New Kid’s tape, side B.

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New Kids tape. Side B.

I wanted a Kim bassinger moment in Angie everharts outfit/hair. So I found sky high,thigh high red boots, sexy red lingerie, and a smoking hot curly red head wig that dropped down to mid back. It was a hell of an outfit. It was definitely empowering towering around in those tall shoes.

I started early on the Jack. I was supposed to bring my Johnnie, but I’ve had a houseguest this week and have been distracted. I poured some into my cup and then took a shot straight out of the bottle before adding coke.

My manifestation crystals were tied neatly just over my right breast. Pyrite, adventuring, and citrine to manifest all the dick. Jasper for another goal entirely.

I went out front to join the hosts. As people shuffled in, I was giving tours, and my M was taking mugshot and snow globe photos. Let me state, we’re just helping our friends. We do what’s asked of us. We take nothing in return. We just want these parties to keep being what they are. A safe space for me/us to be a hoe.

I’m totally a hugger and did that with everyone coming in. I’ll also note that it’s out of character for me to kiss people I’m not dating. but last night, everyone was kissing me to greet me. 1st to show up is a character I’ll call Spiderman. I couldn’t read his shirt. I’m not even going to blame booze. I thought It said Spiderman, so we rolled with it, and that is now your name. Someone said something about a different nickname you have. Nope, not anymore. The brat has spoken with the highest authority. ?

New Kid and chess king came about the same time. I promised Chris no drama with chess king. I kept my word. My heart skipped a beat when I saw new kid walk up in his black shirt. The one I complimented you for last time. “He remembered,” I thought. We drew each other close and immediately started kissing.

Then, a surge in my chest. Chess king in the flesh. I wanted someone else to do your tour, seeing as you had broken my heart in all ?. You downgraded your platinum sub***********ion so, I made a decision out of self love to terminate any chance of silver. No one but me to do it, so I kept the small talk minimal and the tour short.

I quickly grabbed new kid to do jack shots. I love the way you were leading me around with your hand throughout the night and telling me how beautiful I looked. Mine felt good in yours. I am a whiskey girl. I’ll do shots, put it in jello, put it in my coke. (Cola people). I found your after shot face to be cute. I kissed you again right there in the kitchen. I quickly confirmed with M that we had the green light then told you, you were free to dominate me for the night. Boss me around, use me as you see fit, and punish all my bad girl behavior. Which I immediately started in on.

Every tour was finished with bumping into you. We would make out with intense passion. I’d rub on you and grind you. You were rock hard with anticipation and muttering something about me being a tease. I had hostess helper duties but I was counting down the minutes until you and I found a room.

By the time it was done, my feet were done. I went to find you, but my teasing had gotten the better of you. You were with another lovely lady getting round 1 in. I watched for a bit contemplating touching myself while I stood there. I need to ditch the boots.

Finally my round one. You definitely told me I was a bad girl for leaving you in the kitchen with needs. I was ready. Ready to be a good girl and a perfect little slave? Fat chance, lol. Ready to try to win again! I love being on my knees and pleasing cock. Sucking cock is ultimate pleasure for me. You told me that I was beautiful as we got me out of my outfit. *melt* you told me how you had been excited to have my pussy since last time you had it. Mutual feelings and secrete buzzy sessions thinking about your cock too.

As your tongue explored every bit of my pussy, waves of pleasure washed over me. You had spent some time focusing on the clit and that was amazing. I wonder how it would feel if you sucked on it a bit. I wonder if you fingered me at the same time if i would squirt all over your fantastic tongue. Anyway, you were just letting your tongue wander around soaking up my ocean of wet. (Publix fruit bowls. That’s why it tastes so good.) It was heaven the way your head felt between my legs. I was lightly tugging your gorgeous hair as I moaned loudly.

I watched with hungry eyes as you undid your belt and slipped off your pants. This was my chance. I reached for it. My lips parting over the head of your cock. I went down a bit, then raced up to kiss the head. I went back down and popped my tongue out to say hello to your balls. I went back up. See, I know there are 14,000 nerve endings at the head of the penis. My goal is to kiss and excite every last one with my cum hungry tongue. I looked up at you so my eyes could tell you how needy I was to swallow your soul. I was stroking your shaft and licking your head. I went deep. I thought, ok slut, let’s try it. Let’s go deep and swallow. I gagged. Ok back up I went breathing and teasing the head. Down again. I gagged and thought to myself, I’m playing with fire. So I went down to suck your balls and that little flap of skin connecting them to the shaft. 14,000 nerve endings for me to please. Flicking and licking my way back up was followed by a 3rd attempt to suck it deep and swallow. Success I didn’t gag. I really think I swallowed here. I was soaked too. Kolej Escort I hope I swallowed.

