Never Quit

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Chapter 1

Some mothers are over-protective and some mothers are just plain bad parents. They say it takes a village to raise a child, and I’m not sure what that means. If a child has a father, and a mother, and a village too, I suppose the kid should grow up to be a productive member of society.

June was proud of her son Randy. He was ninteen, smart and had a way with words. She only wished that she had remained with her husband, George, who could have been a father to Randy.

Instead, Randy had grown up as a lonely young man. She noticed now that he had turned nineteen, he was spending most of his time in his room, looking at photo spreads in girlie magazines.

One night when he’d been in there a long time and she didn’t hear a sound, she felt it her duty to go talk to him about it. It was unhealthy and she felt he should get out more. She felt that he might be playing with himself. Besides, she wanted some company too and reading romance novels made her feel worse.

Tiptoeing down the hall, June went to his bedroom. It was late and the light should have been out. However, she could see light from under the door to his room. She opened the door silently and got a jolt when she looked at her son in the throes of sexual passion, pulling on his penis.

“Randy,” she exclaimed, “what are you doing?”

Randy looked at her quite disturbed. “I’m trying to get my rocks off, do you mind?”

“You bet your ass I do,” she told him grimly. “You know what I think of playing with yourself all the time.”

Randy dropped the Playboy centerfold picture and took his hand away from his cock. But it still remained hard.

“What do you expect me to do?” he demanded.

June went over to the edge of the bed. She sat there looking at his swollen penis. She almost wished she could have sex with her own son. It had been a long time since she’d enjoyed the thrill of a penis slipping into her pussy.

“Well, I’m waiting,” he exclaimed angrily. “What you gonna do about my hard-on?”

Finally June felt compelled to reach over and assist her son. She didn’t like to see him so agitated and troubled. She begin pulling on his penis slowly. She could see his eyes light up as the erotic emotions surged through his body.

“Wow,” he told her, “you sure know how to jack it.”

June’s hand pulled on her son’s cock with more vigorous movements. He enjoyed it immensely.

“Jack it,” he begged her. “Come on, Mom, put your heart into it, jack my pecker. That’s the way. Jack it…”

Pulling on it with hard, firm movements, she got him more and more excited. All at once she had the compulsion to suck him off. That was what George her husband loved to have her do. He even said she was good at it. That was something coming from George, who was so terribly critical.

Finally June bent over. She let her pink tongue tip slip over the mushroom head of her son’s cock. Randy reached out, gripped his mother’s head and held her in place as he vigorously fucked her face.

“Yeah, Mom,” he told her, “suck it. You know what I want. Suck it.”

June’s mouth worked energetically up and down the length of her son’s shaft. She could see how aroused he was becoming. She was pleased that he had gotten this turned on.

“Suck it,” he begged anxiously. “Suck it off, mom. Oh, that’s beautiful. Eat it. You’re better than my girl friend.”

That disturbed her. She didn’t think it was right for her son to allow some young soroity girl to blow him. Pulling her mouth off his penis momentarily, June glared at it.

“Who’s been licking your penis?”

“None of your business,” he told her. “Now if you want to do it, go ahead and suck it.”

June did not like the idea at all of her son having sex with one of the sorority girls. She had been reading plenty about them. And she was not impressed with their moral values.

“You’d better tell me,” she said quickly.

“All right, if you must know,” he told her, “it was Joyce. She gives a nice blow job. She’s blown everybody on the football team.”

It was almost more than June could bear to hear such terrible talk from her son.

“Oh, baby,” she told him, “you shouldn’t carry on with that blond tramp.”

Randy was getting furious. He thought she had a nerve to discuss morals while she delayed sucking his penis.

“If you’re not gonna suck it,” he told her, “I’m gonna jerk it myself…”

He gripped his mother’s head and firmly planted her mouth on his penis. She let her tongue sweep over his cock head. She could taste him starting to juice. She loved the delicious taste of his cum. She was sucking smoothly now.

“Lick it,” he insisted. “Now you’re doing it. Suck, baby, suck.”

June’s head bobbed up and down. Reaching out, Randy gripped her head. He liked to run his hands through her beautiful red hair. It was fun to fuck her face. He was waiting for that great moment of climax when he could feel his juices spurting in her mouth.

“Suck it,” he whispered intensely. “I love your mouth on it. Yes. That’s the way to do it. Now you’re sucking…”

With artemisbet yeni giriş passionate longing, she went on licking and sucking. She even massaged his balls and let her index finger slip up Randy’s tight rectum. Randy enjoyed the sensation of her finger sliding up his asshole. But what he loved more than anything was her wild, wicked, wet mouth slipping smoothly up and down on his cock.

