Never That Bold Ch. 04

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*Author’s Note: Any and all persons engaged in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.

Just a flash story. A dark and sordid little flash story, not to be taken too seriously.


Saturday morning, Michael Bae woke up and again stroked his cock, remembering the scene of two girls licking and sucking each other’s pussies to climax. The fact that one girl had clearly disliked the other girl made it all the sweeter.

Suddenly, he sat up and looked at the digital clock. It was already 9:32 and he had a 10:00 am meeting with April Moony, a sweet-faced red head student.

He scrubbed his body, shaved in the shower and gargled with mouthwash and swallowed the mouthwash.

Then he drove to LBJ High School and arrived just in time to see April Moony riding up on her bicycle. The cute girl was wearing a too short tee shirt that left her lower back and belly exposed, and some low rider cut offs that let a good deal of her freckled ass cheeks exposed.

There had been sweet faced, innocent looking girls in his high school, girls that had sweet little bodies, and had completely ignored Michael Bae.

Unless they needed help on their Science projects, or in Algebra, or in Computer Literacy.

Then they’d sit there and thrust their hot little titties at him, pout their cute little lips, shake their tight little asses.

And he’d help them. And then they’d completely ignore him again.

April locked her bicycle to the bike rack and turned. She saw Michael Bae and smiled widely and waved.

He had to struggle to control his rage and bitterness. He forced a smile to his face and waved, then got out of the truck.

“Perfect timing,” he called out, then unlocked the door to the school building.

“I really appreciate this so much,” April gushed as she carried both textbook and notebook clutched to her cute little belly.

“Uh huh, until I ask you to the Spring Prom,” Michael thought bitterly as he watched her tight little ass swivel and sway in front of him.

He locked the door to the building, then caught up to her and unlocked the door to his classroom.

She stopped just inside of the classroom; the darkness unnerving her slightly. He ran into her as he reached out to flick the lights on. He reached out an arm to keep her from tumbling to the ground and realized he was holding her small breast. Her small, bra-less breast. He released her as if he’d just touched a hot stove.

“Oops, sorry,” April said as the lights sputtered for a moment, then flickered on.

“I just don’t like it when it’s dark,” she whispered, blushing and smiling at him.

They sat at his desk, him in his padded chair and her on the metal folding chair next to his desk. When she first sat down, she gave a little gasp at the contact of cold metal against her ass. He smiled at this and she smiled back.

“Fucking tease,” he thought as he began to instruct the cute little eighteen year old.

He went all the way back to the first chapter; she’d made a ’43’ on the test that covered the first two chapters of the textbook.

“Oh, wait, wait,” April said excitedly a few moments later. “So there’s this Era, and that Era has some Periods and…”

“Exactly,” Michael said. “So the Mesozoic Era has…”

“Um,” April looked over her notes and then smiled. “The Triassic, the Jurassic, and the Cretaceous, right?”

“And was followed by what Era?” Michael prompted.

Again April referred to her notes.

The Cenozoic Era, right?” she announced and smiled proudly.

He looked at his watch; it was ten forty five.

“What time do you have to be home?” he asked the girl, trying not to stare at her nipples, which were visible through the thin tee shirt.

He’d not eaten breakfast and was beginning to get a little hungry.

“I don’t,” she said, placing a hand on his upper thigh. “You have me all day.”

“Oh, okay then,” he said and she took her hand off his leg and continued to happily scribble down notes.

“I’m not supposed to do this,” Michael admitted as he pulled her test out of his briefcase.

“What? Help a student?” she asked, looking up from her notebook.

She again put her small hand on his bare leg and Michael cursed himself for wearing baggy shorts without a jockstrap underneath. His boxers were doing a terrible job of containing the raging erection her casual contact, the sight of her juicy body, and the smell of her teenage sweat was giving him.

“No, no, helping students is my job,” he smirked. “No, Ms. Moony, I’m going to let you re-take your test. You scored a forty three on it and…”

“I know; God, my mom was so pissed,” she said unhappily.

“Well, here, go sit at your desk and take it again, all right?” Michael said.

She took the test and scampered over to her normal desk. The bending and swiveling in the metal folding chair had caused her already too short shorts to creep up into the crack of her ass and he was treated to even more of her juicy rear end.

Again she gasped when her bottom made contact with pendik escort the cool wooden seat and smiled a self-conscious smile.

