New Immigrant couple

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I received a call from Anita, she said she wants to do some shopping on Saturday and will be free after mid-day till 9 in the evening. I asked her 9 hours with me alone, she replied in a whisper, why you think its too much. I giggled and in my sexy voice said, I wouldn’t mind mid-day to mid-night. I could imagine she was blushing as she said Shawn will be back after mid-night but I thought I come home earlier. Why don’t you ask him to pick you up from here, I am sure he won’t mind if you are at my place. She giggled perhaps I can ask him to pick me up on the way and he does not has to rush back home, besides he likes that I am becoming bold being friends with. We both giggled and she agreed to be at my place around mid-day.

Anita and Shawn are new immigrant couple, they are still struggling to make friends. They have been married for 5 years without any k**s by choice, still in their 20’s, no family and after 5 years of marriage opening up to each other. I met her at the park and was immediately drawn to her big brown eyes, thin waist and a smiling face. She is just 5’3″ about 100 lbs but a well shaped body, must be close to 30-B, 18, and 32. One can say I like’em young, fresh and new… Lol. Anita and I have met and talked a few times and yes we have talked about men and women and sex. It was during one of our conversations that I realized she was thinking about spicing up her sex life and even thinking of being with a woman.

Saturday I dressed in a short tight dress and heels. I had put some makeup and my hair were done. Around 1 pm, I saw their car approaching my driveway, I came out and watched as her husband opened door to let her out. Anita came out dressed in skinny jeans, heels and a tight blouse, I could see the curves of her body outlined and suddenly felt heat rising in my body. I walked towards her and smiled at her as Shawn thanked me for taking care of her. He said he has to monitor observation wells and could be back by 2 to 3 am or even later in the morning. I told him don’t worry about Anita we girls will have a good time. We turned and I felt eyes staring at my bum, I giggled, “what?”, she asked, I said “your husband is staring my behind, shall we give him a good show?” she giggled, I put my arm around her waist and we slowed down our steps moving our hips sexily we walked as if walking in a fashion show, giving her husband a view of our sexy buttocks. We turned he was still looking at us, we waved at him as he suddenly backed and drove away. I looked into her eyes and she had a blush on her face. I smiled at her and taking her hand I showed her my front yard and flowers. Then we walked inside.

“Why don’t you have a seat on the couch, make yourself more comfortable,” I suggested, and Anita immediately did just that. “Would you like something to drink, maybe a glass of wine?” she looked at me and said “Some wine, if that is ok?”

I smiled warmly at her and put the AC on high cool then brought two glasses of wine as we sat close on the love seat. We took sips of wine as I watched her in her eyes, after minutes of silence watching each other’s eyes. I gently turned Stella’s face close to mine and said, ” I promise you I will not do anything you don’t want.”, she blushingly nodded her head.

Making the first move, I leaned in closer to Anita, my lips pressing softly against hers. It was only a small kiss, but it was all that was needed for a start. Pulling back, I saw Anita still had her eyes closed and smiled slightly. I leaned in again and this time, the kiss was a little more passionate, insistent. I stroked my tongue across her closed lips, seeking entry that Anita gave. For a moment, our tongues dueled, massaging against each other until they found the perfect rhythm together. With the deeper kiss, I felt Anita getting a little more confident, her arms coming up to wrap round my shoulders as she held herself close to her.

“Was that the kind of thing you were hoping?” I asked as I pulled back slightly from Anita.

“Definitely,” Anita said breathlessly, nodding enthusiastically.

“So I guess I should keep going then,” I said, my lips now making a trail down her neck, occasionally nibbling slightly on her soft skin, pleased at the soft moans I started to hear coming from my girlfriend. My hands again reaching out, I pulled away her blouse without any resistance from Anita. Still keeping her distracted with my lips against her neck, I undid her jeans.

“Lift your hips for me, baby,” I whispered in her ear as I nibbled gently on her earlobe. Without hesitation, Anita did, lifting her hips from the couch to let me pull the jeans off her body completely. I saw she had a fantastic body. Perfect rounded breasts that had to be a small C cup, a flat toned stomach, and gorgeous long legs. Too bad the white lace underwear she was wearing was getting in the way of the things I really wanted to see on Anita.

“You’re beautiful, you know,” I told her, placing a kiss on the top of each breast, just where the cup line of her bra ended.

“I really wanna do this,” she said, her voice still breathless and her eyes still closed. “And I really wanna see you. All of you.”