A hand pulled me back by my

Ponytail. Nope, not submitting here. I want your cumload sir. Back down, I went. Frustration escaped you as my lips parted over your head again. You pulled harder this time. I persisted. Your cock belongs in my mouth sir.

My M had been sitting on the bed frame watching with a raging hard on. He wanted his turn. So he grabbed the pony tail. Shit. This is where I loose. I play this game minimum 6 times a day at my house. I cannot over power my M. I try. I was immediately presented with his hard cock before me. I’d been a bad girl to him too. The same level of teasing and flirtation. So as I adjusted position to suck the cock I own, new kid was adjusting to slide his cock deep into my needy little slut cunt.

It fills me up perfectly. I wanted my M to bust in my mouth but it’s hard to focus and keep a rythym going when you’re being worked over by the handsome guy I was. He just does it so well. It wasn’t long and he was inviting his friend to take over cock sucking duties. Girl, he said you were amazing. Mad Props. Play with him any time! I mean it.

My sexy play pal flipped me onto my back and helped himself to my soaking wet pussy as I kept moaning out in pleasure. You were trying to rub my clit too. I want, badly, to give you the orgasm I know your working for. One of these parties I’ll bring my buzzy, if you ask. I told you just how much I wanted you to Fill every bit of me with cum. I love a good creampie and you deliver. You make my pussy ache for more.

Back out to the crowd. I told M, let’s find the couple that wanted to see the fireplay. We didn’t end up finding them. They were in the private room. We went for fire play anyways. I sprawled out on the bed in the dungeon. I moved my hair and added a towel for my neck. M got set up. He started with the mousse. The Warm tingle tracing my back was a relaxing sensation. I noticed new kid watching a few feet back. I got M’s attention. I said, teach him. Let him have a go. A sure sign of trust and I know you respect the weight behind that. The significant letter you drew on my back was perfect. The blaze was amazing. Next up was M with cups. He lit and placed 8 cups while I lay perfectly still. This was slave space. No ounce of brat in me. We drew a crowd. People watching, asking questions of both of us. Does it hurt? No. He’s very careful to stay within my limits. With mousse only he lights it because you light the top. He shared today in good faith, guidance and readiness to step up if it went south. Cups I keep between us. How hot is it? Hot but not Satan hot. The bigger the cup, the more enjoyable for me. How’s the suction? Mild but rejuvenating and invigorating. The marks are never around the next day when we want pictures.

We packed it in and went back to the couch. I sat next to new kid. My wonderful T asked for his something. Idk I just seized the opportunity to mount and straddle new kid on the couch. Did T get it? Maybe. I was too busy grinding and gyrating to care. Then I went in for the kiss. My hands in your hair. I swerved to the right to offer up my neck. Come on lost boy, bite me! And bite me you did. My head was spinning in a good way. My cunt was soaking. My turn, I bit you. Your eyes went wild. Here we were, in a room full of people, fucking around like no one was watching. Everyone was watching. Don’t care. Bite me again. Give me a mark to cover up Monday. Send me into euphoria. You bit me again. God you’re too good to me. You also couldn’t take my gyrating anymore. I don’t blame you. I was being very naughty afterall.

When you started to undo your pants I mentioned that I liked the song that was playing.

? Old tin lizzy, do it till you’re dizzy

Give it all ya got until you’re put out of your misery

Rag doll, livin’ in a movie

Hot tramp, daddy’s little cutie ?

I wasted no time getting my hands on your cock, and my mouth. I told you In advance I was eager to swallow your load. I wanted to taste you and savor your seman in my throat. I went for the gold, hard, fast, all the tricks. Deep. Gagging of course. Lavishing your head with my wet happy little tongue. I was smiling from the inside out with my greedy eyes. 1 hand, 2 hands, and then back down. Trying to lick your balls before the gag. You started to hesitate. “I’m in a room full of people and I’m about to cum. Everyone’s watching.” I know I said something bratty before I continued. I went for it. So cum for me. Spill out in my mouth. Fill that with as much intent as you fill my pussy. You did. The taste was indescribably good. I wasted no time swallowing it all and cleaning you. I’m glad I had that experience with you. Also, I win! ? I’m aware that you let me. Thank you, sir.

Mind you, the whole time this is going on, L is taking care of my M. Thanking him for the raven gift earlier in the best way possible. Cut to a new song.

? I kissed a girl and I like it!?

Yup, L and I were kissing. Then L and J. Then the 3 way kissing started as we shook our butts in unison to the beat.

I ended up on the floor in the living room with C under my face licking up how wet the last half hour had made me. I was gyrating a bit too. Needy cunt of mine was acting on her own. The hard floor is no place for this, though. You slid back up to Sincan Escort wander as I thanked you.

