Nancy’s Mid-life Awakening Ch. 32

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Chapter 32

Queen of Cum

When Paul and Dana arrived back in the living room, they found most of the others gathered in there or in the kitchen to relax and grab something to eat or drink. The exceptions were Mary and Jamie, the two youngest women in the group. Mary was straddling Bryan’s lap and bouncing up and down over his cock while he held on to her. Jamie was lying on the couch with one leg up on the couch back and the other leg hanging over the side to the floor. Steve was positioned between her legs and ramming his short, thick cock into her so hard that her small tits shook with each impact.

Paul found Nancy standing in the kitchen with a glass of wine in one hand and Frank standing behind her playing with her breasts. Paul went over to see his wife and Nancy gave him a short kiss and a smile when he reached her side. Frank stopped and let go of Nancy’s breasts, but Paul told him to keep playing. Nancy gave Paul soft cock a playful backhand that wasn’t anywhere near hard enough to hurt and laughingly told him, “Go get ’em, Tiger!”

Paul found a cold beer and had just joined Kyle, Deb, and Cindy in conversation when Steve came in and called for him.

“Hey, Paul! Jamie wants you. It’s your turn,” he called across the room. Most of the guests paused their talking to glance over at Paul and then back to Steve before resuming their conversations. Paul excused himself went over to see what Steve was talking about.

“Jamie wants to take every man that’s here tonight. You and Kyle are the last two, so she asked me to send you in,” Steve told him.

Paul nodded slowly and then headed into the living room to see what was going on. He had only been with Jamie once before and remembered that she enjoyed very rough breast and nipple play. When he saw her, she was still in position on the couch with her legs spread wide and traces of cum leaking out from her large, swollen pussy. She waved and called him over just about the same time that Mary finally climbed off of Bryan.

“I’m done!” she called over to Jamie. She headed over to the empty love seat and laid down on her back. Jamie frowned and asked Paul to get Kyle, too. Paul looked at her for a second and then headed back to the kitchen without a word. When he reached Kyle, he whispered that Jaime wanted both of them to fuck her as part of some contest she was having with Mary. Kyle gave him a quizzical look and Paul merely shrugged his shoulders in reply. The two men went into the living room to see what Jaime wanted to do and she quickly let them know.

“I’ve never had two cocks in my pussy at the same time. Are you guys up for that?”

Paul and Kyle looked at each other and then back to her. “Sure, I guess,” said Paul with Kyle echoing his remark. Jamie’s face lit up in a smile. “This is going to be so much fun!” She knelt between the two men and took a cock in each hand. As she masturbated both men at the same time, she also alternated giving each man a blowjob. It took a few minutes, but she had Paul and Kyle fully erect. She had Paul lay in his back for Phase 2 of her plan and then straddled him to guide his shaft up inside her wide-open pussy. Paul could barely feel her vaginal walls around his cock, but he did feel semen running down the legth of his penis from deep inside her. Once she was satisfied with her position, Jamie had Kyle move behind her and press his cock inside her pussy alongside Paul’s.

As Kyle entered her, Paul felt an odd sensation of the other man’s erection pressing against the side of his cock. Once Kyle was fully seated inside her, Jamie coordinated their movements until they found a comfortable rhythm. Paul couldn’t help but notice the interest of others in Jamie’s double penetration, especially Mary. However, as tight as Mary’s pussy had been, he thought that it was something she’d never be able to pull off. He also saw Nancy peering in from the doorway and was sure that she was fingering herself with her hand that was still hidden from view by the door frame.

Paul was finding that he didn’t need to do anything, and Jamie’s movements alone were enough to work the two cocks in and out of her stuffed cunt. They fucked her in that position for several minutes before Kyle climaxed. Paul felt the other man’s cock pulsing and twitching as he short three or four small loads of cream into her. Jamie was fingering her clit and was the next to climax, followed closely by Paul.

The threesome carefully untangled themselves and Jamie laid back on the couch in a similar manner as Mary.

“Okay, how do you want to do this,” she called over to her friend.

