My Very Personal Maid Ch. 4

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Betsy and I went to Paris again for a week. We contacted Jeanne and took her out to dinner. Betsy and I had decided before we contacted her that if the occasion arose, we would make love to the beautiful women. We both were entranced by her beauty, wit, and not the least her body. We both had seen it in all its naked splendor, and closely several times as we had showered together during our previous visit.

After my business for Auntie had been transacted, Jeanne agreed to take us to the French Riviera, and as it was summer, we naturally went to the beach. The French wore rather daring swimming attire as opposed to the long all covering bathing costumes that we English wear. Jeanne had us buy the latest bathing costumes, that showed quite a bit of the leg, and the tops were low cut of knit material that hugged the bosom, and when the cool water hit our, our nipples tented the cloth. We had a marvelous time, the Frenchman tended to be very bold in their advances. We coyly spurned them. We all went back to the hotel to shower, and change.

Betsy and I got into the shower, and a minute later Jeanne asked if she could join us. We both said ‘yes’ enthusiastically at the same moment and we all broke into laughter as Jeanne joined us.

“Let me soap your back.” Betsy volunteered. Jeanne turned her back to Betsy, and she began soaping our lovely guides back. I stood in front of her.

“May I soap the front?” I asked looking her in the eye.

“Are all you English so slow to discover your sexuality?” She asked with typical French frankness, but a lovely smile on her face.

“English prudery, and caution! I imagine. You are certainly lovely enough. We both wondered why we did not do this before when we had the chance.” I said as I took the soap and lathered my hands and began to soap her beautiful breasts.

She moved closer and pulled me to her, our soapy bodies sliding sensuously together. Betsy slid against her back, and reached around to hold her by the hips and press her back tightly against her. Jeanne slid a hand between us and a slippery hand found my cunny, and a bold finger slid up inside me. I moaned my approval.

Behind her Betsy lost no time in slipping a finger between her thighs, and up into her cunny as well. She spread her legs apart to give Betsy more access. I slid one hand down, found Betsy’s finger up inside her and moved it up a little to find her swollen clitty. She and I kissed while both Betsy and I made love to her and her naughty fingers slid in and out of me.

She reached back with her free hand and slid a finger up inside Betsy. We stood bodies pressing and squirming, beneath the warm water and quickly brought each other off. Our cries and moans filled the bathroom, and into the bedroom, I imagined. We let our cries of passion out freely.

Laughing,, we washed off properly, with fingers slipping up and down to make sure no spot was left unwashed. We agreed that it was a marvelous way to end a day at the beach. We dried each other off and went into the bedroom and promptly fell in a heap onto the bed.

Daisy kissed Jeanne, and I moved to kiss her lovely firm breasts. I slid down, and was soon between her spread thighs. I kissed her smooth thighs, licking her soft flesh, moving closer to her spread pussy. I spread her pussy lips apart exposing her pink rosy center. I slid my tongue out and spread my tongue and licked from bottom to top. She was wet and her juices salty and sweet. I inhaled deeply, savoring her scent.

It was different from Betsy and Daisy, wonderful. I licked again and again till she moaned, lifting her hips upward. She reached down and with two fingers, spread and pulled upward to expose her pink clitty. Jeanne’s clitty was large and swollen, larger than any I had ever seen, only a little smaller than my little finger and slid out of its sheath like a tiny penis I lost no time accommodating her, and sucked and licked lustily. I slid two fingers inside her slippery pussy, using them as Daisy and Betsy had taught me.

She and Betsy were kissing and fondling each others beasts, while I kissed and frig her slippery pussy. I felt so wonderful, when she began to cry out her passion. I redoubled my efforts and her cries filled the room. I’m sure anyone in the hall could hear her. None of us cared. Betsy and I drove her to several climaxes before she put her hand on mine indicating she had enough.

After we had rested, we dressed and went down to dinner. We spent a wonderful two hours over dinner, which was a magnificent seven course banquet. Any number of Frenchmen stopped by to pay complements to three lovely ladies alone in the hotel dining room. Several bottles of champagne were sent back with our regrets. After a delightful meal, we went for a stroll down the boulevard. The moon was full and the Mediterranean so lovely by moonlight. A picture perfect evening.