Forty minutes later, she brought the test up to him and he skimmed it quickly. She stood next to him, watching. April rested her small hand on his broad shoulder and leaned close, almost as if she was aware of how her scent was affecting him.

Even with her new-found understanding of the material, the girl still made some errors and scored a seventy eight.

“But that’s passing, right?” she asked.

“That’s passing,” he agreed. “But, April, I don’t want you to just pass; I want you to excel.”

Her light brown eyes misted over for a moment and her lips quivered. Then she nodded her head in agreement.

“Okay, show me what I did wrong,” she whispered, voice shaking.

He did and she nodded, then suddenly looked around.

“I got to go to the bathroom,” she announced.

He nodded his agreement and they left his classroom. She went to the girls’ room and squealed; the light was off. He reached in and hit the switch, then passed that door and went to the boys’ room.

Two strokes of his cock and he blasted a load of semen into the urinal. A moment later, his cock had softened enough for him to urinate and he sighed contentedly.

She was already back in the classroom, back at his desk, wiggling to an unheard melody as she scribbled the notes to the corrections he’d shown her.

“April, how about we take a lunch break?” he suggested and she looked up.

A momentary flash of unhappiness flashed, then she nodded her head in agreement.

“Problem?” he asked.

She shook her head and closed notebook and textbook.

“Leave those here; you ever eat at Casa Ole?” he asked.

“That Mexican place on Winthrop?” she asked, brightening. “No’ Matt was supposed to take me there, but then he takes Deidre instead.”

“Come on,” Michael said and April nervously followed him out of the classroom.

“Oh, hey, your bike; I know it’s locked up, but still,” Michael said.

“What you want me do with it?” April asked.

“Get it; we’ll lock it up in the room,” Michael suggested.

She quickly unlocked it, brought it in and ran with it down to his classroom, Michael following right behind. Her ass cheeks bounced and jiggled as she ran and Michael wanted to watch them bounce and jiggle as he pounded her from behind.

Sonia Newcastle had possessed a tight little ass like that. She had gotten the scrawny Michael Bae to write out her ‘Presidential’ speech as they were holding mock elections. She’d come over to his house, cut off shorts firmly in the crack of her ass, her luscious tanned ass.

She’d won the mock election and had given an acceptance speech. And never once did she mention Michael Bae’s name in her acceptance speech.

Since it was just after eleven thirty when they pulled up, there was only a small crowd at the restaurant. April surprised Michael by clinging onto his muscular arm, wrapping both of her slender arms around his as they waited for the hostess to seat them.

If the hostess thought anything of an older man with a cute young girl, if she thought anything of seeing a cute young girl with much of her nubile body exposed, her face didn’t betray it. She just brought them to a small booth and wished them a good lunch.

“Ola, anything to drink?” a young Latin girl asked as she put the chips and salsa onto the table.

“Just water,” April quickly said.

“Lemon? Lime?” the girl asked.

“Um, lime,” April decided.

“Same for me,” Michael said. “Lime.”

“Lunch specials on the first page,” the waitress said and walked away.

“Oh, the ‘Basic 1, 2, 3’ looks good,” April decided.

Michael couldn’t tell if it really did look good to the girl, or if she was just saying that because it was only six ninety nine.

“Yeah it does, but I think I’m getting the steak fajitas,” Michael said.

April looked and nodded as she read the description.

“Yeah, but onions? Makes my breath kind of stinky,” April admitted.

“So? I’m not going be kissing you,” Michael joked.

“Aw, you’re not?” April protested, pouting playfully.

Pouting just like Sonia Newcastle had when Michael had first declined to help her in their Civics class.

April hesitated for a moment when the waitress asked if they were ready to order, then ordered the steak fajita lunch. Michael ordered the same and the waitress took their menus.

“Last year, we had this Science teacher, Mr. Cousins?” April said. “It’s spelled like ‘cousins’ but he said it ‘Kew zahns.’ It was French or something like that.”

“That is French,” Michael agreed. “Probably Cajun or Creole.”

“Yeah!” April said. “He said he was Cajun. Anyway, he was our Science teacher last year; God, I hated his class. You asked a question? And if he didn’t like the question, he’d yell at you.”

“That’s a hell of a way to teach,” Michael said and smiled as the waitress brought a sizzling skillet to the table. She moved to put it down in tuzla escort front of Michael, but Michael pointed to April.

