Naughty Neighbor Naina Pt. 02

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Sudha had come an hour earlier for work that day. But she didn’t go to Anita’s house, instead met Naina outside, as pre-decided. Both of them went inside the garage of Mr Sharma, their secret meeting place. Sudha asked, “So your plan worked? Finally you had Anita Biwiji between your legs.”

Naina with a smile replied, “My plan always works baby. I knew how to make her fall for me. She was so jealous when she saw me with you.”

Sudha’s face grew a bit pale as she said, “That means you longer need me, isn’t it?”

Naina smiled again and took Sudha’s hand in her own, and kissed it. She then placed her palms on both cheeks of the dark maid and looking into her eyes she said, “Do you really think that I am going to leave you? That I have made love to you only to get close to Anita aunty?”

Sudha looked into the deep eyes of the young girl. She remembered how she was seduced for the first time by Naina. It was a hot and humid day, and Sudha was hanging the washed clothes on the terrace. The heat was showing its toll on the maid and her body was all sweaty. Suddenly Naina came up on the terrace and without saying any word held Sudha by the hand and took her to the attic. As soon as they reached there Naina pinned Sudha to the wall. Before the maid could respond Naina had one of her arms raised, and she sniffed the sweaty armpits!

Sudha gasped in shock and pushed back Naina. She asked in disbelief, “What are you doing?”

Naina looked at her with a smile and said, “Just getting the best reward I can get, by making love to you.’

Saying so, Naina plunged into the maid’s armpits again, and it became too much for Sudha to resist. She took some deep breaths as the young girl sniffed her armpits. Naina exchanged her nose on both the armpits in regular intervals and Sudha was really amazed to see how desperate the girl was to sniff her sweat. For a long time Naina had feasted upon the salty, sweaty armpits and quenched her fetish. Thus began the journey of them together, they made love whenever they got the chance, and as Naina was a frequent visitor escort fındıkzade to Mr Sharma’s house, the chances came upon plenty. They licked every inch of each other’s bodies whenever possible.

In the present, seeing Sudha absorbed in her thoughts, Naina said, “Hello! What are you thinking?”

Sudha looked into her eyes as well and said, “Can you prove to me that I have no fear to lose you?”

There was silence for sometime. Just stares and hot breaths. Then it happened. Naina placed her lips on Sudha’s and they kissed. Sudha placed her hands on Naina’s back in a tight hug and they kissed each other passionately. After some saliva-mixed, intense french kissing Sudha bent herself from the stomach on the bonnet of the car, and Naina knelt behind her. She put her head inside the maid’s petticoat and started to plant soft kisses on the dark ass.

The cold touch of the bonnet on the face, as well as Naina’s lips moving on the asscheeks made Sudha crazy. She was moaning softly while Naina kissed her entire ass. Naina really loved kissing Sudha’s asscheeks, she always made sure she had kissed the maid’s ass everytime they had a session. She occasionally bit on the asscheeks, leaving her teethmarks on the spots, and Sudha moaned more in pleasure.

As Naina’s lips moved at the centre of the ass Sudha knew that the next step was happening. She bent herself more to spread her asscheeks and Naina could see her prize waiting, the puckered hole of the maid. Naina’s always eager tongue came out and touched on the maid’s asshole. She licked the asshole, traces of her tongue causing Sudha to moan. She slid in her nose and sniffed the aroma. She really loved sniffing and licking ass, it was her fetish. Even with Kamla she used to spend hours kissing and licking her asshole. She had even smeared Kamla’s ass with chocolates, pastries or icecream and licked them from the ass.

So Naina kept licking the asshole and Sudha’s pussy started to drip heavily. Naina was very good at teasing Sudha sexually, she would just lick the asshole for sometime and escort topkapı then suddenly withdrew the tongue and sniffed instead. Sudha’s pussy was on fire and she really wanted to cum badly. Besides she also needed to attend her duties after some time. So she decided to take a step.

She pushed back Naina with her ass and made her lie down on the garage floor. And in another swift movement Sudha sat down, placing her dark ass on Naina’s face. She shifted her weight towards the back, thus applying full pressure of her asscheeks on Naina’s face.

Naina actually loved this, she loved licking the bodies of mature women. And whenever someone sat on her face, she turned crazier. So she started to lick madly on the ass of Sudha, wherever she could as her nose got buried in the maid’s ass. She wasn’t getting any breathing space, and she didn’t care. She just licked as Sudha started to thump her ass on her pretty face. Sudha then went back and forth, rubbing her hairy pussy on Naina’s face and moaning in ecstasy. Naina’s tongue hadn’t stopped even for a bit as she tried to lick wherever she could.

Sudha then got up from Naina’s face and sat on the rear of the car, Naina kneeling near her and licking her pussy. Sudha held Naina’s head with both hands and with closed eyes moaned as she felt Naina’s tongue flickering her pussy. Her juices were flowing and were getting absorbed by Naina’s tongue who was loving every bit of it.

Sudha decided to change position again and she pushed Naina to the ground. Just like before Sudha sat on her face again, the only difference this time being Sudha put her cunt on Naina’s mouth. Naina most obediently licked her pussy,her tongue hadn’t rested since the time it started licking. Sudha was getting all kinds of pleasure, and she wanted even more. She got up again and this time sat on the floor, she held Naina’s head and placed it between her thighs. As Naina started to lick the hairy cunt of the maid again, Sudha pressed both her thighs on Naina’s cheeks, pinning her right there. Naina was only able to move her escort mecidiyeköy tongue, which moved rapidly on the dripping pussy.

Soon Naina was sucking at Sudha’s clit and Sudha was in seventh heaven as she neared her climax, the garage was full of hot breaths and moans. Sudha placed her hand on her own mouth to muffle her cries as she came, letting out a huge amount of pussy juice on Naina’s mouth. “Oh I loved it baby!” Sudha moaned after it was over and she finally got up from Naina’s face.

Naina’s face was reddened and she was panting heavily, but she still managed a smile at Sudha, a smile that made Sudha’s heart melt. She helped the young girl get up from the floor and also removed dust from her clothes. Naina looked at her and said, “What do you think now?”

Sudha winked at her and said, “If this is the proof then I think I am going to wish for more proofs.”

Naina broke into a laugh and said, “Ok now you better go and attend your duties.”

Sudha said, “Yes of course, but what are your plans?”

Naina with a grin on her face said, “I shall pay a visit as usual, but the visit will be special, as far as Anita aunty is concerned.”

It was almost noon and Anita was desperate for Naina to arrive, she was strolling impatiently. Where was the girl? She needed her. She once thought of asking Sudha, but decided against it. She felt a grudge against Sudha since she saw her with Naina, a feeling of jealousy made her angry towards her maid. Anita started to realise that her inner demons were released due to the sexual encounter with Naina. She had now started to feel her own needs, that she too needed bodily pleasures. And she needed to be satisfied.

So as she saw Naina enter her room finally, she went straight ahead to the young girl and kissed her lips. Naina wasn’t expecting such a move from the always shy and timid Anita, but she was happy at the same time that she had seduced the mature woman fully. So as Anita’s full lips met her, she kissed back and both of them embraced into a deep hug. After a few moments of heated kissing Anita laid Naina on her bed, and started to take off her clothes. One by one the saree, blouse, brasieure, petticoat and panty fell off her body before Naina’s hungry eyes, and as the final layer of clothing was removed, Anita jumped on Naina on the bed. (To be continued).

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