“Go ahead, gorgeous,” I told her, wrapping her hand to the zip of my dress. I felt her hands shake slightly as she pulled the zip down, but she still did it, I automatically lifted my hips to let the dress land on the floor beside her jeans. I watched Stella as she looked down at my body, at my rounded 34C breast, gym induced stomach and limbs barely hidden by my red lace half-cup bra and thong.

“Oh my God, you’re amazing,” Anita said, staring down at my body.

“Thank you,” I smiled. “I want you to lay back, honey, and let me make you feel good, ok,” I pushed softly at her shoulders to lie down on the love seat as I straddled her hips. “Is it safe here in the living room or shall we go to your bedroom” she asked softly. I giggled “It’s ok here, just let me take control.” Anita nodded her head, giving silent permission to continue.

I leaned down to kiss her once again, Anita immediately opened her mouth to deepen the kiss. As she did, I slid my arms beneath and around, quickly unhooking her bra and throwing it over her shoulder. I moved my lips, to her perfect breasts. My guess was right, definitely a B cup, with just the right sized pink colored nipples that were already beginning to harden in the cold air.

The second my lips closed around one of her nipples, the other encased by my hand, she started to let out soft moans, her head pressed back against the love seat. “How many days since, you had sex with your husband?” I asked her, “It’s been a week” she answered. I smiled. Once both her nipples stood to attention, making the areoles a slightly darker shade of pink as blood rushed to them, my lips continued across Anita’s body, heading lower towards her panty covered pussy.

Hooking my thumbs into the waistband of Anita’s white lace panties, I held eye contact with her as I slowly pulled them from her body, she lifted her hips and kicked her panties away from her. I looked down at her pussy it was trimmed neatly. Gently spreading her legs apart, I watched as Anita’s pussy opened up for me, revealing the pink fold of her inner pussy lips that were glistening with moisture. I felt a rush of wetness between my legs.

But for now, I wanted to take things slow, make her beg for me!

I began placing gentle kisses up her leg, right up to the junction between her thigh and her pussy. Then, moving over to her other leg and kissing down to her right knee and slowly moving up again, alternating between her thighs, Anita’s moans grew more desperate and her hips started moving of their own accord.

“Please….” Anita moaned.

“Please, what?” I asked her with a devilish smile.

“Oh God… I need… I need you to…. make me come. Lick me, lick my… lick my pussy.”

“That’s the plan sweetie.”

I went down to between Stella’s legs. Starting from the bottom of her slit, I stroked her tongue up, stopping with a quick flick across her erect clit… and again… and again. I licked her pussy, loving the sounds of her moaning and the feel of her getting wetter and wetter, and loving even more the sweet taste of Anita’s pussy juice.


Once Abita had calmed, I smiled at her. “That everything you hoped it would be?” I asked her with a smile.

“And more, I want to make love to you,” Anita answered with a little smile.

With that, Anita straddled my hips. I watched the beautiful, naked girl on top of me as Anita unhooked my bra. She stared at my slightly larger breast with larger and darker nipples, before moving to rid my thong. Once I was spread out naked on the loveseat, she said “I thought you were amazing before, but now…. You are so beautiful.”

“Thank you, but you don’t actually have to say any of this,” I told her. “I’m pretty much a sure thing, baby.”

“But I mean it,” Anita said. “You really are beautiful, Lisa.”

We kissed deeply. Then she nursed softly on each breast, surprisingly good at it for a beginning judging. With both of my nipples standing to attention, Anita moved on, kissing down until she got to my freshly shaved pussy. No teasing involved this time, she immediately stroked her tongue against my pussy, paying special attention to obviously prominent clit, and those pleasurable tingles.

I was moaning. This just felt too good. Anita was like a Goddess who really was a natural at pussy licking, she was bringing me closer and closer to the edge.”Oh fuck, I’m cummmmmmming!!!! Oh my God, you are such a natural at this, Anita Baby!!” and I came my body shuddering in orgasm.

An hour later both of us took an intimate shower and were dressed again for shopping. In the car I asked her what she wanted to buy, she said, “Something sexy, my husband is taking me for a small vacation next week to Vegas”, I giggled, “You know what happens stays in Vegas” she giggled back, “I hope”. I watched her and she said “I have promised my husband my behind”. I giggled “Mmm anal sex…” as she blushed. At the mall I selected short tight dresses for her, she said she has never bared her legs, and smiled at my choices and bought them, then we bought some sexy lingerie and heels for her. “Why don’t you wear one of these dresses now,” I said to her. She changed and I told her she looked so sexy in short dress and heels. “You are natural baby”, I said, she blushed and soon was walking confidently with me.

