New Foot Cuckold for an Old Flame

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I hadn’t seen Jen in close to a year. Her message had been a bolt from the blue and left me with mixed feelings. On the one hand it drew up unpleasant memories of our parting. I had taken the break up quite badly at the time and was worried any meeting might stir up those emotions again. On the other hand, I had been mildly curious. The text itself had been innocuous enough. A general ask for a catch up and a chat over coffee. But amidst the uncertainty, the unexpected nature of it had piqued my curiosity. I had tried to keep clear of her social media but knew that at least since New Year she had been seeing someone new. A brief bit of online snooping and I found just how to her taste he was. Tall, chiselled good looks, brawny. A former fitness instructor turned engineer. I read as far as that and no further.

There had always been a part of me that placed Jen out of my league. She had long flowing chestnut hair, emerald eyes and finely sculpted good looks. A daintily shaped nose with plump lips. Her body was equally spectacular. A fitness fanatic, she admitted more than once to having an ‘Amazonian’ figure, standing just slightly taller than me even in flat shoes, with a bountiful chest, toned ass and long powerful, athletic legs. It came as a surprise to her that my tastes lay with what was at the end of them. This was particularly since she had size 8 feet, larger than most women. She had met my foot fetish with bemused curiosity, which I welcomed compared to the harsh judgment or disgust some women responded with.

Our first night together she had played her cards well, displaying her toes with a freshly painted pedicure. I still vividly recall the passion of that evening. My gentle invitation for her to ‘experiment’ with something new, as I took her feet into my hands and her smirking reply of ‘go ahead’. Her eyes opening wide and her smirk slipping to a smile as she gazed at me sucking on her toes, something no man had ever done to her before or as far as I was aware, since. From that moment I had been enraptured. We had been together much of the previous summer and things had been progressing well, meeting friends and many dates. But as the Autumn crept in things began to grow distant. As much fun as I thought we were having in bed, it soon grew clear my enthusiasm was not reciprocated and the fire soon faded. I had sensed all was not well, but the final farewell still hit hard.

As open as I had been with my foot fetish with Jen, I had never revealed to her my darker and more sordid fantasies. In particular, I had been quiet about my taste for being dominated by a gorgeous Goddess, though I certainly thought on more than one occasion she would be capable of it. Deeper and darker still, I kept quiet about my cuckolding fantasies. The idea of watching a gorgeous Goddess be taken by a superior man as I kneel on the floor, sniffing her worn, fragrant shoes and occasionally permitted to suck and lick at her writhing feet. Those fantasies stayed with me.

I nevertheless had many thoughts racing through my mind as I drove to meet her for coffee. As far as I was aware there was no chance or likelihood of our relationship returning. Equally I had no indication that things had even ended with her new beau. Historically any relationships I had which ended, the maximum distance possible would normally grow between me and the other person. Yet for some reason she had felt impelled to contact me. Where it was to lead would take me totally by surprise.

I arrived at the coffee shop about 10 minutes early. I took a window seat and ordered a cappuccino. I nursed it and stirred at the foam, gazing out at the busy street. Suddenly she appeared from a side street. I remembered instantly why I fell for her. She looked as good as ever, wearing a leather jacket and tight jeans, flowing down to ballet pumps with ankle socks on her feet. She raised her sunglasses onto her forehead and smiled down at me as she entered.

“Hey there! Long time no see!” She chirped.

“I know, practically a lifetime.” I replied as we leaned in for an awkward hug.

“Oh you’ve ordered. Do you fancy another to take away? It’s such a nice day I thought we might walk down along the coast path.”

“Yeah I could take another. That sounds great. Let me get these.”

“No, I’ll get this one. Another cappuccino?”

“Yes please.”

Jen turned and ordered and the cups came quickly. I opened the door for her and we strode out into the morning sunlight. We walked down towards the harbour and the start of the coast path. She talked about the usual topics of conversation, how work was, some improvements she had done to her house, planned holidays and I replied with my own ups and downs since we last spoke. I found myself distracted by her beauty even still. It seemed just a glance at her smiling face and radiant looks made my forlorn feelings melt away. We made it down past the end of the harbour and on to the start of the coastal path which wound around a series of cliffs and small bays before reaching a quiet wood. The path grew less crowded until it was just the two of us. We came to a silent bahçelievler escort clearing with a single picnic table and views out across the sea. Jen sat opposite me and moved the conversation into surprising territory.

