Naughty Neighbour Ch. 02

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This is a true story, continuing on from my previous story of my neighbour Jean and me.

If you have read my first story, then you will know my name is Bob, I am in my early fifties, I had sex with my neighbour Jean who is sixty three. Jean is very petite, she is no taller than 4 foot 8 inches. She has shoulder length blond hair. Jean is married to Ron, who is sixty two, a very large man, but is in poor health.

As I said, continuing on from where I left off. Ron was in hospital. Two days after Jean and I had fucked each other. Jean came round, rang the bell, to which I went to answer. I opened the door, and there stood Jean, we both almost could not look at each other.

She said, “hi, Bob… their letting Ron out of hospital today. And I was wondering… if you could help to bring him back in your car? He may find it difficult on the bus.”

“Sure Jean, I don’t mind at all. What time do you want to go?” I answer.

“I need to get a couple of things from the shops, so in half an hour or so.”

I said, “Okay, just give me a call when you’re back.”

Jean came round about 40 minutes later. We went to the hospital to collect Ron. It was a fairly quite trip between us going up to the hospital; both Jean and I were a bit sheepish, only just managing to glance at each other now and then, and smiling awkwardly.

The journey home, was even more awkward, with Ron in the car. Ron sat in the back, Jean in the front. As we all talked, mainly about Ron and his health, and how he was going to get on. Sometimes Ron would change the conversation to ask what I had been up to! Both, Jean and I would look at each other in embarrassment.

The car journey was about twenty minutes from the hospital to home. I helped Ron out of the car and in to the house. I asked Ron if he needed any further help, to which he replied, “No… thanks Bob… but come round later for a drink and a chat, we can catch up on things?”

I asked, just to be sure that it was okay, “Only if you’re sure Ron, you may be tired and need to rest?”

To which Ron replied, “No… you come round… if I fall asleep, then I’m sure, Jean, can keep you amused.”

Jean and I looked at each other, with a slight smile and almost blushing.

I did go round that night, Ron, did not fall asleep, but, Jean and I manage to sneak a couple of intimate kisses and groaps, when Ron would visit the toilet.

A few weeks passed, it was very difficult to meet up with Jean.

I did go round, mainly to check on Ron, usually just for half an hour or so each time.

Then one weekend, when I popped round, rang the doorbell, Jean, came to answer, as usual I gave her a peck on the lips and she invited me in, in a low whisper, she said to me, “I’ve talked to him.”

I looked at her quizzically, and mouthing, “What?”

I went in, and Ron, was sitting in his usual chair, looking a bit quieter than usual. “Hi, Ron, you okay? Anything I can do for you?” I asked.

Ron, answered, “Oh, hi Bob, no, I’m feeling a bit down and drained, all these medicines I’m taking seem to take their toll.”

He offered me a drink, I said that I’ll just have a coffee thanks. Jean made me a coffee, and then seemed to disappear upstairs.

Ron and I chatted for a while, he didn’t seem himself, he was much quieter, and did not keep eye contact for long, I was not sure what to think of it, I thought it just may be the medication he was on.

It was now about 9.30pm, when I said to Ron, “I’ll make a move now… I’ll come and see you later in the week.”

What Ron said to me next, was a total gob smacker, we usually shake hands, but this time Ron seemed to just hold my hand softly, and said, “Bob, Jean wants to talk to you, go and see her.”

I did not know what he was saying; “Sorry… Ron, what was that, what do you mean?” I asked, with a slight croaky embarrassing voice.

“It’s okay, Bob, Jean told me all about you, and her, not all the details… but enough.”

I could only apologise, as I said, “I’m so sorry… Ron… I don’t know what to say to you.”

His reply was a shock to me. He said, “it’s not the first time Jean’s been unfaithful. Don’t get me wrong, she, has let one other man… well you know, but just one other, it was about two years ago. I’m sure she’ll tell you, if you want to know, then ask her?”

I was in shock, frozen to the spot, not knowing what to, say, do, think. Jean never mentioned any other man, but, then I suppose, why would she.

I looked to the floor, when, Ron said, “she’s probably told you that I cannot… well… you know, satisfy her… I’m just not able in any way to help her in the state my health has been for the past five years or so.”

All I said was, “I’m sorry Ron I shouldn’t have… I’ll just go.”

“Bob, I’ll be frank and open, I’m not angry with either of you, I am upset, mainly at myself. Jean, has so much sexual energy, I just can’t keep up.”

