New Adventures Ch. 02

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All rights reserved by author. All characters depicted are 18 years of age or older, fictitious or otherwise. This a continuation of my first story, though it can probably stand alone. Some events are true, some truths are embellished, and some of it is just my own little fantasies. I hope you enjoy, and I always appreciate any feedback or input. Thank you all again…


Scott was still standing with his semi-stiff member grasped in his left fist and looking at Audrey kneeling before him as she was smiling up at him speckled with his cum from just having the strongest climax he had ever experienced.

“What do you want to try next?” she asked again.

Shaking his head a little, Scott tried to compose himself. Although he had just experienced an intense orgasm, looking down at Audrey kneeling before him with her breasts on full display and still curiously playing with his sperm, his desires had not abated much at all. In fact they were beginning to reignite in a powerful way. Now that he could think again, he mulled over what she had asked. What would he like to try? He wanted to see her completely naked that was for sure. He had only seen glimpses of a woman’s vagina in his Dad’s magazines and a few furtive glances of his sister’s womanly charms when they were younger. He wanted to see it up close and personal this time.

“I want you to take off your shorts, Audrey. I want to see you…all of you”

“Okay,” she agreed, “but we need to go somewhere more comfortable.” Standing up, Audrey picked up the soiled towel and tossed it in the now repaired washer. Following her, Scott couldn’t help but watch her ass bounce in her cut-off jeans and think about what lay underneath them. This is awesome, he thought! He wanted to jump up and down and shout to the world. Containing his joy and excitement was difficult to say the least, but he didn’t want to ruin the moment.

As Audrey entered the living room, she turned to Scott and asked, “Where do you want me?”

“On the couch,” he said, “No wait,” he altered, “I want you to stand facing away from me and slowly take your cut-offs down while you bend over.”

Shyly, Audrey began to do as he asked. Just as she was bending over and reaching for her daisy-duke cut-offs, they both heard the crunch of tires on gravel from a vehicle coming up the driveway. Startled, Audrey jumped up and ran to her bedroom. “Oh crap, that sounds like Dad! Get your pants on quick!” Scott looked down. Yikes, he thought, I forgot all about my pants. Quickly he went back to the laundry room and grabbed his jeans. Stumbling and lurching around, he shimmied into them and buttoned up his fly as fast as he could. The fear of getting caught had thankfully all but eliminated his erection lending to the speed in which he got dressed. He could hear Audrey coming back out of the bedroom and heading his way. Amazingly she was already fully clothed in sweats and a clean loose t-shirt, looking like her normal self, if a little bit disheveled. She grabbed Scott and headed back out to the porch. Grabbing the wine bottle off the bench she chucked it into the bushes near the house, grabbed the rifle as she sat down like she was looking for gophers. Scott sat beside her and tried to get his breathing back to normal.

Audrey’s Dad, Butch, came around the house and was headed toward the tool shed. Looking over he gave a wave and called out, “Hey kids, how is it going? Hello Scott, you’re still getting bigger every day it seems. Nice to see you. While you’re here, could you give me a quick hand? Some of the cattle got out, and I need to find out where and fix the fence before night fall.” Scott cringed a little inside. Damn, that is going to take all night he thought. “Sure, Mr. Robinson, just let me call my house and see if anyone is home yet to let them know.”

“I will grab the tools from the shed and meet you around front then if it works out. Thanks Scott, sure appreciate it.” Butch Robinson was a large rotund man. He always set a fast pace and appeared to waddle when he walked, which always reminded Scott of a duck for some reason. But if any one mistook that for weakness, they would be sadly mistaken. Butch was an old veteran from the Korean War and he had carved out a living on some tough land and everything he owned he had built and paid for himself with the help of his loving wife, Cathy. The two of them made one of those odd pairs that people sometime see, as Cathy was a pretty, petite and small woman who almost looked mousy in comparison to Butch. It just dawned on Scott how much Audrey looked like her Mom, and if that was Audrey’s future, she had it made in the looks department.

Heading into the house to use the phone, Scott gave Audrey a quick nod to follow him. She looked back at her Dad and waved, then followed Scott inside.

“That was a little close,” she giggled as she grabbed Scott’s hand.