I asked her have she tried sex toys, she blushed. I laughed and took her to an adult sex shop. Anita was blushing in the shop, she had a very conservative upbringing. Finally, on my insistence she bought a collar, nipple clamps, and handcuffs. I asked her didn’t you use get punished by your mom, she giggled, “Oh no my mom sometimes spanked me”, I smiled at her, “did you liked it?”, she giggled, “Sometime…”. I showed her paddles, crops and floggers. She picked up a firm leather paddle and picked up a wicker cane instead, then said, “Shawn might think I am a slut…”, I whispered, “I think your husband would like you to be his slut, believe me guys like to see their girl behave like a dirty hooker”. She blushed and bought all this stuff. We had a late lunch at the mall, she was obviously enjoying the attention in her short dress and she became bolder and flirted a little with men watching her. After the lunch we drove back home.

I opened the door with a smile, then wrapped my arms round Anita’s neck and pulled her. She instinctively wrapped her own arms round my waist and we kissed right at the door. We came in and soon our clothes were flying everywhere.

“So, I gather you’d like some more fun” I said with a smile.

“There’s more?” Anita gave me an innocent smile.

“Oh, Anita Baby, I’ve have more surprises,” I said, smiling at her.

“In that case, I think I’m more than ready.” Anita replied with a smile.

“Well, like always, lie on your back on my loveseat and enjoy,” I said, climbing on top of Anita for the second time. “Ok, I want you to put your left leg over my right one, while I do the same with you.” Anita did as I said, locking us together in the ‘scissor sisters’ position. Once our legs were comfortably wrapped around each other, I grinded my hips forward, pushing my pussy against her pussy.

The minute our pussies were meshed together, Anita cried out louder than she had before. “Oh my God, that feels incredible!” She cried. “Sit up and lean against me, honey.” I told her sitting up so that two of us sat in each other’s laps. She wrapped her arms around my shoulders, her hips were moving harder and faster. I easily kept in rhythm, my hips pressing my pussy deep into her’s, our erect clits pressing together in a way that sent massive shivers of pleasure surging right through our bodies.

Our lips kissed as we slow down a little. The feel of my hips grinding freely into another woman’s, especially one as stunning as Anita, and having her held tightly against me was the most amazing feeling in the world.

A few more good thrusts against each other and that was it, both of us were flying as our orgasms simultaneously exploded. Our voices crying out each other’s name in unison as our hips instinctively surged forward, pressing our pussies tightly, after what felt like an age, we collapsed to the side, lying wrapped in each other’s arms.

Then we heard a noise, my 19 years daughter walked inside with her boyfriend Chad. They watch us and giggle. Anita is totally ashamed her face reddens, she tries to cover her body with mine. I caress her slowly and said “it’s ok sweetie, I am sure they have seen naked women before” They walk away towards the kitchen. Anita was in a shock, “Hon, don’t worry about them”, I say and she nods her head. I kiss her slowly and tell her to dress, “Don’t worry about being watched hun, you have such a beautiful body, enjoy some attention” she giggled and stood up then walked confidently picked up her thong panty and bra from the floor. I watched her as she elegantly put on her undies, we could hear cheers coming from the kitchen.

I told her not to worry about wearing the dress, “Hun, get used to showing your body, I am sure Shawn would want to take you to the pool at Vegas”. Anita giggled, “You understand Shawn very well”, I replied “I know a man, likes to show off his girl”. She smiled “Shawn has suddenly changed…”. I smiled “Oh nothing, Shawn has an ego, he will feels good when other men check out his sexy wife”. She giggled as we joined Renee and Chad at the kitchen table. Chad told us how beautiful and sexy we both looked and we smiled a thank you to him. Renee asks Anita what kind of swim suit she’ll be wearing in Vegas, she said “I don’t know”, I smiled, “Has Shawn shown any pics?” Anita giggled, “Yes those sexy kinds of swim suits, I am not sure about them” Chad said, “I love to see Renee in a string bikini, she looks so hot”.

We encouraged Anita to try some bikinis and she gave in. Renee brought three of her bikini’s and we asked her to give us a fashion parade. Anita faked reluctance then agreed and she came out with the first one a high rise cheeky bikini when she turned around Chad had to blow a whistle, very nice we said to her. Then she changed and walked in a g-string bikini when she turned her bottoms looked eye-catching, “definitely a bold style” I said and we all agreed her legs long and she looked even thin in this bikini. Anita changed into the third one a cheeky g-string bikini, her bum looked stunning. Chad was full of praise.

