Neglected Niece pt 1

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Madison stared at the long row of suburban houses stretched in front of him on the street as he drove his truck past dozens of cars parked anywhere from right up to the curb all the way to practically the middle of the road. He was not fond of this aspect of suburban life. He preferred the big city and swore he would never settle down in a place like this.

He used to assume his older sister was the same but he was proven wrong about nine years ago when she married her current husband and moved in with him in his suburban home. Madison had been to visit his sister and her new family only a couple of times but now he was coming over to stay for nearly a month. The catch was that no one was going to be home but him. He was house-sitting while his sister and her family went on an extended vacation.

Madison thanked his luck that he was able to see the house numbers from the street as there was no other way he was going to be able to tell his sister’s house apart from the line of factory printed duplicates.

When he finally got to the address he lamented the sight of 2 vehicles blocking the double driveway, forcing him to have to park in the street like the heathens he had passed along the way.

He used his cell phone to let his sister know he had arrived before exiting the truck and trotting up to the door to ring the bell. “Who is it?” a young male voice responded through the speaker next to the door. There was a small screen with a young boy trying not to giggle.

“It’s your uncle Maddie,” he answered. “Go get Katrina.”

“Mom, some weirdo is here for you!” the boy ran off away from the camera. Madison was left starting at an empty living room couch for a long moment before he saw a teenaged girl sit down on the couch and put her feet up on the coffee table.

“Hey, can you get “Kat for me?” he asked through the intercom, startling her. She nearly dropped her cell phone she had been obsessing over.

“Miss Katrina?” she shouted at the kitchen before scurrying off, leaving Madison to watch and empty room again.

Finally the front door opened and his sister Katrina was there to greet him. She smiled when she saw him and opened her arms for a hug. He hugged her back. “You have some weird kids,” he joked.

“Which ones did you meet? They didn’t open the door did they? I’ve told them to be wary of strangers.”

“They just answered the com, and I’m not a stranger,” he grumbled.

“I’ve told them not to do that too. It stops me from being able to answer it in the kitchen. Which one was it?”

“Well…” Madison did not know how to tell her two sons apart. Stuart was the older one at 9 and his brother was 8. They both looked like little copies of Katrina with shiny blonde hair, if she had a bowl cut. “Who was that girl?” he tried to change the subject.

“Oh, was it Mindy who answered. I’ll have to kick her ass for that later. She’s always making my life miserable.”

“I know you were months along with Stuart when you and James tied the knot, but there is no way you have a teenaged daughter already.”

“Mindy is James’s daughter. She used to live with her mother until financial issues forced us to take her in. Honestly, I wish James would just pay her bitch of a mother enough to take the little tramp back.”

“I take it you don’t like her,” Madison chuckled.

“Would you like taking care of your spouse’s ex’s kids?”

“Was James married to her?”

“No, but an ex-girlfriend is still an ex.”

“And Mindy is a reminder of that?”

“And she’s a goddamn handful. She keeps asking me to drive her to school, or make lunch for her, or buy school supplies for her.”

“Don’t you do all that for Stuart and Andy?” Madison raised a confused eyebrow.

“Yes, but they are my kids. Why should I do any of those things for someone else’s kid?”

“Okay, what does James say when she asks for things?”

“He says ask Kat,” Katrina admitted.

“Have you told him you want him to handle his own daughter?”

“Well he makes all the money while I just stay at home with the kids. I would feel bad refusing his request.”

“So instead of getting upset at your husband for dumping the task of raising his daughter on you, instead you get mad at her for existing and needing things all ch*ldren need and you feel bad for turning down your husband but don’t feel bad refusing to do what he asks.”

“You don’t have to put it like that,” Katrina grumbled. “If you look at it objectively I may look like I’m being unfair but as family you should care more about me than her.”

Madison blinked at her, waiting for her to say she was joking. She just admitted she knew she was being unfair but did not care and expected him to side with her. It was true he had never met Mindy and siding with her would seem awkward but he also did not want to meet someone for the first time and introduce himself as the stranger there to back up his bitch sister in neglecting her.

“You look tired,” Katrina noticed her brother’s half closed eyes. He had been on the road for several hours. Being tired was an inevitability.

“A little,” he admitted. “Where will I be staying?”