“I think we should ask for a volunteer judge,” Mary replied. Without waiting for a reply, Mary called bostancı escort out to the watching group, “Jamie and I are having a contest to see who could keep the most cum in their pussy. We need an impartial judge to check both of us and give his or her opinion. Any volunteers?”

Cindy was the first to step forward and she didn’t wait to see if there were any other volunteer judges. “Okay, ladies,” she began. “Did you have any way in particular for me to check your ‘earnings’ for the night?”

“Mmmm… I’m sure you can think of a good way. Perhaps you’ll be nice enough to clean us up while you’re down there so we don’t drip cum everywhere,” Jamie said coyly.

Cindy needed no other encouragement. She started with Mary and spread her legs even wider. Mary’s well-used pussy glistened wetly as Cindy leaned down and used her fingers to open it even wider. A large amount of white cream was already leaking out and dribbling down towards her anus “It looks like you’ve got more than you can hold,” Cindy remarked.

Cindy began licking the trail of cum up from Mary’s perineum to her gaping hole and proceeded to tongue and suck as much as she could from inside it. Mary tried to help by working her pelvic muscles and was able to squeeze a bit more out for Cindy’s dining pleasure. After a little over a minute, Cindy stood up. “There was a lot more in there than I expected,” she commended. “Time to check out your competition.”

She went over to where Jamie was reclined and duplicated her “inspection” technique on the other young woman. It seemed to take her a little longer, but she finished and stood up, everyone could still see traces of spunk around her mouth and chin.

“Mmmm… it’s a close race, but in my expert opinion, tonight’s ‘Queen of Cum’ is….” She paused and looked around to build the suspense. “… Jamie!” she called out loudly. Everyone gave a Jamie and Mary a standing ovation amid shouts calling for a rematch. The two women got to their feet and gave each other a long hug before heading to the kitchen for something to drink.


The Super Bowl Party had a temporary lull in activity after the competition between Jamie and Mary. It gave Paul a chance to check on his wife and ponder who he wanted to be with next. However, he couldn’t get his mind off of Maria or Mary.

Maria was clearly the most physically attractive woman at the party; she was even better looking than Ann who Paul had always considered a knockout. However, she seemed to have a constant entourage of men and Paul wasn’t interested in waiting in line for her. On the other hand, Mary had been an interesting sex partner and was quite attractive in her own right, but her performance seemed perfunctory and lacked any engagement with Paul that would have made sex with her much more enjoyable. Now that he understood she was having a competition with her friend and was trying to rack up scoring with every man in the room as quickly as possible, he wondered if there was more to her personality than he had seen. He also wondered how much her pussy had stretched out to make fucking her less of a struggle.

Paul found Nancy chatting with her sister Ann and Bill standing close by with an obvious interest in getting one of them alone. When Paul approached Nancy, he embraced her loosely from the rear and kissed her neck and shoulder as a means of announcing his presence. She smiled as soon as she saw it was him and reached behind herself to find his flaccid penis and fondle it. Bill automatically shifted closer to Ann and put his arm around her to let her know his intentions which she welcomed with a smile and a flirtatious comment.

“How’s your evening been going?” Paul asked Nancy.

“It’s been fun,” she commented in a noncommittal way. “Bryan and I made up for the time since we last saw each other and I thought Frank was going to be with me next, but he disappeared a few minutes ago. How about you? I saw you and Dana had a little disagreement earlier.”

“Not really a disagreement,” Paul answered. “It was just a slight misunderstanding, but we resolved it peacefully.”

“I bet you did!” Nancy said with a twinkle in her eyes “And I have a pretty good idea of how you two made peace, too” . She gave his dick a playful tug.

Paul looked away and saw Bill busy sucking on Ann’s breasts. He was shorter than her and it looked a little funny that he didn’t have to bend down much to reach them with his mouth. Looking back at his wife, he asked,”So, who do you plan on taking next?”

“I’m not quite sure,” she said slowly. “I’m kind of in the mood for a big fuckfest with two or more guys. You want to be one of them?”

“Sure,” he replied. Paul büyükçekmece escort started looking around for another man to join them. Frank had been interested in Nancy earlier, but had wandered off somewhere. Paul excused himself and went looking around for a third partner.