I saw that new couple, butterfly and her hubby standing alone. No, not on this prom queens watch. I walked right over and comfortably asked you both to play. I assured you both that we would stick to your comfort level. I grabbed his hand to led him down the hall. I looked back with lust in my eyes and slowly brought his finger to my mouth to deep throat it. I saw his eyes go wide. A sign of things to come. M followed behind butterfly.

I hopped on the bed first. I grabbed butterflies husband’s cock and kissed the tip. My signature start to a hell of a good time. I didn’t waste time. I drove deep immediately. Coming back up I was swirling my tongue around, under, and all over the head of your hard throbbing penis. I was stroking but fuck counting. I was feeling that jack. I was all over your balls, every inch of skin, the head, and even in with my hands. It wasn’t long before you were moaning and spilling down my throat. After I had hopped off and then cleaned it, I announced to a room full of peepers that I’d won again. M announced 2/2.

I climbed into the bed. I could see chess king behind me in the crowd…I set pre-party boundaries with him that were clear when he reached out. (I hadn’t talked to him in weeks for the obvious. If I didn’t make it obvious in his exit interview, its over. No ill meant, its just time we both move on). So I was hoping he would stay in the crowd or wander off. He did not.

I started by asking consent. Making sure her position was comfortable. I went at her pussy with the same gusto I was taking cock. I could feel M’s eyes watching my every move. I could just tell M’s cock was throbbing behind me. I was sucking and licking everything. Her tits, her lips and clit. Everything. Then he husband says, she’s a fire hydrant. M said “she takes that as a challenge.” Butterflies hubby encouraged me to nibble her clit a bit while I licked and fingered her. Yup, there it was. She soaked my face as I drank it up…heaven. she must eat alot of publix fruit bowls too. I hopped up just long enough to kiss my husband so he could taste her. Then I exclaimed I won again and M announced the score.

His perspective “Had me so hard I thought my cock would explode and when you kissed me with her juices all over your face if I would have been fucking or getting a bj I would have shot my load”-M

I went down again and started right back at it. Sucking her clit was fun. He juices running down my chin felt phenomenal. I got 2 fingers in and went for the hot button. Wasn’t long before I nibbled and got sprayed again. I again shared with my husband. 4/4. Time to pass the buck.

My M went down to eat her just as I had. To his left was a couple. To his right, I had already summoned spider man over to be my next win. I just think it’s so sexy when guys moan and he delivered. I kissed the tip and started stroking while teasing the head. I hopped off and sucked his balls not forgetting the favored skin flap. He shuddered in pleasure when I slowly flicked my way to the tip before swallowing as much as I could. I went until I got tired. Then I offered my pussy. You were loving the whole cum hungry game I had going so you pounded my hard and fast until you were teetering on the edge your self. You gave it back to my cum thirsty mouth. I focused on the head where all the nerve endings were. I want to win and win I did. I swallowed alot of it. Cleaned it. Then yelled next like an underpaid nurse in a hospital.

At this time I knew I was impeding on M’s space. So I grabbed a thick folded sheet to pad my knees. The left side couple had been bumping them both. This was supposed to be a change in position. Resituating for them. Here came chess king to butt in and take her over. I had a white shirt guys dick in my mouth. I didn’t see how it went down. All I know is M was out of the equation and you were in. It’s just, M was finally out of his shell and about to get it on in a major way. Instead he ended up on the sidelines. Private room was taken and I didn’t tell the hosts because it’s not worth chasing drama. I’ll have another boundary setting talk soon.

So I called the white shirt guy over. Don’t know his name. I don’t even know if I did more than greet him at the front door but here we are. I looked at him with pure carnal desire in my eyes. As our eyes met I said, with passion “I’m going to do you like you’ve never been done before”.

I kissed his tip. His eyes went wide. I did the usual deep throat business mixed with ball sucking love, skin flap licking, and head rimming. I couldn’t swallow all of it. Challenge accepted. I tried, adjusted, gagged, dammit! Back up to the head for air and tongue action. ? down again, adjusted, gagged, and squirted. “Yup, buddy, I just squirted deep throating your dick!” He checked and acknowledged it with moans. I caught my breath. Back down and deeper this time, I gagged and made another squirt puddle. Thank God I put a sheet under me. I announced it. Then did it again. It wasn’t long before your hot cum was rushing down my throat too. 6/6 m announced.

By now more singles had shown up, probably got word the feral wife was on her jack and having a blast. M was ready to leave the room, though. I could tell he wanted to move on.