“You can sleep in my and James’s bed while we’re gone. Unfortunately Mindy is occupying the guest room.”

“Wait, her father does not have a room for her here?” Madison was concerned.

“Maybe I wasn’t clear, her father does nothing for her but shirk her onto me,” Katrina explained. “Giving her the guest room is almost too good for her.”

“But you should’ve turned it into a room for her, not just left it as a room she is borrowing,” Madison argued.

“This is why I did not want to invite you,” Katrina grumbled. “If it weren’t for the fact that we can’t trust Mindy with the house on her own we would not have needed you at all. Her mother really tried to screw up our vacation.”

“Wait, you want me to baby-sit her? You aren’t taking her with you?”

“Don’t be ridiculous. This is my vacation with my family.”

“What does James think?”

“He didn’t pay for an extra plane ticket, so I assume he’s fine leaving her behind. Of course, saying ‘you take care of it’ could’ve meant he expected me to buy her a ticket with our joint account but when I said I was getting you to watch the house he was fine with it.”

“Maybe he thought that was all I was gonna do… as did I!” Madison was having trouble keeping from losing his temper.

“She is old enough to baby-sit other kids. You don’t have to do anything for her. Just make sure she does not wreck the house.”

“More concerned with the house than the goddamned family,” Madison muttered to himself as he carried his bags inside. Katrina pretended not to hear him and instead smiled while calling her two sons to the living room to greet their uncle.

Both boys came running into the living room at the same time. Although a year apart they looked like twins to Madison. He still could not tell which one was Stuart and which was Andy. At the same time the boys were latching onto him, hugging his waist and expressing their excitement at seeing him for the first time in over a year, Madison saw Mindy return to her spot on the couch. She was careful not to put her feet up this time.

She looked nothing like her father James and obviously not like Katrina. She had black hair that fell to her shoulders and thick eyeliner that reminded Madison of the emo/goth trend from his school days. Her outfit was home-ware though, a thin sweater and leggings, so he was not sure if she really did fall into that category but he would not have been surprised to learn she did.

“Is James still at work?” he looked around the room.

Stuart and Andy did not take kindly to him looking above their heads and ignoring them. They kicked at his legs to get his attention. He patted each of their bowl cut heads before walking forward to get away from them. They could not stand their ground in front of him and had to separate to let him through.

Mindy only looked up from her phone when she noticed a weight on the couch next to her. She stared at Madison, expecting him to say something but he just crossed his arms and closed his eyes to rest. Mindy looked at Katrina uncomfortably. She scrunched her shoulders as much as possible to take up less space and give this stranger room.

“Oh no, Maddie, why are you sleeping here?”

“You said I would get your bed after you left on the trip. Where else am I supposed to sleep right now?”

“We’ll be going out to dinner as soon as James gets home. You can rest then. For now, just stay awake.”

Madison laughed sarcastically and just shut his eyes again. Mindy gave Katrina an even more desperate look. “Oh what do you want me to do? Either let him have your bed or you go to your room. Why are you out here anyway? Damn eyesore.”

Mindy did not answer but prepared to stand up. She was stopped by Madison placing a hand on her shoulder. She was so shocked she nearly dropped her phone. “I promise I’m not as bad as my sister,” he mumbled without opening his eyes. “We’ll be keeping each other Diyarbakır Escort company this month, so let’s try to get along.”

Mindy’s face had contorted from uncomfortable to dread. Katrina made a back handed gesture as if she would slap Mindy if she kept making faces. The terrified girl retreated to her room as fast as she could, nearly tripping over Madison’s legs in the process.

Stuart and Andy bounced on the couch and on Madison’s lap for a while, trying to get him up; but he was not to be disturbed. In the end he was left alone to snore on the couch.


Madison barely remembered where he was when he awoke several hours later. The light from outside had faded and only the kitchen glow illuminated the living room anymore. “Hello?” he called out to see if anyone was there. He definitely did not want to wander around someone else’s home and see something he shouldn’t.

Immediately he heard rustling from upstairs. A moment later Mindy had appeared, looking much different than that afternoon. It was hard to tell in the dim light, but Madison could see she was wearing a dress. It wasn’t until she flicked on the ceiling fan light above him that he got a really good look though.

