My Uncle Comes on Sundays Pt. 04

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While the completion of this story best fits the Incest/Taboo category, there is an anal scene within.

Jennifer was always very wary of her old Uncle Harry, her mom’s half-brother. At every opportunity, the old uncle that Jen referred to as a dirty old man, somehow seemed to be near whenever her mom or other family members were not. When she moved away to college, Jen considered she had put distance between her uncle and herself.

But then with Jen’s dad no longer around, her mom suggested Harry should call by her college town apartment and check on her as a father figure, and so began his regular Sunday visits. Old Uncle Harry won a huge lottery prize, so he generously offered to pay for Jen’s total rent, easing her financial burdens but creating a new unwanted burden – having the bright young 20-year-old indebted to her uncle.

As always, her uncle is on the spot and ready to leap in when she has a bust up with her boyfriend. And did old Uncle Harry leap in, taking advantage of her having consumed too much wine.


So my uncle has at last got what I’m guessing he’s wanted all along … for years maybe. In the end, I wasn’t able to keep him at bay any longer. Since he began paying my rent, I had fobbed him off with hand jobs and blow jobs, always ever conscious that he would want more, not ever content until he claimed the ultimate prize … complete sexual possession of my body.

Tonight in my bed in my apartment, after a long lunch with too much wine flowing, he has succeeded in fucking me. I could say it’s no big deal, like it’s not as if I was still a virgin. I’d been sexually active with my boyfriend Jerry for four months and there were a couple of other guys before him when I vacationed in Europe in my gap year. But they were all around my own age and fun to be with.

My uncle is 35 years older than me. Like, to a 20-year-old with my whole life stretching ahead of me, that is like prehistoric. Who wants to go with or be seen with some man 35 years older than me, and he just doesn’t get it. Even if I could overcome the age gap, the man is related to me, flesh and blood … he’s my uncle for god’s sake, that’s incest in what I learned growing up. But he doesn’t seem to care, tells me I’m being old-fashioned.

He’s not exactly the most attractive man … his face is craggy, he looks old, older than his 55 years and his fingers are bent, calloused and gnarly, probably from arthritis, his hair is thinning on top so he lets it grow thicker on the sides and back to compensate and he wheezes through his nose when he gets excited. It’s been obvious from the day he began paying my rent that he would not be content until achieving what he’s always wanted … full-on sex with me.

But as determined as my uncle was to totally have my body, I was just as equally determined not to let him. Although I would only secretly admit this to myself – never to him – that from the very first time I got to see his cock, I have felt it was possibly his best feature. No arthritis or wizened up features there, the cleanest part of him.

My uncle remained on top of me, seemingly uncaring while his cock spasmed every last drop of his creamy sperm into the darkest and most fertile recesses of my body while I lay beneath him, reviewing what had just happened, wondering how life changing his careless – or was it calculated – actions might have been in riding me bareback.

Yes, I know many will say it’s my fault, the responsibility of a woman not to let a man inside her body without protection. But while I was still living in the family home with my mom, I couldn’t bring myself to go to our local doctor for a prescription for birth control. I was afraid that mom would find out and think of me as slutty. And then I moved here to this college town and I just never got around to finding a new doctor and getting a prescription.

When Jerry and I started going together and we quickly progressed to having sex regularly, I thought I had the situation under control. I was such a keen student in biology classes and paid close attention to all that reproductive stuff. I calculated when I would be fertile and insisted that he wear a condom at those times. For the rest of the month, we could both enjoy the real live feel of his hard cock skin pushing in and out of my slick wet passage.

But on this night when my calculations indicated I was most fertile, my uncle had his own ideas and wouldn’t heed my pleas for him to stop to roll on a condom. So where do I go from here? I’m going to have an anxious wait until my next period is due in two weeks. But what’s worse, my uncle is still in bed with me and now he’s had me I know he won’t stop at one.

He seems to be asleep now. What with everything else I don’t like about him, he snores too and quite loudly. I should have expected that. Maybe I should leave him here asleep and slip out to the sofa in the living room. With any luck he might sleep through the night and perhaps with the emek escort coming of a brand new day I can persuade him to go drive home.

