Nessa And The Neighbour

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As long as I can remember I’ve been able to watch Mr and Mrs Summer fucking the night away. My earliest childhood memories involve hearing their pants and moans and as I entered puberty and got more sexually aware and curious I started watching them. I’d turn off my lights, open my curtains and play with myself as I looked straight into their bedroom, which was only a few yards from mine.

I was still a virgin, but I’d fall asleep with wet dreams about being fucked by Mr Summer just as I’d seen him fuck his wife senseless so many times. I’d dream about sucking his big cock and having him buy me the kind of sexy underwear his wife wore all the time. But with no experience and not being one of the pretty girls that got noticed in school, how could I ever seduce him?

So the years passed and all I could do was to watch and enjoy the sex show that was played out in front of me every night and letting my pussy become intimately acquainted with my fingers. By the time I was 18 and a month away from leaving for university I was getting desperate. I was still a virgin, but so hungry for sex that it was all I could think of. I’d developed late, but I was now the proud owner of two firm b-cup tits. My body was starting to show some feminine curves and as of my 18th birthday I shaved my pussy that had previously been covered by blonde curls. I was, in other words, pretty average. 5’5″, neither skinny nor fat, mousy blonde shoulder length hair and blue-grey eyes.

Then Mrs Summer went away. My mother mentioned something about her having to go and take care of her elderly aunt. I watched Mr Summer on his own. He was playing porn on his video and masturbating hard. How I wished it could be my mouth around that erection. On the Wednesday, a couple of days after Mrs Summer went away I was walking down our street at noon. My parents were both at work and I was bored. When I walked past the Summer’s house I saw Mr Summer in the garden. He was mowing the lawn and he wasn’t wearing anything but tight shorts. I felt a tingle in my pussy as I saw him, knowing exactly what the shorts were hiding.

“Hi Nessa!” Mr Summer waved to me.

“Hi Mr Summer!” I replied.

He turned off the lawn mower and walked up to me.

“You must be getting excited about going of to university.”

“Yes,” I replied. “But this has been such a boring summer. Most of my friends aren’t going to university and they already have jobs.”

“So you’re having to play with yourself then?” he winked at me and I didn’t know how to reply, what did he mean?

“You’re going to study to be a teacher, right?” he continued.

“That’s right.”

“You probably don’t know this, but I had a younger sister who was going to be a teacher, but she was killed in a car crash. You’re welcome to look at her books and see if any of them are of any use.”

“Really? I’d love that!”

“Come on in.”

Mr Summer walked ahead of me and I couldn’t believe my luck. I was going into the house and he was all alone.

“The books are in the attic,” he said. “Come on up with me.”

I followed him and felt that familiar tickle as we walked past his bedroom. The door was open and I could see straight into my own room. He pulled down a trap door and we climbed up into the dark and dusty space. It took us five minutes to find the box with Mr Summer’s sister’s books. I recognised several titles and picked them up. As we came down from the attic I looked at Mr Summer and his body was covered with dust. I looked down at myself and discovered that I Gaziantep Oral Escort was just as dirty.

“Days like this you really wish you had air conditioning,” Mr Summer laughed. “All the dust and dirt sticks to your skin when you get a bit sweaty.”

I nodded in agreement and pretended to be more worried about it than I actually was.

“Let me help you,” Mr Summer started dusting off my t-shirt but he was rather unsuccessful. I blushed as I saw my nipples react to his touch.

“Maybe if you take off your t-shirt I’ll be able to shake it off,” he said, his green eyes meeting mine. I slowly pulled my t-shirt off and handed it to him. He shook it and proposed I do the same with my shorts. I pulled them off too, standing in front of Mr Summer in nothing but my white underwear. My nipples were desperately fighting to get through my bra and I could feel a wet patch developing between my thighs.

“I think you got some dust on your bra as well,” Mr Summer licked his lip as I reached back and unhooked it, showing him my erect pink nipples.

“And your panties…” he said hoarsely. I stepped out of them and handed them to him. What was he going to do next? His thumb stroked the wet patch on my panties. If he was in any doubt about my desire he’d now know. He smiled at me.