“So, are you seeing anyone at the moment?”

“Umm, no. Not really. Just occasional dates through the usual apps but nothing serious. How about you?” I asked, already knowing the answer from my research.

“Uh yeah actually I’m seeing someone. We started dating back before Christmas. His name is Steve and things seem to be going well. We have the same interests. He is quite sporty so we got into gym fitness stuff together. Fitness and martial arts classes. He works as an engineer. But yeah, things are going good.”

“Sounds like it is going well. I’m happy for you.”

“Thanks, it means a lot. Really…” Jen said. She reached out and placed her hand on mine, her eyes met my gaze. “Listen, I know it seemed really shit when I ended things and how much you must have been hurting from it. Honestly it was nothing personal. I just felt the romantic chemistry wasn’t quite there, you know? But you are a really nice guy and you will find someone.”

“Thanks Jen. But honestly you don’t need to apologise. It is what it is. As you say the chemistry wasn’t there and if one person isn’t feeling it they can’t be forced to have feelings. I mean, for what it’s worth you look spectacular. Steve is a very lucky guy.”

“Thanks. Maybe he doesn’t know how lucky yet.” Jen said, retracting her hand.

“What do you mean?”

“Well…God I feel so weird bringing this up.” Jen said with a sigh. “Being totally honest with you there is a reason I wanted to talk. And a reason why I wanted it to be somewhere…private…”

“Ok?” I replied, as my mind started to race.

“Well, the truth is. I know you have your stuff you enjoy when it comes to sex. I mean, I never judged. Your kinks were fine with me. Truthfully it was really something different having a guy kissing and licking my feet. But I did some research when we were dating and started to get a bit more of an insight into those things. What I seemed to find online was that, depending on the guy, a foot fetish can be a sign of being more submissive…in the bedroom…”

“Umm yeah I guess that would be fair to say.” I replied.

“Well…I can’t even believe I am saying this. Look I am going to tell you something and if you feel weird or uncomfortable at all, please just say and it will be the end of the subject. But, since getting to know Steve, we have had a bit of time to get to know each other a bit better, especially in the bedroom. The same way you and I got to know each other. And, well, one night whilst having a chat Steve mentioned to me one of his biggest fantasies is being watched. He gets off on the idea of having someone there watching us have sex. So, we talked it over for a while and the truth is we just couldn’t think of anyone we would trust enough. Definitely not in our friend group. Equally though, I didn’t really like the idea of it being a stranger. But, then, doing a bit more digging online I found out about this concept of ‘cuckolding’ where a guy likes watching a woman he is with or dating, being with other guys and I saw how it tied in to that whole submissive kink idea. And, so, you probably see where I am going with this…”

“You wanted to know if I would like to watch you and Steve…together?” I asked, heat rising at the back of my neck.

“I know it seems totally random and totally forward. As I said you can absolutely tell me to go and jump if you are freaked out by it but, it was just an idea I had. God now I think about it I can’t believe I would put you in that position…”

“Jen, it’s ok. Calm down. I mean compared to what a lot of people are into out there it’s not a big deal. But is Steve seriously wanting this?”

“It came out as a random conversation in bed a few months ago and then the next thing I knew I was researching it and then before too long we were trying to think through someone who we could ask. I am really close with some of my friends you met when we were dating, but honestly I just think this would be too much of a breach of trust to ask of them, aside from the fact a lot of them would be more conservative when it comes to stuff in bed. I guess I wanted to strike a balance between someone familiar but equally someone who would keep it to themselves. When I mentioned you to Steve and I hope you don’t mind I mentioned your foot fetish, we seemed to think maybe it might work. We know each other but obviously aren’t that close. God this is so awkward. But yeah, in a nutshell that is it. Would that be something you might consider?”

“I mean, it is a surprise Jen I’m not going to lie. We haven’t seen each other in ages and then this springs out over coffee and a walk?”

“I know. Hearing it like that makes it sound horrendous! I am just totally new to the whole thing and thought you might be up for it. But you’re right, it was crazy to bring up. Let’s just wrap things up and head back…”

“Wait, bala escort Jen. Hang on.” I replied, softly placing my hand on her forearm. “What if…I was interested?”