It was one of those sweaters that turns into a dress, white in color and made to look like yarn with plenty of gaps to see the skin beneath. “Why are you wearing that?” Madison was confused.

“We were supposed to go to a fancy restaurant for dinner,” she explained. “It seems like everyone else already left though.”

“Did they want me to drive you? Wait, was I even invited?” Madison was even more confused. He was getting annoyed at his sister’s lack of communication.

“I think they would’ve woken you if you were supposed to go with them. They kept calling it a celebratory dinner before the trip.”

“And you weren’t invited either?” Madison was once again upset on her behalf.

“They leave me behind all the time. It’s not a big deal.”

“First, it is a big deal, no matter how many times they do it. It’s just not a big shock anymore. Second, why did you dress up if you knew they were going to leave you behind?”

“Well, I’ve learned just to wait in my room for them to leave without me, but since you were here I hoped, I mean, I thought…” Mindy’s bottom lip was trembling and she could not finish her sentence.

Instinctively, Madison reached over and patted her head. He had no k*ds of his own and did not know how to deal with them very well, but he had comforted Stuart and Andy before. Of course they were not teenaged girls so it was expectedly awkward.

Mindy suddenly wrapped her arms around Madison’s waist and hugged him, burying her face to hide her tears. Madison smiled faintly while trying to imagine if this was what having a daughter would be like.

His thoughts changed slightly when he noticed how easily he could see her shoulders through the spaces in the yarn dress. His curiosity got the better of him, and he pulled her away from him by the shoulders so he could get a better look at her front. The spacing became closer together around the chest to hide it more but if too much attention was paid he could definitely see through it. “Where did you get such a dress?”

“My mom was a model,” she explained. “She was really skinny so a lot of her dresses fit me. They were about all of value that I was able to bring with me.”

“And neither Kat nor James has told you not to wear them?”

“Dad likes it when I wear them. He says I look like my mom. I think that’s why Katrina doesn’t like them. She tried to take them from me a couple of times but they don’t fit her so it was pointless.”

Madison’s mouth twisted as he tried to think of what to say. As she was only just a teenager it was inappropriate to wear such things, but they fit her well and reminded her of her mother. In fact, Katrina’s annoyance with them might have been a reason to wear them just to show off.

It did not take Mindy long to notice what Madison was looking at. She blushed and stepped back causing his hands to fall from her shoulders. She began to fiddle with part of her hair and shift her feet playfully. Madison was experienced enough to recognize the signs of a girl showing interest.

“You do know I’m Kat’s younger brother, right? I’m related to your stepmother.”

“She never adopted me. I still have a mother.”

“Fine, but don’t you dislike her? I mean, it’s obvious she has animosity towards you.”

“And what does that have to do with you?” Mindy asked.

Madison could not understand how easily Mindy could separate him and his neglectful sister in her mind. He had blonde hair just like her, although slightly darker at the roots, and their faces were similar in structure; slim around the cheeks. The only main difference was the stubble of his shaved beard and his thicker eyebrows. Katrina always plucked hers.

“You were left behind too,” Mindy reminded him. “Even if we don’t get along, we both need to get dinner for ourselves. Unless you plan to go out or order in, I can cook for you. We can have our own dinner party.”

“You certainly are dressed for it.” Madison eyed her up and down again. Mindy blushed again and averted her eyes while fiddling with her fingers behind her back. She almost looked like she was trying to push out her chest more. She could not make herself taller to match Madison but she could at least try looking more grown up in other ways. In fact, the heels she was wearing already did bring her much closer to his height.

“What do adults do at dinner parties?” Mindy asked.

“It depends on if there is provided entertainment. If there is a dance floor then we dance.”

“Show me.” Mindy offered her hand. Madison looked down at his disheveled clothes. He did not look fit to be dancing, even with a teenager. Mindy ignored his reluctance and took his hand, leading him to the center of the living room, away from the coffee table.

As soon as they started moving it was apparent that Madison had more experience dancing than Mindy, despite her trying to take the lead. Although he liked trucks and loose fitting clothes, Madison had grown up in a higher class family. He was not surprised that Katrina had married into money and carried on the same lifestyle.

It was sad she was not able to catch the attention of a man who did not already have kids but considering her attitude, James was the best she could do. Unfortunately the only person suffering from the arrangement seemed to be Mindy.

