Natalie and Her Professor

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(This story contains several flashbacks. Each time period will be noted as past or present to differentiate between time periods. Enjoy!)


Looking at my watch I see that I am already running five minutes late to my psychology class. I walk quickly across campus remembering Professor James’s stern warning, “Ms. Temple if you are tardy to class one more time I am going to deduct one whole letter grade from your final grade for the semester.” I wasn’t really all that nervous because I knew I had him in my pocket (or at least I thought I did).


I always make a point to sit in the front row in class. Not to tease my male professors so much, but I think it helps my grades and helps to keep me from goofing off. Sitting up front in Mr. James’s class is how I became to believe that he had one of those “foot things” you hear about on the Internet. I didn’t realize it right away, as I didn’t know anyone with a foot fetish. Actually it took me a couple of months before I slowly began to figure it out.

You see I do this thing with my shoes where I take them on and off when I am sitting down. Its kind of one of those nervous habit things, but instead of biting my nails I play with my shoes! Most of the time my shoes are all the way off my foot and I shuffle them around on the floor or let one hang off the ends of my toes. Innocent really, or at least I thought it was.

Anyhow as the semester drug along I began to get the feeling that Mr. James was looking at me. It wasn’t obvious, but I could tell without making eye contact. Professor James spends about forty percent of his time giving lectures to the class. The other sixty percent of the time he has the class either doing what I call “in-class homework” or we are working on projects in small groups.

A month or so ago the class was working on an in-class assignment and I feel him looking at me from the side of his book, which was propped up on his desk. I had my elbow up on my desk with my hand supporting my head. My long blond hair hung down the side of my face giving my eyes some cover. I had to see if he was actually watching me. Slowly I turned my head towards him until my eyes could focus. What I saw surprised me. Mr. James was looking at the floor under my desk.

I was looking through my bangs at him and it was like his eyes were clued to the floor. It was the oddest thing. I was just sitting there playing with my shoes as I always do. I wasn’t wearing a skirt so I knew he wasn’t trying to look up it!

Now that I was aware of my professor looking at something on me I decided to find out what. Who knows, I might be able to use it to my advantage! I slowly, over the next couple of weeks, came to believe that he was looking at MY FEET of all things! Once I narrowed it down it was easy to see. I tested him by wearing closed-toed shoes and I was right, no staring! I wanted to see just how far I could take him. It slowly became our secret little tease, but without ever mentioning it. I made an extra effort to have pretty toes and always took my shoes off in class.

I learned that Professor not only has a foot fetish, but he prefers the bottoms of my feet in specific! During my little “shoe-tease” sessions Professor James would watch, but he was subtle about it. One afternoon I kicked my shoes off during an in-class homework day and stretched my feet out straight out in front of me so that the bottoms or soles of my feet were more or less facing him.

If Professor James had been able to keep his stare on the “down-low” before, he certainly couldn’t do it now! He almost fell out of his chair and his glare was unmistakable!! He was SO obvious about it that he knocked his book off of his desk and the class looked up at him. He played it off and I rested my bare feet back on the tops of my shoes. I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself.

Like any good student I decided to educate myself on the subject of foot fetishes. I knew that Professor James in fact HAD a foot fetish but I wanted to be sure. I logged onto the Internet back in my dorm room and typed, “foot fetish” into the search box. I was literally SHOCKED when I clicked on the different website links and was greeted to a small movie clip of a woman using her toes to jack some guy off!!!! I had absolutely NO idea that it went that far and it had peeked my interest in this subject and given be a desire to learn all I could.

The next website listed words like free foot fetish pictures, foot fetish movies, foot job, foot worship, trampling, pantyhose, stockings and high heels. This site was by far one of my best educational web sites. I learned how each foot fetish man seems to be different. Some liked stockings while other liked bare feet. Some men preferred to be dominated or “trampled” on by women, while other men seemed to enjoy dominating women by tying them up and tickling their feet. That idea drew me back a little as my feet are HORRIBLY ticklish and I could imagine being tied down and having my feet tickled. It seemed like pure torture. Other interests at manisa escort were gags, socks, dirty feet, secretaries’ tied-up, chloroformed (had to look that one up!) girls or women knocked out by men so they could ravage their feet. I spent all night surfing around these sites and educating myself. I even dropped into some foot fetish chat rooms and was amazed at what these men told me they wanted to do to my feet!!!!