Now was the decision time, we asked Chad as he was the only man. He said “Anita you have the right bum to wear a cheeky g-string bottoms”. I agreed and said “Anita cheeky g-string style helps to lengthen your legs, make you look slimmer and taller: they look great”. Renee said, “Some people may not be comfortable rocking a small bikini, I actually believe that a smaller bikini will fit and showcase your body better than a bikini with much more coverage”.

Anita thanked us for our opinion and said definitely, I will like to get these ones. We dressed and went to the swim shop for those bikini’s. Anita selected one in red and another in dark blue color. Both colors looked great on her. Chad said men will be checking you out, you look so hot. I told her Shawn will love these on her and the attention she gets.

Then we decided to hit a club for some dancing. Anita had never been to dancing so we asked Chad to take her to the dance floor. When they came back I noticed her face blushing, I knew Chad had been feeling her on the dance floor. When we were alone she said Chad has been touching her, I said “Its the dance floor hun, some touching is allowed and expected”. We received free drinks and accepted them, later two guys asked us for a dance, I encouraged Anita “Hun they paid for our drinks” and we walked with them to the dance floor. They had their arms around our waist as we started to dance. When we came back her cheeks were red, “That guy groped me on the dance floor”. I giggled, “Don’t tell me you didn’t liked it”. She smiled at me and I said “Listen if you like a guy dance three rounds with him and enjoy the dance with an open mind”. Soon two guys asked us if they can join our table. I smiled and said yes. Free drinks were flowing and we were chatting with them. One by one we went to the dance floor and for a while I did not see Anita.

Music had picked up its rhythm and then I saw Anita dancing in a sensual and with greater body contact. Mmm she must be feeling his cock, I thought and then she turned around, Anita started rubbing her ass all over his pants. They were dry humping on the floor with all to see. As she continued rubbing her ass against him, I noticed guy’s hand stroke her beautifully shaped firm ass and spreading her cheeks a bit wider so they would envelop his cock. Mmmm I thought, she is ready for Vegas.

When they came back Anita’s cheeks were full red. The guys wanted us to come with them but we ploitely refused. She started to tell me how amazing experience that was and I said “you’ll have much more in Vegas”, she said, “I am not sure about Shawn”, I said “Darling, Shawn loves you and will love to see how many people want to dance with his sexy wife”. We decided to quit the night, Renee and Chad were nowhere to be seen, I texted her and we took a cab to home.

Our sexual hunger was high and our clothes were flying in the house as we became naked and kissed each other. Then I asked her to wear the collar and attach the nipple clamps, I did the same and then we hand cuffed our arms behind our backs. Standing towards each other we kissed again and then laid down on the carpet in a 69 position. With our hands tied this was difficult position but we had fun and it took some time before we reached orgasm. As we laid there on the carpet we talked for a while before Renee and Chad came into the house and smiled at us.

I asked Chad to remove our clamps and cuff’s. He quickly undid mine then went towards Anita. I winked at him and he understood. Chad stared at her naked body then slowly kissed her breasts then his tongue flipped on her clamps attached nipples. Anita said “Stop what are you doing ” but Chad didn’t stop and took his time making her fully aroused. Then gently he removed first clamp as the blood rushed in, Anita moaned and Chad took her nipple in his mouth. He did the same thing to her other breast and then stood her up. Renee and I cheered them as he kissed her lips gently. Anita tried to get away but he held her in his arms and then dropped his trousers. My daughter’s boyfriend has a 7.5″ thick cock, as his cock touched Anita’s naked thighs she moaned wildly. He touched his hot cock everywhere on her thighs and her pussy then turned her around and pushed her head to the couch holding her there. Anita was pleading, “no please no…” but he rubbed his cock on her naked ass cheeks. Me and Renee cheered “Oh yes oh yes”.

With her hands cuffed behind Anita couldn’t fight him. She was panting, when he opened her ass crack and placed his hard and hot cock between them. After some humping he stopped and opened her handcuffs. She was totally aroused and looked at me, I smiled “Anita, you know that’s how you should please your husband”. She nodded her head blushingly.

We sat quietly for some time then watched a sexy movie. Anita thanked me for the best day of her life. I smiled best is still to come, she looked at me in surprise. I said your husband will be here in 30 minutes why don’t you freshen up for him. she horridly went to the bathroom and when came out I suggested she wears the red cheeky g-string bikini to welcome her husband. She wore it… and fixed her makeup and hair. She looked beautiful. I put the collar around her neck and clamps on her nipples. She didn’t stop and when I saw the lights in our driveway, I handcuffed her hands behind her back and holding her shoulder and shopping bags walked her outside.