After dancing for a while, Madison decided the situation was too awkward to continue. He stopped suddenly and let Mindy move away from him on her own. “What’s wrong?”

“Look at us. There’s not even any music. What are we doing?”

“We don’t need music.” Mindy moved back to him and stood on the tips of her toes so she could reach his head. He reluctantly let her pull his face close to hers. He assumed she was just trying to play her role and would not actually do anything but he was mistaken. It took all his effort not to jerk away when she pressed her lips to his.

When they parted she was blushing even more. She backed up shyly and then turned to rush for the kitchen. He grabbed her wrist and yanked her back, spinning her around to face him again. “Don’t think you can just walk away after messing with a grownup,” he snapped at her.

“Sorry, I thought you were into it. You’ve been staring at my breasts for a while.”

“Which is why you shouldn’t temp me.” He grabbed her head and held her close to him as if he were going to kiss her again.”

She closed her eyes and waited. He frowned in annoyance. He did not like being played with by a teenager. She gasped when she felt him lifting the hem of her dress. She tried to pull back but he kept one hand on her shoulder. She winced when she felt his fingers brushing against the crotch of her panties. “You wouldn’t do anything to a k*d would you?” she complained.

“Listen to yourself; acting all grown up and then only going back to being a ch*ld when it suits you. You kissed me and you already mentioned me staring at you. I don’t care what age you are now. You are a girl and that’s all that matters.” She jolted when she felt the cloth of her panties being pushed up into her. She stared at him with terrified eyes, shaking her head slightly.

He leaned forward and kissed her again. She let him at first but when he continued to push into her crotch at the same time, she pulled her head back. He repositioned his hand on the back of her neck and held her still as he slid his tongue into her mouth and his fingers into her cunt.

Her eyelids fluttered as several nerves fired at once. She was overwhelmed by three different sensations. She practically fell limp in his arms. He Diyarbakır Escort Bayan directed her to a stand near the entrance of the living room and set her butt down on it. She tried to look down and found the sight of her dress pulled up over her hips to be quite lewd. She tried to close her legs but he positioned himself between them.

“Please stop,” she whimpered while looking up at him.

“One day you’re going be doing this all the time with your boyfriend. Doing it now won’t make a difference,” he answered.

“Does that line usually get you dates?” she asked accusingly.

“You’re the first I’ve ever tried it on,” he chuckled. “Hopefully it works and you calm down because this is happening one way or another and I would prefer if you were a willing participant.”

“And if I’m not?”

He simply shrugged before pulling her panties to the side, exposing her wet cunt to the air. She sucked in a large breath and tried not to look away. He ran two fingers over her slit and then pushed them in, making her grunt. He ran his other hand down her cheek and neck, pulling on the dress to expose her shoulder.

Mindy wondered if this was how high class people got it on at dinner parties, up against tables while trying not to ruin their expensive clothes. His hands felt warm on her bare skin. Her breathing became heavy as she tried not to get excited. She kept her eyes practically clenched shut. She wanted to bite the tongue he kept pushing into her mouth but she was afraid to make him angry.

Suddenly she felt something snap inside of her as his fingers pushed too deep. Her eyes shot open and she stared at him in confusion and pain. “Oh, you aren’t experienced at all,” he seemed surprised.

“What kind of girl do you take me for?” she was offended.

“You kissed a man twice your age. I thought you did this all the time with your classmates or your teacher.”

“I’m used to those lechers trying to have their way with their students but I never let myself get dragged along by them,” she explained.

“All that pride and it’s now completely wasted on a strange man you met for the first time today.”

“If I had known you’d do this I would’ve been more careful,” she was grunting each word, while wincing as he continued to feel around inside her. Her cunt felt extremely sore. Almost all the excitement she had was already replaced with a desire to curl up in a ball clutching her stomach.

Madison seemed to realize her reluctance was less about pride and more about comfort. He stopped fingering her and let her stand back up. She stumbled toward the downstairs bathroom and disappeared inside.

He went to the kitchen and washed his hands before checking the refrigerator for food. When she returned she looked a little less sick, but her dark hair was sticking to itself with sweat. “I thought you’d take a shower,” he admitted.

“I will… I mean, afterward.”

“Oh, are we continuing? I was going to ask if you knew which restaurant James and Kat took your brothers to. We could crash their fun and teach them a lesson.”

