My Twin Loves Ch. 04

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I think at some point we realised I was ‘officially’ dating both of them. We knew that would cause problems eventually (sure I got on well with their parents, but how do you say ‘excuse me Daniel, Hilda? I just wanted to let you know I’m dating your daughter. Oh, sorry I see the confusion. Yes, I’m dating Felicity. But I’m talking about Lydia right now. What’s that? Get out? Of course, sorry for the bother’). For now we just enjoyed it.

One night I was called into our room (we’d given up having separate beds by this point) to find candles lit, and the twins laying backs on the headboard, arms around each other, wearing sheer negligees. I stopped in my tracks.

‘Sit down,’ Lydia said softly. As I stumbled to the chair, I took them in. Long legs, stretched out and bare in front of them. They were close together, their arms around each other’s waist and hands resting on their hips. Both wore red, sheer tops, barely concealing their breasts, long blonde hair cascading over their shoulders.

‘You’ve been really good to us recently John.’ They looked at each other and smiled. ‘Well, more so than usual. Setting up the office. Cooking dinner most nights. Taking me to the gallery the other week.’

This was the first time they’d really done a “twin” thing with me. They were finishing each other’s sentences. I could tell who was who, but it was tricky – they’d done everything they could to appear the same. Hair, makeup, clothing.

‘And you know, we’ve noticed how your eyes light up when we touch each other.’ Their hands began stroking up each other’s side, rubbing gently. Sheer red fabric fluttering across their stomachs.

Something was fluttering in mine.

‘And we love that you don’t push anything. You don’t ask for anything. You let us explore with you and together. You help us feel comfortable and safe and loved.’ They looked at each other and smiled. ‘And so we’re clear, we really like it.’

Lydia looked at me. ‘It feels wonderful to have more than one set of hands on me. I’ve always wondered about a threesome, or group sex, but since I’ve met you I never wanted anyone else.’

Flick kept looking at her twin. ‘I’ve always loved being watched. I don’t want another man, but the idea of you watching me being sexual with someone else is a huge turn on.’

‘And both of us have always been a bit curious about women, but never really had the chance to try.’

Lydia spoke up next. ‘I’ve danced with a couple of girls, and nearly kissed one. I think I was too nervous to go through with it, especially in public.’

‘It feels so strange, naughty, even a bit wrong for us to touch each other. It also feels really good. Right.’ It was back to the twin experience, talking almost in sync. ‘We think it’s because of you being our connection. You bring us together, and all three of us feel better when we’re being sexy.’

They paused for a bit. I got the impression it had taken a lot of courage for them to say as much as they had, and had been working up to it for a while.

‘I feel the same way girls. Flick, I’ve loved you I think nearly since we met. Lydia, it’s newer for us, but no less strong for that.’ I moved over to the edge of the bed, not yet touching them, but closer. ‘It’s incredibly erotic to watch you together, but I haven’t really known what to say. You’re right. It feels naughty, and magical. Because it’s you, and us.’

They smiled. ‘We knew you’d understand. So.’ Each took deep breaths. ‘This doesn’t change anything between us. Don’t expect to walk in on us suddenly lezzing out in the lounge room. But maybe, we might want to play around a little more. Together. The three of us.’

I nodded slowly. ‘Yeah. I kind of thought you might be getting to that point. But hey. You both do what you want, explore how you want. I’m not going to judge, and by the last few months, it can only get better between us.’

Flick was crying. Lydia hugged her, and said ‘She was weirdly worried you’d hate us. Or judge us. I told her you wouldn’t, of course.’

I joined them in a hug, and kissed them in turn. ‘Oh babe. Never.’

While I’d reserved from encouraging or saying anything to date, now I knew they were open to exploring, I did.

‘Felicity. You know what I’d like now?’ I whispered in her ear, as she shook her head. ‘I’d love to watch you undress your sister. Take it slowly. Tease me a little.’

A sharp intake of breath from Lydia. Flick looked at me, blinking away the last of her tears, bit her lip. Looked at her sister. Back at me. And nodded. I sat back on the end of the bed, and the two of them came to their knees, facing each other. Flick tilted her head, and Lydia nodded in response to her unspoken question.

‘Yes. Undress me for our man.’ I swear I could see Flick quiver at that.

It was slow, an arm reaching out, caressing up Lydia’s side, underneath the negligee, fingertips drifting along her stomach and hip. Lydia reached a steadying hand and held onto her sisters shoulder. Flick looked at me, my mouth hanging open, and eve gelen gaziantep escort a smile spread across her face. I took my shirt off as I watched them together, looking so alike, gradually revealing more of her twin. Flick leaned in, and softly kissed her way up Lydia’s outstretched arm, before using her teeth to pull the strap of her top off her shoulder. Lydia’s eyes were fixed on every move her sister made.