My heels clicked loudly as I cut through the university center on my way to Professor James’s class. His was my last class of the day and I was always coming in late. I had been warned not to be late anymore, but today it wasn’t my fault. I had a group presentation in my previous class. Today my hair was back in a ponytail. I had my cute little glasses on (even though they are just for looks). I was wearing a my favorite white sleeveless shirt from Express contrasting against my black Express skirt which hung about six inches from my knees. I had on SHEER black stockings and my Nine West black patent leather pumps. I looked sexy and more importantly I FELT sexy.

I slowly cracked the door to Professor James’s class and tried to sneak in. As I slid into my chair I was greeted with a smug, stern look from Professor James. As I started my in-class assignment I crossed my right leg over my left one. I pulled my toes up which forced the pump to “pop” off my right heel. The cool air felt great on my foot as my shoe dangled dangerously from my freshly pedicured French toes. Not getting any reaction from my teacher by this I took it a step further and let the shoe fall from my foot. It landed on the tiled floor with a loud noise easily heard by him in the quiet class. Still he didn’t look over. I wiggled my toes, but to no avail.

After the class was dismissed I was collecting my papers when Professor James looked at me hard and curled his index finger motioning me to come to his desk. The rest of the class had already exited out the rear of the room and he and I were alone. The silence was broken when he spoke and said,

“I want to see you upstairs in my office right now Ms. Temple.”

I nodded and turned to follow him down the hall, up the stairs, into the Psychology professor’s offices. The stood at his door at the end of the hall and unlocked the door. Professor James pushed the door open and motioned for me to go in and have a seat. He closed the door behind me and I heard it lock as I sat in a big leather chair directly across from his desk.

As I waited for him to sit I surveyed the room. I was impressed, as you wouldn’t of thought it to be the size it was from the outside. The walls looked like oak stained darkly with a huge, beautiful wood desk off to the side that I was sitting in front of. On the other side of the room was a large sofa next to a fireplace. The walls were lines with books and plants were scattered about giving the office a nice cozy feel. I shuffled my feet under me on the large Oriental carpet under them.

Professor James took his seat in front of me and the feel in the room was very much of an angry teacher/naughty student feel. It reminded me of the times I spent waiting outside the principle’s office in junior high.

“You have been warned Ms. Temple about continued tardiness to my class. You were informed of the consciences. I want you to tell me why I shouldn’t drop you down one whole letter grade?”

My mind raced and I stammered on about how I had the class right before his on the other side of campus and how it was hard for me to get all the way over there that quickly. He didn’t seem to be buying it.

“Is that all you have to say for yourself Miss Temple?” I lower my head towards my lap in humiliation and nodded.

“Surely there must be something I can do to make up for it.” I said quietly still looking at my lap.

At this point Professor James’s voice and attitude seemed to change. “You are right Miss Temple. I believe we can figure something out to help you out of the mess you created. After all I hate to see such a bright student having troubles.” His chair scooted back as he stood up. He came around to my side of the desk and scooted my chair back too. “Please have a seat on my sofa Miss Temple.” Sitting on the sofa he joined me carrying a book that was handed to me. Why don’t you read to me the first few paragraphs and then we can discuss them. I crossed my leg over my knee again so that the arch of my right foot was facing the Professor.

I didn’t think about the whole foot thing, as I was genuinely afraid for my academic career. As I began to read I let that shoe “pop” of my heel as I always do I dangled it from my toes, only this time I was too busy reading and didn’t notice his stare.

When I finished reading I set the book down and his eyes raised from my foot to my eyes.

“That was great Natalie. You don’t mind if I call you Natalie, do you?” me asked.

I shook my head. He continued, “Did you walk all the way from Wimbly Hall to my class in those shoes?” I thought the question a bit strange but then it came back to me like a ton of bricks, he was making a move on me about my feet!!!!