I was still looking to the ground. Ron said, “go up and spend some time with her… talk bayan escort to her… go… go on.” He put a hand on my shoulder and pushed me lightly towards the stairs.

My head felt so heavy, I could not raise it to look at him. I turned round and walked to the stairs, and went up in a slow embarrassed way.

I reached the top of the stairs, Jean’s bedroom door was just slightly open, I approached it, knocked, and then opened it slowly. Jean was sitting on the edge of the bed. She looked up at me with a sorry look upon her face, sort of just staring at me standing in the doorway. I lifted my head and looked at her and said, in almost a whisper, “you told him?”

“Yes.” She said, in a soft tone, as she nodded slightly, closing her eyes.

Then she tapped the bed, motioning me to sit there. I slowly went in, closed the door, but not shut.

She said, as I sat down, “we had quite a chat a couple of nights ago. He caught me with the vibrator, which did not surprise him, he’s seen me with it before, but with my eyes closed, I did not see him come into the room. I was so far gone and into an orgasm, that I was calling your name, over and over again. Ron dropped the bottle of pills he had in his hands, which made me open my eyes. He just started at me, did not say a word. Just turned round, and walked out. I quickly threw my gown on and ran after him. I won’t go through everything, but we chatted. He was beating himself up, about not being the man he used to be, not being able to…. Well you know? He also said, things about you, like betraying him, being a lousy friend and taking advantage. But, I told him that it was not your fault at all, it was me who started it, not you. I was the one who wanted it. We both had a bit of a cry together. I told him, that I’ll never leave him, but needed to be loved… sexually.”

I could not think of anything to say, and just looked at her.

Jean, went on to say, “It’s okay, I think it was a bit of a relief for him to know that it was you, and not some total stranger.”

We were both holding each other’s hands, hers on top slowly caressing the back of mine.

“What happens now?” I asked Jean.

She just replied, “I don’t know Bob, I just don’t know”.

We both looked up at each other, looking into each other’s eyes for what seemed like a life time.

Then, I asked, “you don’t think Ron will say anything to ****?” (my wife).

If you’ve read my previous story you’ll know that my wife does not mean that much to me, but still, I did not want her to find out.

“No, I’m sure, Ron, would not ever do that.” Said Jean.

I was about to get up to leave, but Jean held onto my hand, as if to say don’t go, I turned to her and we gazed into each other’s eyes. Jean came closer and closer till our lips met. We kissed tenderly for a minute or so, this then turned into a passionate kiss. My hands, each side of her face and hers were around me hugging me tighter and tighter. I pulled away, “Jean I don’t think we..”

She stopped me, putting a finger to my lips, saying, in a soft voice, “Its okay, I am sure he’s expecting something like this.”

Jean, then started kissing me again. As this went on, we somehow just lost it, and were unconsciously taking each other’s clothes off, in-between the kissing.

We were now totally naked, I had my hands on the sides of Jean’s shoulders, she had one hand on my thigh, and the other was stroking my cock. We broke the kiss, and Jean went down, dribbled some spit onto my cock and took the head into her mouth.

Again, from the previous story, you’ll remember, Jean, is a very petite woman, everything about her is so small and seem fragile, I say, “seem fragile”, but when this woman is in the throws of sex, she is insatiable.

Let me remind you of her body, as I said petite, very petite, blond, shoulder length hair, her skin is so smooth all over, for a woman of her age (sixty three), she has hardly any wrinkles, a glowing pink colour with freckles. She is very flexible, she can get her knees up to her head quite easily, when laying on her back. Her pussy is clean shaven, (she said this was for me). She has rosy pink almost red pussy lips, which hang down from her pussy, and they open up like flower petals, (it send’s shivers down my spine just writing this down). I just love this feature of hers (you can tell). Her tits are so sweet to look at, a nice hand full in size, she has quite large nipples, like tips of a little finger, amazingly stiff and hard, and the great thing about them, is that she loves them being sucked really hard, when I say “really hard,” I mean, “Really fuckin’ hard.” Also, Jean’s clit, it is fairly large, when the hood is pulled back it reveals a beautiful red bud.

Jean is in every way the opposite to my wife, who has lost all interest in sex, at her age of forty eight, I think she has an orgasm of sorts when she has a cup of tea and biscuits.

I digress. I am now, laying on my back, and Jean is giving me a blow job, escort bayan my eyes closed, thinking this is bliss, and thinking, there is only one place better than my cock being in Jean’s mouth, that is when my cock is in her sweet pussy.