The curve of Lydia’s breast came into view, and Flick ran her fingers across it, brushing it off her erect nipple. I think all our breaths caught at once. Flick repeated the move on her other strap, eyes twisted to look at me, now nude, holding my erection and staring at the twin visions on our bed. Running her hands down Lydia’s arms, she slid the silky fabric off, over her hips, and left it puddled around her knees. Looking at me, Flick lifted her arms up and Lydia took her negligee by the hem, shimmying it up and over.

Facing one another, the blonde sisters reached their hands out at the same time to hold one another’s breasts. Flick rubbed one of Lydia’s poky nipples and Lydia shivered. ‘Oh, Flick. Why am I surprised you know how to push my buttons? That’s so good.’ Flick’s other hand was brushing underneath Lydia’s breast, around her ribs, down her side. They gradually stripped each other’s lacy underwear, one laying down and raising her legs as the other pulled them off.

Completely nude now, laying side by side, they looked up at me. ‘I think you can join us now. Maybe.’ Seeing my hyper arousal, they obviously had second thoughts. Laughing, they sat up and crawled over to me. ‘Actually. I think we might need to take care of that so we can enjoy things more.’

I sat there, having moved to the chair, as they both got off the bed and walked over to me. Kissing Flick, then Lydia, then Flick, then jerking as I felt Lydia’s hand circle my cock. She knelt down, and took me in her mouth. I moaned into the kiss with Flick. As I was reaching for her breasts, she pulled away, and knelt beside her twin.

Their shoulders and arms touched. Flick, on the left, casually settled her right arm around her sister and rested on her hip. Their hair blended together, blonde on blonde, as Lydia lifted off and turned to Flick. ‘Your turn?’ The two giggled, Flick ran her tongue up my length, and both looked straight at me.

I didn’t last long from there. I know they passed me back and forth, and at one magical moment they put their mouths on either side of my cock and kissed it, lips oh so close to touching. That was enough.

‘Coming,’ I grunted, and Flick put me back in her warm mouth for me to unload.

‘Hey, no fair!’ Lydia laughed. ‘You know I wanted that.’

Flick lifted off me, fingers to her lips so it didn’t spill out. We both watched her swallow. ‘Sorry sis,’ she said with a smirk.

I stared at them, Flick still with her arm around Lydia. Breasts almost touching. Long tanned bodies on display. ‘Well, there’s a bit leftover for you Lydia, if you like.’ I gestured at Flick, and her face. A bit of my come had ended up on the corner of her mouth.

Lydia and Flick went quiet, looking at each other. ‘Mmm. He’s right Flick.’

She nodded, imperceptibly, in response to a question I’d not heard.

Lydia tilted her head, ever so slightly, and leaned in to kiss the corner of her sisters mouth, oh so softly. I saw her tongue flicking out and collecting the last drop, and then she pulled back. Another long moment of silence, something profound passing between them, before she leant forward again.

This time the kiss was direct, though just as gentle. Their lips parted, their arms circled each other, and their breasts pressed together. The kiss was tentative, cautious. I held my breath and stared as Flick lifted her hand to Lydia’s face, caressing and stroking.

After what could have been an hour, they broke apart. Still looking at each other, they smiled, nodded, and hugged.

‘You two. Wow. I. Um.’ Shit. Again? I stood up, grabbing them by the hands, and leading them to the bed as they laughed at me.

They laid down on the bed, tangled together, alternating kissing and staring at each other while their hands trailed over their bodies. I leaned between Flick’s legs and blew gently on her. She giggled, and they both looked down at me as I ran my fingers along her pussy.

I moved from Flick to Lydia, playing with them with my fingers. They were moaning, had laid on their backs, and propped up by a pillow, looked down at me as I lowered my mouth between Lydia’s legs. I remember her laughing as a new feeling overwhelmed her, my mouth on her and Flick’s on her nipple – raising my head a little I saw Flick’s tongue circle around and then lap at her twin sister’s breast for the first time. I leaned back a bit and kept my hands between their legs, as Flick moved over Lydia’s chest, her lips sealing over her erect nipple, and ran my hands up and over her taut butt.

The gaziantep eve gelen escort next bit was a blur of hands and mouths. The girls didn’t feel comfortable touching each other too intimately, though their love for breasts appeared to equal my own.