I do that, slipping out of my warm comfortable bed, grabbing a rug to cover me and heading out to the sofa. Even here in my living room, I can hear my uncle’s snoring as I lay sleepless, reflecting on my first full-on sexual encounter with him. Is there anything I could do about the possibility he may have impregnated me already? I had heard about the morning-after pill, should I skip classes in the morning and go see a doctor?

It might be as well also to start a course of birth control pills. Knowing my uncle’s determination, this is unlikely to be the last time he tries to fuck me and he seems to have little regard for the prospect that I could get pregnant.

I must have lain there at least an hour with the same thoughts whirling around over and over in my head. Eventually I drifted off. Somewhere in the early hours of Monday morning, I was jolted awake by being shaken. Without a bedside clock to check, I had no idea of the time … it was still dark outside. I opened my eyes to see my uncle bending over me. The light was on and the 55-year-old was stark naked, wrinkly skin and all, not a sexually appealing sight to a 20-year-old student.

The trouble was he again – or still – had a stiff erection … the man was obviously ready and intent on having me some more. “Come on Squirrel, come back to bed, we’ll be much more comfortable there.”

“No Uncle Harry, I’m good right here. I was sound asleep, you know?”

“Come on, you can sleep anytime, we don’t want to miss this great opportunity.”

“Opportunity for what?” I knew it was the wrong question as soon as the words left my lips. If my lecherous old uncle is standing over me with a hard boner, there’s no doubt about his intentions.

“We need to make love some more.”

“Make love, is that what that was?”

“Of course, nothing but the best for my little squirrel. Don’t tell me you didn’t like it?”

“Uncle Harry, you just pushed it into me and went hard at it until you came. It was lucky that I was wet inside or you would have hurt me.”

He gave me this look like I was being ungrateful, “Didn’t you cum Squirrel?”

“No I didn’t, how could you not see that?”

“Oh honey, I have wanted to do that with you for so long and it felt so fucking great to at last be inside you that I guess I just got a bit carried away. Once I felt the hot insides of your cunt gripping me, I think I might have been on auto pilot. Come on, I promise I’ll make it up to you this time, let’s go back to bed.”

“No, I think I might stay out here Uncle Harry.”

“Ok, please yourself, we can do it here on the sofa, but it won’t be as comfortable as doing it in your bed.”

“No, I meant that I’ll stay here to sleep and you can go do whatever you like.”

“I don’t like your attitude Squirrel, that’s no way to treat your uncle who loves you. Now come on back inside, let me show you how good it can be with me. I’m a lot better than Jerry, you’ll see … come on Squirrel.”

He drew the rug off me and threw it onto the floor. He slid his arms under my body and I thought he was going to try to lift me and carry me back to my bed. Seeing how determined he was, I knew I would be in for a long struggle. Damn it, I might as well let him do it again and hopefully get this weekend over with.

“Ok, ok, don’t strain yourself trying to lift me.” I rose up from the sofa and followed my uncle back to my bed. When we reached it, I paused to open the bedside drawer, taking out a condom packet. “Here Uncle Harry, you have to put this on.”

“No thanks, I don’t like them.”

“I don’t care whether you like them or not,” I told him with new determination, plucking up some courage, “I need protection. You’ve already cum inside me with who knows how many thousand sperm. It could even be too late already but in case it’s not, we’re not taking any more chances. I don’t want to get pregnant, not in the middle of my studies.” I wanted to add ‘and especially not to you’ but held back so as not to offend my old uncle.

He could see my resolve as my hand held the condom packet in front of him while we stood facing each other, both stark naked. I showed no inclination to get back into bed. Eventually, he snatched it from me, “Ok, if you insist, but have it known that I’m not happy. It won’t be the same. Go on, hop on the bed.”

He fiddled with the pack so I stood my ground. “Come on, what are you waiting for Squirrel?’

“You to wear that condom,” my voice surprisingly defiant.

“Damn!” he muttered as he reluctantly tore open the foil and placed the condom over the head of his hard-on, then rolling it out along his shaft, “you’re a lot more feisty than your mother.”

I wondered what would prompt him to compare me with my mother.

Only when I saw the condom stretched taut over his eryaman escort erection did I get back onto my bed, laying down on my back. If it had been Jerry, I would have stretched out my open arms toward him to welcome him to my body. But since it was my uncle about to mount me for a second time, I left my arms by my sides, wanting him to see that while I might be compliant, I am not enthusiastic to have him doing this.

