My Wife’s Naughty Sister

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Note: This is a fictional story. All characters in sexual situations are 18 years of age and older.


I am into CFNM for a long time now.

I love it, but I never got the chance to live it. I am plain wrong. The girl I married and her family members are wild.

I am from India and have a good job. So my parents found a match for me. In India, most people have arranged marriages.

Sometimes they work, and other times they don’t.Lucky me, it worked very well for me. At least, that is what I believe.

My parents thought they knew everything about this girl and her family, but they were wrong.


Hi, my name is Rajesh. I am your average Indian guy. On the other hand, my wife, Sahasra, is really a beautiful piece of art. Her sister, Samantha, is one of a kind hottie.

First Night:

My marriage went very normal. To be honest, it’s extremely dull.I am a virgin, and obviously I didn’t ask her, but based on her performance, I am pretty sure she has sucked many dicks before.

I am sure I definitely sucked, but she is really good. She sucked my cock like a real slut. She rides me like a real cowgirl.

I thought to myself, “If she is a porn star, she will be at the top of the food chain.”

She knows how much pressure she should put on the guy’s balls while draining them.

After returning from our honeymoon:

For our honeymoon, we went to Kullu Manali, which is in the southern part of India. It was a very cool place, and, of course, she made things hot with her body. I sucked at it as usual, but I am slowly getting there.

Anyway, after our honeymoon, we went to our wife’s home as my wife badly wanted to see her family. My mother-in-law welcomed us into her house with a wide smile on her face. Then my sister-in-law came out of her room. She is wearing a saree. I can clearly see her perfectly shaped waist and her perfectly rounded boobs.

Samantha’s boobs are smaller than my wife’s, but she can definitely give a boob job to my tiny dick. My admiration of Samantha’s body was interrupted by my wife’s yelling. She called me to take her mother’s blessings.

After a quick exchange of greetings, we sat on the sofa as a family and drank coffee. My wife and her family were catching up on things.

After a while, my wife noticed I was bored and told her sister to show me the backyard. Samantha got up from the sofa and showed me the way to the backyard.

She caught me:

We are in the backyard. She stretched her hands and said, “You smell that? Nature is very expressive and amazing. ” But I’m not paying any attention to her words. I am simply enjoying her beautiful back.

She turned back and said, “Bava (brother-in-law), I am talking about the house backyard.”

I suddenly realized she was talking to me and came out of my dreams.

I said, “Sorry, I am thinking about something else.”

“I am sure it is not the backyard I am talking about.”

“I mean, I am thinking fethiye escort about some office work.”

“Really? I thought… “

“I have to go now.” and walked into the house.

My wife walked into the hall at the same time. “I am about to call you both for lunch. Good timing, where is Samantha”

“she is right behind me”

Ramya is a friend:

Samatha walked in and interrupted us, “Sister, while I am showing our house backyard to your husband, he is admiring a different backyard.”

Sahasra said, “What are you talking about?”

I turned to Samantha in shock and said, “What? What are you talking about? “

Samantha said, “Ramaya’s backyard.”

I said, “What? Who is Ramaya? I don’t know who Ramaya is. I am not watching her backyard “

Sahasra said, “my silly husband, she is a neighbor and Samantha’s best friend.”

Samantha said, “Yeah, you’re watching her house backyard.”

I get the hint that she is teasing me and threatening me. I have to handle the situation. Bring it back to some normalcy.

My mother-in-law overheard us talking about ramaya and said, “Smantha, bring ramaya in the evening. She is a nice girl, and they are our family friends. Rajesh also got to meet her. “

Smantha said, “I also need to discuss something,” and she winked at me.

Now I am sure she knows that I am admiring her sexy body. If she tell sahasra I am done.

Sahasra said, “OK, enough chatting. Rajesh, First go and change your clothes and come to lunch. “

Sahasra and her mother just walked into the kitchen to bring the dishes into the dining hall. I walked into my room and changed into cotton shorts. It is small and thin. It has a button instead of a zip because Sahasra insisted on it. She believes it is free and comfy.

When I opened my door, Samantha suddenly walked in on me. I am cornered against the wall. “Hi Rajesh, looks like your shorts are too short. Be careful, there are plenty of women in this village, and in this house who are singles. They might pull them down to see what you’ve got down there.”

Now I am completely frightened by the thought of getting naked by force. While I am thinking this, Samantha just grabbed my package over the shorts.

“Rajesh, now I understand. You got a tiny dick. ” and giggles.

“But my balls are big,” I don’t know why I said that, but it made me feel better, even though it is not entirely true. I mean, they are decent in size.

Samantha said, “Really, you think you’ve got big balls?”

She was slowly tightening her grip on my balls. I realized I was in big trouble. I have no option other than to apologise to her for no apparent reason and do what ever she says.

I said, “Sorry Samantha, please don’t crush my nuts. I will do what you say. “

She released her grip on my nuts. “No one asked your permission. I own you the minute you saw my big boobs and sexy hip folds. “

I murmured, ” not as big as your fethiye escort bayan sister,”

She moved her knee as if she was about to kick me in the balls. I thought I lost at least one ball.

