Naughty Girls Need a Strong Daddy

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You have been an extremely naughty girl. Disrespecting your elders and being very selfish. You are an adult now but you are not too old to be punished. I should have done this before you left for college. It’s time to teach you to respect and serve. When I tell you to do something, I expect it done with zero talkback. Loosing track of time in your room texting your friends, watching videos and playing games is no excuse. You are wasting your summer break.

Baby, get over here. I have no idea who taught you to be so selfish but I’m going to help you unlearn that right now!! Stop looking at me like that. Do you think I want to have to teach you how to respect your elders? Don’t you realize how frustrating this is. I thought you were listening when I spoke and watching me as I showed you the right way to be. Have you ever seen me disrespect my patents or anyone from their generation? Of course you haven’t, because I’m not selfish. I serve my elders because they have done so much for me.

Now take off your shorts. Don’t you start crying now. I’ll give you something to cry about in a minute. You are being selfish again. This is going to hurt me a lot more than it’s going to hurt you. The pain of failed parenting is nothing compared to a spanking. You are not even going to feel this tomorrow, but the sting of your selfishness is going to live on in me for a very very very long time.

Baby, your shorts. NOW!! Stop stalling. That’s it. Oh my!!! Where are your panties? Good girls wear panties, right? Forget it, I’m not talking about this anymore. Get over here. Lay down across my lap. I really thought we wouldn’t have to do this again. But you have left me no choice.

Obviously, 10 wasn’t enough for you to learn anything about respect. Today, we are going to do 15. And you are going to count them. If I cannot hear you counting and saying clearly, “sir, I have been selfish, and I promise to change” then it doesn’t count.

Baby, this really hurts me. Your bum feels really soft. I don’t want to have to turn it red, but you are just not listening.

When am I going to start? What, do you think you are in charge here? I’ll start when I feel like it!! I’m going to keep rubbing this pretty bum of yours as long as I please. Right now, you need to stop asking me questions and start thinking about why you are over my knee. I’m really worried you are not learning your lesson. I don’t want to have to teach you this again. We both know I take no pleasure in this. We both know how much this hurts me. As I rub my hand over your bum do you know what I’m thinking about. I’m thinking about what I could have done differently so that you wouldn’t have turned out to be so selfish.


Don’t start crying now. What are you doing? Quit squirming so much. You are rubbing my shorts when you do that. Well, there you go not listening. I told you very clearly what you have to do. This is exactly why I don’t think you listen, and I don’t think you learn. Did you count? Did you remember what you are to say? Obviously not!! Baby, you know I love you, but this is really disappointing. Let’s try this again.


That’s better. That’s right, one and it’s nice to hear that you know you have been selfish, and you promise to change. But promises are just empty words. You need to start showing me you respect me and are ready to serve me and my generation with respect. Baby, you really need to stop squirming. Your making this very uncomfortable for daddy.

You know I don’t like this. Look at how red your bum already got. I really wish I could go back to watching my game, but you have left me no other choice. Baby, why are you so tense? Your bum feels rock hard. It’s only going to hurt more. Stop making me hurt you. Relax already. Your legs shouldn’t be squeezed together like that. If you were worried about me seeing your private parts why didn’t you wear panties? You knew what would happen when you acted selfish like that. You knew you earned this spanking. Stop making this so hard for me.

I’m your daddy. Do you really think I want to hurt you? Do you think I would rub your bum like this to make you feel better if I didn’t care? Baby, relax. And stop squirming already. Baby I really hope this is the last time I need you naked over my knee. I hope you are finally ready to behave like a lady. You keep promising to behave, be a good girl and respect my elders. But your actions speak so loudly that I cannot hear your words.

I don’t care what you want. Do you know how many times you have told me that you’re ready to change? Do you know how much it hurts daddy when you tell him you’re ready to change and then you don’t? Do you think I’m enjoying this? I’ve told you 1000 times; this hurts me much more than it hurts you. I should be the one that’s crying. I should be the one that’s begging us to stop. But I’m not. And I’m not because I am doing this for you. I am trying to make you a better person. Now knock that crying off.


That’s right. Two. You are so lucky that I am willing to rub your bum so that it doesn’t have to hurt as much.

If you don’t keçiören escort stop squirming, you are going to make this whole situation very embarrassing for me.