I watched him get onto the bed and lay down on his side alongside my body. He leaned forward and his face came down to mine and I closed my eyes so as not to see his lips claiming mine. His were parted and wet, sloppy, forcing mine to open, his tongue slipping into my mouth, exploring, searching out and making contact with my tongue. In spite of my reluctance, I felt arousal … tongue-on-tongue will do that even if it is from my old uncle.

I felt his calloused old hands roaming across my breasts, touching up my nipples. Felt too that condom-covered hard-on brushing against my bare hip. Soon, his lips leaving mine, sliding down over my neck until his lips claimed one of my nipples, arousing it much more than his calloused old fingers had. Those fingers moving on, sliding down over my belly, onto my thighs, pushing them apart, then the fingers foraging in the wetness between my labia. I was sure the wetness there wasn’t new arousal. It would surely be the remnants of our combined juices from hours ago.

Laying there on my bed, his lips are suckling on my nipples, his fingers doing their best to stir my clitoris out from under its protective hood. I am feeling wetter down there, are they new juices, brought to the surface by my uncle? He is trying much harder this time … much better feelings for me than last time’s wham-bam-thank-you-mam even though it’s my dirty old uncle who is doing this.

I have kept my eyes shut, hoping to better enjoy the pleasures if I don’t look up to see my uncle’s face. I feel him moving up from where he lay alongside me, moving his legs across and between mine, feel his condom-covered cock brush in the wetness between my lower lips. His mouth leaves my nipples, my breasts, and I feel that his face is close above mine. I bet he’s looking down on mine, looking for reactions as I feel his cock probing at the entrance to my tight sheath. Still I keep my eyes clamped shut, trying to imagine that the erection I am feeling about to enter me is Jerry’s. I feel a pleasurable thrill run through my lower body and I feel very comfortable that I am ready to receive a man inside me now … yes, even him, even my uncle. Maybe this time I will get satisfaction.

Such a contrast, the head of his cock sliding gently inside me. A pause, then some more, perhaps half of his shaft. My hands slide up on impulse, with no direction from my brain, sliding up over his back to encourage him. “Oh Squirrel, so hot in there, tight too, such a great body, so good to feel myself inside you.”

Damn! I want to tell him not to talk. Uncle Harry, please let me just enjoy this illicit union without voices. I feel him pressing in deeper until I am sure I have all of him, his pelvic bone pressing hard against mine. Such a better entry than last time. In spite of who it is in my bed claiming my body, fucking is something I do enjoy.

His withdrawal is slow, nearly coming out completely, just clinging to my opening. My body seems to thrust up toward him, eager to not lose him, keep him just inside … until his long thrust back up into me. Not hard and uncaring like last time but as slow re-entering as his withdrawal was. My uncle is so much better this time. Could his claim be true, that he simply lost it, lost all control last time because he was so absorbed with finally being inside my passage? Am I really so hot inside that a man can totally lose it once he’s got his cock in?

It feels so good. He has slowly settled into a gentle rhythm … in-out, in-out, I feel the complete length of him each time. Dare I take a chance and open my eyes. I take a peep up at my uncle and I’m glad that I have. I see a rapturous look on his craggy old face and it actually turns me on, can having his erection sliding in and out of my tight sheath be as good as the look on his face indicates? Can being inside my young body be that overwhelming to an aging man?

I can feel a gentle rumbling down behind my pussy, deep inside it’s a throbbing. I am so familiar with the feeling, I’ve felt it so many times with Jerry, but would never have expected to feel it from my old uncle’s cock fucking inside me. But it’s there alright, a pleasant surprise, cumming will be a bonus if I am going to have to endure his fucking me. I begin to hump my hips back up at him, encouraging that rolling throbbing to engulf me. Yes, here it comes. I close my eyes again, my hips are humping crazily, pursuing the release that I know is so close.

Then it hits, a powerful orgasm washes over me, as strong and intense as any I ever enjoyed with Jerry. etimesgut escort I can hear myself, I’m not holding back. My uncle will have no doubt that he’s made me cum, my arms hugging his body to mine, pulling him down onto and into me. Who would have believed that my body could respond this way to my leery old uncle?