Jen’s eyes widened as I had seen them widen before. Her flustered look gave way to a wry smile as her eyes met mine.

“So, this is something you would consider?”

“Potentially. But it would depend on a few things. If I was interested…”

“Ok. I totally understand there would be boundaries, that makes sense. I am guessing from your point of view my feet would have to be involved. What else?”

“If that is something you and Steve are fine with then yes, I would be keen your feet were involved. Money would also be involved, in a way, but not in the way you might think.”

“When I chatted to Steve about it I did say that if you were to agree to this it would likely mean you getting to lick or suck my feet at some point. I mean to make sure you get something out of it, even if we did it separately to you watching us. He seemed fine with it, as long as you stayed below my ankles. Feet are not exactly his thing anyway and seems only fair. But what do you mean about money?”

“If we are being totally honest Jen, the whole cuckolding thing you mentioned, is something I am also into. Especially where it meets with my foot fetish. I do get turned on by the idea of worshipping a woman’s feet as she is with another man.”

“Oh my god really!? I had no idea! I remember you getting hot and bothered when I sent you those pics of my feet in heels going on nights out with my girlfriends and modelling new pairs at home. But, are you saying if I had told you when we were dating that I was going to log back onto the dating apps and go and meet other guys…it would have turned you on?”

“In so many words, yes. But there is a bit more to it than that. To be honest I would probably be better talking you through a fantasy of mine end to end. You can let me know where to go if you don’t like any aspect of it. But I would have an idea how this might work.”

“This is really intriguing me now. Is this where the money comes in?” Jen replied.

“Yes. As well as some terms you might have come across in your searches online. First of all, for the evening, I would like it if you had a French tipped pedicure. I will of course pay for this. I would like if on the day of it you can send me a picture of your feet with it. Any texts to me you refer to me as ‘Cucky’. You refer to Steve as your ‘Bull’. You can feel free to text me on the days and hours running up to the evening, teasing me about how I am going to get to watch your ‘Bull’ take you like I never could. You will presumably plan to have dinner together that night, possibly a takeaway with alcohol. I will pay for this and let you both enjoy before I arrive. I have one strict request if that is OK, I take orders and interaction from you only. For me, the fantasy lies in being ordered around and chided by a beautiful Goddess, so I would prefer not to take orders from Steve. For all intents and purposes, he pretends I am not there. I would like you to wear open toed heels on the night. Either a pair you already own or a new pair I can pay for. After dinner and drinks but before you get started, you will order me to strip naked and kneel on the floor. I will dutifully oblige. As with the texts, I am happy you refer to me on the night as ‘Cucky’. I would very much like to take your heels off your feet and to sniff them as you and Steve get warmed up and undressed. I would like permission to wank as I watch but it is at your discretion to permit me. At a time of your choosing, you may order me to crawl over and sniff and worship your feet. I would like to do this during foreplay and whilst you and Steve have sex. I am more than happy to suck and lick your feet clean as you desire as you and Steve have sex. When you and Steve have both finished, I would like permission to wank myself off over your feet. You and Steve may watch me do this or ignore me, your choice. Once finished, I will clean my mess off your feet before you and Steve head for a shower. I will dutifully clean the bedsheets and tidy up before seeing myself out. My main ask would be I take my orders and admonishment from you and you alone and I will only worship you, specifically your feet. How would that sound to you?”

Jen had listened intently, wide eyed as I recounted my vision of an evening of cuckolding. As I finished speaking she looked out to sea and smiled before her eyes returned to mine.

“That sounds very…interesting. This is clearly something you have thought about a lot?”

“More than a few occasions, yeah.”

“Thought about…involving me?” She replied with a wicked smirk.

“Being honest, yes. On more than one occasion.”

“Just think. If we had been together a little longer it might have all come out. Such a naughty little fantasy. Give me a second to make a call.”

Jen rose from the table and removed her phone from her bag. She stepped away towards the lookout point and raised the phone to her ear. She was balgat escort speaking for a few minutes as I sat in anticipation of her answer. Heat rose on the back of my neck as she talked, occasionally turning to look at me. Finally, she hung up the phone and walked back towards me, her face betraying a look of relish. She swiftly looked about ensuring we were still alone before she sat opposite me once again. Before I could react she had slipped her ankle sock clad left foot out of its ballet flat shoe and raised it to brush the inside of my leg. I winced as she wriggled her sock clad toes against me.