“No kidding, I about had a heart attack for the second time today,” he responded. Lifting her hand to his lips, Scott kissed her palm wetly. “I hope this doesn’t mean we can’t continue our…adventure?”

“Hell Bahçelievler escort no, we are not going to stop now,” she whispered, “we just need to figure out where and when to start the next one.” Breaking her hand away from his she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down for a kiss. Opening her mouth slightly, she licked his lips then mashed her lips to his with pent up desire. Responding, Scott reached around her back and planted his hands on her butt cheeks, squeezing and massaging her as his own tongue explored hers. Far too quickly for Scott’s taste, Audrey pulled back and whispered, “Meet me at the Fort, tomorrow by noon. Can you do that?”

“Nothing could stop me,” Scott replied as he reluctantly went to the phone to call his house while Audrey shooed him away.

“Hurry, I don’t want my Dad to suspect anything.”

“Okay, Okay.”

Scott dialed up his house and as luck (depending on how you looked at it) would have it, his sister May was home from her summer job. Yes, she had the house covered she said and he could go help Mr. Robinson. Scott headed out toward the front door and slapped Audrey on her nicely formed bottom as he passed her standing at the window staring out as she watched her father load the tools into the old International pick-up truck. Jumping and giving a yelp, she turned and punched him on the arm playfully.

“So that’s what you want, huh?”

“That and so much more, Aud, I can’t wait!”

“Me neither, Scott. Just don’t be late, we are going to have lots of fun,” she said, giggling and laughing as he lurched out the door so as not to keep Mr. Robinson waiting. Trying to keep from blushing, Scott took a deep breath and jogged out to the truck to try to burn some of the sexual energy that was building up in him.

“Hey there, kiddo, you that eager to do some work,” Butch asked with a smile on his face. “Not really, sir, just want to get it done,” Scott replied with a laugh. Butch liked Scott and thought of him as one of his own kids most of the time. Scott worked hard and had a good head on his shoulders. His family had helped him out throughout the years through some hard times and in turn he had helped them whenever they needed and if he could. That was the way around this small valley, and was one of the reasons he had never had any desire to be anywhere else.

“Hop in, son,” he told Scott and followed his own advice climbing into his old rusted International. It was not much to look at, but his old truck had seen and done its fair share of duty over the past 20 years and still had some good life left to give. Giving the doors a good slam as they settled onto the worn brown vinyl bench seat, Butch turned the key and hit the ignition button on the console. The engine revved to life, and putting it in gear he backed out of the driveway and headed down the fence line toward the mountains.

“You keep an eye out on that side for any damaged fence, and I will watch my side, but I think I have a good idea where they are getting out. Most likely it will be down by the creek where some of the posts may have rotted or been washed out.” Scott nodded his head, and rolled down the window to look out the passenger side. For a while the only sound that could be heard was the rumbling of the motor and the squeaks and complaints of the springs in the old seat bench as they bounced down the rutted trail alongside the fence.

Finally they reached the creek with no sign of any damage along the way, but as surmised, the fence that was strung across the creek had fallen from one of the anchor posts on the bank that had rotted out.

“Yep, there it is. Let’s get to work,” Butch said as he pulled to a stop and crawled out of the cab. “We should be able to just beat the sunset if we hurry.” Waddling quickly to the back, Butch grabbed an old railroad tie and tossed it on his shoulder like it was made of balsa and headed toward the bank. Scott quickly grabbed the rest of the tools and scrambled after him and they quickly got to work.

Three hours later and wet once again from wading in the creek to restring the fence line, Scott finally got back home. Jumping out of the old truck, Scott waved to Mr. Robinson. “Thanks for the ride, Mr. Robinson.”

“It was the least I could do for all the help, Scott. You come on over for a meal this weekend, and the wife will treat you right, you hear!” Butch put the truck back in gear, waved and drove off down the dirt road between their properties. Heading into the house, Scott took his muddy boots off at the door and headed for the shower. Man, he thought, I am a mess. May was in the kitchen cooking the evening meal. “Mom called and said she is working a double, and Dad had a late delivery to make so will be a little late,” she called to him as he passed her, “Do you want garlic bread with your spaghetti?”

“Yea, sounds good, I just got to take a quick shower and I will be right back.”