I ride on, content and happier now, enjoying the strong driving thrusts of this old man, he is surprisingly good for a man of his age … although what do I know? I’ve never had a man older than 23 before. My arms are still enfolded around his bare back as his cock plunges on inside of my passage, happy to ride out this journey until my uncle reaches his own finish. Shouldn’t go on much longer now … but what’s this? I am getting those good throbbing feelings again. Is it possible … could I actually cum a second time with him? No, surely not! Oh, who would believe? It’s starting to feel like I might. I wonder how close he is, don’t want to get my hopes up, don’t want to nearly get there only to have him end abruptly.

My hips are humping frantically again, he must feel the signs from me, will he hang on for my sake? Oh my God, forget about him having to hang on, I’m almost there, so quick! Oh, here it comes. A second orgasm powers over me, through me, my head is spinning, but not from alcohol now … this euphoric pleasure that runs right through my body.

But what’s happening? I can’t feel his thrusts, can’t even feel his hard erection. It doesn’t matter because I’m there, experiencing my second orgasm, and it’s good. But in my dreamy haze it feels like he’s slipped out. Did he get carried away and pull back too far? Oh, no wait on … not to worry, there it is, I can feel him again, sliding up inside me some more and feeling good again. Could I have imagined that he slipped out? it just felt like a momentary gap when his cock wasn’t there but I could have been wrong. I was so lost in the ecstatic emotions of the moment of my second orgasm.

And still he is not done. My uncle is ploughing on anew, his hard shaft surging in and out, in and out, lifting me higher and higher. It feels so good that I don’t even know if another orgasm is coming or is it the second one resurfacing somehow? Did my second orgasm ever quite end … or is this the beginning of a third? I can’t recall Jerry ever taking me to three. I wrap my legs around the back of my uncle’s thighs, my body feels like it is hanging on beneath him, along for the ride. Yes, here it is, I’m cumming, this must be my third, although who’s counting? I just know I am feeling so good and I can’t believe that my grotty old uncle has had anything to do with it. But I have to accept reality, it is his hard cock that’s powerfully driving into me, warming and stirring my insides, making me feel so content within.

As my whole body crests on the onset of my third orgasm, I feel his thrusts shortening. He must be close at last and then there it is, one last bold push of his cock deeply into me and the spurting, hot juices shooting from his tip that’s buried within me. His loud panting gasps from above me, his cock jerkily spasming. It all feels so good. I have cum twice with the utmost pleasure and then a third time almost in unison with the man who’s filling me with warm juices.

What? Wait on? Filling me? Yes, that’s what it feels like it. I can feel his cum shooting inside me, but that can’t be, no way? He was wearing a condom – I saw him roll it on – so there should be no way for me to feel his release so powerfully, I shouldn’t feel the wet warmth of his juices shooting up inside me. Has he betrayed me again? But how, I saw him roil the condom on, felt it all rubbery, not the texture of taut male skin rumbling up and down inside my passage.

I want to ask, I want to demand answers, but my body is still in rapturous delight, having been carried along from one orgasm to the next. I feel his jolting spasms cease, I am more certain than ever that he has somehow betrayed me again, his cock must be bare inside me, having delivered his potent package yet again.

He had slumped his body upon mine when he came, his face buried against my neck. He lifts his upper body off me. I look up to see him looking down on me, a huge grin on his face … he’s obviously a very happy man, having got what he has long wanted, not once but twice.

“You took it off, didn’t you?”

“What are you talking about Squirrel, took what off?”

“Don’t give me that innocent look Uncle Harry, you know what I’m talking about. I expressly asked you to wear a condom, I watched you roll it on. How was it not there when you came, when did you take it off?”

“Oh that, the condom? I told you I don’t like wearing them, I need to feel the walls of your passage against my skin.”

“But Uncle Harry, I needed the protection of a condom. You had already filled me with your sperm the first time, I didn’t need any more.”

“Yes, I figured you already had enough of my sperm to get you pregnant, so what was the harm in giving you a bit more.”

“That wasn’t your call to make Uncle Harry, you’ve left me so vulnerable. I don’t want to be pregnant, not at this age. I have so much more to do with my life before I start a family.”

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