Back in the hotel, we undressed and moved to the bed. Jeanne looked at me and crooked a finger wickedly. “Now, it’s my turn. I’ve been dying taksim escort to make love to you Diana,” she turned her head and looked at Betsy, “and to you too Betsy . I watched you two make love and wanted to join you. Now I can make up for lost time.”

She moved and lay down beside me. We embraced and kissed. Her touches and kisses were gentle and soft. Her fingers and hands seemed to float over my body, caresses soft as a feathers touch. They were so erotic and enflaming. I soon found I was gasping for her touch. My hips writhed. She moved down so slowly. She used the back of her arm to run over my stomach, the fine hairs on her arm grazing my skin. I spread my thighs wanting her to press her lips hard against my spread pussy.

She slipped down between my thighs, but her kisses were feather light, like her caresses. I ached, I hurt for her tongue, her lips. When her tongue caressed my pussy lips it too was a feather touch. Her hands slid softly up my thighs. I cried out as her tongue probed ever so softly upward to find my aching clitty. When she sucked it gently I almost came, then when her tongue lightly flicked the under side I did come, violently, hips thrusting upward. Her hands went under my body holding me as she licked and sucked my clitty over and over.

I came again and again for her. Betsy said I came at least four times as her magic lips and tongue drove me on. Unable to stand it any more, I pushed her head gently away, and covered my pussy with my hands. I could not stand another touch there. She moved up and pulled me to her holding me close, kissing my cheek softly. I turned my head slightly and kissed her lips, tasting my pussy juices on her. Our tongues met and softly touched and explored. We kissed for a few minutes.

She moved aside and moved over to Betsy. “Now you lovely beauty, it’s time I made love to you. You too have a lovely and desirable body. I watched you two making love and lusted for you also.” They moved together, bodies twining, kissing passionately.

“I wanted to make love to you too.” Betsy said. “I watched you stroking your beautiful body and your cunny, and I wanted to rush over and slip my tongue inside you. Could you and I make love at the same time, what you French call a soixante neuf?” Betsy asked looking deep into Jeanne’s lovely eyes.

Jeanne’s answer was to pull Betsy to her and kiss her deeply. She slid around in the bed and they worked their way slowly downward. They kissed and caressed each other’s breasts for a long time till both sets of breasts were swollen and firm, nipples erect and jutting. I watched as they moved slowly down, leaving wet trails on soft skin. They lay on their sides, and I moved closer to watch as they kissed soft white thighs, while their pussies spread open like flowers opening. Their pussies were both wet and juices formed and wet their outer lips. I slid my finger down and slid a finger into my once more excited pussy.

It was so exciting to watch these two beauties at so close a distance. Their perfumes and the smell of their excited sexes were an aphrodisiac to me. Tongues slid to run up and down wet slick flesh, then slide into pink cores. Lips sucked and drew out the love juices.. Betsy moaned when she saw Jeanne’s large firm clitty in front of her face. She licked it over and over, then slid it between her lips and sucked it. I could tell her tongue was flicking it at the same time. Jeanne moaned loudly, and her lips and tongue devoured Betsy’s sweet clitty at the same time.

I got out of the bed and went to my trunk, and in an instant was on the bed with one of the larger dildos. I wet it quickly with my saliva and moved close to the two and slipped it into my own aching pussy. I slid it deep inside my body and stroked it in and out as I watched, and used my other hand to stroke my aching clitty.

The two lovelies finger fucked and licked each other to several moaning climaxes. I joined them in one, and came wonderfully as I fucked myself hard and fast with the dildo. We lay gasping for a while then kissed and went to sleep all in the same large comfortable bed.

I awoke in the morning with Jeanne’s talented finger sliding in and out of my now excited pussy. It was my turn to move over her lovely firm body and make love to her. I turned in the bed and she guided me to lie atop her Once more, I found her large clitty and tried something I had never thought of doing until that moment. I have always had the ability to roll my tongue into a tube. When I was little, I used it to squirt water on my playmates. Suddenly I thought of a new use for this ‘talent’. I licked Jeanne’s firm clitty and sucked it till it was hard and firm. Pulling upward on it with my fingers till it peeped out of its sheath to the fullest, I made my tongue into a tube and slid it over her clitty. I began to slide my tongue back and forth as rapidly as I could. She cried out against my cunny as I fucked her long clitty with my tongue. She later told me that the slight roughness beşiktaş escort of my taste buds sliding up and down her clitty drove her wild with joy.