Good girl. Baby just relax and think about why you are forcing me to miss my game.

CHRIST!! What the hell happened? Before I needed to teach you a lesson about being selfish, we were winning. I take my eye off the game and suddenly the team turned to crap. You have made me so angry. Just lie there. I am not going to spank you while I am. I’m just going to rub your bum so that it feels better. I just need a second to calm down. Now stop crying so I can watch the game.

Baby I know you think it is the rubbing that makes your bum feel better, but it feels better because you’re finally starting to relax. Stop flexing your legs so tight. Now, where were we?


Say it louder. Good girl.


You know I hate doing this.


I hope you never make me do this again.


There you go. You’re finally relaxed. Daddy’s going to slow down and rub your bum for you.


Good girl.


Baby, I really feel like you’re starting to learn your lesson. Oh baby, you know I want to be able to stop, don’t you? But, did it work last time? 10 is clearly not enough for you to fully learn your lesson.

Now get off of my lap and sit down on your knees right here in front of me.

My hand is getting sore and I need to take a break.

Do you really think I want to have to spank you five more times when my hand is already sore? Your selfishness causes me so much pain.

Baby, we need to talk. I saw something on your phone that really upset me.

Last week, after I had to spank you, you texted your best friend. Why are you looking at me like that? This is my house. I paid for that phone. I pay the bill. I’ll look at your phone whenever I feel like it.

Baby don’t make this any harder than it needs to be. Now be honest, what did you say to your friend?

Why did you tell her you sort of liked it? You seemed very interested in knowing if she ever liked things that hurt. That’s why I don’t believe you when you tell me to stop. I don’t believe you because you told her you liked it. And you tell me it hurts, and you want me to stop. You’re not only selfish and disrespectful but you are also a liar. Do you know how much that hurts me?

Baby, I have worked too hard at raising you right to give up now. I need to finish what I’ve started. I need to raise you to be selfless, thoughtful and honest.

Do you know what bothered me the most about your texts? I’m horrified that you told her that you thought I liked spanking you. I’ve told you every single time you make me do this that I hate it. I don’t know what you think you felt last week but all of your squirming is just uncomfortable and that’s all. You might think you feel something different, but you don’t. The fact that you told her you would stop wearing underwear to find out if you could feel even more is so disappointing. I am so kind to you. I even stop to rub your bum because I know you like it and it feels good. You obviously like being spanked because you told her you did but don’t think for one second you feel anything in my shorts and don’t think I like this. I’m your father and I’m just doing my job.

Now let’s finish this so I can get back to concentrating on my game. Go get daddy a beer and come right back here with your phone. You are not texting her tonight or sending her a picture of how red you are.

Baby, you are very fast. I like when you listen, but I just need one second to adjust my shorts and get comfortable. Put your phone and the beer on the table. I’m not going to start it until we are done. Okay, my shorts are comfortable again. Climb up here and let’s get this over with.

I’m not going to rush. I’ll still rub because you asked me too. I’d rather get this over with fast but Baby you know I love you and care.

Yes, that’s right Baby, you are very lucky. Your daddy really does love you. Now relax and let’s get this done. You know I hate it.


Baby, you squirmed so much you forgot to count. I’m going to forgive you that time, but you really need to pay attention. This is a serious lesson. We are not here to find out if you like it or for you to test your crazy theory about my shorts.

Pay attention. Stop crying. Start thinking about how you will change.


Baby, don’t cry. I’ll keep rubbing. I was so surprised you told your friend you liked being spanked. You know that’s why you are getting 15 instead of 10. You are not supposed to like this. You know that right.

There you go. Just relax. Does the rubbing help? You know you are squirming right? Are you testing me?

Baby, daddy’s shorts are a little uncomfortable. Be a good girl and get up on all fours for a second. I just need to reach in and adjust something. It must be all your squirming. There, that’s better. Now lay back down. I’ll rub your bum because you asked so nicely. You know I hate doing kızılay escort this, but I cannot let you grow up selfish.


Of course it hurts baby. It hurts so that you learn your lesson. I noticed you watching me fix my shorts. Did I see you smile? I’m really worried this lesson isn’t working and we are going to find ourselves right back here tomorrow. Baby, are you finally ready to show some respect and stop being so selfish?