Jean, was now wanking and sucking my cock hard. After five or six minutes, I placed my hands onto her head and pulled her off gently, she looked up at me as if to say, “no”, I winked at her, and said, “it’s my turn.” By this I meant for me to suck on her big clit.

We slowly swapped places, she laid on her back, I went between her legs. She knew exactly what I wanted. She spread her thighs wide, to the point that with her knees bent and flat, touching the bed, I told you she was flexible. I wet my tongue, and went straight for her pussy lips, licking each one and sucking on them. She has a pronounced large clit. I pushed the hood back with my fingers and flicked my tongue across her red bud. She knew I loved this, and I knew, she did too. My hands were now under each of her ass cheeks, licking and sucking on the juices she was producing, Jean’s soft moans slowly getting louder, “Bob… Fuck… Fuck… Fuck.”

Her hands had now moved away from my head, and were stretched out horizontally, clasping tight at the bed sheets.

Then, came out the sex raved Jean, I had come to know, “come on you bastard, harder,” she demanded, in a commanding tone of voice.

Bucking her hips hard into my face, the odd glimpses I made towards her, I saw her face was contorted, eyes shut tight.

Crying out loud, she said, “Come on Bob, suck my clit off!”

Then, with each of her upward thrusts, she’d shout, “harder… harder… harder.”

Then she stopped, on the upward thrust shouting, “H A R D E E E R R R R…. you absolute fuckin’ bastard.”

Her body stiffened, her hands clasped my head and pushed down, for about five seconds, then she lifted my head off, and started shaking, shouting, “you fucker, you fucker, you’re a fucker Bob.”

I slowly lowered her ass down onto the bed, and laid down beside her.

I put a hand on to her thigh, but she slapped it away, “shit Bob, don’t touch me, not yet.”

She was still shaking, her eyes were closed, and her face was just so amazing, it was like, well I can’t explain it, all I can say is a beautiful sort of orgasmic expression.

She calmed down after a while, as I laid next to her, her body gave off an incredible amount of heat, “you okay Jean?” I asked.

Silence, I did not dare to touch her, we just laid next to each other.

I felt her move, I turned my face towards her, we were both laying on our sides looking at each other, me on my left side, Jean on her right, there was just a few inches gap between us. Jean then placed her left hand on my hip, giving me a few light taps, and said, “you’re such a little bastard. You seem to know exactly what I need.”

I don’t know why, but Ron, just came into my head, and I asked Jean, “I hope Ron didn’t her you?”

Her reply was, “he knows why you came up here, he knows exactly what’s going on.”

She then slowly moved her hand from my hip to my cock, she stroked it extremely slowly with a light grip, when she got to the tip, she would let a finger run across the top and smear the precum, then moved back down and back up. She continued doing this while we were looking into each other’s eyes, and talking, she said, “You know today changes everything in our lives?”

“Yes, I suppose it does.” I replied.

Jean said, “Whenever you come round, Ron, will always be here.”

I said, “Yes, I think I realise that, I just don’t know how our (Ron and me) relationship will be from now on, how will I be able to look at him and just….. talk.”

“It’s probably going to be difficult at first, but let’s just see how it goes”, said Jean.

She was still stroking my cock, I had placed the palm of my right hand onto the side of her face. I asked Jean, “You okay with this?”

She grind and said, “No, I think you are going to struggle with the amount of times you’re going to have to fuck me!”

I smiled, and said, “You’re a dirty cow Jean.”

To which she squeezed my cock hard and said, “And don’t you forget it. Come on lets fuck.”

Jean got up, straddled me, lets her pussy lips just touch my cock head, then said, “My cunts hungry… have you got a cure for that?”

I looked at her, she said, “I know, you’ve got a cock that’s going to feed it some jizz, lots of jizz I hope? It’s very hungry.”

Her pussy was so wet, and with the amount of percum on my cock, she lowered herself slowly, “ahh, fuck,” she gasped.

As the head just enters, she withdraws then back down, but a bit further this time, then back up and down again a bit further, each time she came down, she would gasp, either, “fuck” or “shit” and a couple of time it was, “fucking shit,” after six or seven strokes, she was fully down, and stopped with my cock now fully in her. My cockhead was being pushed bayan escort gaziantep by her cervix.

I said, “You feel fucking great Jean.”

She replied, “You’re a big bastard, Bob.” As she contracts her cunt, squeezing my cock.

She starts to move up and down slowly, not letting the head pop out. As she was fucking me, I brought my knees up behind her, and started to meet her thrusts. There were no fast movements, just nice and slow, both our hands were clasped together in mid-air. We kept this up for around fifteen minutes, we were looking into each other’s eyes. But not with lust as before, just blissfully at ease with each other, our faces were not gritted or strained, but a content smile on our faces said everything we wanted to between us. The only sound to be heard was a squelching from our fucking.

