My Time in Whiterun Ch. 01

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This story takes place in the Elder Scrolls universe.

The year was 4E 195. Havar and his mother Reyya are on a cart riding through the harsh cold of Skyrim. They sat huddled at the very back of the cart Havar had the blanket wrapped around him and his mother. Havar was an unusual Breton, his father was a traditional Breton merchant who had made a large amount of money before he was killed on an expedition when Havar was young, Havar’s mother though was a from a very elf thick blood. The Bretons are known to be a hybrid betweeen men and mer, but his mother’s blood ran especially thick with elf blood, which gave Havar a unique aptitude for magic, along with his somewhat more elfish looks like a more pointy chin and nose, and larger ears.

Havar was nine-teen and was now becoming a man he had made a lot of friends when they lived in Wayrest. Havar wasn’t the best with girls though he had a few girlfriends but never had sex, he was waiting until he found the one person he wanted to marry. Havar was almost a whole foot taller than his mother he stood at five foot and eleven inches, he had long black hair, a little bit of stubble, and brown eyes. His mom was about five foot and two inches, she had vivacious D cup breasts, flowing dark brown hair, a shapely body and brown eyes.

Havar looked down at his mother wrapped in his arms she was scanning the surroundings of the road he caught a small glimpse down her robes at her breasts, he thought about his mother sometimes, however he knew very well that in high rock incest or even the fantasy of incest was punishable by exile and even death. Skyrim had no laws against incest between consenting adults though. He looked again down at his mother’s bust examining it and wondering how they would feel in his hands.

The cart was slowing down and as they came around the hill Whiterun was visible off in the distance. Havar pointed out the towering city in the distance to his mother.

When they finally arrived at the stables outside Whiterun Havar couldn’t wait to see what the city was like. They ankara escort had already sent word to the Jarl Balgruf of Whiterun along with the coin needed to purchase a house in Whiterun.

They got settled in to their new home right away they didn’t bring much furniture with them but they payed the Jarl enough to furnish it with some common necesities like a bed and a fire place. They only had enough money for one double bed. Havar had a small bed roll though.

It was becoming late and Havar had got the fireplace going, it had warmed the house enough so that they could take off their heavy clothing. Havar walked upstairs to the bedroom and found his mother getting dressed she was in the process of taking off her dress and putting on a night gown, the gown lay over the foot of the bed for his mom to put on she was undoing the string that held her robes shut she slowly undid the tie and spread open her robes. She slowly slid the shoulders of her robe off, her bra and panties were very sexy, they were a purple and black print. Reyya undid the hooks on the back of her bra and let it slide down her arms, she bent over a little and slid her panties over her beautiful cheeks and down to the floor. Havar was standing out of sight at the top of the stairs with a perfect view down the hall, His penis began to grow at the sight of his mothers bare ass.

Reyya put her clothes in the wardrobe closet to her left, she returned to the bed and picked up her night gown, she put it over her head and let it fall over her. Havar started walking towards their room.

“Hi mom,” Havar said to his mother as he entered their room.

“Hello Havar my dear,” Reyya said turning to greet her son. Her breasts swung under her night gown, without a bra her large nipples shown right through.

Havar grabbed his night robes from his trunk and went to the restroom. He put them on and returned to the bedroom. He reached back into his trunk and pulled out his bed roll and laid at the foot of the bed.

“Havar what in the world are you doing?” çankaya escort Reyya asked with a puzzled look.

“I’m getting ready for bed,” Havar said as he looked up at his mom.

“You’re not sleeping on the floor, come up here” Reyya said as she patted on the open spot next to her on the bed.

“Are you sure mom,” Havar asked.

“Of course!” Reyya exclaimed

Havar thanked the divines for his erection subsiding before he climbed into bed. His mom laid back and blew out the candle on their bed side table.

Havar laid there thinking about his beautiful mom and how sexy she looked when she was undressing. She was an amazing woman and Havar couldn’t help but think about making love with her, bending her over and laying into her with his hard penis. Havar fell asleep with his mind stirring thoughts of his sexy mother Reyya.

When Havar awoke he was laying on his back and his mom was cuddled up close to him, she had one arm wrapped around him she was tight up against him with her head resting on his chest. He slipped out of bed and laid his mother down gently. His mother was opening a stall in the market today where she would sell spells and teach people to use magic, so she had a big day.

Havar had gotten dressed and headed to the local inn called The Bannered Mare. He went inside and sat at a table he ordered a meal and sat for a while eating. He was almost done with his meal when out of the corner of his eye he saw a beautiful woman enter the inn. She stood there sexy red hair and large breasted strutting her stuff as she walked in, Havar watched her for a while, He couldn’t help but stare at her amazing body. She sat at the bar and made small talk with the bartender. Havar got up and walked over to her.

“Hi my names Havar,” he said.

“I’m Ysolda,” she responded.

“Can I buy you something?” he asked

“No but thanks for the offer,” she responded

Ysolda looked at Havar examining him head to toe,”You’re not from here are you?” she asked.

“No I’m from High Rock,” Havar demetevler escort answered.

“Thats interesting,”

After a little bit more small talk Havar left the bar. He went to the market his mother had set up her stall and was getting quite a bit of business. Havar returned home and walked up stairs he laid resting in the bed, he laid for a while resting his eyes then he looked over near the door where he saw his mother’s wardrobe, the door was slightly open and he could see his mothers purple bra and panties hanging from a hook. Havar got up from the bed and walked over to the wardrobe, he pulled the door open all the way and looked at all of his mothers gloroius garments. He reached in and grabbed hold of the panties, he pulled them off the hook and held it in his hands examining it, Havar lifted the panties to his nose, the scent of his mothers hot cunt entered his nose. He pressed the crotch of the panties to his face spreading it across his mouth and nose he let his tounge slide up and down licking up what juices had dried into them, he pressed even harder inhaling as hard as he could, his cock was now fully erect, he reached down his pants and grasped his hard cock, he started stroking on his cock and thinking about his buxom sweet mother. He stood there imagining him having a three-way with his mother and the beautiful girl he met at the bar today, He felt his cock getting ready to cum. Havar ran to the restroom and grabbed a rag he plunged his cock into it shooting his load as he thought of the rag as his mother’s womb. He stood there for a moment letting the pleasure cascade over him.

Havar cleaned his mess, the whole time thinking about him and his mother making love all over the house. He thought about fucking her on the table, chairs, bed, floor, against the wall, and even down in the cellar where no one could hear her cries of pleasure. Havar stayed inside for the rest of the day he read for a while and then made lunch for him and his mother. He took the meal to his mother in the market, he sat at the stall with her and watched the people go about their days, He was sitting on a chair behind his mothers stand and she was standing slightly bent over her stall talking to someone about buying a spell tome, Havar sat admiring her ass thinking about ripping her clothes off and licking all over her.

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