My tongue surrounded her turgid clitty giving it the ultimate titillation. She screamed out and her hips thrust up against my mouth. It was all I could do to keep my tongue around her large clitty. She came three or four times before she pushed me away. She held me in place, and resting atop her firm lovely body, she showed her appreciation by bringing me to several wrenching climaxes.

Of course we had roused Betsy from sleep, and she lay watching us while her fingers played over her clitty. We both turned to her and kissed and caressed her to several climaxes, taking turns making love to her lovely soft body. We went into the shower and washed each other, with much laughter, and wriggling, as fingers slid into front and back orifices, as we teased each other. We came out very clean, and very happy.

We took boat trips to neighboring islands and towns. Jeanne knew all the scenic and interesting places. We hired a coach and went into the surrounding country. We visited vineyards and the wineries, tasted the fine French wines and champagnes, and bought bottles to take home with us. I had several cases shipped to Auntie. The time flew and we traveled by train back to Paris.

We bid Jeanne a tearful adieu and took the boat train back to England. Part of the trip was at night and Betsy and I had a sleeping compartment. We spent several wonderful hours making love while the train rocked and clicked along. We used the strap on dildos on each other, pretending we were men, making love to their paramours on the train.

As we ate sedately in the dining car the next day, we laughed as we wondered what our fellow passengers would say if they knew of our outrageous behavior of the previous night.

“See that lovely lady sitting with the man with the huge belly?” Betsy asked quietly. “I wonder if she would like to have you slip the larger of the dildos between her thighs and into her sweet cunny?”

“I imagine so. He probably has not seen his small organ in many years except in a mirror. She is lovely. Shall we ask her to join us in our suite?” I said mischievously. We both laughed and of course did no such thing.

Betsy, Daisy and I had filled our summer evenings with lovemaking. On several Sunday afternoons we slipped into the barn to watch Daisy and Johnny make love. She put on quite a show for us, knowing we were watching scant feet away. She and Johnny fucked and Betsy and I took turns using the dildo on each other behind the wall. It was very exciting and we almost made too much noise several times.

Daisy kept Johnny distracted and would not let him investigate the strange brief noises we made. Once at our request she had him place his large cock between her breasts and fuck them till he squirted his juices over her snowy bosom and throat. She had him slip into a 69 for us also, and positioned him so we got to see him close up lapping her sweet cunny. We were inches away watching eagerly. After he had left we both made love to her again, taking turns licking her rosy and wet center till she came several more times.

Summer ran into fall and I prepared for the University at Cambridge. Auntie had endowed two chairs in business, and as her late husband, a Duke, had been on the Board of Regents I was reluctantly allowed to attend the University instead of going to Girton the University’s school for women.

Betsy and I looked at houses and were able to lease a lovely flat close to the university. No one thought anything about two young women of university age rooming together.

I had done some investigating among Auntie’s business associates and though it was a little unusual, obtained a position for Betsy at a banking firm working part time. She was to be introduced to the world of finance. The wife of one of Auntie’s banking associates, was his secretary and Mrs. Susan Mason was very knowledgeable. Betsy would work under her and learn from her.

I entered the business curriculum, and was the only woman in the class. There were many snide comments made until I made the dean’s list, and the top of my class. I soon had several eager men asking my advice on matters of business when it became known, how I never knew, that I was also a very wealth woman. I was cool but coy to their advances. In the classes the professors opened up to me slightly as they realized that I had quite a bit of business acumen, as well as a real head on my shoulders, regardless of my sex.

Betsy was ecstatic in her job. Her superior was a warm and lovely women, who treated her as an equal. She picked up the business language and ideas quickly, and quizzed me with very intuitive questions. I lent her some of my books to study and she soon became very astute, business wise. She was not schooled enough to enter the university but her quick mind could easily have put her above many in my etiler escort class, a point I made to her many times, much to her delight.

