My Upstate Erotic Endeavors

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Little did I know that I would be getting more than dance classes or barefoot dances and some good food at a dance weekend in upstate New York that I was attending. Little did I know that I would be meeting Jay, who was 23, and a sexual dynamo to boot. I, at that time, was 27, and wide open sexually to this primal style, sex-feast type of relationship that we were going to embark on.

Let me now go back to the beginning. I arrived Friday night, at the opening of the weekend, which kicked off with a barefoot dance, which was being held in their usual dance space. I had a lot of fun dancing barefoot, meeting new people and connecting with my friends.

Saturday morning rolled around and we all started off with breakfast, then continued on with a couple of dance classes, then after that we all ate dinner, either here or off the premises. Finally, the second barefoot dance was upon us. This one I was looking forward to even more because it was going to be in the school gymnasium, which made for a mammoth size dance floor, which meant for us a vast amount of space to freely dance around on.

Well, the dance was going good, and it was now around 11:00 p.m. I was sitting and taking a break from dancing. Out of nowhere I felt these incredible long fingers start to massage my shoulders, which I responded to with deep sighs of pleasure. He continued, and I said “feel free to massage me all over, it feels soooo good” to which he responded to me with an all over body massage. Oh, I was in a state of pure bliss by now. After he was done, I returned the favor, but before I did though, I was taken aback a bit at how cute he was, and how young.

He had long sandy blonde hair, with a little facial hair. It was dark in here, so it wasn’t until later that I saw the color of his eyes, which were a very light brown with specks of green. Of course, we were talking during this highly sensual massage feast, a conversation in which we learned that we were both vegetarians (not a surprise since most at this dance are vegheads), and that we both absolutely loved sex. We gelled very well in conversation, so we proceeded to the dance floor to see how we got on there.

We started dancing, and the sexual sparks flew everywhere. During one dance, we danced so close that I could feel his bountiful bulge rubbing up against my stomach (he was 6’2″ with long legs, with me being 5′ even), to which I freely massaged when we were dancing close; to which he returned the favor by kissing and massaging my nipple hard breasts. When we finished dancing, he picked me up and carried me around the room, with us being face to face, and at the end my sex to his sex, as he purposely lowered me into that position.

He finally put me down, but I loved the erotically güvenilir bahis charged feeling of being that close to him so much, that I immediately jumped on his back and I absolutely loved it, absolutely loved the feeling again of having my throbbing thighs wrapped around his hot, sweaty body, with my pulsating pussy rubbing up against his stomach, with only my small t-back panties in between these two mounds of sex flesh – mine and his. Oh, I was so wet with pleasure by now, and my juices were dripping all over the place. We then went to a quiet corner, and resumed kissing, with a lot of petting involved. He slipped his finger into my pussy and pulled it out to taste my sweet flowing juices. I whispered in his ear, “finger my pussy, take me to an orgasmic high right here and now”, to which he willingly complied. His fingers took me to a finger lickin’ good orgasm right then and there.

Finally the dance was over and he invited me back to his place, to which of course I said yes to, with pleasure. Some friends gave us a ride to his place. During the ride to his house, I got a hot preview of what was to come from him later on. He gave me a prelude of long, hot passionate kisses filled with smooth gentle caresses all over my wanton body. This was only the beginning of this night’s sexual escapade. We finally arrived at his house and without delay we went straight to his bedroom. It was kind of messy, turned out he was a guitarist – surprise – me with a musician.

Right off we resumed making out and oh man, I knew this was going to be really, really good night. We slowly took off each other clothes during our hot and heavy kissing and petting session. When we were finally fully nude, I went down on him with pure phallic delight. At the feel of my hot, wet mouth on his cock, he laid back fully to enjoy his oral pleasure ride, with my mouth as the driver. I began slowly, sliding up and down and licking round and round. I finally took him full in my mouth and into my throat, as he was a very well endowed younger man.

(Now, I enjoy giving good head almost as much as men enjoy receiving it. It can actually bring me to complete orgasm when I give it.) This round of head that I gave to him lasted a long lust filled 30 minutes for him.

When I was finished, I wrapped my thighs around his neck, to which he responded to me by licking my already moist pussy every which way it could be licked. (I have to say, I love oral sex, for it is as sweet as chocolate and makes me as smooth as creamed butter down there.) I have to say, he was very adept at this, for his tongue took me to more orgasms during his clitoris filled feast than I had felt in a few months.