‘Lyds! These are amazing! No wonder he can’t keep his hands off your tits.’

‘Like you can talk. Let me, hmm hold on, ugh. Ok.’ Lydia had spun around, Spiderman kissed with her sister, then draped her breast into Flick’s mouth while her own found her twin’s nipple.

‘Oh god. You two…’

At some point when Flick was on her knees with my cock in her mouth, Lydia was kissing her way across her shoulders, cupping Flick’s breast with one hand, and her own with the other. She bent down to kiss her neck. ‘I need to watch you two have sex,’ whispering into Flick’s ear.

Lydia slid underneath her sister, Flick resting on her knees and looking back at me as I slid my hands across her silken skin, a finger sliding inside. An awkward laughing jumble as I tried to find a position between their legs and rested my cock against her. She gasped as I entered her, as I gazed at my twin lovers.

‘I think I love kissing you sis,’ Lydia said. As I fucked Flick, their hands roamed each other and I watched Lydia interlace her fingers behind her sister’s neck and pulled her down for their mouths to meet in passion.

I know Flick came again. I loved to see them as they made out and moaned, their breasts pressed together, my hands wandering between their bodies to squeeze them in my palms. The feeling of their twin forms rolling with my thrusts, as Flick arched her back she climaxed and the sight of Lydia leaning her head forward to capture her nipple again. I could barely contain myself.

I held off, somehow. Enough for me to lever Lydia’s legs up and slip out of one woman and into the other. Lydia gasped, then pushed down towards me. She later said the feeling of having me so deep inside her while her sister held her close and kissed her was the pinnacle of the night.

Flick had dropped her elbows after the orgasm, head to the side, chest pressed tight to her sister. I watched, sliding in and out of Lydia, as they kissed, mouths moving softly and in tandem. They’d break apart and whisper things to each other. ‘Oh Lyds. This feels so right.’ ‘Flick, you are such a good kisser. My twin. My lover.’ And a laugh as they came together again, kissing. Lydia leaned up a bit and bit gently on her sister’s shoulder, falling back to the bed and resuming their lip lock as I felt her warm pussy squeeze and pulse around me.

I watched them, mouths open to each other, their tongues twisting together while they groped their full, swelling breasts. I leaned forward at one point and joined that kiss, dipping in and out, drinking it in. I burst, deep in Lydia as she shuddered her own orgasm, moaning desperate nothings into her twin sister’s mouth.

We rested then, tangled. We shared a shower, something which would become a loving ritual for the three of us. And slept, exhausted. What we had was something new and special.

Words could wait.


I woke up first the next morning, and laid in bed replaying the events of the night. Maybe if i visualised it enough it would be like a movie I could watch in my mind. Flick stirred next. In the night we’d shifted and she was now in the middle – I spooning her, and she her twin. She craned her head, blinking those blue eyes at me while she awoke. I wiggled my hips a little, my cock stiffening a little between her cheeks.

‘Ssshh. You’ll wake Lydia.’


‘Oh, ok. Go ahead then.’

I laughed. We shuffled a little and she lifted her leg, as I slid myself along her to help warm us up a little more. She groaned softly, and nuzzled her head into Lydia’s shoulder.

‘I knew I should have taken the middle,’ she mumbled.

I saw Flick adjust her arms, and cup both Lydia’s breasts in her hands. ‘Mmm, maybe next time sis.’ She was starting to breath a little heavier. I dropped my hips down a touch, angled upwards, and slid home.

We sighed together, then began moving. A few minutes later, Lydia woke up enough to roll over in Flick’s arms. They kissed gently. ‘Morning sexy.’

‘Morning. Huh. Mmm.’

I came, shortly after Flick. Lydia had her mouth latched onto her twin’s nipple, so with my hand around Flick’s neck and pulling her back, her loud moans accompanied our pleasure.

I pulled out, and Flick muttered something about the mess.

‘I’ll get it!’ Lydia perked up.

Her hand went between her sister’s legs, and lifted glistening fingers to her mouth. ‘Mmm. You two taste good together.’

Flick, on her back by now, and I shared an incredulous look, before Lydia went back for more and Flick’s eyes widened. I laughed. ‘Well. Full of surprises, aren’t you both?’

Flick just kissed her sister and shared the last of my come.


Our lives fell into gaziantep eve gelen escort bayan a pattern. The girls were a bit uncertain how to act at first – it was one thing being caught up in a storm of emotions and arousal, but daily life is different. Even during sex (still nearly every night) they’d pulled back a bit from that first passionate rush.