Shucking his clothes, Scott jumped in the shower and turned it on as hot as he could stand to take Bahçelievler escort bayan the chill out of his damp skin. Standing in the steady stream and building steam he began to scrub himself and his mind went back to the events earlier this afternoon with Audrey. Thinking of her breasts and of how he had sucked on her nipples soon got his manhood to a ridged state. Soaping up he began to touch himself again. Leaning his back against the wall of the shower stall, he let the hot water pelt his chest and run down his front torso. Grabbing his cock, he began to fist himself thinking about what had transpired earlier and what might happen tomorrow at the fort. God, he wanted to see her in the worst way he thought. He wondered what her pussy would look like. Would she let him touch it? How does a pussy feel, he wondered. Spanking her ass had felt good too. Something about the sting and the way it had jumped had appealed to him. Would she let him spank her again, on her bare ass? Why did that even turn him on, he thought? There were so many things running through his mind, he wasn’t even sure where to focus, except for on his cock as he continued to pump it up and down faster and faster. Soon, his climax hit him, and grunting, he spurted his seed all over the shower wall and into the drain. As he slowly came down from his orgasm, he realized that it was not nearly as satisfying as earlier with Audrey. He needed to see her again, and by see her, he meant all of her!

Scott quickly ate dinner and headed for bed. Normally, he liked to stay up late, but he had worked and played hard all day, and felt beat. Plus, he wanted tomorrow to come soon and reasoned that sleeping would help make that happen, like sleeping in the car on a long trip only to wake up and be at your destination. Unfortunately, though exhausted, his excitement kept him from falling asleep immediately. Tossing and turning most of the night, he was only able to rest fleetingly as he would wake up from one erotic dream to the next. Morning finally came, and not surprisingly, Scott was up early. Surprisingly he did not have any wet dreams, which in the last few years seemed to be a common occurrence when he went to bed horny.

Quickly pouring himself a bowl of cereal, Scott scarfed down his Cheerio’s and quickly headed out to the woodshed to finish off the wood that needed to still be chopped and stacked. Soon, he had worked up a sweat and was caught up in the repetition of the process. Set the wood on the block, swing the splitting mall, toss the pieces in a pile, grab another piece of wood and repeat. Before he knew it, it was done, and all he had to do was stack it neatly in the shed. Luckily, his sister May came out and gave him a hand.

“You seem raring to go this morning, Curly, you have date?” May smiled at Scott as she started chucking the chopped wood from the pile at him so he could stack it in the row he was working on. Snatching the wood adeptly out of the air, Scott bantered back with his sister. “Just trying to free up the rest of my weekend, Red,” he said, and gave her a wink. May was a red head, with freckles and large dark-rimmed glasses that always slid down her nose causing her to continuously fork a finger between her eyes to keep them from falling off. She was a large girl that seemed soft all over. Some might think of her as over-weight, but Scott always thought she was pretty and voluptuous, as she had all the same curves as any other girl, just more of it. To add to that, her personality was unique amongst all the women that Scott had ever met. She was smarter than anyone he knew and had a great sense of humor, but at the same time, she had a naivety about her that made him want to protect her from the harshness of the world that he was only beginning to discover himself. He often thought that if she wasn’t his sister, he would have wanted her to be his wife.

“What you planning on doing the rest of the day?” she asked as she continued to feed him wood pieces as fast as he could handle.

“I thought I might go fishing or hiking for a bit,” he lied, trying not to be to committed to anything so that she wouldn’t want to join him. Immediately he felt guilty. He never lied to May, and they usually shared everything, they were that close, so lying to her felt terribly wrong to him.

“Well, now I know you have a date silly…you are such a bad liar,” she laughed, pushing her glasses back up her nose.

Scott laughed out loud. “How do you know when I am always lying?”

“You blush like you just had a first kiss, Curly.”

Blushing even more, Scott just kept his head down and kept stacking.

“Oh my God, it really is a girl isn’t it?” May cried. “Are you going to tell me who it is, or am I going to have to find out for myself later?”

“Look, May, this is all a little new to me so can you keep it quiet for a bit?” Another thing about his sister was that she wasn’t afraid to say what was on her mind to anybody, regardless of how that might make other people feel. She would be dead honest, but sometimes Escort bahçelievler she did not take into account other people’s feelings or concerns as she spoke her mind.

