Never Wear Underwear

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Anna walked slowly around in her robe, cleaning as she went. Her long brown hair went almost to her waist and her warm brown eyes danced with thoughts of her beautiful Mistress. Mistress Lex was at work and trusted her slave with all the duties. From cleaning and cooking to being naked and ready for her Mistress’ soft hands. Walking slowly she dusted and whipped the coffee table. Her thoughts went to the deep blue eyes of her Mistress and the blonde locks that surrounded her face. A sudden warm body snuck up on her and pressed against her tight center.

Anna relaxed as she felt the familiar bulge of her mistress’ favorite strap on. Soft yet rough hands caressed around the robe, pulling it open slowly. Lex pawed at the beautiful B cups in her hands before rolling the nipples hard causing painful pleasure.

“Mmm… hello my slut.” Her hand traveled lower meeting a flurry edge of underwear, “Oh! Tsk tsk. Looks like my little PET is in trouble!”

The slave cringed at the title pet. Whenever Mistress used it, it meant that she had been bad. She had broken a cardinal rule; one that had been her idea in the first place.

“I’m sorry Mistress…” Anna whimpered.

“No pet. You should be very ashamed. I was going to sneak in and fuck you hard against the wall.” Lex pushed Anna hard to the wall causing the slave to tremble in pleasure as she slid to the floor.

Lex walked over to loom over her pet in disappointment. Upon instinct the trembling woman reached for her Mistress’ pants and unzipped the zipper to pull out the large lady cock inside. Before she could place her mouth on the prize Lex pulled her up by her hair and slammed her face into the wall pinning her.

“No PET you don’t deserve that cock.” Lex grabbed the robe and ripped it up to clear the view of her slave. She pulled up the panties to give a wedge. Anna whimpered softly as Lex finished unzipping her pants and pulled out the cock.

Pinning her pry to the wall Lex began to thrust into the panties, barely able to penetrate her pussy. “See what underwear does?” Lex gave her own groan of frustration as she could not get the release that she herself wanted. The screams of her pets pleasure were taken away from her by the garment.

When realization came to Anna tears began to roll down her Gaziantep Anal Escort face. Because of the rule she broke she not only upset her, but her Mistress couldn’t get pleasure. It was her life to serve her Mistress, as it had been for over two years now. As the tears came down hard sobs began to rack her body.

“I’m so sorry Mistress!” she half sobbed half whimpered.

Lex pulled away from the sobbing woman and as she hit the ground in her tears Lex pulled her up. With a tender touch she whipped the tears away then commanded, “Go get six pairs of underwear and the collar my pet.”

Not wanting to displeasure her anymore Anna run off to the bedroom grabbing the underwear then to the playroom to get the collar. The collar was custom made with thick leather that held her head up with a clip in the front and in the back. The collar had been her first and when she had earned it she was given the one that was around her neck now. The collar around her next was made of thin leather that was barely an inch think. On the collar was a metal plate that read ‘My Slut’ on the from and ” *ML* ” on the back.

The slave returned to her Mistress looking outside. Sitting everything down at her owner’s feet Anna then kneeled her arms straight and crossed behind her back like her Mistress had trained her. When Lex turned around she had a thoughtful look on her face as she took the collar of her slave’s neck and clipped it on her wrist for safe keeping.

“You will have to earn this back.” Mistress Lex knew how much the collar meant to the slave. It even made her sad to see it leave the beautiful next of her pet, but it was what was needed for the message to get across. She grabbed the old collar and clipped it onto her pet’s neck and pulled the underwear off of her pet, that had started this entire thing.

“Open your mouth wide.” The slave did as told and Lex filled her slaves mouth with underwear she had just taken off of her.

The slave closed her mouth and looked down as Lex tied the other pairs together then used it to gag her pet with the underwear in her mouth. When it was tied securely she turned and walked off to the playroom to get a few things. When she returned she pointed to the closet where her jacket hung and Anna jumped to action, grabbing the article and bringing it to her owner. Lex held out her arms and Anna slipped the jacket on her before returning to her position.