Shawn was standing and his eyes popped out, I brought Anita to him, “She is yours have fun”. Shawn looked at her nearly naked butt and exclaimed then put her in the car seat and attached the seatbelt. He came to me and said thank you Lisa for all you have done to make my wife soo sexy. I smiled, I expect a kiss, he leaned in and kissed my lips. I whispered, I want a full hugging kiss, with your hands on my buttocks I know you have been staring at them. Shawn immediately took me into his arms, his hands on my back and we kissed strongly as his hands slid on my buttocks and remained there in full view of his wife. I felt his cock getting erect and whispered sexily in his ears, “Anita needs a good fucking and BTW she has been very naughty girl tonight a punishment will not be out of order”. I felt his cock even more hard, “OMG, I’d love it you think so?” he whispered back, “Your sexy wife bought a paddle and a cane, the cane could only have one purpose, to hurt and then pleasure. She is ready to be your slut, so do your best”, I said “He kissed my lips again and sat in the car, Anita smiled thank you at me as they drove away.

In the car Shawn said omg Anita, you look so sexy, love you baby. She smiled at him and said I know you do. He put one hand on her naked thigh caressing her and they drove home. In the home he went to the kitchen and made a large glass of a gin and tonic then asked her about her day. She said nothing much just some shopping then the swim suits. “Did you get sexy clothes as I had asked?”, Anita said “I got very sexy clothes”. He smiled, “I like this swim suit on you perfect for our vacation to Vegas.”, Anita giggled, “You want men to see me in this”. He chuckled, “Of course I want to see my wife in sexy outfit with guys checking her out”. Then he asked what else did you do? “I went to a night club”, his eyes opened up “Did you danced?” she said “Yes, I danced with three different guys”. He finished the drink in one gulp and looked at her, “Did those guys felt your sexy body?”, she moaned “Yes, Shawn they felt your wife’s body,”.

Shawn stood up and put the AC on high cold. Then he pushed her to the kitchen counter. “You have been a very naughty wife, Anita” and slapped her ass cheeks. She moaned and he asked her “Did you feel guys cocks?”, omg… Anita moaned, “Yes I did baby on my thighs and behind”. Shawn frowned at her. “It’s soo cooold…!”, Anita complained “That is the point, I want your little butt feel cold, so you fully appreciates getting them hot when I paddle you…”

“Shawn, I think spanking will be meaningless if it were just a few slaps on the butt.” Anita said with a mischievous smile. ” You are right, my sexy wife, you’d be soundly punished, ” Shawn said with a huge grin on his face..Then he searched the shopping bags and took out the paddle, “Wow… very firm leather…” Anita slightly squirmed her ass cheeks and stood them up and high. Shawn looked at her beautiful body, as if I he was just seeing her for the first time. Her face is so innocent for a 28 year old and her big brown eyes, her long black hair falling freely down to her waist.

“Anita, I’m going to punish you hard, you’ve been dancing with men, haven’t you?” Shawn asked mildly.
“I am so sorry my dear husband, Lisa said dance is expected for accepting a free drink”, Anita sexily purred.

Shawn landed a blow on her ass, she yelped but stood back. “Shawn, I danced 3 rounds with the third guy” Holding the handle firmly, Shawn applied firm swats of the paddle on her exposed cheeks. “Oh, please, it hurts so much!”

Shawn didn’t answer and with a slow pace at first, started to paddle his lovely wife. Her skin immediately displays darker spots. “Did the last guy touch your bare ass and pussy? tell me my slut”, Shawn asked. “I was wearing this short skirt a bit loose at the hem, the guy moved his hand under it and felt my thong covered cute ass cheeks, then his fingers touched your sexy wife’s pussy lips”. Shawn accelerated the rhythm, it was pure discipline now. Anita tried to control, but soon room was filled with her cries, just like a very little girl.

