you doing?”

“I’m sorry mom! But your arse in that bikini, has just got me really horny!” I replied, still rubbing myself up against her.

“Oh!” my stepmother said again in surprise, before she then said “Okay. But, let’s take this in side!”

After rubbing up against her once more, I then let go of her, and she quickly stood upright, before taking my hand, and leading me back in the house.

Once we were back in the living room, she turned and looked at me, and then said “Okay. It’s kind of my fault again, I did this to you! But, we can’t take too long to do this today, I’ve got a hair appointment at eleven!”

“Okay.” I replied back, before adding “I just need some relief!”

“Mummy knows!” she then replied back.

My ginger headed stepmother, then dropped to her bare knees on the carpeted floor in front of me, reached over, took hold of my jogging bottoms, and swiftly pulled them down.

My big young hard cock immediately sprung out at her, and she let out a little surprised cry, as it almost smacked her in the face.

“Oh dear! You are horny!” she then said, as she stared at my big red swollen cock.

Then Daisy took hold of my length, with both hands, and holding it firmly, she started to stroke it.

“But don’t worry honey! I’ll take care of it!” she then said eagerly.

Her warm soft hands, then slid up and down my young thick shaft, jerking my member again and again, as she eagerly gave me a hand job.

“Oh fuck!” I then groaned in pleasure, enjoying the feeling of her touching my length.

“Does that feel good honey?” she then asked, as she continued to stroke me.

“Oh, yes!” I moaned back happily.

My stepmother smiled, and then kept going, rubbing her soft hands back and forth along my length, happily stroking my young dick again and again, as she tried to help me find some relief.

“Oh fuck!” I then groaned again, as her hands continued to jerk me.

Then, after a while, she looked up at me and asked “This isn’t quite doing it for you, is it?”

“Not really, I think I need a little more!” I replied back, honestly.

My red headed stepmother smiled, and then said “Okay!”

She then leant towards my cock, opened her lovely little mouth, and swiftly sunk it onto the end of my big swollen dick.

I groaned louder in pleasure, as her mouth engulfed the top few inches of my member, before her little lips sucked onto my firm shaft, and then started to slide back and forth along my length.

“Oh yeah!” I then exclaimed in delight, as Daisy, happily sucked on my cock.

Her beautiful özbek gaziantep escort red head bobbed up and down again and again, as her hungry wet mouth moved back and forth along my dick, and it felt so wonderful to be sucked off, by my loving stepmother.

For a good couple of minutes, Daisy slid her lovely wet lips up and down my hard member, while her hands stroked the base of it, and I moaned in pleasure again and again, as she did that.

However, after a while, it was clear I still wasn’t ready to cum yet, so she finally pulled her mouth off my cock again, and looked up at me.

“Oh dear, this is isn’t working either, is it?” she then asked.

“No, Sorry!” I replied back.

“Oh dear. Well, I guess I’m going to have to go all the way!” she then said with a small determined sigh, before adding “But, I think you are going to make me late for my appointment!”

“Sorry!” I replied back.

“Yes, well, a mother’s work is never done! And if my baby needs me, then I need to do my mothering duty!” Daisy then said proudly.

She then let go of my hard cock, before she stood up again, and then in front of me, she took hold of her little purple bikini top and pulled it up, and off over her head, releasing those magnificent big round boobs of hers, and their little pink nipples.

Then she placed her hands on her bottoms, and swiftly pushed them down, until they hit floor, and she could step out of them.

Daisy now stood in front of me, completely naked, and my cock instantly twitched again, at the sight of her beautiful bare MILF body.

“Now, come on honey! Let’s make you cum!” she then said eagerly.

Then she took hold of my hard cock and led me over to the sofa, before she crawled onto it on all fours, and then waited for me to join her.

Keenly, I climbed onto it behind her, before moving right up, until I was just inches from her beautiful round rear.

I then took hold of my hard dick, and placed it up against her little bald pussy mound, and then brushed it up and down, against her little pink moist lips.

“Oh yeah!” my stepmother instantly moaned, as she felt my cockhead teasing her pussy.

I did it a few more times, before I finally started to push it into her, and her soft little lips eased open, and my big thick veiny length slid in.

“Oh yeah, baby!” my stepmother moaned in delight, as my big young cock filled her mature wet cunt.

I pushed my very stiff member, deep into her tight little hole, and then, once I was most of the way inside of her, I placed my hands on her slim waist, eased back, and then thrust in again.

“Oh yes!” she moaned in delight again.

So I did it again, and again, and as I started to pump back and forth inside of her, Daisy moaned excitedly.

“Yes baby! Yes! Fuck mummy’s pussy! Fuck it good!”

So, I did, and steadily thrust in and out of her warm moist cunt, with my thick firm dick, and every time I moved inside of her, my stepmother moaned again in delight.

“Oh yes! Oh yes! Yes! Fuck me baby! Fuck me!” she moaned, urging me on, as she knelt on fours in front of me.

I eagerly continued, loving every second of this, as I happily fucked my hot ginger stepmother from behind.

For several wonderful minutes, I continued to slide my large erection in and out of her wet warm pussy, feeding almost my entire stiff length into her, before easing it almost all the way out, and then pushing it, all the way in again.