“I think my shorts are a bit too dusty too,” he said as he dropped my clothes on the floor and unbuttoned his shorts. He wasn’t wearing any underwear and I gasped as his budding erection was set free.

“Have you ever seen an erection before Nessa?” he asked me.

“No,” I lied.

“Well, it gets bigger than this, but I need your help.”

“What do you want me to do?”

“Go down on your knees and suck my cock as deep into your mouth as you can.”

I did as I was told, running my tongue to lap up his precum. It tasted better than I’d ever imagined. I sucked him as deep as I could and then let him out and sucked him in again. He placed his hands on my head and started fucking my mouth. He controlled the speed and movement and I sucked as hard as I could. He’d ram into my throat but I didn’t mind. I was loving it. It was better than all my fantasies. He told me to move my tongue around, and I did as instructed. I was awarded by a loud groan. I forgot how long I was there, I just didn’t want it to end. But it did. With a giant roar Mr Summer shoved his cock way into my throat and shot his load. Then he pulled out and shot a second load in my face. He smiled at me with satisfaction.

“You’re a good cock sucker Nessa. Come with me!”

He walked into his bedroom and motioned for me to lie on the big bed where I’d seen so much fucking take place.

“Are you still a virgin?” he asked.

I wanted to lie, but I knew I’d be found out. I prayed he wouldn’t mind as I nodded.


He parted my legs and positioned himself between them. Then he bent forward and licked the length of my pussy. I shivered when I felt his tongue on my most intimate parts. He then licked again, putting more pressure this time, separating my pussy lips. I moaned for him and grabbed hold of my tits. His tongue got more and more demanding, forcing its way deeper, fucking my virgin cunt. Then he pulled out and sucked on my clit only to go back to investigating my hole. He slurped up my juices and I moaned and begged him for more. Fingers were good, but nothing compared with Mr Summer’s tongue. Inexperienced as I was I couldn’t hold my orgasm back and I came right then, showering Mr Summer’s face with my juices. When I was done shaking he moved up and lay on top of me, slowly kissing me and letting me taste my own pussy.

“Your mother just pulled up outside your house,” he whispered to me. “You better go home now.”

I protested, but there was nothing to do, he wanted me out of his house. I put my clothes on, picked up the books and went home and showered. As I was drying myself off in my room I saw Mr Summer doing the same in his bedroom. I went up to the window, showing him my naked body again. He smiled at me and mimed 10 o’clock. At first I didn’t know what to think so I used sign language to ask if he wanted me there at 10. He smiled and nodded and then moved his hips in a suggestive manner. Maybe he was going to fuck me after all.

I was lying on my bed after dinner, waiting for the clock to hit 10, but it was still over an hour away. Then I heard my dad talking with Mr Summer. My body froze when I heard their voices.

“So when is Gaby coming back?” my dad asked.

“Not for another couple of weeks,” replied Mr Summer.

“That long, huh? So what do you do when you’re all alone?”

“Well, I’m not all alone. I’ve found myself a willing piece of ass to keep me company until she gets back.”

“Is she any good?” my dad laughed.

“Young and inexperienced,” Mr Summer said. “But she’s eager to learn.”

I didn’t hear more as they moved towards the front of the gardens. I couldn’t believe that Mr Summer had stood there and discussed having sex with me, with my dad. The thought soaked my second pair of panties that day.

Shortly before 10 I told my parents that I had a headache and was going to have an early night. They said goodnight and promised not to disturb me when they went to bed. I went to my room and climbed out my window and ran around to Mr Summer’s front door. He opened the door immediately and pulled me inside. Without saying a word he pressed me up against the wall and kissed me deeply. While his tongue was discovering my mouth his hands were pulling off my clothes. He pulled off my shorts and panties and then he hands unbuttoned my shirt and finally pulled off my bra. He didn’t let go of my mouth until I was naked in front of him.

“Mmmmmm,” he said appreciatively. “Were you trying to tease me over there in your bedroom this afternoon?”

I smiled at him in response and he moved to take off his own clothes. His cock was fully erect. He took my hand and walked with me to the bedroom.