Shawn stopped and Anita turned her face to meet his eyes, her mascara has made her face a total mess, and the tears were still flowing. She was feeling so much heat on her behind. “Did you touched his cock?”, Shawn asked curtly. “I put my hand under his polo shirt and his trousers were loose a bit on his waist, Oh I am so sorry Shawn, but due to dancing my hand slipped inside and he was not wearing an underwear”, Anita answered in her sexy voice. “I asked did you touched his cock?”, Shawn repeated his question. “I touched his cock baby and my fingers became wet with his precum. You know I think he found your loving wife very sexy”

Shawn gave her a dirty look and Anita immediately went back into position. Then he picked up the wicker cane from the bag. ‘This is an interesting toy.’ Resting the slim wood against the top of his sexy wife’s lovely ass. ‘I bet the marks from this will look very pretty across your butt…’. Shawn lifted the two and a half foot cane, swinging it back and forth experimentally. Then he swing the cane, the cane struck her left buttocks with a soft thwack, Anita muffling a gasp, a bright red line appearing across her cheek. Then struck her other cheek, a matching line appearing as Anita kicked her legs, burying her face into the kitchen counter as she cried out. Shawn landed a blow across both of her cheeks, just slightly harder. Anita arched her back, screaming out loudly. She received a few more strikes of cane and her cries, oh no oh yess please more please more, once again filled the room.

“Bitch, how did you cleaned your wet fingers?”, Shawn asked caressing her ass cheeks softly and breathing hard. “Shawn his fingers had become wet your wife’s pussy, then he licked his fingers, I followed his lead darling and licked my fingers”, Anita replied once again looking into her husbands anxious eyes. “Did he tasted good?” Shawn asked, “Mmmm the guy had a big thick cock just like yours darling, and he tasted really good”. Shawn felt a surge of adrenaline go through him. “Into the position you slut”, he said in a harsh voice. Anita obidiently followed.

Shawn slowly peeled off the bikini bottom off of his wife’s sexy ass and kissed her ass cheeks for sometime getting her ready for the final count down. He stood up, Whoosh! THWACK! and Anita cried in pain “Oh Shawn I love you, please hurt me. “. Shawn kicked her legs open wider. “Oooooo, ” Anita moaned in delight. Then Shawn swing the cane harder this time. Anita felt an incredible pain, rising from her ass, then it split her from tips of her toes to the top of her head… ” ……..onhm,” she sobbed after the scream. Shawn caned her ass for some time. Ten minutes, twenty or half an hour? Anita had no idea. Time along with everything else other than the magnificence of the feelings and the sensations ceased to exist.

When Shawn stopped, beautiful ass of his wife had beautiful red lines on them and Anita was sobbing loudly. He took off hand-cuffs and took her into his arms. They watched in each others eyes and a kiss followed. “You have a glorious arse Anita,” he said as he ran his fingertips over it. Anita smiled, “It’s all warm and stinging, thank you my sexy hubby”. Shawn took her hand and they walked into their bedroom.

We lay in the bed and between kisses Shawn told her, “I am very proud of you baby, you did great today”. Anita giggled, “Even what I did at the night club?”, he took off her nipple clamps and kissed her nipples with passion. “You did the right thing, I wish I were there to watch you dancing with those guys, we will have fun in Vegas executive clubs”, Shawn smiled at her. “OMG… executive clubs, you mean where no one cares if clothes come off?”, she asked happily and kissed his lips. “Yes I’d like to see my sexy wife having a good time in the private dance clubs”, he chuckled. She smiled back, “And I’d like to see you having good time dancing with other sexy girls”. Shawn spread her legs, Anita could see her husband stroking his long, hard cock as he lifted one of her legs to his shoulder. He slid the fat crown of his dick into her pulsing pussy, and lifted her other leg sliding just his fat crown into her pussy. She moaned and locked her heels around his head then seductively asked, “So besides clothes taken off, what else can I expect in those executive clubs my sweet husband?”. Shawn turned his head and kissed her heels one by one then, then his hands cupped her ass cheeks as he chuckled, “They have leather love seats, in dark corners, for those who get carried away with each other”.

Anita moaned feeling his hands groping her sexy cute ass cheeks, “OMG… that’s so naughty of those clubs, you know few drinks and I might lose my inhabitations and get carried away, you know just to pay back for free drinks”. Shawn pushed his full 8″ cock into her pussy hard. “Ahhh . . . God . . . Ohhhh . . . God!!!!” Anita groaned and put her hands on his strong shoulders. Shawn leaned into her and kissed her lips roughly, “Would you keep your promise to let me fuck your ass in Veags?”, she giggled, “I can’t think of a better way to pay you for the Vegas vacation, darling”. Shawn pressed his lips to hers and she eagerly sucked his tongue into her mouth, her moans softly muffled as they kissed. Then he smiled into her eyes, “Anita those clubs are pretty expensive, so if a man treats you well, it’s a small thing to walk with him to one of the dark corners”. Anita gave him a naughty smile, “What if I get free drinks and dance with 3/4 guys?”, Shawn chuckled, “Then you go 3/4 times onto those leather love seats”.