Frank was watching Maria getting fucked from behind by James while she sucked off Steve at the same time. He was pounding hard into her and sending shock waves rippling across her ass and hanging breasts with each impact. Paul sidled over to Frank and asked if he was interested in joining in for a threesome with Nancy. He was immediately interested and asked Paul what they had in mind.

“I’m not exactly sure,” he replied slowly. “But I’m sure she’ll let us know.” They returned to the kitchen and found Nancy chatting with Mary.

“There you are!” she said seeing Paul. “I see you found Frank. Are you joining us?” she asked cocking her head towards Frank.

“Sure,” he responded with a sideways look to his wife standing next to Nancy.

“I can’t wait!” Nancy squealed in an excited, high-pitched voice. “I was telling Mary that I was working on getting a couple guys to fuck my brains out and she said she’s interested in joining in, too! This is going to be so much fun. I hope you both are up for it.”

“Do you want to find a bedroom or just go back to the living room?” Paul asked. “The only people in there now are Maria, James, Steve, and Cindy.” Nancy moved to look out into the living room and saw James standing with Maria sitting over his cock and her legs wrapped around his waist while Steve and Cindy were engaged in 69 on the large sofa. “A bed might be more comfortable,” she told Paul. Without saying anything, Paul went out to find an empty bedroom and lay claim to it.

When he returned, he found Nancy and Mary kneeling in front of Frank sharing his cock. “I see you couldn’t wait to get started,” he said with a grin. Frank was standing with a huge smile on his face while the two women were coaxing his cock back to life. Paul vaguely remembered from the video they had seen at Jeanne and Craig’s home that Frank was pretty well-endowed. Paul guessed that Frank’s cock was easily 15-inches long and more than two-inches wide across most of the shaft. Even the head seemed too small in comparison to the rest of his cock, Nancy had difficulty taking it in her mouth. Mary, on the other hand, didn’t seem to have any problem with his size. Remembering how tight Mary’s pussy was, Paul wondered how Frank was ever able to get inside her.

After a few more seconds, the women got back on their feet and looked to Paul. “So, did you find us a place to go?” Mary asked.

“Yep. Follow me,” he answered. He led the other three back to the same room he had used with Dana almost an hour earlier. Someone else had been in there during the interim and the bed was a lot messier than when he last used it, but no one cared. He also spotted Dana’s bag of toys and decided she wouldn’t mind if they borrowed some of them for a while.

Turning to his wife, he asked, “What do you have in mind?”

“I’m feeling a bit slutty tonight,” Nancy replied. “I think the three of you should just jump on all at once or one at a time and use me any way you want.”

Paul, Frank, and Mary looked at each other and then back at Nancy. “Fine by me, but I want all the cum for myself,” she told the rest.

“One thing you should know about my wife,” Frank told Paul. “She loves a man’s cum. She loves to eat it, she loves it all over her body, and she loves it filling her holes.”

Overhearing Frank, Nancy smiled. “Mmmm…, Sounds delightfully decadent!”

Mary and Nancy conferred quickly and then Nancy got on the bed and lay on her back. Mary got on her hands and knees over Nancy and moved to place her pussy over Nancy’s head. Nancy needed no guidance and she reached up to pull Mary’s pussy down to her mouth. As her tongue moved over the other woman’s slit, she could smell the strong scent of her sex, especially after her many previous partners from that evening, and felt her own arousal growing.

Mary called over to Paul and had him up on the bed kneeling over Nancy’s legs and holding his limp cock up to Mary’s lips. She began licking and teasing around the head while he felt her long fingernails pressing up into his scrotum. She pulled her teeth over his cock from just behind the glans to the very tip and bit down just below the threshold that would have caused real pain. Paul wondered how she knew exactly how hard to bite down.

Frank watched from the sidelines and stroked his cock back to fullness. When he was ready again, he clambered up on the bed and took position directly çatalca escort behind his wife’s ass. Looking down, he saw only part of Nancy’s face since the rest was buried in Mary’s pussy and he patiently waited for his turn in there. While he waited, he played with her asshole and fingered it.