Then out the corner of my eye, I caught a movement, I looked across, It was Ron, I froze “shit… shit… sorry… Ron, sorry, I….”, Ron, stopped me, “don’t mind me, I’m just getting a couple of things, then going for a shower. This is still my bedroom as well you know, okay, carry on.”

Jean, was the first to start fucking again, I looked up at her, as if to say “what are you doing,” but she just smiled at me, shrugged her shoulders and started fucking.

“Go on, Bob, carry on, see to her needs!” said Ron.

I start thrusting, with some hesitation, again as before just slow movements.

“Look at me, Bob, leave him be!” said Jean.

I look at Jean, and we sort of just carried on as if, Ron, was not there. But nevertheless, I could see Ron, he moved around to the end of the bed, standing with Jean’s back to him. I saw the top of his head go down behind Jean. He must have gone down to our coupling, I heard Ron, say, “nice cock Bob, you’re a lucky man.”

“Leave him alone Ron… is watching us getting your little prick up?” Said Jean.

Ron, then said, “Jean, baby, I think maybe you’re the lucky one?”

Ron, watched us for a few minutes, when Jean, said, “Ron, come round here.”

Ron, moves round to the side of us, “get your prick out babes?” Jean, told Ron.

Ron, removed his trousers and shorts, he was looking at me as he did this. I looked down at Ron’s cock, okay, I say cock, but Jean, was right, it was just a prick, his hairy balls hung lower than his prick. It was uncut, white as snow, and about as thick as my thumb. In fact my thumb was probably bigger. But, I suppose all the hair he had, just made it look smaller than it really was.

Jean, and I still had our hands clutched together, as she instructed Ron, “Okay babes, put it in my mouth?”

Ron, took hold of his prick and stretched it out, offering it to Jean. Jean opened her mouth and moved forward, taking Ron’s prick in to her mouth. She sucked on it, as we both were still fucking. Now our fucking squelching noise, was accompanied with Jean, sucking on Ron’s prick.

This continued for about four or five minutes, when Ron, grabbed Jean’s head, and grunted, “It’s cumming!” Jean swallowed, and Ron said, “Thanks babes, that was nice.”

He then turned his head to look at me and asked, “I’d like to watch for a bit, if that’s alright?”

Jean, leant forward to Ron’s prick and gave it a kiss, saying, “Its okay babes, I love you.”

Ron, was still looking at me, I just nodded, he then moved behind Jean, and ducked down.

Up to this point Jean hadn’t let my cock fully out, but now, knowing Ron, was back there she slowly raised further up and let my cockhead out, there was a “pop,” Jean, slightly turned her head to one side to look at Ron, “What do you think babes?” Asked Jean.

“As I said before, I think you’re one lucky woman,” said Ron.

Jean replies. “I think I’m one lucky fuckin’ woman,” she lowers herself back onto my cock.

“Put you hand on my stomach Ron,” Jean asked Ron.

I saw one of Ron’s hands come round and onto Jeans stomach, “a bit lower hun.” Said Jean.

To which Ron, moves his hand a couple of inches lower.

She then winked and said to me, “Pump it Bob,” she stops moving, and just lets me pump in and out of her, I slowly keep this up, “can you feel it babes? Can you feel that cock inside me?” Jean, asked Ron.

“Quite amazing for you I’m sure!” Ron, replied.

Then, Jean, starts moving, Ron, removed his hand, but still seemed to be watching. I herd Ron say “You two horny fuckers seem to be made for each other. I’m off for a shower.”

As before, Jean was absolutely ravishing, “oaky Bob, now let’s fuck… properly!”

Jean, seemed to slow down, I was a bit confused, but only for a second, because, as she slowly came down, my cock fully in, she ground her pussy on my groin in a circular motion, quite hard, it almost hurt, but a good sort of hurt. I was definitely not going to complain. Up, down, grind, up, down, grind, up, down, grind. “You oaky down there Bob?” Asked Jean.

“You really are a dirty little fucker Jean.” I replied.

She ground into me for several minutes. Up to this point we were both looking and smiling at each other, then, Jean’s eyes slowly started to close. Her movements were more deliberate, her grinding seemed harder and longer, she quickened the pace, no more grinding, just straight up and down, but in a frantic way, shouting, “fuck… fuck… fuck… ” every time she came down.

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