“Yes sir, I did. I would of walked faster but these shoes were just KILLING my feet!” I made sure to say that in an innocent tone of voice with just a hint of sexy thrown in.

“Well Natalie would you mind if I massaged your feet for you while you read on?” he requested.

I felt a surge of electricity shoot through my body. After all this was my professor, a man much older than me who was coming onto me in a sexually fetish type way. I couldn’t deny the feeling that I felt other than to say that I liked it. “Are you sure you wouldn’t mind? I mean that’d be great and all. My feet really DO hurt.”

Professor James leaned back against his armrest and patted his lap. I kicked my shoes from my feet and turned so that my feet were resting in his lap. “Please continue with your reading Natalie.” he spoke, but in a shaky and somewhat broken voice.

I wanted to melt as his strong hands massaged my sore feet. He worked on each foot one at a time. Both of his large hands encircling my narrow foot with his thumbs pressed into my soles. It was the best foot massage I had ever gotten! I could feel the extreme sexual energy coming off him and it was having an effect on me. It was a different foot massage than I had ever gotten. He massaged with feeling, his eyes never looking away from my feet. I could see that he was getting a hard on although he tried to keep it covered up. He lifted my left foot up alone by cupping a hand under my heel until it was at his eye level. His free hand came around and rested on the top of that foot up by my toes.

The hand on my toes pushed them down as the hand on my heel raised my foot higher. It seemed as if he was trying to compress my foot by forcing me to point my toes. As he did this he turned his head to inspect the bottom of that foot. He did the same to the other foot and then both of them together. I had no idea, but it was quickly leaving the realm of a “normal” foot massage!

As I read on I felt an index finger rake up the bottom of one of my feet. I shrieked and jerked that foot away from his lap. I gave him a playful look to let him know it was okay that he tickled me and said, “I’m sorry sir, you see my feet are really ticklish. Normally I don’t even let anyone touch them.” That’s when the truth was learned.

“Well that’s a shame nobody gets to touch your feet because you have such incredibly beautiful feet.” You could tell that is was the cum in him making him say that and once he did that he kind of wished he hadn’t.

“You have a thing for feet don’t you Professor James?” I made sure to hang my head a little and gently bite on my lower lip to flirt a little. There was silence in the room, as you knew he was thinking of his next move. He wanted to have me, but didn’t know if I would tell on him or not. Of course he didn’t want to be fired from such an easy job that gave him access to the pretty young feet he so craved.

I broke the quiet by saying, “Well I am looking to earn some extra credit. Who is to say that I can’t study your foot fetish and analyze you?” With that being stated I playful brought a foot to his mouth and touched my big toe to his lips. “Did you think I never saw you stare at my feet in class? Did you think I gave you all those little shows for nothing? Show me what you were always thinking about when you watched my feet in class!”

Without a word being spoken both of my feet were raised to his lips and he planted long, wet kisses up and down the bottoms of my feet. I really enjoyed watching the intense look of concentration on Professor James’s face while he worshiped my feet! I giggled softly when I felt a warm tongue tickle the bottom of my heel. I let out a little squeal, as the same tongue was now being drug from my heel, up along my arch to the tips of my toes.

Professor James then kissed the tip of each one of my ten toes before sucking gently on each one. After each toe was damp from his saliva, he crammed as many toes into his mouth as he could fit!! I leaned back against the armrest as my legs were elevated to his face again. This time he gently started to make small bites with his teeth all over my soles. I felt the sheer black stockings I had on being clenched between his teeth and pulled away from my virgin soles. His nose nuzzled under my toes as he took a deep breath and commented on how he loved the way my feet smelled.

His erection was painfully obvious now and it looked as if it might rip right out of his pants! My left foot was still at his face as both of his strong hands encircled my narrow ankle and held my foot tight. My right foot was now free to explore! I had been rubbing the sole of my right foot on his chest as he licked and smelled the left one. That right foot now slowly traced its way down his chest to his crotch. I lifted my right foot up and placed it squarely on his erection. When I had it firmly planted, his eyes closed and his back arched a little as his hips thrust forward. His assault on my left foot was intensified. I pressed down with my right foot and began to push my foot back and forth over his erection as he soaked my other foot with saliva.