She came in one day very pensive, and I asked her the reason. “I think Mrs. Mason, Sue, is very unhappy at home. Today, she began to cry when her husband left the office. It was nothing he said, but his cool manner. I guess they are not close.” She said with a frown. “She is such a warm and lovely woman, I hate to see her sad.”

I gave her a hug and a gentle kiss and thought no more about it. We made love very frequently, sleeping in the same large bed. We enjoyed bathing and taking showers together as our flat had a tub with a shower, which we had learned to enjoy in Paris. We would start the day many days bringing each other off in the shower. The feel of our slippery bodies together was an aphrodisiac we both enjoyed.

“You will never guess what happened today at the office.” Betsy said one evening after returning from work, her lovely eyes shining, and her face aglow. “Sue, Mrs. Mason kissed me!”

“Well, that’s interesting.” I said with a laugh. “Did you instigate this, you naughty girl! Not that I blame you. She is a very attractive woman!”

“No. She had been very sad, and I went over to her to try to cheer her up. I put my arms around her and hugged her. I told her I didn’t like to see her so sad. She put her arm around me and hugged be back. She cried for several minutes, and we held each other. I offered her my hankie to wipe her tears, and she looked at me for a long time then she pulled me close and kissed me ever so softly on the lips. I kissed her back. She broke the kiss only after a long time, then she left the room suddenly. As it was time for me to leave, I did not see her before I left. It was a soft wonderful kiss. I enjoyed it.” She said smiling

“I’m glad. If she says anything about it, play it down, but it would not hurt to let her know that you did not take offense at the kiss. Who knows, we may have found a kindred spirit. A little advice to always remember. Never, ever, get involved with an affair of our kind with anyone who does not have as much to loose, by it becoming public knowledge, as you do. I am sure that women of her statue seek out affairs of the heart with both sexes.” I said moving to her and kissing her softly.

She kissed me back passionately, and I knew her passion had been kindled by the earlier kiss from her employer. We quickly shed our clothes and fell onto the bed and made passionate love.

“I think I like your lady employer very much,” I said as I slid between her soft thighs. “Tell her she is an aphrodisiac to you that I totally approve of!” Her hands went to my head, burying it against her eager sex. “I shall be sure and tell her first thing in the morning. Oh, yes, like that, Love! Yes!” She cried out.

The next day Betsy said that Sue had not mentioned the kiss of the day before, but had been very gentle with her in their dealings. She had given Betsy a flower and small vase to put on her desk. “She touched me very lightly several times, just a brush now and then, but deliberate, I’m sure. I just looked up at her and smiled.”

It was several days later that Sue invited Betsy to her house. Her husband was gone on a trip, and they were alone except for the servants. They had dinner together and Betsy enjoyed it very much. After dinner they sat in the beautifully furnished sitting room. Betsy related the story later that night.

“Betsy, I really am impressed with your work. You are a very hard worker, and have picked up the knowledge of banking quickly. My husband has been impressed with you also.” Sue told Betsy.

“I have tried my best. I have studied some of Diana’s textbooks at night to gain more understanding of the banking business. Diana has tutored me and helped me understand the banking field. Your husband is kind. You must be proud of him.” Betsy had told Sue, knowing that there was trouble between the two.

Sue had begun to cry, and Betsy went and sat beside her, holding her. “He isn’t kind now. I don’t know what has come over him. I believe he has a mistress. He is gone at night when he should be home. He gets messages he reads and burns. He takes many business trips that are unnecessary. I don’t know what to do.” Sue said sobbing. Betsy held her close and stroked her hair, telling her she was sorry.

“Then she turned and looked up at me again the way she had done before. I saw the pain in her eyes and I kissed her softly. She kissed me back and held me close. I did not pull back. I let her kiss me just returning the pressure. She slid her tongue out and lightly grazed my lips. I let my lips slip apart and she gently slid her tongue further out. I let it slide into my mouth. She is a wonderful kisser and it didn’t take much before I let my tongue stroke hers ever so lightly.

“I had decided not to be the first to initiate an sexual move, and continued to kiss and tongue her. Then I felt her hand move to cup my breast. I let it stay, but didn’t react to it She became bolder and slid her hand up and onto the bare skin above my bodice. I pressed against her and covered her hand with mine to let her know I approved. She stroked my skin for several moments then pulled back. Her eyes were shining and she kissed me lightly again.

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