The Mistress clipped a leach on the front clip and walked her pet around. The slave did was she was instructed and followed wherever she was lead. They went to the backdoor and that is when Anna heard the rain on the roof. As they stepped outside her naked body was assaulted with the cold wind and rain. She shivered, but held back the urge to cover herself. Lex lead her over to the dog house that was in the middle of the yard.

Lex pulled the slave to stand in front of it facing the house as she clipped the lead connected to the house to the back clip on the collar. When she finished tying knots with the robe she had brought she looked over at the shivering slave and felt no pity. They were her punishment and she knew it. This was what she got when she misbehaved. The fact that it was raining made no difference.

“Kneel.” Lex demanded as she grabbed and arm and slipped it through a hole and went around the dog house and did the other before tightening the line so she could not move. The Mistress repeated this with her leads and now the pet was kneeling in the mud, gagged and unable to move. Normally next would come 20 lashings, but Lex figured the elements would be enough of a punishment.

Lex walked passed and told her pet before going in, “I’ll be watching.”

Lex was inside and it had been ten minutes since she put Anna outside. Ascending up the stair she went into the bathroom and started a bath. As the bath began to fill she went back downstairs and went outside with her jacket. Walking to her pet she noticed the color of her pet was a soft shade of blue was starting to show. Anna looked up then down before she got yelled at. Lex cut the ropes and carried her pet bridle style inside the house. Once inside she set her pet down on the ground for a moment as she shut the door.

“Th…th…thank you M…mm…Mistress forrrr the pp…punishment.”

“You’re welcome.” Lex said softly as she picked her back up and brought her up the stairs to the bathroom.

The Mistress softly placed the slave in the luk warm water to help bring her temperature up. With a shiver the slave looked up at her Mistress as a soft rag with soap began to clean her body. Once she started to get back to a normal color she began to purr and a familiar tingle returned to her lower regions. Her eyes wondered to her Mistress’ pants licking her lips. Lex smiled when she saw this and pulled the collar softly off of her slave’s neck and stands up pulling her pants off.

“Would you like this now?” as she pulled her slut’s head to the cock telling her to suck.

Without any question Anna licked the lady dick softly all the way from the base to the tip before slowly taking it down her throat. She sucked with skill and bobbed her head gaining an grin from her Mistress. Anna kept eye contact with her Mistress as she continued to give the plastic cock a blow job.

“Enough slut.” Lex growled pulling Anna away from the cock by her hair.

The slut gave a moan to regaining her title back and the pulling. Lex took her shirt off and slipped her bra off letting her own B cups fall out softly. She came to the edge of the tub and straddled her slut in the tub before lowering herself into the tub kissing her little slut hard. Her hand squeezed the breasts of her pet and pulled them softly gaining a mew from her. The slut opened her legs more and Lex moved her legs to spread her legs father part pulling her into a deep kiss.

Anna moaned loudly and wrapped her legs around her Mistress’ body moaning again. Lex smirked and rubbed her hand down the body of her slave. The little slut trembles in need, the need to be close to her Mistress.

“Mistress please… please fuck me oh pleassseeee!” The slut whimpered loudly letting it echo throughout the house.

Lex chuckled and thrusts into her slut’s little pussy. The slut screamed in pleasure already close to cumming with all the foreplay from before. With a few hard thrusts into the tub the mews became louder and faster her need from release needed. When she was about to fall over the edge Lex pulled out completely and waited. Anna pouted at her Mistress and whined wanting to cum. When her breathing became normal Lex began again thrusting even harder than the first time.

“Maaaa Maayyy IIII CUMMMM??!!”

Lex smiled and whispered in the slut’s ear, “Scream my name.”

Within seconds Anna did just that for her Mistress. When the two of them calmed down the Mistress looked down at her slut before giving her a soft kiss.

“Never wear underwear.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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