Nanobotic Toilets Ch. 03

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As it turns out, our visit to the last university on the short list of prospects common to all four of us revealed it to be just right! Especially once we learned that it had a chapter of the sorority that our mother had been a member of and that its current leaders were actually expressing an interest in SNBs for this chapter’s housing, our decision was even easier! When I asked Mom how they’d even heard about them, she told us that she had announced their existence on a site for alumnae as soon as they’d passed final testing. As it turns out, sanitary nanobots fit in really well with the sisterhood’s main secret, which was that members were encouraged to develop looser-than-normal standards of privacy among each other as a means of bonding. Previously, this amounted to little more than leaving bathroom doors open even in situations when outsiders would almost certainly close them, but if the negotiations succeeded, my mom’s invention would enable it to be taken to a whole new level. When she was telling us this, I got the feeling that Mom wasn’t quite telling us the full story, but I figured she was just preserving at least some of the surprise for rush week, so I shrugged it off. The possibility of not having to give up our convenient self-relief habits as soon as we started college was enough to make us all look forward to the big move even more than we already were.

In the meantime, we three sisters and Beth had graduation and a whole summer to enjoy! Our commencement was quite long, as these things tend to be, with a keynote speaker giving a speech so drawn-out and dotted with thinly-veiled platitudes that I think even he was bored by the time it finally drew to a close. That was probably why, after the last student had gotten his diploma and the whole event was adjourned, the first thing Lina did after we piled into our car was hike up her gown, yank her pants down, and immediately start pooping on the seat. “Geez, I thought that guy would never shut up!” she groaned as a banana-sized turd promptly emerged from her butthole and forced its way out while she hovered a couple of inches above the cushion. In rapid succession, two more brown masses slid out of her body, the third one only slightly smaller than the first two.

On her part, Kala had been dancing a bit towards the end of the ceremony, so I wasn’t surprised at all when she simultaneously tore her gown and pants out of the way and promptly soaked her own seat with a torrent of pee that gushed out of her almost as if from a fire hose. She sighed deeply. “I don’t think I’ve ever had to go this bad! I actually considered just wetting my pants and hoping the gown would hide it!” She moaned as she pulled her panties and jeans back up and collapsed on her seat a few seconds before Lina did the same.

Although Beth’s home bathroom had been fixed, she didn’t stop availing herself of our unorthodox facilities whenever it was more convenient, which happened quite frequently, given how often she was at our house or in our car over the course of summer vacation. However, one particular night, it seems to have been her turn to shock us. The four of us were at a drive-in theater seeing the latest Disney remake. The convenience of SNBs was probably never more obvious than they were at the outdoor cinema, since we could eat or drink all we wanted and relieve ourselves right where we were without having to miss anything. No annoying bathroom breaks for us! Heck, as the climax mounted, Kala never even took her eyes off the screen as she raised her butt a bit off her seat, lowered her pants, and took a huge dump. A single soft moan was the only indication that she really even felt the three brown, bratwurst-like turds pressing themselves out of her body. Probably from sheer experience, she seemed to instinctively know how many seconds to wait after pulling her pants back up before she could lower her butt back onto a clean cushion.

That was unremarkable. What took us three sisters by surprise was what happened as the movie drew to a close. Beth had the biggest crush on the actor playing the male lead. Apparently, this particular flicked showcased his appeal especially well, because as the credits started rolling, our blonde best friend had begun playing with herself. At first, she seemed content to repeatedly squeeze her 38C breasts together while we looked on in amusement. Then, she started massaging her nipples between her thumbs and index finger, likely frustrated that she had to do it through the fabric of her top to avoid being indecently exposed through the car window. Barely a few seconds before we finished the last of Escort Bayan our snacks and would’ve otherwise started the engine to return home, she blurted out, “Oh, screw this!” She kneeled between her half of the back seat and the driver’s seat, practically tore her jeans and panties down, and promptly started stroking her genital slit. “Oh,” she sighed in tentative relief.

“Are you serious?” I sputtered, half-amused and half-shocked.

“Oh, c’mon!” she breathed. “With everything else we do right in front of each other, do you really think masturbation is a big deal?” Her stroking accelerated and then morphed into more of a pussy-probing motion with her fingers. With that her eyes drifted closed as her thrusts grew deeper and faster. “Ah!” she squeaked, signaling that some threshold of nascent pleasure had been reached. The ramming of her fingers into her vagina grew even more frantic, and she rested her cheek on the driver’s headrest as she started rolling her pelvis back and forth. When those rolls turned into sharper and seemingly involuntary twitches, I knew she had reached the point of no return. “Oh, crap, I’m gonna cum!” she managed to announce raggedly. “I’m cumming!” Indeed, she climaxed barely a second later, with a final, teeth-gritting warble and one last pelvic spasm. My sisters and I all watched in astonishment as she basked in her bliss for a few more seconds before simply pulling her pants back up and reclaming her seat with a sigh. “So, let’s go home, shall we?”

The spell finally broken, we could only giggle at her nonchalance. “Geez, Beth!” said Kala. “That was bold, to say the least! Even with our weirdly low privacy standards, it never would’ve occurred to us to do that!”