“There you go again, acting sorry for me. A moment ago you were pushing me down on a table. Why do you keep changing your mind?”

“I don’t know,” he admitted. “Part of me does feel sorry for you, but part of me just wants to have a good time with a pretty girl. I probably would be less inclined to feel pity towards you if you weren’t attractive.”

“I don’t know if that’s a compliment or an insult.”

“It’s a compliment toward you and an insult toward my morals. If you don’t mind that I’m not some sort of prince with perfect intentions, then it doesn’t matter.”

“Prince’s don’t have perfect intentions either. They just want a young healthy princess to bear them an heir.”

“So I take it you’re not mad at me anymore. What about food though. Are we just going to starve while your family enjoys their fancy dinner? They didn’t even leave us anything.” He opened the fridge and showed her that it was practically empty. “Well there is something.” He took a can of ready-whip of the fridge door and pressed the tip into her mouth before spraying a large amount of cream. When she closed her mouth, half of it came out around her lips.

He began to lick it off her face but ended up just kissing her again. When she managed to break away she pushed him aside so she could open the freezer door. There were several frozen dinners stacked at the back. “Katrina refuses to cook anything for me so James buys these.”

“That’s not healthy.” Madison frowned.

“I’m used to it,” she responded with a shrug. He rolled his eyes and turned his attention to the freezer. He picked one of the frozen meals and read the instructions. After setting it in the microwave he turned around to find Mindy waiting right in front of him. She hugged his waist again.

“You want to keep going?” he was cautious this time. She did not answer and just blushed. “Well it will be annoying to exercise right after eating, so we’ll leave the food until afterward.”

He grabbed her by the waist and lifted her onto the edge of the kitchen island. She immediately grabbed the hem of her dress and pulled it up over her head. He smirked at how eager she was acting now. He had been curious if she was wearing a bra under the dress and was intrigued to find she was not. She had some peach colored pasties to cover her nipples but otherwise had planned on attending a dinner party with her breasts freely visible to anyone who wanted to get caught paying attention.

He gave a playful growl while grabbing both her breasts and leaning her backwards on the island. She gasped and giggled as she felt him pushing her legs apart with his waist. He positioned himself right against her crotch and she could feel something in his pants touching her exposed cunt. She had chosen to remove her panties entirely in the bathroom instead of readjusting them.

Mindy could not help but yelp when Madison ripped off the pasties. She wanted to rub her sensitive areolas but was stopped when he put his mouth over one of them and began to spin his tongue around the nipple. “Why do men like sucking on women’s breasts so much? Are you a b*by?”

“Are you sexualizing inf*nts now? It’s because the tongue is more sensitive and we can be gentler.”

“I thought men liked being rough with girls,” Mindy continued to argue. He stood back up and grabbed both her nipples, pulling her into a sitting position again. “Oh my god!” she screamed.

“Did you like that?” he laughed.

“Well…” She pondered for a moment. “I can’t say I’d ever ask you to do that to me but it was still kinky in a way. I did not know I could enjoy something like that. Maybe I’m a masochist.”

“Do you want me to do it again?”

“Yes and no. It’s hard to ask for something you know is gonna hurt. If you do it without telling me then I won’t be able to flinch.” Madison went to grab her nipples again but she scooted backward on the island to avoid him. “Sorry, you made it so obvious, I couldn’t help it. Try hitting me where I won’t expect it.”

Madison raised a confused eyebrow. After a moment of thought he slapped the side of her face. Her eyes widened as she stared at him in shock. “Are you okay?” he was suddenly worried he had made a mistake.

“No, that was great. I’ve seen girls getting slapped in porn all the time but I never knew why. That got all my nerves reacting. I was so not prepared. I think I pissed myself a little.” Mindy’s face got redder when she realized what she just said. “Sorry,” she looked down in shame.

“It just makes it wetter,” Madison tried to assure her she had done nothing wrong. “You said you watch porn. There are people who like peeing during sex.”

“Do you?” she asked skeptically.

“At the very least I’m not turned off by it if a girl is cumming too hard to stop.”

“I didn’t cum.” She frowned at him. “My whole body just jolted when you hit me. I clenched my lower half.”