He was keenly aware of what she could do for him. And he could hardly wait for her to swallow suck the sweet cream out of his penis tip.

“Eat me,” he begged anxiously. “Suck me off. Oh, yes. Now you’re doing it. Suck the sweet cream out of my cock.”

Then he came. He held her head in place as he wildly pumped it at her. The hot cream spurted out of his penis in sticky globs.

June sucked every drop of sperm out of his penis. Pulling off finally, she looked up at him adoringly.

“Ohhh, I always enjoy sucking your dick…”

His hands were all over her now.

“Take off your clothes,” Randy said eagerly. “Let me see what you look like bare-ass naked. I wanna see you.”

Even though it made her feel as guilty as hell, she liked to let her young son look at her.

“All right, darling. I guess it wouldn’t hurt. You do need sex education.”

Randy chuckled. “I’m getting it now. Oh, baby, let me see those knockers.”

She slid out of her bra and he was thrilled at the sight of her big nipples.

“Now take off your panties,” he cried excitedly. “Let me look at your pussy.”

Pulling off her panties she stood there proudly, naked. His eyes flashed on her bosoms and down to her hair covered crotch. She could tell from the delighted look on his face that he was pleased.

“You want to love me?” she asked quietly.

He nodded.

“Yes, yes,” he told her, “I want to love you. Yeah, mom, let me suck your pussy.”

George had done a lot of talking about eating her. But he had never really done it for her. She was pleased that Randy seemed so anxious to suck her cooze.

She stretched out on his bed. Patting her pussy she waited for him to crouch over her crotch. She didn’t have long to wait. He slid his hands under her ass cheeks. He brought his tongue even with her pussy. He slid it back and forth across her slit. She loved the sensation of his tongue slipping around her pussy.

“Stick it in, darling,” June told Randy. “That’s how, honey. Momma will teach you all you need to know about eating pussy.”

Randy felt privileged that his mother was teaching him the fine art of licking pussy. And he was eager to know everything.

“Tickle my love button, baby,” June begged. “That’s how. Ohhh, honey, does that ever feel good.”

She wiggled as his hot tongue whipped up and down her clit. She knew that much more of this kind of lovemaking and she’d be juicing.

“Keep your lips tightly pressed against my pussy, baby,” she insisted.

Her legs swept over his shoulders. She hunched up and down in eager anxiety.

“Suck your mother’s pussy,” she begged in delirious excitement. “Suck, baby, suck. That’s how. Now you’re doing it. Love me.”

His hot tongue continued flipping into her vagina. She could hardly hold back any longer. Reaching down she gripped his head and held him.

“Eat me,” she pleaded passionately. “Suck me, baby. Suck my clit. Ohhh, yes, yes. Suck it.”

With delirious excitement he continued sucking and licking on her.

“Oh, baby,” he told her, “you don’t know how wonderful this is.” Randy thought he should tell her what he’d like to do.

It bothered June that Randy had begun talking. She felt that he should be busy, occupied sucking at her pussy.

“Your momma almost juiced. Your mouth isn’t over my snatch. Now you get back to sucking your lips over my pussy and quick…”

Randy felt as if he had been put down. He frowned. This bothered her.

“I don’t mean to be cross, baby doll,” his mother apologized, “but when a woman’s hot, she’s hot. Now don’t stop. “

His hot tongue whipped back into her pussy. She was grateful that he knew enough to continue doing his thing. It swung back and forth, caressing her clit. She thrilled to the sensation of his tongue flipping along her swollen clit.

“Yes, baby, yes,” she cried ecstatically, “that’s how. Ohhh, I love it. Now you’re doing it. Suck, baby, suck.”

The feverish excitement that she felt now turned her tongue to wild action.

“Oh, baby,” she begged. “Eat your momma’s creamy pussy.”

Just then June juiced. He sucked her up. She enjoyed the loud, sucking noises he was making with his mouth. She wanted to get there.

“Baby, when you finish eating your momma’s pussy, I want you to fuck me with that big pecker.”

When Randy pulled his tongue out of her pussy, he was proudly showing her his cock.

“Don’t just show it to me,” she laughed, “use it, lover. Stick it up in my box. I want to feel it.”

He was eager to demonstrate how he could entertain her with his penis. Straddling her, he pulled himself forward now. He plunged artemisbet giriş his rigid male member into her vagina. She propped her head up on the pillow as she watched it disappearing in her pussy thatch.