No, we are not stopping before 15 and if you try and run the show again, I’ll stop rubbing your bum like you asked start using a wooden spoon. My mother used a wooden spoon on me and obviously I turned out a lot more respectful of my elders than you. Maybe I’m too kind to you. Maybe it’s time I stop being so tender. Do you want me to stop caring how you feel? Do you want me to send you to the kitchen for a wooden spoon? I really feel like all you care about is you. Have you even once thought about how painful, uncomfortable and maybe even embarrassing this is for me? Imagine, at your age, me having to take time away from watching my game because my daughter hasn’t learned her lesson yet. If the neighbor comes over for the game like he said he might don’t you think he would blame me for being a terrible dad? Don’t you think he would be so disappointed to see this? You still selfish and disrespectful and me still being so worried about how you feel that I stop to rub your bum between spankings. He would likely be so appalled by my lack of firmness that he would show me how to do it right. Baby, you are so lucky I’m your daddy and that I love you so much.


Good girl. Yes, 13. I can feel you submitting finally. You have finally stopped fighting me. Baby, good girls wear underwear so that their daddies don’t have to look at all of their girly parts when they spank them. Especially now that you have stopped squeezing your bum and legs so tight. No, I’m not distracted just because you are making me stare at you naked. I’m 100% focus on teaching you a lesson in respect. You know I hate doing this. You know this hurts me more than it hurts you. No, I take no pleasure in having to ignore my game and focus on being your daddy. Why are you still squirming?


Baby, you have so much of your mother in you. Your bum is so red. I’ll rub that for a minute before we finish. I sure hope this is the last time you make me spank you. I hope your empty promises turn into real changes. I hope you wake up tomorrow a respectful little woman who honors and serves her elders. Do you think you are ready to grow up or am I going to be forced to start using a wooden spoon on you tomorrow?


Baby, thank you for apologizing. I’m glad you are starting to realize how hard this is on me. How frustrating it is not to be like other dads who can just watch their game and drink a beer. Yes, please pass me my beer. Of course, I’ll rub your bum a little longer. In fact, how about I roll this cold can over it for a second.

I know it’s been hard since mom passed. Cancer sucks but that’s no excuse for being selfish and it certainly doesn’t give me an excuse for not raising you right.

What did I mean by you have a lot of your mother in you? Well, besides being feisty and strong willed there is other stuff. Are you sure you want me to tell you? Okay. Your bum reminds me of hers. And, when you told your friend you thought you actually liked being spanked, I knew right away where that comes from. Your mother use to ask me to do it to her, for fun, in the bedroom I mean. For whatever reason it really got her excited. What do I mean by excited? Well, she would ask me to spank her and then rub her bum just like we are doing now. Then, she would relax her legs and ask me to rub her just a little lower. When girls get excited, they get really wet between their legs and she would ask me check even though she knew. Baby don’t be embarrassed. It’s totally natural. You didn’t pee. It’s just what happens to woman who are excited. Just relax, I’ll show you.

Baby, relax. No, really relax. Stop squirming, relax your legs, really feel my hand. Your bum is so red. I’ll rub that for you because I’m so kind. Baby I know what you need. Your daddy has always known what you need. Nobody knows you like your daddy Baby. Do you want your daddy to know you even better? You do, that’s good. I’ll show you what your mother liked after her spankings. Do you like it when I touch you there? Oh my!! You are so wet. Just relax. Don’t be embarrassed. Just relax and let me show you. Today you were such a selfish and disrespectful girl. Tonight, show me you are ready to respect your elders, trust your daddy and do what you are told. You keep saying you have learned your lessons. Have you?

Oh baby, spanking really does excite you. Have you let other boys touch you here? You haven’t, that’s good. Have you touched yourself? It’s okay baby. Everyone does it. It’s really natural. Daddy knows how to touch you best. I’m going to put a finger in you now. Wow, you are so tight. Yes, Baby, it does feel amazing. Yes, you really can get even wetter. Yes, Baby sincan escort move your hips. It’s okay to squirm now. Keep squirming and take my finger deeper into you. Oh Baby, you are so wet. Baby, you are so lucky your daddy loves you. You are so lucky I’m willing to do this for you after you were so terrible, and I missed most of my game having to spank you.