Then, after a while of fucking her steadily, I felt the need to speed up, and started to pump her faster and harder, and as I did, my stepmother moaned louder in pleasure.

“Oh yes! Yes! Yes! That’s it baby! Fuck me hard! Fuck me hard!” she moaned loudly, clearly enjoying it.

So, I held onto my stepmother’s waist, and eagerly thrust back and forth a little quicker, and Daisy groaned and moaned in pleasure, as she started to rock back, against my movements.

“Oh baby! Oh baby!” she groaned excitedly, as I kept pounding her cunt.

My hard cock continued to slide in and out of her soft pink lips, stretching them wide as it did, and after another minute or so, my red headed stepmother was groaning so loudly, I knew what was about to happen.

“Oh, I’m going to cum baby! I’m going to cum! You’re going to make your stepmother cum! Yes! Yes! Yes!” Daisy cried, as I eagerly kept thrusting into her.

I eagerly thrust as hard and as fast as I could, determined to make her cum on my young cock, and as I battered her sweet wet pussy from behind, her moans grew more and more intense.

Then, as I slid into her again, and our naked bodies slapped together, my stepmother’s ginger head tilted upwards, her bare pale back arched, her body tensed up, and then she groaned heavily.

“OH BABY!” she cried out, as she started to cum on my dick.

I held tightly onto my hot naked stepmother, as she began trembling and twitching on my length, and for several wonderful seconds, I could feel her wet gaziantep özbek escort pussy moving and squirting all over it.

“Oh yes!” she moaned again, as her orgasm rushed through her.

She continued to buck against me for a moment or two longer, and then, with a sigh, she finally stopped coming, and relaxed.

Her head then dropped onto the sofa cushion in front of her, and for a moment she knelt forward, catching her breath.

Daisy breathed heavily for a few moments, before finally, she lifted her head up and took a deep breath, and sighed happily again.

Then she turned her flushed face towards me, and with a smile said “Oh, honey, you make me cum so hard!” before she then leant towards me, and we happily kissed.

After passionately kissing for some time, Daisy then pulled her lips from mine, and then eased herself off my length, before she turned to face me and said “Now honey, let me ride your cock!”

Happy to hear her say those words, I quickly sat down on the sofa, the place me and my father had sat many times to watch football and drink beer, and eagerly, his naked hot wife, climbed on top of me.

Daisy then positioned herself over my erection, before she then lowered herself down, and sunk her lovely wet cunt, onto my cock.

We both happily moaned as her warm wet pussy, slid down my member, and then when she reached the bottom, she placed her knees down either side of me, and then started lift and drop on top of me.

Again we both moaned in pleasure, as her hot wet pussy slid up and down my thick firm length, and as she bounced up and down on my dick, her warm soft buttocks smacked against my young balls.

“Oh baby!” Daisy then moaned, as she placed her hands on her big sift boobs, and started to fondle them, while still riding my cock.

I then slid my hands around onto her soft round arse cheeks, and then clutching them firmly, began helping her to rise and fall on my dick, and again my stepmother moaned in delight.

“Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh honey, your big young dick feels so good in my little pussy! Oh god, I love it!” she cried excitedly.

For several more minutes, Daisy lifted and dropped into my lap, steadily bouncing on my member, and moaning happily because of it.

Then, after a bit longer, she leant forwards, placed her hands on my shoulders, and then started to rise and fall faster.

It was my turn to moan loudly, and I groaned heavily, as my stepmother’s sweet wet pussy slid quicker up and down my length.

“Oh honey! Oh honey! Oh honey!” she then moaned over and over, as her wet cunt rapidly moved back and forth along my length.

Daisy continued to ride me hard for another couple of minutes, happily bouncing up and down on top of me, and I loved watching her hot naked MILF body doing that, until finally, she landed heavily in my lap, and then groaned in delight.

“Oh baby!” she moaned lustfully, before steadily grinding her wet cunt, against my crotch.

For a moment or two, she happily wiggled in my lap, as she continued to sit on top of me.

Then, with a smile, she began to lean backwards, until her hands touched down on the carpeted floor behind her, her feet came up either side of me, and she said keenly to me “Fuck me baby!”

So, still cock deep in her wet pussy, I started to thrust in and out of her, and as my big stiff member slid back and forth between her little wet lips, my ginger stepmother moaned in pleasure again.

Eagerly, I pushed and pulled my big thick dick in and out of her, pumping her lovely mature cunt with my young hard cock, and as I did this, Daisy moaned again, with my every thrust.

“Oh baby! Oh baby! Oh baby!” she exclaimed in delight.

With Daisy leant back over the edge of the sofa, I found I could push my big dick even more into her, and as I kept thrusting, I gave her the full length, until my balls were slapping against her arse cheeks again.

“Oh yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!” she moaned loudly, as I pounded her pussy again.

For a good couple of minutes, I fucked my stepmother like that, and as I thrust into her again and again, I watched her hot naked body rock back and forth in front of me.

“Oh honey! Oh honey! You’re going to make mommy cum again! You’re going to make me cum again!” Daisy then moaned loudly, as I continued to plunge into her.