“I’m going to fuck you now,” he stated matter-of-factly as he directed me onto the bed. He ran a finger through my wet pussy and smiled. “Good, no need to warm you up, I like that.”

He positioned himself over me and sucked on my nipples. He then pulled my legs wide apart and looked at my open hole.

“This is going to be good,” he smiled. “It’ll hurt you for a bit, but it’ll be all good for me.”

He placed his cock at the entrance to my fuck hole and slowly eased his cockhead inside. I gasped at the size of it. He allowed me to slowly adjust and then he moved a bit further. I was so wet that he was sliding easily until he hit a stop. He grabbed a tight hold of my thighs, pulled out and then with no warning he rammed inside me. I cried out in pain but Mr Summer stayed deep inside my tight cunt and lay on top of me, kissing me gently until it stopped hurting. Then he moved up again and grabbing hold of my thighs as he started sliding out. Each time he moved his cock almost completely out and then slammed inside me again, getting deeper and deeper as my tight cunt got used to no longer being a virgin. Every slam made my tits bounce and as his forehead glistened with sweat I was moaning louder and louder. Before I knew it I was cumming and my cunt was contracting tighter than ever around his thick fuck meat.

Mr Summer didn’t pause for long though, he pulled out and quickly got me to get on my hands and knees and then he slammed into my dripping cunt again. I couldn’t believe how he was getting even deeper now. He grabbed hold of my tits and pulled me close to him. He whispered what a good fuck I was in my ear and I turned my face to take his tongue in my mouth. I felt dirty and deprived and I was loving every second of it. I’d been a virgin that morning and now my married neighbour was fucking me fast and furiously. Then he reached down and started massaging my clit with his finger. I screamed out with pleasure. This was too much, too good, too hot…

“Cum for me Nessa, cum for me real good,” he whispered in my ear as I felt my juices trickling down my thighs as he slammed in and out, making the most delicious fuck sounds. He didn’t have to wait long. My body shivered and I moaned louder and louder. I couldn’t hold it back and I screamed in ecstacy. My cunt squeezed him tight and that’s when he roared out loud, grabbed a tight hold of my hips, slapped my ass and shot his load up my hungry cunt. We were both shaking for a while and he kept his cock glued inside me until he’d shot every drip of cunt inside me. He then pushed me forward and lay down next to me, sucking on my nipples and going up to kiss me.

“Yours is the tightest cunt I’ve ever fucked,” he whispered. “You’re an amazing fuck. I always knew you would be when I watched you finger fucking yourself while watching us.”

“You knew?” I was horrified.

“Of course, seeing you playing with your cunt always turned me on, I knew I had to fuck you.”

I blushed but felt pleased that I’d turned him on as much as he’d turned me on. We lay there together for a while and then he started caressing my tits. He whispered to me to wake up his cock and I was pleased to be of service. I’d read a lot about sex so I decided to straddle his face while sucking his cock to see what he did. I wasn’t disappointed. The minute I started lapping my juices off his cock his mouth closed over my pussy and his tongue started performing miracles. I don’t think I sucked him particularly well, but being in my mouth seemed to do it for him as he grew big and hard there. Just as I was getting over cumming again he got out of bed and pulled me with him. We went to the kitchen and he placed my ass on the cold countertop and slammed inside me again. With my legs over his shoulders and his cock in my cunt there was little I could do but lean on back on my hands and enjoy what he was doing. And I did. This time he pulled out as I came and shot his load over my stomach and tits. I was amazed by it all. Who would have known how addictive fucking could be? I couldn’t stop. I never wanted to stop.

We slept for a while and then Mr Summer told me I ought to shower before heading home. He fucked me again against the cold tiles in the shower. I snuck in just before my parents’ alarm went off at 6 a.m. The rest of that summer I spent a large part of each day and night with Mr Summer and he taught me all I needed to know about sex and then some. It’s been 10 years. Mr Summer is still living next door to my parents and he’s still married. I’m now a 3rd grade teacher and I’ve been married for three years. My apetite for sex is still the same and so is Mr Summer’s. Every time I visit my parents we try to sneak in a fuck session for old time’s sake.

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