New Neighbors

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We had recently moved a new neighborhood, and had been trying to find some new friends. For years we had lived where we both grew up, and everyone we hung out with we had known forever. Which would have made my secret fetish impossible to broach with anyone we knew.

The thing I have always fantasized about, is finding another guy just like to me hang out and share stuff with. What I really love is sniffing worn panties, and looking at hidden pictures/videos of unsuspecting wives. The idea of showing someone pictures of my naked wife, and seeing him get hard to the scent of her pussy soaked panties, is just as enticing as smelling his wife’s cunt, and seeing what she looks like out of the shower. But this is certainly not something you just bring up. Especially not to people who have known you and your wife forever. So meeting new people gave me a chance to see if anyone might be on the same page. But how? If brought up to the wrong person, it could certainly cause so many problems for everyone. He might punch me in the face if I ask to see his wife. He might tell my wife if I show him her naked pictures. So I had to broach this subject in the most delicate of ways.

I decided the best way to find a suitable person for some mutual exchanging of wife pics and panties would be to set a trap. This way if he does nothing, I know he is not interested. And if he acts on it, and I “catch” him, whether he wants to proceed or not makes no difference. I have the goods on him, so he can’t say a word. So I set my plan in motion.

At a recent block party, we had chatted up many potential couples to hang with. I was checking them out in two ways. On one hand I was looking for a couple with a wife I really wanted to see naked, and also I was looking for a guy that didn’t seem uptight, and would make the occasional dirty comment to indicate he was open about sex. I finally found the jackpot with a certain couple. The wife was built almost identically to my wife. And as she walked to get a drink her husband slapped her on the ass. This told me he was still into her, and liked a woman with that type of build. Both our wives are fuller figured. Not fat in anyway. But curvy with big tits and asses, and maybe a few extra pounds but looking great in a pair of yoga pants. Next was to set my trap. As we all talked and seemed to hit it off, he mentioned he was an HVAC guy. Thinking quickly, I said to him since the move we had not had our furnace serviced and winter was soon coming. I asked what he charged and when he might have time to come give our unit a cleaning and inspection. Being neighborly, he said “I can come by next weekend and do it off the clock as a side job”. He said he would only charge $50 since we are neighbors, and of course any parts I may need. So there it was, he was coming over alone, and I could set my trap.

That Saturday I sent my wife out shopping saying she needed to treat herself to some new clothes. I knew that would do the trick and she would be gone all afternoon. Our furnace was in the laundry room, so as soon as she left, I went down there and brought our laundry basket from our bedroom. I rummaged through it and found a few pairs of her worn panties, including the ones she had just taken off before showering that day. They were still damp. I gave them a quick sniff and placed them crotch up on top of the basket. I put a few more pairs right underneath and placed the basket next to the wash as if she was planning to do the laundry. I had an iPhone and ipad with two different accounts. So I facetimed myself from the phone to the ipad, and hid my phone in the laundry room out of site. But directly facing the laundry hamper. When the doorbell rang, my hands where shaking.

I greeted him and had some small talk. I led him down to the laundry room and showed him our furnace. A bit more chatting and then I said, “I’ll let you get to it and then we can have a beer after.” I then said my wife was out all afternoon, and if he didn’t mind I needed to have a quick shower. I also pointed out the laundry and asked if he needed me to move it out of his way. I said she had asked me to run the wash but I figured I would wait until he was done. “No problem, he said, I have plenty of room to work. Go take your shower, this will take me a half hour or so.” With that I left him alone with the panty trap set. I ran up to my bathroom and turned the shower on. My hands were trembling as I picked up the ipad to see what he was up to. It didn’t take him long to look over at the hamper. He lifted up the pair on top, and took a really quick sniff of the crotch. He tossed them back in there, and went to work. I had started thinking maybe he didn’t like the way she smelled. But he kept looking back over his shoulder at the hamper as he took apart the furnace. Eventually, he was back at the hamper taking a nice long sniff of the most recently worn pair. I saw him adjust his pants, and then fumble through the hamper for the other pairs. I watched as he stuck out his tongue and licked my wife’s creamy juices from her panties. And he was now rubbing his cock through his pants.

He must have been very nervous about getting caught. He kept stopping and doing some work for a bit, and then going back for more sniffs. I decided if he was going to feel comfortable jerking off to her, I would need to give him more reassurance he wouldn’t be found out. I turned off the shower and loudly came down to see him. Hearing me coming, he was right back at work. “Looks like we are all out of beers,” i said to him. “I’m going to run to the liquor store and get some real quick while you finish up. We need more anyway, and then we can have a beer out back after your are finished”. I could see his eyes light up at that suggestion.