“She’s got a point though,” Lina chuckled as she revved up the engine. “I mean, if we can pee and poop in front of each other, masturbating just as openly doesn’t really seem that radical.” That happened just a week before college started, and as it turns out, Beth had inadvertently primed us for our initiation into Pi Iota Sigma, the sorority that had by then finalized the deal with our mom’s company to install SNBs into their housing. We three sisters were admitted by heritage alone, and Beth was allowed to rush as our alotted plus-one. Move-in day arrived far sooner than we anticipated, and as we stood among the other inductees before the large boarding house of ?I?, it felt like we had exchanged tearful farewells with our mother mere minutes rather than a full day prior.

The house had a rather cabin-like décor, aside from the ubiquitous burgundy carpet, which I found to be unusually soft for university housing. The walls appeared to be made of polished oak slats, and the doors looked like cedar or other somewhat darker wood. In the ranch-style kitchen, a wide ledge protruded from the back of the cabinetry that hosted the range, and three bar stools stood at that makeshift table to form a breakfast nook along the border between the kitchen and living room. The main couch and other upholstery was a deep navy blue. A single staircase led up to a small oblong landing that was actually the middle of the hallway along which the bedrooms and upstairs bathrooms were to be found.

This was a relatively small sorority, which was to be expected. Not only was it selective in terms of academic performance, but aspiring members were advised upfront that membership was likely to stretch their boundaries of bodily shyness. The membership committee carefully warned anyone who was interested that they would need to come with a very pragmatic and perhaps even clinical outlook on bodily functions, including sex and sexuality, or at least a certain open-mindedness to developing such an outlook. Obviously, that tended to shrink an already elite pool of candidates even further. While the mention of “bodily functions” was old news for us, the four of us were surprised by the “sex and sexuality” bit when we received our official invitations. Still, with our standards of privacy as loose as they already were, it felt like a reasonably safe bet that we could handle whatever they threw at us.

At the induction dinner, which was much less formal than it sounds, the sorority president, a leggy brunette named Laura, gave her welcome speech and introduced the incoming members to the sorority secrets and protocols. I couldn’t help but feel a bit smug when she first told of the sisterhood’s unusually open self-relief customs. Murmurs broke out among all the other newcomers in a strange mixture of astonishment and curiosity. Meanwhile, Beth, my sisters, and I all just shared knowing Bayan Escort smiles. Laura went on to describe SNBs, announced that their use this semester would make PIS history, and thanked my mom for inventing them, which I’ll admit made me even more self-satisfied in that moment. As Laura moved on to describe that privacy was also optional for masturbation and even outright sex, the four of us remained mostly unfazed. What did surprise us nearly as much as it did the other newbies, however, was what our leader said next.

“It isn’t even uncommon for members to assist each other in pleasuring themselves. Obviously, any lesbians among us may be inclined to do that anyway, but fairly early in the history of Pi Iota Sigma, even many of our heterosexual sisters came to discover that, even though they clearly prefer visualizing men in their heads while fapping, their clitores aren’t really that picky. A good mental image and a friend’s finger can go a long way.” She folded her hands before continuing. “It’s a bit like humping a pillow. It’s not like you’re actually attracted to an inanimate object. Nor does solo masturbation mean you’re an autosexual. When you’re horny, you’ll just take whatever’s on hand that gets the job done, or at least, that’s our philosophy here at Pi Iota Sigma.” She smirked before growing momentarily serious. “Now, there’s no pressure to do anything that makes you feel truly uncomfortable, and those of you who are in committed relationships should probably have a talk with your partners, depending on what you might be inclined to experiment with, but in any case, we do encourage you to explore and experiment in some way or other.” She punctuated that with a genuinely sweet smile before adding as a final aside, “I personally recommend humping a friend’s ass sometime. It’s a bit of a Pi Iota Sigma tradition, I think because the body heat makes it a little more authentic than a room-temperature pillow.”

Understandably, the inductees and rushers were just skeptical enough about the SNBs that none of them were willing to risk making a mess before they had seen them work with their own eyes. The incumbents had obviously chosen to let things unfold naturally rather than provide a premeditated demonstration. Although a few particularly bold newcomers soon dared to leave the bathroom door open while relieving themselves, the sanitary nanobots would have to wait for someone else to spontaneously felt the urge and avail themselves accordingly.

In the meantime, we set to work moving our stuff into our rooms. The upstairs quarters were arranged in blocks of two bedrooms each with one shared bathroom between them. Given that there were typically two girls in each bedroom, this might have seemed a bit precarious, even with the looser standards of privacy. As the daughters of the woman who invented the SNBs, my sisters and I were briefly pulled aside for an extra warm welcome, so I had the opportunity to ask about that. Apparently, prior to the installation of SNBs, if a sister went to the bathroom to find that the toilet was already occupied, the common solution, at least if she just had to pee, was to simply do her business in the shower right next to it. As for bathing, it was not uncommon for girls to shower together if they didn’t have time to do so consecutively, since the stalls were just big enough to suit two people comfortably. Of course, the SNBs would make things even easier, especially after the new members got used to using them.

