My Wife’s Present to Me Pt. 01

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This story started a while ago in the loving wife category. My wife had given me a present, a day with her and my old friend Brian. Brian was my a friend I had bi experiences with many years ago. My wife allowed me to be with Brian and actually joined in however when Brian was to fuck my ass she left us alone. Brian you see is gay and I at one time thought I might be but later realized I was bi.

It had been several months since my wife’s 60th birthday present to me, allowing me to have sex with my 1st lover my friend named Brian while she watched. My wife and I have always been true to each other, but that night had me thinking of him and waking from erotic dream of him many many days. One day I just had to tell her about it and so this story starts.

“Allison I have to talk to you about something,” I said.

“What is is babe,” she asked?

I stammered a bit not knowing ho it would come out and said, “well I have to let you know since your birthday present to me I have been having trouble getting Brian out of my head and have been having very erotic dreams of him and I together.”

“Are you telling me you want to have sex with him again?” she asked. “We have been having such great sex the last several months, are you thinking of him while you are with me?” she asked.

“Our sex has been great and I think being with him that time has only enhanced it to be honest, but yes at times I have had the image in my mind of fucking you while Brian was fucking me I have never had an orgasm like that shooting my load inside you.” I said

“So you want us to be with him again, both of us or just you?” she asked

“I would honestly be ok with either, if you wanted to be there again that would be a big turn on but if not I would still like to be with him.” I stated.

“Can I think about this?” she asked.

“Please that is all I am asking for, you know I will respect your decision but I will still think and probably dream about him.” “It is you that I love but I still have been having these primal urges.” I told her.

The couple of mornings as we were having coffee I asked her, “have you thought about what we discussed about Brian?”

“Yes I have, I know you have always had these urges since you told me many years ago.” she said. “You have always been faithful and I think you always will be, if you promise to always come back to me I have a proposition.”

Intrigued I asked her, “yes what might that be?”

“I’ll give you two Sakarya escort bayan nights, the first with Brian alone and the second with the three of us.” she said. “You can do this next Friday if Brian is able since I will be going out with my girlfriends that evening, I will see if betty will let me stay at her house that night I’ll tell her so I can drink and not have to drive 45 minutes to get home.” “That will give you the whole night with him, does that work for you?” she asked

“I will call Brian and see if he is available, what about the second night with the three of us?” I said.

“Tell Brian he can stay over Saturday night also that night it will be the three of us.” “If I think everything is ok between the three of us and feel comfortable maybe just maybe I will let you have more days with him but only if I feel I always come first.” she said.

I called Brian and told him about the thoughts I have had about him and what my wife had agreed to asking him if this was something he would consider. He told me although he was gay he had a wonderful time that night with my wife there, although he would like to be alone with me but having two days with me he agreed.

Friday was finally here, Allison had left for her night out, I ordered takeout and had it ready for when Brian came over. Around 7 the doorbell rang, I answered it and saw Brian looking as handsome as the day we first made love so many many years ago.

We sat down for dinner, when we were finished Brian and I did the dishes when the last one was dry Brian turned to me and kissed me gently his tongue parting my lips until both his and mine started dancing together.

Breaking our embrace I asked, “would you like to go to the guestroom?”

“Yes lets go.” Brian said as he held his hand out to hold mine.

When we reached the bedroom we sat making for what must have been 2 hours out like we were teenagers again my cock throbbing with each stroke our tongues took at each other.

Breaking from our kiss, I stood up taking my shirt off. Brian reached over to undo my belt, unzipper my pants and finally take off my underwear and the he stood up and I disrobed him his big cock sprang to attention.

“I guess it’s safe to say I’m glad to see you.” Brian said as he started stroking my cock ever so slowly.

“Yes and I am so glad to see you.” I said as I grabbed his huge cock in my hand rubbing my thumb on the shaft while using two fingers to slowly rub Escort Side his balls.

“My that feels so good don’t stop.” yelled Brian as his grip on my cock released.

“Maybe you’ll like this better.” I said as I slowly lowered myself to his cock, now face to face with his throbbing shaft kissing the soft under skin nibbling ever so slowly.