So, I kept going, eager to see my wonderful ginger stepmother cum again on my cock, and as I kept pumping into her, her moans of delight continued to echo out.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!” she moaned over and over, as her eyes began to roll back into her head.

I keenly kept fucking her hard, while she remained bent backwards in almost a crab like position, and then, as I plunged in deep again, and my balls slapped her arse again, my stepmother began to tense up and tremble.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh….” She moaned, before she paused, and then groaned loudly “FUCK!”

Daisy started to cum, hard!

Her hot naked pale body began trembling gaziantep özbek escort bayan and twitching wildly on my cock, and I had to hold onto her, to stop her from falling backwards onto the floor, as her second orgasm rushed through her.

“OH SHIT!” she groaned loudly again, as she continued to cum.

For several wonderful seconds, my stepmother groaned and bucked against me, as her second climax continued to control her, and it really was hot, watching her cum on my young cock again.

Then finally, she stopped moaning in pleasure, and sighed happily instead, as her body relaxed and she stopped cumming.

With a happy look of content on her face, she stared up at me with a big smile, as she then sat there, trying to catch her breath again.

After a moment or two, Daisy then reached up, and took a hold of my arms, and with a little help from me, she sat back up, on top of me again.

“Oh baby, you made me cum again! You are getting so good at that!” she said happily, before she leant in and kissed me again.

A good minute or more went by, as we sat holding each other, and kissing happily, before once more, Daisy pulled her lips from mine, and then with a grin, leaned over, and laid down on the sofa, at angle to me.

I then had to shift myself a little, to get a better position if I wanted to keep fucking her, and once I was in the right place, I started gently push my still firm dick, in and out of her again.

“Oh yes!” she moaned softly, as I fucked her with nice long strokes.

Daisy then moaned some more, as I continued to move back and forth inside of her, and together on that sofa, we kept steadily fucking.

I have to admit, It felt so good to be fucking my stepmother, yes, I had had girlfriend’s, pretty ones too, but they certainly didn’t know how to fuck like Daisy did, and I have to admit, I liked fucking the woman who was basically my mother.

As I continued to steadily pump in and out of her, enjoying, sliding my big hard dick in and out of her wet juicy pussy, her phone suddenly started to ring, and quickly I stopped moving.

Daisy sat up a little, and then looked puzzled, before saying “Who’s that?”

So, I reached over, picked up her phone, and noticed the caller name on the screen.

“It’s Abigail!” I then said, handing her the phone.

Abigail was my stepmother’s hair dresser, and she was probably calling to ask why Daisy hadn’t turned up for her appointment, as it was now ten past eleven, and she was now late!

My stepmother quickly took the phone from me, and then pressed the answer button, before saying “Abigail, hello!”

As my stepmother began talking to her hairdresser, I eased my hard cock back, and then slid in again, and instantly, my stepmother moaned a little.

She then looked at me in disbelief, before quickly saying into her phone “Sorry. Forgot what I was saying there for a moment.”

Then as they continued to talk, I eased my member back again, and then slid into her lovely pussy again, and Daisy, had to bite her lip from moaning out loud again.

I then cheekily did it again, and my stepmother glared at me, as she fought the urge to make a noise.

Finally, after longer than it should have taken, for some reason, she finally ended the phone call, and then looked at me with a small grin on her face.

“Oh, if you weren’t so deep in my pussy right now, you would be in a lot of trouble young man!” she then said playfully.

I grinned back at her, and then thrust my big dick, swiftly in and out of her pussy again, and instantly she moaned loudly in pleasure again.

Then I started fucking her properly again, and as I happily moved in and out of her pussy once more, she placed her phone down on the sofa, and then laid down beside it, as she continued to enjoy what I was doing to her.

In our sideways on to each other position, I kept pumping my length back and forth between her soft warm pussy lips, and every time I slid into her, my stepmother moaned in delight.

For a while, I continued to fuck her like that, before she then started to shift herself again, and eventually, she rolled onto her back, and then lifted her knees up to her chest.

I then moved closer to her, before I placed my hands on the back of her thighs, and began thrusting quicker in and out of her again.

My stepmother instantly moaned louder again, as I started to pump her lovely mature cunt harder, and as I fucked her, she looked up at me and said “Yes, Fuck me harder baby! Fuck me harder!”

So, I started pumping my rigid member even harder and faster into her, and as I did, she groaned louder, and then rocked against my thrusts.

“Oh yes baby! Yes! Yes! Yes!” she exclaimed happily, as I moved swiftly in and out of her pussy.

My naked stepmother lay on her back, with her little legs pointing up wards, while I knelt between them, pounding her pussy, and as I kept fucking her hard, she continued to moan and groan in pleasure.

“Oh baby! Oh baby! Oh baby! You’re going to make me cum again! I’m going to cum a third time on your lovely big cock! Not even your dad’s managed that!” she then moaned excitedly, and I have to admit, hearing her say that, got me really excited.

So, keenly, I kept thrusting in and out of her pussy, and as I pumped her as fast as I could, and my hard cock smacked between her lovely wet lips, my own excitement began to grow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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