Nancy looked up and saw Frank’s large balls and cock dangling just above her head and saw him playing with his wife’s ass with one hand while he masturbated with the other. Her tongue was getting tired and Nancy was ready for a break, so she pushed Mary’s pussy up away from her head and pulled Frank’s cock down to her lips. She sucked on the end of it and tasted the pre-cum that seeped from the tip hoping to get more, but when he pulled it from her mouth and aimed it at Mary’s pussy, she knew he was going to leave his deposit inside her as she requested. He slipped inside her without too much difficulty, thanks in part to how wet Nancy had made her.

Nancy had three people over her having sex and she was feeling left out. She busied herself with sucking Frank’s balls while he fucked his wife and that caused him to slow his pace considerably. Next, she felt her legs and hips being raised off the bed and a pillow placed under them. She felt a tongue licking her wet slit and seconds later, she felt Paul’s cock sliding inside her. Mary’s tongue continued to flit around Nancy’s clit and Paul settled in to a regular rhythm going in and out of her warm, dripping pussy. She momentarily forgot about Frank’s balls while she enjoyed the tingling pleasure that spread up through her body from between her legs.

The foursome remained locked together for a long time since neither man was ready to cum again. In the meantime, Nancy and Mary both climaxed at least once. Mary would alternate her attention from Nancy’s pussy to Paul’s cock. She would pull him out of Nancy and take his slippery shaft between her lips and proceed to deep-throat him. The second time she did that, Nancy reached up and pulled Frank’s cock out of Mary and did the same thing, only she could barely take half of his cock in her mouth. The two women continued this pattern and the two men just tried to hang on as long as they could.

Paul was the first to cum when Mary was sucking him off. However, before he released his load, she pulled his dick from her mouth and aimed it at Nancy’s pussy and her own tits. Mary used her hand to vigorously milk every bit of his cream and licked the end of his throbbing cock to savor the last few drops. When she finished with him, she bent down and began licking Nancy’s cunt again. The soft, reddish-brown curls surrounding Nancy’s twat were completely covered in her own juice and had large white beads of Paul’s cum decorating them. After Mary finished with the area around Nancy’s cunt, she worked her way down inside it to make sure she licked up every bit of Paul’s load.

Frank was continuing his steady in-and-out motion behind his wife and when Nancy got tired of trying to catch and hold onto one of his balls swaying over her head, she changed her focus to his ass. Frank jumped slightly when Nancy’s finger first touched his asshole and she didn’t wait before pressing it inside him. She found his prostate and began gently massaging it, but his constant movement made it difficult. Nevertheless, she must had hit the right spot often enough because he let out a loud grunt and she could feel his cum pulsing through the root of his cock on its way into Mary’s pussy.

When Frank finished cumming inside Mary, he leaned over her for a minute and slowly moved around inside her as his penis softened. Nancy still had a finger up inside his ass and was working his prostate to keep him in a nearly continuous state of feeling like he had to pee or had more to release inside Mary. Nancy eventually pulled his soft cock from Mary’s pussy and after sucking it clean of the mixed cum and pussy juice, she moved him out of the way and proceeded to eat Mary out again.

Mary experienced a final orgasm a minute or two after Nancy started licking and sucking her clit and Nancy savored to extra flow of cum and juice from inside her friend. When she finished, the foursome untangled themselves and relaxed on the bed together as couples, Paul and Nancy lying together and Mary and Frank facing them. They were all smiling and the scent of sex permeated the air. Mary still had some of Paul’s cum drying on the top of her small breasts, which Nancy offered to clean up for her.

As Nancy licked the small mounds over Mary’s chest, she was obviously interested in more than just cleaning them. She sucked and nibbled on Mary’s nipples, prompting Mary to jokingly complain, “Oh my God! I can’t believe you still want more! I’m so worn out, I won’t be able to cum again for days.”

Everyone laughed and Nancy disengaged from Mary’s nipple to return to Paul’s arms. The two couples laughed and chatted in post-coital bliss until eventually getting up and returning to the living room to see what everyone else was doing.

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