Lydia and I would spend a few hours after dinner in the study, marking and writing papers, while Flick would read, or watch Netflix.

I left work early one Friday, so Flick and I spent a long afternoon in the sun at the park, reading and talking. Lydia joined us later on, and we shared a bottle of wine as the sun went down.

I found I wanted to really make an effort to spend time one on one with each of them. The three of us hanging out was so natural for us, that I didn’t want to forget about our individual relationships. We were rewarded as we learnt new things about each other every time.

Lydia loved studying art, but she wasn’t great at it – though loved going to a wine and cheese nights with nude drawing. She’d done it as a regular thing with some of her uni friends, to learn more about the skill of drawing. And the wine. And the cheese. So I took her on one, and we had a great time. The model was curvy and hilarious, sharing the wine with the group.

Flick liked roller skating. And I loved her enough to make a fool of myself along the beachfront pathway, kneepads and all. It helped that her being so good meant I was behind her, and watching her long legs and butt slide up and down.

That riled me up enough that when we got home I pulled her into bed, stripped her underpants off, and impaled her on top of me. As she was bouncing up and down, breasts swelling and skirt draping over our union, Lydia wandered in from study.

‘Can’t you guys keep it down a bit?’

‘Mmm no. Sorry. Phew, you feel good today John.’

Lydia pulled her clothes off and joined us, climbing behind Flick, taking off her top and undoing her bra. Flick came, Lydia’s hands grabbing her breasts and squeezing her nipples.

‘Alright, my turn.’ Flick was pushed unceremoniously up and off, as Lydia engulfed me.

She’d fallen forward, her tits in my face. I grabbed and kissed them, before locking my mouth on hers. ‘Ooooh that was so good Flick.’

She grinned at me. ‘I want more.’ Levering herself up and straddling my face, I began to lick her.

I could see Lydia’s hands resume their place on her twin sisters gorgeous tits, so alike her own. Then Flick leaned forwards a bit, one of Lydia’s hands disappeared, and Flick cried out.

‘Oh, Christ Lydia! You… in my…’

Lydia had slid a finger up her sisters butt. ‘Don’t worry Flick. Sometime soon I’ll make sure it’s him in here…’

‘You wouldn’t!’

Looking down through Flick’s legs I could just see Lydia’s arm moving, palm to the ceiling. I watched Flick’s face, the riot of emotions, the deep red blush that flushed her cheeks as her sister teased her with the thought of me inside her butt. She loved the taboo of anal play and now it was her twin sister pressing into her back door. She seemed a little hesitant at first, not sure, but by the time I raised my mouth back to her pussy, she was back to shuddering with pleasure.

Lydia’s fingers curled up inside her sister, I licked Flick, and thrust my hips into Lydia. Flick came, crying her pleasure out at full voice. As her sister toppled off my face, Lydia started moving on me in earnest.

We came together, Flick’s chest heaving next to us, and holding hands with her twin. I really needed to up my electrolytes.


The three of us went on an overnight hike the next weekend, and it gave us the chance to debrief. There’s something wonderful about walking in the forest. You spend most of the day talking nothing at all, and then have an hour of deep, meaningful discussion.

‘So how are you girls doing? This has kind of been a whirlwind.’

Flick spoke first. ‘Well. If you’d told me a year ago that I’d be in a threeway relationship with my uni tutor and my twin sister I’d probably have slapped you.’ She paused. ‘Or that one of my major turns on would be sharing my boyfriend, and watching him with another woman.’

Lydia and I, walking behind Flick, had grinned at each other. She’d shown us that again last night, sitting in the chair and directing the action for nearly half an hour.

‘But it’s more than that. I don’t think I knew this kind of happiness was something I could experience. There’s something about our relationship, or relationships, which is so satisfying.’

‘Yeah.’ Lydia spoke up. ‘I agree with everything. Except that I’d fantasised about you sharing him for a few months before we did it.’

Flick laughed. ‘Me too,’ she conceded.

‘I dunno why. I’d never really seen you as a object of desire sis. I sort of knew you were hot, obviously,’ Lydia said. ‘And, like, I love women’s bodies. But I think it’s more that you look so much like me that was strange, rather than it being you, if that makes sense.’

She agreed. ‘Yep. It’s him. He did this to us Lyds.’

‘Woah, what?’ I sort of stuttered out. Everything they’d said was how pleased they were I hadn’t pressured them at all.

She turned back and kissed me lightly before continuing on. ‘Don’t be silly. It’s you, being you. You just make us feel so… safe? Womanly? I’m not sure how to put it.’

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