“Ok, cucky…I spoke with Steve and told him all your dirty little fantasy. He has agreed. In fact, he is quite excited. I will book an appointment in the nail salon I normally go to in town and book a full pedicure with French polish. I will send you the receipt and you can bank transfer me the money. In exchange, you will get some pictures as a treat. Our favourite takeaway is a thai place not far from mine. We will order dinner for ourselves this Friday night and again I can send you the receipt to repay me. I will also buy in some drinks for us to make cocktails that night and you can pay me for these. I will wear those strappy heeled sandals you seemed to like so much in my pictures but never got to see me wear in person. I actually got a chance to wear them to a wedding Steve and I went to recently so they should be fairly fragrant for you. We will order our dinner for 7pm and you can arrange to pop over for 9pm. Then…well I think you described the rest well enough yourself…I would ask you if you agree but something tells me you already have…” Jen said with a smile.

Her toes pressed and wriggled against my jeans. Were they to go higher than my inner leg she would have found my growing erection.

“Yes Jen…perfect…” I replied, my face flustered.

“Ok then…I’m glad we could arrange something.” She said, promptly withdrawing her foot and returning it to her shoe.

Jen stood up and leaned in over the table until her face was close to mine.

“I’m excited for it already…cucky. You get to see how I traded up since we broke up…and I get to see a very different side of you.”

She quickly and softly kissed me on the cheek before turning and walking away. It took a few moments to contain myself before I could get up to leave. As I returned to my car and shut the door the thoughts stopped racing and I was instantly hit by clarity. I was going to be cucked by a Goddess ex whilst worshipping her feet. I had tasted her toes and soles before, their flavour still in my memory. But this would be very different, tasting them as they become sweaty and pheromonal from being taken by another man.

The week ahead flew by and I grew more and more excited. As promised, Jen booked and attended her nail appointment. My heart fluttered as the pictures arrived on my phone displaying her flawless toes adorned with the French pedicure.

“How do they look, cucky?” Was the message accompanying them, followed by a smirking smiley face.

I replied with a drooling face. I edged myself over and over looking at the pictures during the following days. It seemed Jen had taken to the role of cuckoldress very well. Unexpectedly another picture arrived on the Thursday evening. The picture was taken in a mirror. Jen was standing facing her Bull, Steve. She was wearing lingerie and he a towel, clearly just out of the shower. His figure towered over her. He was grasping her ass whilst she had raised one of her feet so it was in view of the mirror. This time the text message read.

“Growing excited for tomorrow cucky. Remember, our dinner is ordered for 7pm and you are to be here for 9pm. Don’t be late…” Once again, the message ended with a smirking smiley face.

Seeing Steve’s brawny arm and hulking figure, combined with a teasing peek at Jen’s foot sent heatwaves rolling up my neck. My excitement building. As ordered, I sent money later that night to pay for the drinks they were both buying in for the following evening. I went to bed that night with my heart in my mouth. I had been in a daze through work on the day itself, zoned out of meetings and preparing for the night ahead. As I had my own quiet dinner Jen sent a quick reminder, not that it was needed.

“Tonight’s the night cucky. Remember, 9pm and don’t be late or early. I will send the takeaway dinner bill now. We are just finishing it before some cocktails. When you arrive, the front door will be open. Let yourself in and lock the door behind you, the key is on the hook in the hall as you might remember. We are excited to see you…”

This time Jen sent a picture from under her dining table, her hand resting on her bull’s lap. I thought I could make out the imposing outline of his manhood against his jeans.

The drive over went by in a blur. Traffic was light and I arrived outside Jen’s house almost on autopilot, parking up in the quiet neighbourhood where she lived. I cast my gaze around the quiet street, but saw no one. TV screens and lamps glowed against the inside of closed curtains, people enjoying quiet evenings. I took a breath before opening the door to Jen’s house, closing it behind me quietly. As requested, I lifted the key from its resting spot on the wall and locked the door. As I replaced the key, I heard a deep voice through the door to the living room.

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