“Looks like someone could use some air.” I whispered looking at his pants. His face was flushed red from all the stimulation. My left leg was placed on the back of the sofa as both hands now went to work on his pants. I watched with wide eyes as he reached into his pants and withdrew the hardest cock I had ever seen. It was long and thick. The head was severely swollen and looked like it was ready to explode!! Before I could comment, he grabbed my feet and twisted them so that my knees turned out.

My feet were guided to his massive erection before them and he slowly placed my feet around it. My feet were turned in so I grasp his cock with toes as sandwiched it between the balls of my feet. I pulled the skin up and down and began to masturbate my professor’s cock with my stocking feet. He watched and helped to guide my feet with his hands as he spoke. “So I assume your boyfriend has a foot fetish too?” I assumed he said that because of my expert foot job!

Laughing I said, “No sir, he doesn’t. When I figured out that you were staring at my feet I went on line and educated myself on foot fetishes.” He looked up at me, smiling, and spoke,

“Well you definitely get an ‘A’ for effort Natalie! However I think with my instruction you could be a real pro.”

The strain on his face was an obvious sign that he was fighting back an orgasm. I didn’t understand why he didn’t just let go and shower my feet with ropes of hot, sticky cum. He slowed down the pace of jerking himself off with my feet and spoke. “I’d really love to cum all over your pretty little feet now Natalie, but there is something I want to try first.” He removed my feet from around himself and put that monster back in his pants. He began to let me what he had in mind as he once again massaged my feet.

“I couldn’t help but notice that your feet seemed extremely ticklish. With your permission I would like to involve you in an experiment I have been working on. The experiment involves sensory deprivation and outside stimulus. I have a theory I have been developing about how the sense become more pronounced when your sense of sight is taken away.” I was interested, however clueless as what was to happen to me.

“Natalie, I need to tie you up for this experiment. Is that alright with you?” My initial reaction was one of surprise and then extreme interest. Ever since I was young I had fantasies of being the “damsel in distress”. I had always secretly longed to be tied up and couldn’t wait to see what it was really like!

Professor James got up from the sofa with erection pushing hard against his slacks. He retrieved a black leather duffel bag from his closet and brought it over. Also from the closet he produced a tripod, which a video camera was set up on. He told me that the experiment needed to be documented. As he adjusted the camera he told me that he needed me to come lay face down on the large Oriental carpet in front of the sofa.

Reaching into the bag he got a black scarf and placed it over my eyes. The knot was tied securely behind my head. I shook my head when asked if I could see. I felt him go back to my feet and began to wrap what felt like rope around my ankles. The rope was slowly and tightly wrapped my ankles. Around and around he went. Finally the rope was wrapped between my feet and calves perpendicular to the ropes encircling my ankles. My hands were brought behind me to the small of my back and secured in the exact same way. He reached down and bent my heels back towards my butt. A third rope was joined from my ankles to my wrists and pulled TIGHT! So tight in fact that my back was forced to arch. “Okay Natalie I want you to try and break free with all of your might.” I tried to wiggle my hands free and twisted my feet from side to side in an effort of get free. I heard him laugh as he watched me struggle. “I can’t get, you’ve got me tied too tight.” I whimpered.

I had to admit that being tied up was a big turn on. I loved the feeling of being helpless. Here I was completely tied up by a virtual stranger. Who knew what he was going to do? The feeling of not knowing NOR being able to do anything about it was terribly erotic.

Professor James informed me that the experiment would now began. I felt him kneel at my feet and his fingernails jabbed into my soles and he started wiggling them all over my soles. Of course I screamed and began thrashing all over the place. I begged him to stop as I was choking from laughing so hard! He quickly stopped and came over to my head.

“We can’t have you screaming and drawing attention Miss Temple.” As I opened my mouth to tell him I wouldn’t scream if he didn’t TICKLE me, I felt some sort of rubber ball being shoved into my mouth. It sat behind my teeth and I bit down on it. Professor James somewhat roughly secured the straps to this cruel device behind my head. My mouth started to fill with saliva as I tired to talk and protest this thing being in my mouth. The ball was really big and it hardly fit!!

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