Back out to the couch. I sat between butterflies Yenimahalle Escort husband and spider man. I was facing butterflies husband’s but had my leg draped over spider man. I chatted them both. I told spider man it was probably just a good idea to get a legal name change at this point lol. Then talked hunting/farming with butterflies husband. When he left, spider man’s hand rightfully wandered to my clit. Oh good, here we go again. He was rubbing it in a circular motion. He was letting his fingers enjoy the wet puddle he was starting. I leaned My head back and just let the waves crash over me growing louder with every movement. I didn’t cum but I got loud enough you may have thought I did. You thanked me, I thanked you, you wandered.

New Kid sat by Me next. I enjoyed just sitting arm in arm, my head on your shoulder. Keep telling me how beautiful and wonderful I am. That’s dangerous. Sharing is caring though. Wasn’t long before Mrs. Clause was all over you. Good for you both. It was hot to watch.

Then L and I had a brief conversation with M before galevanting off down the hall yelling “move out the way, brats on a mission”. That really made my M grin. Of course the mission was to give C brats orders. Everyone knows brats orders hold the highest authority. ?

I found m and we did a trash sweep of all the rooms. Good friend effort here. Make sure everyone’s condoms, cups, and cans got to the proper places.

We hugged our goodbyes before leaving half our shit behind lol. Hello adhd. Made promises to see some of you outside of the party for hangouts. Reassured new kid that his new adventure will be great. He’s going to be amazing. I still have faith. Mrs. Clause and I corned some other guy and both described just how we would take care of him at the next party. He looked at me and said, you’re joking right? Are you shitting me? And I said, find me next party for sure before walking out.

Out in the car, M started the engine to let it warm up. He started working his throbbing penis out of his pants. He said I was very much his good girl tonight. My behavior made his balls ache. He was needy. I put it in my mouth using all my tricks. He was vocalizing just how turned on he was by each and every encounter I had tonight. He was calling me his filthy cum slut whore. “Who’s filthy cum slut are you?” -M “yours.” I replied. He shoved his cock down as far as it would go. He was trying to go down far enough to rearrange my guts from the top down. He was holding it down and dirty talking while spanking me and making me squirt with his hands. Fuck this man is everything. We settled into a rythym of sucking and you being so excited you were thrusting into my movements. “Fuck I love you!” -M said with primal urge oozing out. Ok but like that’s the dick talking. Say it again in the morning with your heart. (I know you will.) You just kept up. Oh there it is, yes! 7/7. His loads are salty, thick, and goey. He cums alot for me but I drive down deep to swallow anyways. When I came up you still had more to go and I watched 2 more poots of cum spill onto your shirt. I went down to clean it but for you it’s like, not just circuit frying, but burning the whole building down. You had to push me off before kissing me and starting to drive away.

I left the party house in tennis shoes and my bigfoot jacket only. Nothing else. I walked to my hotel door in that same outfit. The room was cold so I fused my body into yours and fell asleep listening to your heart beat. Such a soothing sound.

When the morning light came in you started texting. We weren’t alone, but you were so turned on.

“I am so horny right now. Your a dirty little slut. Your cock lust at the party was sexy as hell! Chasing every big cock to swallow you just can’t get enough of those big cocks. You going to have them lined up to wreck your sloppy cunt next time?”

? yes! Lol I will.

“My cock is hurting right now I wish we were alone so I could enjoy that tight ass and suck the cute clit and gorgeous tits of yours. We need to get your tight asshole trained so I get to enjoy a nice tight hole after watching you fuck all those fat lage cocks like the little cum dumpster you are. Filthy little slut!

I love it when your slut comes out. I always new you were a cock whore we just needed to break her out of that hiding place and get you fucking every well hung guy. Makes me so hard watching you attack cock after cock deep throating and swallowing load after load. Not to mention that bj in the car was unbelievable. I wish I could have fucked you right after. watching you attack that pussy with same gusto as a cock was hot as fuck. Had me so hard I thought my cock would explode and when you kissed me with her juices all over your face, if I would have been fucking or getting a bj, I would have shot my load.

I’m going to have to reward my good girl somehow.”

And there it is. What I love most. The good girl. We spent the day at a spring, stealing kisses, holding hands, and sneaking feels when no one was looking. Both of us telling the other how bad they were going to get it at home. We are going to rip each other apart and flood the whole trailer park with our fluids. For sure.

Also I guess I’m kissing everyone now, for what it’s worth, new kid, you still ended up being my favorite kisses of the night. Just sitting here hoping for tape 2.

If you’re interested in the Cookie Fan club where you can chat directly with the author and see photos from time to time, here’s the info. Must be discrete and not a douch. I’m a person 1st. I do have some anxiety. Don’t share outside the group. Don’t out me. Don’t hunt for me on other platforms. We’re on the one that Kicks ? lost_in_florida

We can have up to 100 members.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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