“Wow, does that ever feel good!” June gasped happily. “Screw me. Harder, baby. Fuck it.”

Reaching out, June clasped his buttocks. She squeezed his ass cheeks adoringly as he pounded into her. Then letting her hand slip between his ass cheeks, she suddenly slipped a finger up his rectum.

“A prostate massage will help your pecker,” she told him. “Your daddy always loved this.”

He could tell from the way her index finger slid up his rectum she had done this before. To his surprise and delight it did feel good.

“Fuck my asshole,” he told June. “Fuck it good.” He went on shoving into her pussy with piston movements. She loved the way his cock slammed into her.

“You really know how to give a good fuck, I’ll tell you that,” she told him proudly.

Pulling her finger out of his asshole, she went on caressing and massaging his ass cheeks. She was pushing now to meet his cock stabs.

“Fuck,” she exclaimed loudly, “fuck.”

Randy could tell that she required a lot of sexual arousal. He could also tell that he had been sex starved for some time. It didn’t bother him. He was pleased that his penis could be put to such good use. It was sure a lot better than jerking off himself.

“Oh, mom, I’m almost there,” he panted as he pumped it hard. “Twist your ass. Fuck. Fuck.”

Desperately now he was driving into her. He was sweating. His lower jaw hung slack as the waves of erotic pleasure engulfed him.

“Grind your ass,” he begged her feverishly, “that’s the way. Oh, I love it. Now you’re doing it.”

She twisted her hips around. New-found pleasure flowed through her body as her young son’s fabulous penis kept pleasing her.

When he finally did pull his cock out of her, she wanted to kiss him all over.

“Stop it, mom,” he told her. “You’ve gone overboard.”

She wound up pulling at his cock. He loved it. And then when she once more let her mouth slip over the head of his hog, he fucked her face. More sweet spunk shot into her mouth. June gulped greedily. She had waited a long time to suck a good cock. And she was glad to get it.

When it was all over, he lay there alone after she had left the room. She hadn’t said a word and that bothered him. He was nervous and uptight. He knew that what they had done was not right. Yet he also knew he’d enjoyed it. That was what troubled him.

Chapter 2

The next morning June had gone to work before he got up. He was glad that he didn’t have to confront her. For he felt so guilty about the fact that he had screwed his own mother that he was tormented. He knew that he had to figure out another way to satisfy his carnal lusts. This would not be easy. It seemed that all the boys at school were putting the make on the girls who would put out. Unfortunately, a lot of girls were not willing to give him a chance.

There was one girl that he had his eyes on. Melinda. She was a honey-haired blonde with innocent big, blue eyes. She was a math whiz and had a cute figure. He thought perhaps he could break her down and get what he wanted. She was not one of the crowd, so he figured he would approach her indirectly.

“Melinda,” he called out to her one afternoon, “how would you like to help me with my math homework?”

Melinda shook her head.

“You’ve got to do it on your own,” she told him emphatically.

“But it wouldn’t be wrong if you tutored me, would it?”

Finally Melinda agreed to give him some tutoring assistance. Yet, she wasn’t prepared for what he wanted to talk about. When they had finished the math, he went into the sex education class discussion.

“What is it you want to know about the sex education class?” she smiled innocently.

“I’ve never seen a woman naked,” he told her.

She shook her head. She found that hard to believe.

“I’m not gonna undress!” she said. This really got her excited.

“Look,” he told her, “I’m gonna let you have a chance to see me. Have you ever seen a guy’s cock naked?” She shook her head. “I don’t care to, either…”

Getting to his feet he unzipped his fly. Reaching in, he ceremoniously pulled out his long, hard cock. She looked at it, stunned.

“You do have a big penis, don’t you.”

“You bet your sweet ass I do,” he told her, “and I know how to use it. Now why don’t you play ball with me? We could have a lot of fun if you would only go along with me.

She shook her head.

“It isn’t right for us to be doing this. What do you think I am? “

With his cock still sticking out of his pants, he went over to her. He began undressing her. Melinda was rooted to the spot. She found herself fascinated by him.

“I want to see your tits, Melinda.”

When her blouse was off, he reached up and felt her bosoms. But he objected to the confinement of her bra. Reaching behind her, he unfastened it. And then she obliged. As her bra artemisbet güvenilirmi fell to the floor, he got a good view of her big boobs.

“You know, you’re not bad,” he told her. “You’re not bad at all.”

Reaching down he pulled off her skirt. She stepped out of her panties and then she stood before him naked. It did give her a certain feeling of excitement to have Randy looking at her with his eyes hot.