Anita switched a little, her pussy slanted upward to allow Shawn to pump his cock down hard into eager pussy, her hands grasping the back of his thick thighs. She raised her head to watch as he fucked her, his shaft wetly glistening with her juices. He fucked her with abandon as she clung to his straining buttocks, grinding her hips lustily against him.

“Give it to me . . . .!!” she whispered. “Yes . . . God . . . Yes!!!!!”

Shawn picked up the pace of his thrusts and slammed into her, her pussy squeezing him, feeling that he was close.

“That’s it . . . That’s it, Baby . . . Give it to me . . . Give it to me . . . I wanna feel you!!!” she pleaded with him, her voice thick with passion. “I wanna feel you cum inside me!!!”

Shawn sat back on his knees, removing his arms from her ass and laid on top of her, feeling her breasts press against his deep chest. Anita pulled her knees up, resting her tiny feet on the back of his thighs as he began to roughly fuck her, her juices running in a stream down between her ass cheeks.

She could hear her husband breathing rapidly through his nose, and she felt his cock stiffen inside her. With a loud groan, he covered her mouth with his, driving his tongue into her mouth, her ankles now locked around his waist, her hands grasping the back of his broad shoulders. She felt a hot sticky rope of cum splash into her pussy, Anita rolling her hips as he came, pulling every drop of his seed out of his cock as it jerked reflexively between her legs.

His kisses became more tender as his orgasm waned, their lips smacking as their tongues dueled, Shawn looking deeply into the eyes of his beautiful sexy wife and then drifted into sleep. When they woke up naked into each other’s arms, Shawn asked, “Did you actually went to the night club yesterday?”, She smiled “Yes, I told you the truth”, then she asked, “Did you mean everything you said about Vegas trip?”. Shawn kissed her lips and said, “We are still young, I want us to try new things, yes I mean whatever I said yesterday”. Suddenly, Anita felt very excited and kissed him back with passion. “Darling you won’t mind if I dance with a black guy also, you know what they say about them”, Shawn winked at her, “Mmmm… a big black cock, why not baby go for it”.

Anita gave him a naughty smile, “You know what!, I don’t think we have to wait that long for anal sex, please baby fuck me in the ass right now”. Shawn immediately poked his finger between her cute bottom cheeks. He ran his finger deep into her rear crack, from high on her rear down, stopping before the vaginal opening. He removed it and held the finger in front of her face, with the slight smudge on the tip visible to her. “You are not ready, you should have had enema”. Anita was clearly shamed her face reddened. “I’ll quickly visit the bathroom” she said, “No put you ass in my lap you need to be punished first. Anita complied as instructed and he started spanking her, increasing the velocity of the slaps as he alternated giving her first five strokes on one cheek and then the same on the other, repeating this until her bottom attained redness. Anita began by letting out small moans that turned to exclamations and almost screams as her bottom grew ever more tender.

Then Shawn dressed and told her, “Just wear the long coat, you don’t need to wear any clothes today” they went into the car and he drove without saying a single word. They stopped at an adult shop and Anita walked inside knowing she was naked underneath. Shawn asked for an enema bag and a butt plug, Anita was blushing all this time and then they came back home. In the bathroom he told her to bend over and hanged the enema bag to the door then inserted the rubber tube in her ass. He opened the valve for a slow drip as Anita clenched and unclenched her ass cheeks, he increased the flow. Soon all enema filled her rectum. Now Shawn inserted the butt plug in her ass. She felt strange but accepted it. After a while he told her to go back into the bathroom and takeoff the butt plug.

After a few minutes she came back with a big smile, she had taken a shower also and her skin was glittering with body lotion. They laid in bed, their kisses sensual, and tongues twining together. From her lips, his mouth moved to her eyes and ears and then down her throat, until he reached her succulent breasts. They are so beautiful, especially when her nipples are erect as they were then. Shawn moved his mouth between the lovely twins, licking them, sometimes with broad strokes and sometimes with jabs of just the tip of his tongue.

“Ooooo, yeah! You really know what I like, don’t you?” she cooed, squirming under him and thrusting her breast against his mouth. Shawn went lower, all the way to her mons, she had shaved her pussy. He started to slowly caress one of her outer lips with his tongue. Soon Anita’s pussy started squirming under his face. “Turn around”, she rolled over and got to her knees face pressed into her pillow in the middle of the bed, with her gorgeous ass high in the air, ready for her husband’s pleasure. She reached back to spread her cheeks so his lips could wander where it wanted. Shawn leaned forward, hands flat on the mattress, and started licking the top of her cleft. At the feel of his tongue, Anita wiggled her ass seductively, encouraging him to continue.