“Trust me, while we’re fucking I won’t even notice.” He undid his pants and let them fall to the floor. She covered her eyes but peeked through the spaces in her fingers. Maybe because he was already slightly hard, she thought he was bigger than average, at least from her limited experience. Maybe she just wanted him to be so she could be proud of having picked him to be her first.

He used his hand to direct his cock as he tapped the outside of her wet opening with the head. “Are you sure?” he asked.

“You ruin the whole thing by talking,” she scolded him. “What kind of porn starts with ‘are you sure?’”

“Are we in a porn? Are you recording this or something?” Madison looked over his shoulder in an exaggerated way.

Mindy almost burst out laughing. “Stop it.” She swatted his arm. “You’re making a joke out of this.”

Suddenly Madison grabbed her waist and slid her toward the edge of the island. His stiff cock slid inside her wet cunt with ease. She felt a little pain from it rubbing her torn hymen but the shock of having her pussy spread from the opening to the Escort Diyarbakır edge of her cervix overid it. “That’s so much better than being slapped,” she said something random.

Madison tried not to laugh. He assumed she watched too much porn. She knew what porn stars did but not why. She did not know that normal sex could happen without all the excessive acts.

He decided to teach her a lesson about reality. She looked confused and a little disappointed when he pulled his cock almost completely out of her. When he shoved it back in, she shrieked. Her cunt was sensitive enough with just part of it touching him, but when he moved quickly she could feel every part at once and it was too much.

Madison moved out and back in several more times until her shrieks got calmer. Just when she had begun only moaning with each thrust, he slapped her across the face, adding another sensation to having her pussy stuffed full.

Her eyes went wide as she stared at him in slight shock. “Do that again,” she gasped. He obliged but hit her softer when she flinched. She seemed annoyed but did not complain. “I finally understand why the girls in porn love getting slapped so much.” She had a slight look of glee on her face. “The more nerves are going off, the better it feels to get fucked. I got too used to your penis jabbing me but when you hit me I concentrate on my face and my pussy gets more sensitive again.”

“If all you want is more feeling, then it doesn’t have to be a slap, right?” Madison kissed her while pushing deeper inside again.

She moaned and bit his lip while grinding her crotch into his. After a moment she broke away and shook her head. “When you hit me and my belly clenches, my pussy gets tighter,” she explained. “Also, it’s a little kinkier. Do you date a pretty girl just to stare at her face, or do you want to watch her tears ruin her makeup as you stab her with your penis.”

Madison could not help but laugh. He had wondered what a girl would watch porn for. A guy obviously wanted to see the pretty girl getting fucked, but he thought the girl would only stare at the man’s penis and try to imagine it going inside her. Instead he just learned the girls watch the woman in porn too.

After a few more slaps, Mindy stopped responding as vocally and stopped clenching as much. She tried to moan whenever his hand collided with her face, to let him know he was doing it right, but it was just another part of the sex rather than something making it better.

Madison tried to switch things up by grabbing both of her breasts and pulling on them. He eventually gripped just her nipples and yanked her up into a sitting position. This time he felt some liquid squirting out around his cock as Mindy lost control of her bladder again. “Ow, why do you keep doing that?” she whined.

“You react really well to it,” he explained.

“Yeah, but it hurts way more than getting hit. It feels like you want to rip them off.” She looked down at her stretched mammaries. They were turning slightly red but nothing compared to the purple shade she had seen in videos. “Damn it, now you gave me an idea.”

“Why is that a bad thing?” Madison laughed.

“Because I feel like I have to try it now. I bet it will really hurt too.”

“What are you talking about?” Madison finally let go of her nipples. She sighed with relief but then yelped when he put his mouth over one of them. The saliva seemed to help sooth the pain though.

“Do you watch bondage porn, or cosplay porn?” Mindy asked while letting her head fall back.

“Not much,” he admitted.

“Picture a captured pirate lass, strung up by her pierced breasts instead of her neck. Her executioners want to play with her before the end. Each thrust lifts the weight off her chest but when she falls back down it stretches more.”

“Executioners?” Madison was confused.

“It’s like role play. You imagine a narrative. I’m a bodacious pirate lass, about to be hung. First they use their ‘swords’ and then they use their swords.” Mindy bit her lip as she spoke. She was obviously turning herself on just thinking about it.