“You don’t know when to shut up? Do you? You will be punished for this, but just not now. ” She just walked into the dining hall.

We all had a nice meal, and they all talked about normal family stuff. Sahasra is trying to involve me in the conversation, but I am still in shock about what Samantha did earlier. But I am still shocked about what happened, and I haven’t contributed much.

Meeting Ramaya for the first time:

In the evening, we sit on the sofa in the hall. I am just flirting with Sahasra with my silly pickup lines, and she is laughing at them, as if I am really funny.

Samantha walked into the hall with her friend Ramaya and two more friends. Sahasra got up from the sofa and greeted everyone.

Sahasra said, “I will bring you all some coffee.”

Ramaya said, “Common, don’t treat us like guests. You’ve known all of us since we were children. “

Sahasra said, “I think since I am married, I am behaving very responsibly these days.”

I said, “She is a really nice person. That is why I love her. “

“Do you love him?” Ramya asked. pointing at me. “Of course, I can’t even measure how much I love him.”

Samantha said, “I am sure you can measure it.” with a smirk on her face.

I don’t know why, but all her friends laughed like crazy at that. Did she tell all her friends that I had a tiny dick?

Ramya said, “I saw your mother at the temple. You also should have gone there. It will be good for your husband’s health.”

Samantha said, “Yes sister, the god in the temple is very powerful. You should visit once.”

Sahasra said, ” Really? I will go right away.” She just walked out of the house.

I got up to follow her. Samantha grabbed me by the hand. “Where do you think you’re going? You are not going to the temple. You will help us with our sex education project. “


“Shut up and stand in the middle of the hall.”

I don’t know why, but I just followed her command. She signed with her finger to come near to them. I just walked forward slowly. Ramya just tugged her fingers into my shorts and pulled me forward. I jumped forward and fell on her. My hands on her massive boobs and my lips on her beautiful lips. She opened her mouth and kissed me. Involuntary, I also kissed her back. We played with our tongues and did a French kiss before she pushed me back.

Samantha got furious with this, saying, “How dare you kiss her and touch her nice big boobs! You are such a creepy married man. “

I said, “Sorry, it was not my intention.”

She just kneed me in the ball with full force. I fell on the ground, holding my balls. All her friends were just laughing at me. Ramaya walked over to me and helped me sit up.

“Poor guy,” she said as escort fethiye she move my hands away from the crotch.

“I don’t think your dick is broken because it is too small for that. But I am sure your balls must be hurting very badly. “

I just nodded my head.

She just put her hand on my balls over the shorts and felt them. “They are like little cherries. Poor things. I know how to remove your pain. ” She just tugged her hand into her top and pulled them all the way down. I can see her big perky boobs and big nipples. Then she hugged me, my face directly on top of her boobs. They are like two big pillows, and for a second I felt like I was in heaven.

She slowly lifted my face and kissed me again on my lips. Samantha came from nowhere and pulled me back and grabbed my already sore balls.

I just kicked you for kissing her, but now you are kissing her again. Ramya took her sweet time before stopping samantha from crushing my balls.

“It is OK, Samantha, he is just another creep fell in love with big boobs,” said ramaya

She stood up and walked towards the sofa to sit back.

“Rajesh, come forward and stand in front of me,” said Ramaya.

Samantha also sat back beside Ramya without saying anything.

I did what I was commanded to.

“Did you enjoy my boobs while walking?” said Ramaya.

“I am sure you have heard this a lot before, but you have really big boobs and they jiggle while you walk, and anyone with Dick gets a hardon.”

“Really, you are hard now,” she put her hand inside from bottom of my short. First, she held my balls and then moved on to my dick. “That is really cute. It is hard but still tiny. “

By this point, all her friends are fully existing, asking Ramaya to show them my Dick. They don’t even think they should ask me because it is my tiny dick. They think Ramaya owns my package.

“Not that fast, girls. I am 100% sure you have never seen a dick this small, so let me reveal it slowly. “

She put her hand on my shorts and unbuttoned it and put her two fingers inside my shorts. She pulled one of my balls.

All the girls were eagerly waiting to see my full package. She pulled out the other ball.

Girls started giggling and comparing my balls with cherries and berries. She put her fingers once again into my shorts and pulled out my tiny dick.

My full package is visible to all the girls. The girls are really shocked and start showing signs indicating that I have a tiny dick. They are poking and grabbing it roughly.

Ramy said, “Such a cute thing. I want to kiss you for showing us your tiny dick. “

She started kissing me passionately. While I am flying in heaven, Samantha breaks the kiss and yells at me. “How dare you kiss her again?” She lifts her knee to kick me again.

This time I closed my crotch with my hands and protected it.

“I know what you girls are doing here. Ramya finds a silly reason to kiss me, and you crush my balls every time she does that.”

Samantha said, “Don’t flatter yourself, it is just for our fun. But you are smarter than I thought. Anyway, I am going to punish your balls as much as I want for calling my boobs small.”

I said, “I am going to tell Sahasra.”

“Do you think you are a kid because you have a small dick? Whose idea do you think it is? “

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