Nat Meets Sigourney

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Nat had been dating Sigourney, the cock-fighting champion, since the night she had taken over Laura, the cutie girl with the python prick. The gruelling marathon match, another epic night at the Atomic Kittens, took from everyone in the audience nearly as much energy as from the battling chicks on stage.

Sigourney was a mysterious, sinewy grown woman with a hyper vascular 10-incher. She had all-mighty, up-curved, titanium prick that exhausted Laura’s after five tie-breaks. She had defeated good-looking Laura in every corner, even stealing supporters from the popular cutie’s side. She lacked the charm, the Greek-style musculature, the blonde mane and the full chest of her rival. Her locks were sparse, her nose hooked, and her dry hen-skin wasn’t as cheerfully flecked as Laura’s. Thick green veins coiled on her hands down her fingers, sporting one and a half inch long sculptured nails. Yet the show tonight wasn’t a beauty pageant, it was dick-girl war, and she was the owner of the toughest cock around.

Nat was watching with Belle, who had provided the access card to the exclusive VIP front row. The girls were so close that they could reach out and touch the steaming bodies, and be splashed by the juices the dick divas squirted around during their vicious duel. In fact she swore she could hear the squashing noises from the stage where the fighters milked one another to death. Nat was simply paralysed. Her hand was so glued to Belle’s that she had to resort to flexing acrobatics to get full access to her girlfriend using her free hand.

Thus when the latex gloves of the judge probed Laura’s toppled monster and announced her defeat, most spectators, even those who had entered the Kittens wearing the ragged, belly-baring, T-shirts of their idol, roared in support of the new hard-prick Queen. Sigourney stood up, formidable, and raised her long arms silently. Not a single emotional display. Her awesome Gaziantep Eve Gelen Escort champion was still trapped inside Laura’s desperate double-fist lock; its purple head flashing out undaunted, a survivor of all kinds of vicious strokes. The vision was burned into Nat’s brain later as Sigourney rammed her with her massive cock, driving her beyond the point of climax over and over, again and again. With her lower belly still on fire despite Belle’s master finger job, she had gathered the guts to approach the new champion. She cut through the security check with a familiar wink to the bouncer, and headed backstage where Sigourney’s gang uncorked champagne bottles to celebrate the title. To her total amazement Sigourney herself, still fully naked except for a towel perched from her shoulder, had grabbed her wrist and dragged her inside the lockers, where the party was raging on. The champion pierced Nat with her metallic, grey eyes.

-So are you real, first row girl? I thought you were a wax dummy because you didn’t move a muscle throughout the whole match.

Nat was offered a drink by a member of Sigourney’s crew who was busy congratulating her by slapping her wide, sweat-drenched back. Another assistant was professionally working her titanium cock down to human size with the help of soapy water and a cotton glove. Sigourney raised her cup to Nat and their eyes locked.


Gazing intently at each other, both girls finished their glasses with a single gulp.

-Bobby, please, could you call a taxi for me and our charming guest? – She commanded, unable to take her eyes away from Nat.

Belle grew more and more jealous about Nat’s encounters with Sigourney, the champion dick-chick. Her psychotic mood betrayed her, and after one failed exchange she found herself seizing Nat’s swan neck and violently asking, “She gives you more pleasure than I, don’t she?” Nat coughed and struggled for freedom, as Belle came to her senses and apologised. It was then that the girls decided that they would settle things with a skill test. The two pretenders would fuck the gorgeous power-girl in turns competing to take the hardest orgasm out of her worshiped pale body. Taking into account the proverbial endurance of Nat the clash was going to be an epic one. Belle knew Nat’s pleasure zones better than Nat did herself. Belle’s masterful fingers could make her cum two dozen different ways without even undressing her, however she didn’t feel confident. She knew how much Nat loved cock, and Sigourney had 10 inches of rock-hard male-hood.

Belle and Nat sat on the centre of the mattress face to face, wearing just their briefs, while Axel and Sigourney sat leaning against the wall, spreading Vaseline along their anxious rods. Belle wore black, sporty lingerie, and had instructed her bed mate to wear tiny skirts and G-strings that gave her long fingers full access to Nat’s tireless sex any time, any place, with no need of strip off. Nat hated black and wore for the occasion her favourite electric white G-string, a present from her girlfriend after one of her warm reconciliations. Belle used her rounded fingers with trimmed nails as precision tools, pressing the sensitive points inside Nat with devastating skill; while challenging her pupil with a ferocious look, punishing her with leg shaking pleasure. Nat retaliated with a straight attack to the bulbous clit of the brunette. Belle especially loved that, keeping the blonde cutie just on the edge and watching her soulful attempts to make her cum first. It was not that Nat was unskilled, but mistress Belle could stand her caresses with icy mind control for ages, proving to her who was in charge, juicing her until her own wrists were ribbed with foam before allowing herself to cum. Belle’s training had turned Nat into a formidable cunt juicer. She picked Nat’s partners from the personal ad’s in the newspaper, and offered them extra purse if they managed to make Nat wet. Later she purchased one of those double watches they use in chess. The girls worked one another in turns, punching the stopwatch when they were about to burst. The one accumulating more time at the end of the session would win.

As Nat tried her best to resist, Belle calmly grabbed Nat’s long pretty feet, brought them together and pushed her heels into her crotch. Nat’s upper lip coiled with a grunt. Belle rested her palms on Nat’s knees and pushed them apart. As her tendons stuck out Nat furiously concentrated on her finger job. Belle pressed down until the knees of the blonde landed softly on the silky mattress covertures and kept them down there, till Nat’s cunt blossomed apart, exposing the wet, rosy inside. Belle advanced one finger and probed shallowly, in circles, the melting pot. As Nat strained in anticipation she raised her wet finger and tasted it before Nat’s crystal eyes. Mmmm, you’ll adore this. Her finger glanced over the crests of her hip bones, reflected on the honey pond, flight down and landed on the soft part between her cunt and ass, tightly stretched by the feet lock. Nat continued to violently stroke Belle, but strokes only got her even hotter.

Belle caught up with the rhythm of Nat’s fingers, and was now massaging her hot spot firmly. Nat’s cunt began dripping, and it took all of her might to keep herself from rubbing her hot pussy. She was dictating the pace, knowing that if she became violent with her strokes, her mate would pay her back. It was like masturbation, only Belle knew better. She could reach pleasure spots she hadn’t discovered herself and was able to manoeuvre stroking motions at magnitude of which she had never dreamed. In the meantime, Axel and Sigourney squirted them with their garden hoses. As soon as Nat had recovered, Sigourney had pushed Belle against the wall to take her turn, and was massaging the last third of her prick as she got ready to pump.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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