“Mmm yes that is so good.” Brian whispered.

Finally I opened my mouth and swallowed his entire shaft his throbbing head pounding my tonsils and into my throat making me gag just a little. Feeling this throbbing I started to pump my head up and down his shaft with a vengeance. Brian hips were gyrating as if he was trying to fuck my face causing me to pump his cock in my mouth even faster until finally his back arched and he shot a huge load inside my mouth. I gobbled as much as I could but so much also spilled out trickling out the corners of my mouth dripping onto the bedding and my chest.

“Oh my that was great, let me do your wonderful cock now.” Brian said as the cum was still all over my face and chest.

Licking the cum off my mouth and then using my finger to scoop what was on my chest and the putting it in my mouth, I said, “Let me get comfortable and lay on the bed.”

As I lay on the bed Brian lowered his head to my 5 1/2″ rock hard cock, much smaller than his 8″ cock, taking it slowly inside his mouth.

“Yes Brian that feels so fucking good.” I said.

Hearing this Brian took my entire shaft in his mouth and and started sucking my cock while his teeth gnawed at my shaft I couldn’t wait I was so horny I shot my load in what seemed like only a minute after he started. I had so much cum shooting out I couldn’t believe it it took me longer to cum than it did for him to make me cum.

I fell back against the bed and Brian fell with me his mouth never letting go of my cock as we both just collapsed.

“Oh my that tasted so good, was it good for you?” Brian asked.

“Well if you couldn’t tell by the amount of cum you just gobbled up, the I’ll tell you it was the best.” I told him.

“I need a shower, how about you?” I asked as I held my hand out to his.

We went to the master bedroom shower, I wasn’t sure if my wife would mind going into our room but it was the only shower big enough for Brian & I.

When he saw the size of our shower, it has 1 shower head and several side heads getting you from all angles and is 8 feet long by 5ft deep, Brian said, izmir escort “Wow you can really do things in here.”

“Just my idea.” I said turning the shower on and stepping inside with him following.

We both relaxed under the powerful spray from the many jets soaking us for several minutes when Brian took the body wash and started to lather me up taking great care to stop at my balls and cock for quite some time.

“That feels good.” I told him as he was lathering my balls with one hand and stroking my lathered cock with the other.

Spinning me around he started tonguing my we ass sliding it all over my crack until he reached my hole then slipping it inside me. Feeling this I reached for my own cock and started jerking myself off .

After about 2 minutes of him eating my ass he stood up and pressed my head forward bending me over till my hands were against the built in seat at the end of the shower. Holding on to the seat I spread my legs in anticipation of what I was expecting next.

Brian reached out of the shower and grabbed some lube that was on the counter and using two fingers pushed some into my hole. After putting some on his rock hard 8″ cock he brought it to my ass and pushed just the head in.

“Oh my are you teasing me or what?” I said.

“You want more of it then push back take it.” Brian said which seemed like and order.

“Oh my I want it all.” I said as I rammed my ass back against his cock taking as much as possible up my ass. As his cock rammed into my ass I felt almost like I might tear apart but knew I wouldn’t.

Brian feeling my ass gobbling up his cock started ramming it in and out slowly at first but the faster and faster.

“Oh yes Brian fuck my ass, please fuck me harder and harder.” I yelled out.

“You want it here it is.” he grunted as he started pounding harder and faster until he finally shot his load his cock pumping my ass full of his warm cum as I clenched my ass cheeks squeezing his cock trying to hold it inside of me.

“Oh my I haven’t had suck a good fuck as that in such a long time.” Brian said as he collapsed against me my ass still trying to hold onto his cock as it slowly withered and popped out.

Standing up Brian said, “I think I am going to collapse.”

“Ok lets finish the shower and we can go to bed.” I said as I looked at the clock seeing it was almost midnight.

After finishing our shower we walked naked hand in hand to the guest room. I told Brian that Allison said she wouldn’t be home until sometime after lunch tomorrow so we still had plenty of time together alone. Brian and I went to bed together embracing in a long kiss as well fell asleep me dreaming about our morning alone tomorrow.

To be continued.

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