I went to the garage and started the car. I brought the ipad with so I was watching for him to pull out his cock and start jerking to the panties. Then I turned the car off, and closed the garage door, so it would sound like I had left. In no time, he had his rock hard cock in his hands and my wife’s panties in his mouth. He began really going to town, probably trying to cum as fast as possible before I got back. It was now or never, so I quietly crept down the stairs, and went into the laundry room. I walked in saying, “forgot to ask what kind of beer you like”, and caught him red handed. He just stood there mouth open like a deer in headlights. He tried to cover his cock, and dropped the panties from his one hand. But the other pair of panties he had wrapped around his cock were still there.

“Having some fun” I said to him to lighten the mood.

“I am so sorry….” he stammered. “I’m not sure what came over me.”

At this point I had to do something to stop him from running away in total embarrassment. So I told him, “No problem, I love the way her pussy smells too. In fact, I was planning to have a jerk to her panties before washing them anyway”.

He stood there kind of shocked. Not sure what to say, or how to take that statement. Then I think I shocked him even more with what I said next.

“Well don’t mind me, just let me know what beer you want. I’ll go to the store and you can, uh finish up here!” “maybe throw the panties in the wash when you are done if you get too much cum on them”

He muttered Miller lite, and just like that I left him alone again. I got to my car, turned on the ipad and watched as he pounded out the biggest load all over her panties.

I was back from the corner store before he finished cleaning up from the real job he was there to do. When he came upstairs I was sitting on the back porch with two beers waiting for us. He sat down next to me, opened his beer, and waited for me to say anything. I didn’t. I wanted to make him talk first.

“Hey man, again I’m really sorry about that. But thanks for letting me… know. I won’t charge you the $50, but please, please don’t say anything to your wife about this”.

Then I spoke. “Oh I wouldn’t ever tell her. She would be pissed if she knew I smelled her panties. Let alone someone else. She is a bit of a prude, but damn if her pussy doesn’t smell great, and I fucking love seeing her naked. Would you like to see her naked now that you have smelled and tasted her pussy?”

“I….I….I…well, how would that work?”

“You see, I have been sneaking pictures and videos of her naked for years. And I shouldn’t be the only one to enjoy them. But you have to promise never to tell anyone that you saw them. And you have to promise one more thing.”

“What’s that?” he asked.

“Well, if I let you see her totally naked, and I already let you smell and taste her pussy, you are the only one having all the fun. I want some reciprocation. I want to get my hands on some of your wife’s panties, and pictures. I will of course give them back when I am done using them so we don’t get caught. But this way we can both enjoy each other’s wives in secret”

He took a long chug of his beer, leaned back and said, “Well that sounds like a fucking awesome idea”.

With that our friendship was formed. We chatted for a while about various things we had done with our wives. Places we fucked them, how they like it, etc. Had a few more beers and then I handed him my phone . I opened a folder with 10 pictures and 3 videos of her. The pictures where her walking to the bathroom after a fuck, getting changed, and one of her laying on the bed face down and legs spread. I had snuck all of these when she wasn’t looking . The videos were of her getting out of the shower, and toweling off. I had set my phone on the counter recording her every move. He thumbed through the pics and videos and started adjusting his pants again.

“Damn, this is so hot, I’m getting hard again.”

“Well, she should be gone a few more hours if you want to have a jerk to her together.”

“I’ve never done that, and I’m not sure if I can perform in front of you”

“just follow me, I said” and we went up to my bedroom.

I opened up her lingerie drawer and pulled out a few pairs of her sexiest things . I handed him some to inspect, and put the ipad on the bed. I pulled up a video of me fucking her. It was from a hidden angle so you couldn’t see too much. But she rode me for a while, and the view of her ass was incredible. I broke the ice by pulling my pants down and starting to beat off. It didn’t take him long and he soon had my wife’s bra wrapped around his hard cock, eyes fixed on the video in front of him. We both stood over the ipad jerking away until I told him to cum all over her picture.

I stopped the video and pulled up a picture of her face. Cover her in your cum, I instructed and we both blew our load all over the ipad screen coating her face in our jizz. Before he could clean himself up, I said wait.

I grabbed a pair of her everyday panties from her drawer, and told him to wipe his cock with the crotch of them. I wanted his dried cum to sit on her unsuspecting pussy all day. He did as instructed and she wore them the next day. I snapped a picture of her putting them on, and texted it to him . He later told me he about came in his pants when he got the text. I replied back, I am waiting for panties from you.

The next day I got a text saying check in your backyard behind the bush. There is a baggy with a fresh pair. I fucked her in them last night. Have Fun!

This was the start of a perfect friendship.

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