“Are you excited by the idea of having a pirate impale your cunt on a sword?” Madison asked with slight concern.

“Haven’t you ever wanted to fuck a pretty girl to death?” she asked. “It’s just like dying in dungeons and dragons. It’s just roleplay.”

“You are way too kinky to have been a virgin an hour ago,” he scolded her.

“You have no room to talk. You were the one who was so desperate to get laid you didn’t care I was half your age and a virgin. You’re lucky I’m into getting stabbed, even with your penis.”

Madison grabbed one of her legs and lifted it so that she had to roll over on the island onto her stomach. He then began to thrust into her rapidly while slapping each of her ass cheeks in tandem.

At first she groaned and yelped while tightening her cunt like she did when he was slapping her face, but eventually she just laid her head down and relaxed so he was sliding into her easily.

“Don’t make this boring.” He put his hands on the back of her head, and pushed his fingers into her mouth, prying it apart at the corners and lifting her chest off the island. He whished he could see what she looked like from the front, her breasts jiggling as she was bent over and impaled from behind. She would look so gorgeous getting double penetrated; he thought.

Eventually he was able to lift her off the island and support her just by her head and cunt. Her tongue lapped at his fingers while her dangling legs kicked and her toes curled. Madison could recognize that she was about to cum. He straightened her body and slid his hands down to her waist so he could lift her easier. He then climbed onto the island himself with her in his lap and continued to thrust up into her.

Mindy had begun to shake and squirt before he even settled on the island properly. Her head whipped back and forth and her eyes disappeared into her skull for a moment. She kicked wildly with her legs spread obscenely, exposing a perfect view of her thoroughly fucked pink cunt to the empty kitchen.

Mindy was flailing so much she hardly noticed Madison still trying to bounce her on his lap. She only noticed when he stopped and wrapped his arms around her, holding her steady as something hot began to flood into her from below. “Are you cumming in me?” she gasped.

Madison bit the back of her neck and growled into her ear. “At the moment, I couldn’t care less if you get pregnant.”

“Okay, go ahead and knock up your niece,” she responded through gasps. His teeth in her neck were sending shocks through all her nerves.

“You’re not my niece though.” He finally stopped biting her so he could speak properly. He still whispered in her ear though.

“You may as well be. A strange man came to my home today and decided to rape me, or I got molested by my uncle, which sounds worse.”

“Shut up or I’ll fuck your ass next,” he threatened her. She bit her lip as she tried to think about it. It would definitely feel more like getting stabbed than regular sex. “You are a little freak,” Madison grumbled.

“And you’re lucky I am or you’d be on your way to jail.”

“That’s it.” Madison bucked his hips which launched Mindy onto the floor. She landed on her feet but then let them slide apart as she sank to her knees. She stared up at him with her front completely exposed, her dress still pulled up over her head. The shiny valley of sweat between her red handprint covered breasts was dripping down over her navel all the way to her cunt, making her feel even more exposed. She leaned back slightly and opened her mouth, welcoming him to come fuck her mouth if he was willing.

Madison hopped off the island but pushed his fingers into Mindy’s mouth instead of his cock. He pulled her back to her feet and faced her toward the doorway before slapping her ass to make her stumble forward. “Go take a shower while I clean this up,” he ordered her.

“Don’t you want to keep going?” she asked in-between panting for breath.

“As you pointed out, this was a mistake brought on by my lack of self control. It can’t happen again.”

“But we’re going to be alone together in this house for a month. I guarantee it will happen again. If we couldn’t go without fucking just a few hours after meeting, a month together will be impossible.”

Madison wanted to argue but he had no way to speak for his libido in the future. He had proven he could be riled up and he did not trust himself to turn her down again now that it had already happened once.

“Do you want to spend the night in my room instead of on the couch? I don’t normally sleep in the nude but I’ll make an exception tonight. You can do anything you want as long as we don’t wake Katrina and James.”

“And what happens when they come to wake us in the morning and find me wearing their daughter like a cock ring?” Madison asked.

“Honestly, if they care, we can figure it out then.” Mindy began to walk toward the downstairs bathroom. She began to do a little hop skip while humming. This morning she hardly felt welcome in her own home and now she was making plans to fuck on every surface she could. Even if she was no more welcome than before, she could silently laugh knowing what she did in their precious house.

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