“You are beautiful,” he told her. “You really are.”

At this point she was more than willing to accommodate him.

“Ohhh, baby,” he told her, “I’ve got to go down on you.”

Without saying another word, Randy dropped to his knees. He swung his hands behind her buttocks. Cupping her ass cheeks she brought her pussy to his mouth. Randy’s tongue flipped along her slit. Melinda let out a squeal of delight as she felt his tongue plunge into her pussy.

“Oh, eat me,” she exclaimed eagerly. “Yes. Just like that. Oh, lover, that’s beautiful.”

Melinda loved the feel of his hot tongue slipping into her pussy. She pushed back to meet his driving tongue stabs. Reaching down, she let her fingers wander through his curly hair.

“Randy, baby…” Melinda panted, “suck me. Yes. Eat my box.”

The passionate longing that she felt in her body had her tingling with excitement.

“Swirl your tongue around,” she told him eagerly. “That’s the way. Do it.”

The keen erotic pleasure that she was obtaining at this moment was carrying her close to a juicy climax. Randy could sense this. He could hardly wait to let his tongue lick her up.

“Eat me,” she cried eagerly. “Yes. Suck my clit. That’s how it’s done. Lick it!”

It wasn’t going to be much longer before he was going to bring her there. He knew this. And it was toward that end that he was working diligently. He got so excited he was sniffing and licking and sucking on her pussy. He could feel his balls tingle with excitement. He could hardly wait for the moment when he could get her to accommodate his own lusty craving for a suck job on his penis and balls.

At the moment he was confronted with her beautiful pussy and he was only too willing and eager to suck.

“Ohhh, baby,” she told him, “now you’re doing it. That’s the way I like it. Suck, baby, suck.”

She was going out of her mind as she pushed herself against him. It was a delicious feeling to stand there naked. And she luxuriated in having his tongue swinging freely in her.

Now she knew she was nearing her climax. She held his head tightly over her pussy.

“Eat me,” she begged him. “Suck it. Yes, yes…”

He loved the delicious cream that was issuing from her pussy.

“Lick my love juices,” she begged feverishly.

She didn’t have to tell him. For he loved her pussy juice so much that he was determined to lick it all and get some more. His tongue continued probing around inside of her. He wanted to get her to achieve more orgasms.

“Eat it,” she panted as she swung her hips back and forth.

His hands constantly caressed her ass cheeks. She enjoyed the feeling of his hot hands playing with her smooth buttocks. And then she parted his buttocks and slid a finger right up his asshole. He loved that, too.

“Now you’re doing it,” she told him. “Suck it. Suck it hard…”

He went on tongue fucking her. And they got a big charge out of that.

“Keep it up,” she begged. “That’s the way, baby. Eat me.”

He didn’t pull his tongue out of her pussy until she had finished shooting. And then he got to his feet and looked at her.

“You’re so beautiful when you’re naked,” he told her.

“I want to see you without your clothes on, Randy. I’m curious to know what a guy looks like completely nude.”

It did not take him long to slip out of his shirt, his shoes, his socks and shorts. As he stood there bare-ass naked, he told her what he expected.

“I want your mouth down in my crotch. I want you to do everything to me.”

Going over to the bed, Randy stretched out his legs. He gripped his cock and looked at her.

“Now I want you to lick my nuts while I jack off,” he told her, “and, baby, I would really like it if you’d tongue my asshole…”

She looked at him.

“I never heard of such a thing!”

“Well it’s about time you did,” he insisted.

She went ahead and gave in. For she let her tongue rim his asshole. Randy loved having her tongue slide back and forth across his smooth, bare ass cheeks. But what he really enjoyed was when she stiffened her tongue and stabbed it right up his rectum. Randy gripped his huge cock and pulled rhythmically as she sucked on his hot, tight asshole.

“Eat my ass out,” he begged her anxiously. “Yeah, baby, now you’re doing it.”

Melinda was developing quite a skill at ass eating. First, she flipped her tongue back and forth across his muscular ass cheeks. Next, she would slip it gingerly in and out of his ass crack. Finally, she would stiffen her tongue and suddenly plunge it right up his rectum.

There was a new-found thrill in getting her to go down on his behind. As she gave him a rim job, he gripped his cock firmly and pulled on it with rhythmic cock strokes.

“That’s the way,” he told her happily. “Play with it. Come on, baby, jerk it.” With in-and-out hand movements, he was pulling and pumping on it. She enjoyed the sight of him doing this.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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