For once, May didn’t press him and just smiled at him and kept quiet while they finished stacking the wood. Heading back into the house, Scott decided a shower was in order before he headed out to the fort. Grabbing some fresh clothes, he hopped into the shower. Scott’s sexual tension was on the rise again, and he was tempted to jerk off to relieve himself like he often did when showering. But it had occurred to him after last night when he masturbated that saving his sexual desires for Audrey would make it so much better than wasting it on masturbating on his own. He made sure to wash himself good though, in all his private places, and even though he was hard, he only rubbed his cock briefly just to enjoy the pleasure of it before drying off and getting dressed.

Trying not to hum a little tune out loud as he left the house, Scott told his parents he was headed out to go hiking up Desert Mountain and maybe stop by Lion’s lake for a swim. Both his parents had their heads down around the kitchen table and were working on the monthly bills by the looks of it. A mumbled “Be careful” and “Be home by dark” was about all that came from them, as he pretty much was given permission to do whatever he wanted now that he had graduated High School this year. Grabbing an apple from the fruit bowl on his way out, Scott threw out a, “Thanks!” and skipped out the door. As he headed toward the garage to grab the three-wheeler, May gave him a wink from the picnic table where she briefly brought her head up from her latest book, and said, “Good luck, stud!” Laughing at her own joke, she wiggled herself more comfortable on the bench seat and went back to reading. Scott frowned at her, then laughed and hurried along. Good luck indeed, he thought, trying not to grin to wide.

Heading down the dirt road, Scott turned off and hit a side trail that went directly to the fort. The fort, as he and his friends called it, was really just a pseudo park that the small town had created for the kids to have something to call their own and be able to congregate and play in as they grew up. Even calling it a park was pushing the description to its utmost. It was really just a couple acres of land in the woods that had been thinned and in the middle a “fort” was erected out of rough sawn lumber and log slats. Though simple it had been built with a child’s heart in mind. There were multi-level platforms and small enclosures that were connected by swinging bridges and covered walk ways throughout the structure. It actually went up nearly three stories and at the top was a large enclosed floor nearly as big as Scott’s living room. In the middle was a ladder that actually went to a loft under a sloped roof that was even more secluded. Over the years, Scott and his friends had gathered old cushions, sleeping bags, a rickety old table and chairs that were used for playing games and sitting around drinking beers or smoking cigarettes and pot. Hidden under a false board in the loft they had even stashed some Penthouse and Playboy magazines over the years that were worn with use from many solo masturbation sessions while discovering what sex was all about.

Checking his watch, Scott could see that he was right on schedule for the meeting planned with Audrey that was scheduled at noon here. Looking around, he did not see any sign of her, or anyone else for that matter. Though the fort was popular when he was younger, it was less used these days as his generation of friends had out grown it, it seemed. Pulling the three-wheeler around the back, Scott killed the motor, swung out of the seat and bounded up the stairs to the first landing. Looking around at all the other landings, he decided to check out the top main floor as that was where everyone ended up anyway, and was the only landing that was enclosed with vertical slats and hard to make out if anyone was in it or not. Excitedly, he raced across the swinging bridge and leaped up the next set of stairs till he reached the top. Slowing down a little, he composed himself before entering the enclosure and looked around anxiously. Damn, he thought, she isn’t here. God, I hope she didn’t change her mind. I am such an idiot, he hounded himself; I should have called this morning to see if she was still coming.

Dejectedly Scott went over to an old bean bag that someone had dragged up and plopped himself down. White pellets poofed out the tear in the side of the green vinyl covering and joined with the dust motes that were stirred up and played in the sunlight shining through the gaps in the slat walls. The feeling of sadness was nearly overwhelming for him. Not typically a depressed type of person, Scott was surprised by his own reaction. As he pondered what to do next, he heard a noise above him. Looking up, he barely contained a laugh and a holler as he saw Audrey backing slowly down from the loft above. With her back to him, her butt was at a good position to watch as she stepped carefully from rung to rung. She was wearing the same cut-off jeans/Daisy-dukes from yesterday, and from this angle her legs seemed longer and more alluring than he ever recalled before. Clambering up, he watched as she jumped from the last rung and turned to him with a shy smile on her face.

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