“Careful, is very hot,” the girl told April and also placed a ceramic container. “Your tortillas in here, okay?”

“Man, that does look so good,” April said and began assembling a tortilla with meat and onion and bell pepper.

Michael nodded approval as his own skillet arrived and he too began to assemble a tortilla.

Neither of them said anything for the first few minutes.

“So, if he was that bad of a teacher, how’d you pass his class?” Michael asked. “I mean, I assume you passed; you’re in a senior Science class.”

April blushed a bright red but did not answer and Michael’s cock twitched.

After lunch; they declined to have dessert, Michael guided April back to his truck.

“Thank you; that was so good,” April said and slid across the bench seat and kissed his cheek.

“Welcome; it was pretty good, wasn’t it?” Michael agreed and backed out of the parking lot.

She again surprised him by clutching onto his arm and leaning against him.

Ask you something?” Michael asked and she nodded agreement.

“I uh, when I said I didn’t just want you to pass, I wanted you to excel, it looked like it upset you a little bit,” Michael said.

A long moment passed. Michael was about to repeat himself when April spoke.

“I uh, it, it was like you, I mean, you really give a shit about me, about how I do in your class,” April choked out.

“I do,” he agreed, resting his hand on her smooth, soft thigh.

Again, at the school, he watched her ass undulate as she walked in front of him to his classroom. And, even though he’d been right there when he’d locked the door, she still tried the knob.

And again, she squeaked when her ass cheeks made contact with the cold metal chair.

He leaned close to her as they moved on to the third and fourth chapters in the textbook.

“I told you, onions make my breath all stinky; I mean, I sucked on two of them peppermints and I can still taste them,” April apologized.

“Your breath is fine,” he assured her, again developing an erection from the smell of her sweat.

“Aw, you’re so sweet,” April said.

“Aw, you’re so sweet,” Lilah Quentin had said as he did their Science Project.

Then had her ass hole boyfriend beat him up when Michael had asked Lilah to the Spring Prom.

Michael shoved his flare-up down and continued teaching April.

Previously, April had scored a sixty six on the second test and again, Michael let her take the test over.

This time, she scored and eighty six. And again, they went over her errors.

“Okay, April, I think you’re just about up to speed,” Michael said, getting to his feet. “You meet me here Monday after school and we’ll see about you taking the other two tests again, all right?”

“Thank you so much,” she enthused and kissed him, directly on his mouth.

Her arms went around his neck and her small mouth opened. He took the invitation and stuffed his tongue into her mouth. His arms wrapped around her slender body and his hands rubbed up and down her back, from shoulders to just above the waistband of her shorts.

His hand went up underneath her too thin, too tight tee shirt, edging it up and she moaned her consent into his mouth.

He edged the tee shirt up and she released his neck and stepped back, raising her arms so he could remove the shirt.

He did and her two B cup breasts bounced slightly when they were exposed.

She moaned when he bent and took one hard nipple into his mouth and sucked.

She cradled his head in her small hands as he sucked and gnawed gently at the small breast and hard nipple.

Then he switched to the other breast. His hands continued to rub her back, her shoulders, her arms, then he put his hands around her small waist and she took the initiative and unsnapped her jeans shorts.

He lifted her up and put her on her back on his desk.

When Michael Bae was a scrawny little eighteen year old boy, he’d never been bold enough, confident enough to demand his due when those little prick teases had used him.

Now, he wasn’t even asking. He was just taking.

“What? What are you, oh God!” April cried out as Michael bent and put his mouth directly over her sparsely covered pubic mound.

She squealed when he began licking up and down her very wet slit. He stiffened his tongue and wormed it into her pussy and she squealed again.

“Oh, Mr. Bae!” she gasped out when he bent a little further and lapped at her tiny pink anus.

He stiffened his tongue and tried to jam it into her anus, even used his hands to spread her sweet little backside, then lapped upward again and tongue fucked her pussy for a moment before finding her thin clitoris and sucking on it.

“Ah!” she screamed in orgasm and he felt his face grow very wet.

“Ah!” she screamed again as he continued to suck on her clitoris, even applying a light nip with his teeth.

Then he stood, slipped his pullover kartal escort shirt off, exposing his broad, muscular chest and flat abdomen. She scrambled down from the desk and pulled his shorts and boxers off of his narrow waist.

