My Visit with a Lady Shrink

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The card read, Dr. Alex Preston PhD, PsyD, MS, MA, EdD, and with all these letters behind his name, I was sure he could help me. I suppose I didn’t think about the male receptionist but it was when he let me into the office that I received my biggest shock, the doctor was a woman.

“Come in Roger and have a seat, I hope you don’t mind me calling you by your first name. Roger, Mr. James, are you all right?”

I realized I was just standing there with my mouth open,

“No, ah, yes, I mean no, I don’t mind you calling me Roger and yes I’m alright,” I finally managed to stammer. “It’s just I thought you’d be a man.”

Sitting across from me and ignoring my gaff, she said,

“Well then shall we begin? I see by your paperwork that you’ve just been arrested for the third time as a sexual predator, is this true?”

“I don’t understand, I haven’t assaulted any one, I’m not a predator, I just like ladies underwear…”

“OK, let’s stop right there, women don’t wear underwear, women wear panties and second stealing a woman intimate apparel is an assault on her privacy if not her person. Now then, if you have such a fetish for ladies panties why not just go to, say Victoria’s secret and buy your own?”

I could feel my face turning red with embarrassment,

“Well, you see it’s not just the underwear…”

“Roger what did I tell you?”

“Yes Mam, I mean panties,” there I said the word and in front of a woman, I could feel my penis twitch inside my trousers. How could I tell this woman that what I desired was not the garment but the scent of a female inside it?

“You do know that this is a court ordered Psch eval and with the flick of my pen I could have you sent to prison for life as a three strike offender? I’m telling you to start talking and I mean now.”

This Escort Bayan frightened me and as I raised my head to answer her, I found myself looking at the slight gap between her stocking covered thighs. I fought my urges and when I looked at her eyes, I noticed a wry smile on her face.

“Yes Mam, it’ just, it’s just that I become aroused by the scent a woman leaves on her under– I mean panties.”

“Now that’s better, so what, you spot an attractive woman and then break into her house for your prize?”

“Not really, I just look for a house that is easy to get into and then hope for a full clothes hamper.”

“You mean a hamper full of soiled panties?”

Oh that word, can’t she stop saying that word, I can feel myself throbbing. I can’t trust myself to speak so I just nod my head.

“So you don’t care what the woman looks like, she could be young or old, fat or skinny, is that right?

“I can’t help it; it’s the scent of a woman that drives me crazy. How she looks doesn’t matter.”

“All right now that you have your stolen pair of dirty panties,” I feel another twitch, “what next? I assume you masturbate with them but how? Do you put them on your face or do you wrap them around your penis?”

“Both, I do both, I breathe in the scent until I’m ready and then I put them around my er, thing when I cum.”

“So you ejaculate in the panties and then what, you throw them out, or do you launder them?”

“Actually I like to lick my stuff off them, I pretend like that is the way I found them. After, I let them dry and keep them.”

“Don’t you understand that by keeping them it gave the police all the evidence they needed to convict you on your first two charges.”

“Yes, but now I hide them where the police will never find them.”

The doctor Bayan Escort stands and steps in front of where I sit, I watch trance like as she reaches under her skirt and with a wiggle motion I see she is taking off her underwear, I mean panties.

“Roger you have been sent to me as a test subject for my new radical therapy. Basically I will be submitting you to total humiliation and abasement, thereby curing you of your fetish attachment.”

At least I think this is what she said for all I could concentrate on was what was happening under her skirt. When her panties finally came into my view, she let go of them and they slid down her legs and into a pool around her fancy high-heeled shoes. They were white cotton and full cut, big and about as unsexy as a pair of ladies panties could be. Yet there was nothing else I wanted more in the world than to pick them up and put them to my nose. As if reading my thoughts, she stepped out of them and instructed me to pick them up off the floor. I knelt down but I was afraid to touch them, was this a test or maybe a trap, I didn’t know what to do.

“Young man, go ahead and pick them up, I assure you they won’t burn you.”

I picked them by the edge with two fingers and still on the floor; I held them up for her to take.

“No don’t hand them to me I want you to show me what you do with them.”

I looked at her in shock but now I was far too aroused to be embarrassed and I put them to my nose.

“Why are you sniffing the front panel, I would think you’d prefer the gusset.”

I looked at her confused, never hearing the word before.

“The crotch, put your nose in the crotch of my panties, that’s better, now does this excite you?”

There was no way I could trust my voice so I just nodded.

“Good, now I want Escort you to masturbate for me but I want you to stop before you climax, just let your pants down, and show me what you do.

I stood and unfastened my trousers letting them fall to the floor. When I reached into my underwear, she instructed me to pull them down as well. I was already on the brink and I wasn’t sure if I could stop myself before I came, thank god, her panties were clean and almost scent free.

She stepped closer, less than a foot away watching me.

“A fetish is such a strange disorder, here you are flailing away focusing on my panties and I am standing next to you completely naked under my dress. Would you like me to lift my dress and let you sniff my vagina?”

“No, no don’t say that,” but it was too late and I yanked the panties down to my member, spilling my seed all over them.

“Now I believe you mentioned that after, you lick off your issue, is that correct”

“Yes Mam,” and I began to lick my spoolge from her panties.

“Well our time is up for today, you may keep my panties, after watching you with them I don’t believe I could ever wear them again no matter how many times they’d been laundered. Next week I want you to bring your favorite pair of pilfered panties and be prepared to discuss with me why they are preferred to the rest of your collection.”

I walked out with my treasure nestled in my pocked, should I have told her that hers were now my favorite and this appointment was the closest thing to sex I’d ever had? Well we’ll see…


After the patient left her office, Dr. Preston pulled her private journal from her desk. She still had an official evaluation to write but she wanted do her own assessment while still fresh in her mind.

“As suspected the patient is weak willed and can easily be molded into a fine member of my stable. As of now my only concern is whether he will be physically strong enough to withstand my rigorous demands but even if he isn’t I am sure he will be a joy to me as long as he lasts.”

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