Moving slowly his tongue licked downward between her two succulent cheeks. Anita moaned from the pleasure she was receiving to her sensitive ass. Shawn licked slowly around the entire area, while Angelica moaned blissfully and her ass pushed more strongly against his face. Next, he took Aquaglide and inserted the neck of the bottle into Anita’s ass. She cooed happily when she felt the lubricant squirting into her. Then Shawn with a firm but gentle push, wedged his cock head into his wife’s eager ass, eliciting a happy moan from her. He gave another strong thrust and almost an inch of his cock slid into her ass. With another thrust, she started squirming on the bed from the pleasure she was receiving, as his cock stretched her ass open and crammed her rear channel full. “OMG… this feels soo good”, she said sexily, Shawn chuckled, “Did I mention, once you are on those love seat, a woman does not says no to a man in that club”. Anita turned her head and looked at him with excitement, “You mean, a black guy could push his thick black cock into my ass? and i can’t say no”, she squirmed her ass and said, “OMG… omg… I can’t wait to be in Vegas”

Shawn slowly drew back, pulling most of his cock out of her, paused, and plowed it back into her ass, going in even deeper than he had earlier.

“Oh, my God, that feels soo good, do it again please…” Anita whispered.
“It feels more than good,” Shawn whispered back. “It feels wonderful.”

Happily, once again, Shawn drew his cock back and plunged it into Anita. This time, when she felt it surging back into her, she pushed off with her elbows and pushed her sexy ass back to meet his thrust. They both moaned from the intense pleasure, and this time, Shawn penetrated her as far as possible. Shawn could feel the soft skin of the insides of her ass cheeks against his balls. Anita moaned, “OMG… Shawn imagine someone doing this to your wife in the executive club”, Shawn chuckled, “Sweetie, your husband will be busy fucking someone else’s eager wife”. she giggled

Moving slowly and taking their time, they continued making pleasant and gentle love. Over and over, with her pushing back to meet him, he plunged his cock into her marvelous ass. “OMG… Shawn do they provide Aquaglide in the club?”, asked Anita. Shawn chuckled, “Honey, its your responsibility to carry it in your hand bag”. Exquisite though the pleasure was, Anita wanted more. She reached back and pulled her ass cheeks apart, allowing his cock to enter an additional fraction of an inch. “Oh gawd, I love your cock in my ass”, she murmured and they whispered of their love for each other, and described how wonderful their love-making was.

Soon Shawn started to pump harder, “Your are so tight baby”. she moaned back “Fuck me hard and fast…”. Hard and fast is how he started to fuck her, and she thrust her ass back to meet his strokes. “That’s it! That’s it!” she urged him on. “Like you are with a bimbo in that club, Oh, God! Oh, God, that’s soo good!” Shawn could feel his climax boiling to the surface, but hers was closer.

“Oh! Oh!” she cried out ecstatically as her movements got even more frenetic. “Yes! Yes! Keep fucking me!” Abruptly, she climaxed, all her muscles clenching, followed by relaxing completely as she collapsed onto the bed. Shawn continued ramming in and out of her ass for a few more strokes, until his own climax burst to the surface, then again and again, until he stopped fucking Anita and sprawled on top of her.

They lay like that for a few minutes, both tired, yet happy and content with what they had just finished doing. Shawn gently pulled his cock out of her. Anita turned to look at him with a smile, “That was really great, Shawn.” He didn’t say anything, just continued to smile and nodded his head in agreement. After a moment Anita blushingly said, “Remind me to carry Aquaglide in my hand bag when you take me to that executive club”. Shawn chuckled, “Wow… You are non-stop thinking about the club.” She turned away her eyes then looked back confidently into his eyes and said, “Something changed in me yesterday, it was dancing with guys in club or when Lisa’s daughter’s boyfriend rubbed his naked cock between my naked ass cheeks, I like to try more cocks”. Shawn chuckled, “Dear, I think you should try new cocks, it will make our sex life more intimate”.

Anita smiled, “I love you Shawn, I really do”. He answered, “I love you too baby”. Then he said, “Oh we need to post our pictures to the Clubs web site as new members”. She giggled, “So we can also see pics of the current members then” Shawn chuckled, “Someone in special you want to look at”, she giggled, “Perhaps a black guy”. Shawn slapped her ass and laughed as they kissed and went for a nap in each other’s arms.

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