“Oh God! That’s a nice one!” she exclaimed as his throbbing cock popped free.

She obviously had seen more than one cock in her life; she knew her way around one. She used hands, tongue, lips and throat to make love to his meat.

“I’m about to… God, oh God, I’m about…” he warned and she sucked a little harder.

The first shot went down her throat. She then pulled her mouth off of his cock with an audible ‘pop’ and opened her mouth wide, stroking his cock.

Some of his sperm splattered onto her nose, her cheek, her chin, and some of his sperm splattered into her open mouth.

When he’d spurted his last spurt of semen onto her slender throat, she used her hand to wipe his semen from neck and face, then licked her hand clean.

Then she stood, pressed her nude body against his and kissed his neck.

His cock was quick to bob up again and he turned her around, facing away from him and bent her over his desk.

“Oh, yeah,” she sighed happily.

He had to bend slightly; he was five foot ten and she was five foot four, but the position rubbed his cock along her pussy walls very well and she tensed, then orgasmed while he was still working his cock into her tight pussy.

He reached into his desk drawer and pulled out a tube of hand cream.

The dry air in North Central Texas had really affected his skin. His skin was used to the humidity of Florida and within a month of arriving in Texas, he’d developed dry, cracked skin.

“Aw, well ain’t you a delicate thing?” Dwayne Upjohn, Michael’s best, only friend had mocked in an email when Michael complained about this.

Now, he squirted a dollop of the thick cream onto his left hand’s middle and index fingers.

“Wait, what? What are you, oh!” April said, then shuddered as Michael pressed a greasy finger against her tight little rosebud.

He wasn’t brutal, as savage as he’d like to be, but he was determined as he pushed the finger into her rectum.

She shudder again in orgasm as his cock thrust in and out of her pussy, then she again screamed in orgasm and Michael used that opportunity to worm his index finger into her rectum. Now, when he shoved his cock forward, he pulled the two fingers out. As he pulled his cock out, he shoved the two fingers into her ass.

Her cute freckled ass did jiggle and bounce as he began to pump into her with vigor. His other hand rubbed her back and shoulders, then pulled on her long red hair and she screamed in orgasm again.

Then he pulled his cock completely out of her pussy, spread his two fingers apart as far as he could and pulled them out of her ass.

“You come? I didn’t feel you… Oh God! Oh, wait!” April asked then squealed as Michael pressed the head of his cock against her greasy little anus.

His cock was lubricated with her juices and her anus was very slick with hand cream. But she struggled against the intrusion.

He slapped her left buttock with his left hand, then slapped her right buttock with his right hand.

“Quit fighting it; you’re getting it, hear?” he ordered, then used his hands to spread her ass cheeks far apart.

“Mr. Bae, I don’t like…” she whined then gave a bark of pain as the head of his cock gained a millimeter.

“Didn’t ask if you liked it,” Michael said.

He pushed forward and she whimpered and trembled as a few more millimeters pushed into her incredible tightness.

Then something gave and he slid in a few centimeters.

“Ah!” she screamed as he pulled out until just the head of his thick cock was inside of her, then pushed forward again.

Slowly, much more slowly than he would have liked, Michael would push forward, then pull back, and push just a little bit more into her hot, tight ass.

And then he was fully inside of the whimpering girl.

He rested there a moment, feeling sweat trickling down his face and chest.

Then he reached around her slim hip, found her pussy, and rubbed her thin clitoris.

“Ah, oh shit!” she screamed and Michael felt a sudden wetness on his upper thighs.

Then he slowly pulled nearly all the way out and she again whimpered. Then he slowly pushed back into her.

He gave her a few more strokes, then he began to pick up speed.

Then he made the mistake of looking down. The sight of her little pink anal ring stretched tightly around his fat cock was too much and he roared and pumped his semen into her guts.

He again played wither clitoris and she gave a strangled scream of orgasm.

His cock softened and he pulled out of her. The moment Michael’s cock head pulled completely out of April, she let out a loud fart and she gasped.

“Sorry!” she gasped, embarrassed.

Again, they walked down the hall to their individual restrooms and cleaned themselves up a little. This time, Michael was finished long before she returned to the classroom, walking in a very shaky manner.

“Come on; I’ll take you home,” he said, picking up her bicycle.

“Hate it up the butt,” she complained when she got into his truck. “Hurts forever.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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