Baby look at me. No, look me right in the eyes. Do you see how wet my fingers are? That’s your wetness Baby. My little girl is a woman. Do you know what men like? Do you know what daddy likes? I like tasting what I’ve done. Keep looking at me. Do you like it when I suck on the finger that I touched you with? Are you getting even wetter? Do you want to try it? I’ll touch you again. Oh baby, you are even wetter and still so tight. Now, look me straight in the eyes and take that finger in your mouth. Have you ever tasted yourself before? Don’t lie to daddy anymore. You haven’t. Okay. Do you like it?

Baby give me my hand back. I’m glad you like tasting yourself. I want to show you something. You are really lucky your daddy loves you and is willing to do this. My finger needs to be really wet. I’ll touch you for a minute. Did you know baby that lots of girls like it when boys touch their ass? I’m not going to put my finger in tonight but if you are a very good girl, I’ll do that for you soon. Tonight, I want to show you something else. If I go further around does that feel good? That’s your clit baby. Yes, it really should feel that good. Yes baby, you can get even wetter. Yes Baby, it’s normal if your whole body starts to tingle. Yes baby, you are going to squirm and that’s okay. Baby, you are so lucky daddy loves you. Baby just let me show you. I just need to keep touching it. I can press and circle and pinch and if you are a very very good girl one day, I can do all of that with my tongue. Yes Baby, daddy would use his tongue for you because I love you. Baby, you are so lucky. Even though you have been selfish and disrespectful I’m willing to be patient and believe you when you promise me you will change.

Now baby tell me what feels the best on your clit. Just like that? Good girl. You tell your daddy how it feels. Yes Baby, you really are lucky. Your daddy really is thoughtful. Yes Baby, you should feel your whole body tingling. It’s normal if your eyes feel weird. It might be hard to see and hear. Yes Baby, it’s supposed to feel like you are going to explode. Let me show you, don’t fight it. Oh Baby, you gushed. Yes, baby that’s good. That’s an orgasm Baby. Try and catch your breath. Just relax. It’s all normal. It really should feel that good. Your welcome Baby. Thank you for appreciating how kind I am to you.

Baby, daddy needs another beer. I know your legs feel weak, but I did all the hard work. Be a good girl, respect and serve your elders, and get me that beer. Good girl. Now, do you see what you did to my shorts? They are very wet from you aren’t they. You should take them off and wash them tomorrow. You said you are ready to respect and serve, prove it. Good girl. Now come back here and put your head in my lap and I’ll rub your bum to make it feel better.

It is still so red. Does that feel better? Good. Baby, you are finally relaxing. Oh baby, I can feel your breath on my underwear. Are you trying to embarrass me? Are you curious about what might happen? Oh baby, look what you are doing. You know I just want to watch my game, have a beer and go to bed but you are so naughty. I thought you had learned your lesson. Now, you are forcing me to get embarrassed. This is your fault. I was only rubbing your bum to be kind and now look at how hard you have made me. You did this on purpose didn’t you. Well, it’s your fault and you need to fix it.

Don’t pretend you don’t know what daddy likes. I saw your texts to your friend. She told you about how to use your mouth. Baby get on your knees right here in front of me and take off my underwear.

Yes Baby, you did that. I was just being kind and you made this weird. Now, touch it. Yes Baby, it will twitch by itself when you touch it. Now feel it. Don’t just grab it, stroke it from the top all the way to the bottom. Take your other hand and feel my balls. They are so full and ready. You did this and you need to be ready to serve daddy. I wanted to be asleep already but look at what you started. You are a very lucky girl that I’m giving you chance to prove you have learned your lesson about serving and respecting. Now, as you stroke it do you see what is happening. I’m getting wet the way a man does. That drop on the very top is from your touching. Lick it off. Good girl. Oh, you like it. That’s good. Because I like it when you listen and respect me. Now, lean back down and see how much you can put in your mouth. Good girl. I know that might feel like a lot, but you can do so much more. Let me help you. Daddy shouldn’t have to help but you are lucky that I’m willing to. I just need to grab a little bit of your hair in each hand. Yes Baby, I know I’m pulling your hair. You are really lucky I’m so generous. Let me help you get more in your mouth. Don’t fight me, you aren’t going to choke. Relax. Stop fighting me. You are making me pull really hard because you are being selfish. You know daddy loves you and isn’t going to hurt you. Just relax and let daddy’s hard cock slide into your mouth. You are so lucky daddy is so patient.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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