I would be sharing a room with Beth, while Kala and Lina took the adjoining room. Beth and I had been able to preview the general décor and loved it so, we planned ahead and brought some burgundy bedclothes for our bunk beds and a little loveseat of matching hue. Kala and Lina went a more pastel route, with a largely lavender and teal motif. I think they actually managed to make it work!

At least among the four of us, I was the first to use the SNBs in our new home. It was shortly after the induction dinner, and before we began moving our stuff in, I suddenly realized I needed to pee, so I yanked my pants down, squatted on the floor of my as-yet-unfurnished room, and let loose. For almost a minute, I kept pissing freely on the carpet, emitting a long sigh as my bladder deflated while forcing out a very insistent stream from my pussy. Lina was next. It took us a couple hours to retrieve all our belongings from our car and find a place for them, but just a couple of minutes after we had declared ourselves officially moved in with a collective sigh, Lina lowered her panties, hoisted her skirt up as she squatted Escort low to the floor, and unleashed a flood of her own onto the carpet of her and Kala’s bedroom. Like mine, the torrent actually splashed a bit on the surface of the puddle, which grew to an impressive size despite the SNBs partially counteracting the deluge. It didn’t shrink away substantially until Lina’s body finally stopped feeding it and let the nanobots overtake it. I was reminded of why we never use the word “tinkle.” We’ve never been squeamish enough to really need such a cutesy euphemism anyway, but on top of that, the word suggests a rather gentle flow that would never do our peeing habits justice. We don’t tinkle. We inundate. I can’t remember the last time I took a piss shorter than 45 seconds.

It wasn’t until the following morning that I witnessed some of the sisterhood’s unusually open sexual practices. It was a Saturday, so Beth and I both slept in until almost noon. I was the first to stir, and after just dozing for a while, I realized a familiar need. I rose into my habitual crouch and promptly let my anus give way to a thick turd that soon folded onto itself, since the distance between my ass and the mattress was too short for it to come out straight. I raised my butt a bit so that two more brown bratwursts of roughly equal size could slide out more freely, emitting a croaky moan as I dumped the last one. The nanobots were already beginning their work on my pile as I climbed out of bed and stretched. My stomach growled, and given everything I’d been told about the sorority’s customs, I shrugged off the fleeting impulse to at least put on some underwear and trudged out into the upstairs hallway completely nude.

On my way to the kitchen, I ran into Laura and Kala in the breakfast nook, about midway through bowls of Cap’n Crunch and Frosted Flakes respectively. I also recognized a couple of newcomers preparing some pancakes. They wore pajama pants but nothin else, and Kala was as naked as I was, but Laura was dressed in white skinny jeans and a snug T-shirt with the words, “Keep staring. I might do a trick,” emblazoned across the bust. I chuckled while retrieving the milk from the refrigerator and asked, “How is it that the woman who should be more used to the sisterhood’s lack of modesty than any of us is the only one here that’s fully clothed?”

She laughed as I found a bowl of my own, claimed the remaining stool at the countertop, and poured myself a helping of the Frosted Flakes that Kala had left sitting there. “I had some community outreach business to attend to, and I had to skip breakfast in order to get there on time. Consider yourself lucky you got to sleep in!”

“Who would schedule something like that on a Saturday anyway?” Kala wondered.

Laura rolled her eyes. “I don’t know. Someone who’s too swamped on weekdays, maybe. I can’t think of any reason that would really make it any less annoying, though.”

While I had just gotten started, Laura and Kala finished their breakfasts shortly, laughing as they competed to see whose worst date ever was the most awkward. Despite the topic being less-than-ideal guys, it may have still been sufficient to turn Laura on. After setting her bowl and spoon in the sink, Kala squatted just behind the stool she’d been sitting in and unleashed a loud and forceful stream of pee on the carpet. What our sorority president did while my sister finished pissing was quite unexpected. With a soft sigh, she casually pulled her pants down to her knees, retrieved a hairbrush from her purse which sat at the end of the nook against the wall, and bend over the now barren countertop. I gaped at her in amused shock as she reached behind her round butt and stroked the edges of her vagina with the handle of the brush before finally inserting it deeper. She purred as she began thrusting it in and out, slowly at first but at a clearly escalating pace. Her eyes soon drifted shut, and within five minutes, she was panting as she rammed her hairbrush into her pussy. At this point, the mousy redhead who was our vice president passed through on her way from the laundry room to her bedroom and smirked at the sight. “I see it didn’t take long for you to witness Laura’s usual morning orgasm.”

By then, Laura was moaning quite audibly with ragged breath, her pelvis slapping repeatedly against the edge of the countertop as her seemingly voluntary gyrations started giving way to more instinctual spasming. The abrupt cessation of her hairbrush ramming signaled that she’d reached the point where conscious muscle control tends to falter, so when she climaxed a split second later with a loud half-grunt/half-moan, it was hardly surprising. Basking in post-cum bliss, she let the hairbrush drop to the floor and rested her arms on the countertop beside her still twitching torso. “Oh, I needed that!” she breathed with finality.

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