Immediately after he finished, I jumped on top of him with my wet, hot pussy güvenilir bahis siteleri that was dripping with lust’s juices, and I slid up and down on him as hard and fast as I could. We switched, with him being on top now. I spread my legs as wide open as possible, so I could easily accept his smooth, big, hard cock inside of me. He was thrusting into me hard and fast, slow and easy, and sometimes sliding side to side. We did it in a palette of many sexual positions – missionary, ride ’em style, doggy style, positions with my legs going in all directions, including in a spread eagle towards my head. The next day filled with dance was good, but the night was even better, being completely filled with a sex-fest repeat. Then on Monday afternoon we went at it again. Oh, this was truly an ecstatic orgasmic weekend for me that left me with all my sexual senses totally satiated.

Before I left for home, we exchanged phone numbers, but neither of us knew if we would ever see each other again. Well, about 2 weeks later, he called and invited me back up again to stay with him for the weekend. We coincidentally had the same two days off, Sunday and Monday. So I agreed, how could I turn down such a sexual fulfilling weekend with a guy that I got along well with, not only in bed, but out of bed too.

The wanton filled weekend in question finally rolled around, and I packed my all my stuff that I needed. I made it to the station, boarded the bus and was on my way. The trip was short enough and he was at the station patiently waiting for me, with his sister and father, with whom he lived with. He greeted me with long, hot kisses, and a bulge that made me jump into the car very quickly and say “let’s go, what are you all waiting for”. Neither of us could hardly wait to get to his house, knowing that this night together would be completely filled with totally erotic and passionate sex.

We finally got to his house, and immediately went to his bedroom. Our clothes came off quickly and there were even less inhibitions than before from both sides, because both of us are totally and naturally free sexually. He immediately went down on me, because he knew how much I loved it, how much I loved the feeling of his tongue licking me into total ecstatic pleasure and making me tremble from head to toe with pure pleasure. When he was done, I went down on him in my usual style. We finally started our variety of positions, starting with us balancing on the edge of a chair, then on the floor, then up against the wall with him holding me by my waist, then ending with a finale of me in a back bend on his bed and him entering me with his cock while he was standing up. (This back bend position was so pleasurable, with his cock touching on the inside of my iddaa siteleri pussy in different ways than ever before.)

I only went up to his place one more time. This time it was just a little different than our other sex-fests. This time there was an added outdoor sexual rendezvous bonus. He told me about his outdoor plans for us, after which we got our gear together – some sleeping bags, a tent and whatever else we needed – I left it up to him to collect it all.

We hiked up to the top of a cliff, and it had a view that was absolutely breathtaking. The valley below us was so green, lush and beautiful, it was such an amazing sight for my eyes to behold. We sat and talked for a while. Of course, our lust for each other started to take over, so we laid out the sleeping bag and covered ourselves with a blanket. We started missionary style, with him going as deep inside of me as possible, and me drinking it in like sweet maracuja juice. When he withdrew, I went undercover and gave him a total oral surprise. I took his balls into my mouth, sucking them gently, but with enough pressure to give pure pleasure. I then alternated, taking one at in a time into my wet, hot mouth, and with his pure moans of delight responding affirmatively back at me, I continued on for 20 minutes more, this made his cock rock hard. So I took it full into my mouth and sucked until he squirted his love juices down my throat, with me drinking it down, drinking it down all the way to the last drop. We did our usual variety of sexual positions, except with one new one.

He sat on bent knees, and I mounted his cock with my back to his stomach. With my feet, I bobbed up and down. It felt so good that we stayed in that position until we both reached orgasm. I have to say, that the sex was so much more alive and intense outdoors than it was indoors. (I think that the beauty of the outdoors combined with the crisp fresh air, awakens all your senses and takes them into another dimension, especially your sexual ones.) The next night, we had our regular sex fest indoors. It was absolutely a wet and wild pleasure ride. We were all over his room, leaving almost no place untouched with our hot, sweaty bodies. I just couldn’t get enough of his pleasure giving cock deep inside of me, we must have went at it for hours, with brief oral and manual interludes in between our passionate bouts of straight hot sex. I came over and over again. Finally, we were exhausted and fell asleep entangled in each others arms and legs.

The next day I went home, little did I know that that would be the last weekend I would see him, the last weekend that I would indulge in our pure sexual feasts of the highly erotic kind with him. We never did call each other again after that weekend. It was sort of a silent mutual agreement that we never made, but both wanted. Always, when I look back on my memories of Jay and I, it always puts a big smile on my face (although not as big as his cock), that leaves my mouth grinning from end to end.

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