Nicki Comes of Age Pt. 01 – The 19

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Author’s Note: All characters in this fictional story are over the age of 18, and are products of the author’s dirty imagination.

This story contains themes of incest with multiple partners, homosexuality, masturbation, voyerurism, exhibitionism, and other spectator sports. If you’re not open-minded about such things, maybe you’ll find something more to your liking from another author. I hope everyone finds what they want.

Chapter I

“Oh, God yes. Oh, just like that!” I moaned, my legs spread wide as my hands caressed my lover’s back while he moved slowly up and back, his long, thick cock gliding effortlessly in and out of my slick pussy. I gripped him, squeezing and releasing, lost in the feeling of being truly filled for the first time in my young life. His cock throbbed with his need of me, stretching my tender flesh like no one ever had before. My lips were parted; I panted as each well-paced, skilled thrust caused a delicious tingle in my sensitive pink flesh that spread outward from my horny center. I was getting close, so close. He pressed against me so that his body lay against my clit, rubbing against me so damn perfectly.

The incessant buzzing of my alarm clock shocked me out of my dream and I groaned. I reached blindly to the nightstand, my hand slapping for the button that shut off the alarm. “Lousy piece of shit,” I griped, irritated to be so rudely pulled from my dream and annoyed that once again my body and mind had waited too long to start my erotic dream cycle. What’s a girl got to do to finish a wet dream, anyway?

I pulled the covers over my head, my eyes still closed. I had to cum. I ran my hands slowly over my body, up along my stomach, and over my breasts. I felt my small nipples poking like glass against the thin crop top I like to sleep in. I ran my palms over my nipples, small circles using light pressure, and I felt them tighten as they grew even more erect. I pinched my right nipple, the more sensitive one, giving it a twist as my left hand moved down, sliding my hand beneath the waist of my cotton panties.

My fingertips trailed over my hairless mound. I knew I was soaked before I even reached the lips of my young pussy; I could smell my own arousal. My middle finger pressed briefly against my clit, swollen and poking out from its hood, before moving down to my slit. My index and ring fingers ran lightly over my generous outer lips as my middle finger slid between them and into my wet young pussy. I thrust in and out several times, fingerbanging myself quietly while I pulled and twisted my nipple, adding the bit of pain that always turned me on so much. As my arousal grew, I added my ring finger to my middle, fucking my pussy rapidly while the heel of my hand tapped against my clit.

My dream had me so aroused, that it took only a couple of minutes before I felt the walls of my vagina pulsing, throbbing, squeezing in reaction to the penetration of my fingers. I bit my lip to keep from crying out loud in pleasure, only whimpering my excitement as my body shuddered. My chest heaved and I raised my ass off the bed, thrusting upward as I rode my fingers. My climax was quick and powerful. I felt the familiar electric sensations sprinting throughout my body and I crossed my legs at the ankles, pressing my thighs tightly together around my hand as I rode the waves of ecstasy that washed over me, surrendering my body to the blissful feeling of orgasm. My firm, tight stomach contracted over and over, the spasms of my orgasm radiating throughout my body in such a delicious way. My fingers were suddenly coated with copious amounts of slick fluid, the lubrication that always happens right before –

I felt myself fully let go, moaning loudly as I squirted. Copious amounts of cum sprayed forth from my pretty little pussy, and with my legs still tight together, I felt it, warm against my skin as it ran down over my ass and onto the incontinence pad I’d been placing on my mattress for almost two months, ever since I started having the recurring sex dream that I’d awoken from mere minutes ago. One final convulsion and my climax subsided. I collapsed back into the bed with an explosive rush of air, gasping, wide-eyed as I began to recover from another mind-warping orgasm.

I lay there quietly, my hands moving to softly caress my firm, 32B-cup breasts as my breathing slowly returned to normal. I enjoyed a few moments of peace and quiet in my post-orgasm solitude but was eager for the next two days to pass quickly. Shaking my head to clear it, I tried to not think of the upcoming ceremony. I’d already gotten off, and I had things I needed to do today. I didn’t need to have any horny distractions!

I eventually got up, slipped on my bathrobe, and padded quietly down the hall to the bathroom I share with my older brother Nicholas, Jr. Oh, I’m Nichole, btw. Nicki to my friends. My mom is Susie. My dad – well, I hope you can figure that out for yourself. My brother, Junior as I take malicious pleasure in calling him, is a late riser Çanakkale Escort so I knew I’d have uninterrupted access to the bathroom this morning.

I turned on the water in the shower, turning the handle to fully hot. I closed the clear glass door as I let the steam fill the bathroom. I stripped off my top and my cum-drenched panties, then ran water in the sink and tossed the panties in to soak. I don’t always keep my panties on when I get myself off, but I hadn’t wanted to spare the time to strip this morning. When it comes to my pussy’s happiness, I’m a demanding little thing.

I stepped into the shower, letting the jets blast steaming water over my body. I tipped my head under the deluge, then looked up, my hands brushing my short black hair back from my face. I added some body wash to the bath puff and began soaping myself up. The touch of the puff was rough against my skin, and I gave myself a thorough scrubbing, turning my skin even redder than the hot water had, and causing my sensitive nipples to stand up again, begging for attention. “Focus, Nicki,” I told myself, “You can’t spend all day getting turned on. You have two tests today.”

It’s not like I hadn’t been warned; I absolutely had. They’d told me the closer I got to the ceremony, the more my body would demand satisfaction. “Two days, Nicki,” I told myself. “Two days until you’re 19, and can take your place as an adult member of the family. You’ve got this.”

I fought against my growing desire and quickly finished my shower. I wiped the steam from the mirror and assessed what I saw. The face in the mirror was very pretty, even I couldn’t argue that. My pixie haircut flattered the angles of my face very well. I raised my arms over my head, then dropped them. My breasts moved some, but not too much. They weren’t big, but they were firm and well-shaped. I ran my hands down my torso, then to my hips, which had, I thought, just the right amount of feminine swell. My lovers had all enjoyed my body and, they said, found me quite beautiful. All in all, I was happy with my looks. I’m quite fit, as I run a lot. Long distance all through high school and now on the university’s freshman team, wind sprints every day, and every 5-, 10-, and 50-K race within 200 miles. I’m 5’8″ tall, weigh 122 lbs., and would love to add three pounds of muscle to that, but I’m happy to be healthy. Satisfied I hadn’t changed significantly, I went to my room and got dressed for the day. My choice of clothing was meant to draw absolutely no attention to me whatsoever. Until the culmination of my birthday ceremony, I wanted to be as invisible as possible outside of the family home. Loose and bulky clothing covered my tight, toned, athletic body. Grandma would say I was dressed like a schlub. I smiled at the thought. Just for a couple more days, Nicki.

I headed into the kitchen for breakfast. Mom had her laptop open on the counter.

“Morning, Nicki.”

“Morning, Mommy.”

“Did you cum this morning?”

“Yes, Mommy.”

“Good, baby. In bed or in the shower?”

“In bed. Just once.”

“Got it.” Mom made an update on her laptop spreadsheet, then closed the computer and came over to me for a hug and kiss. Our lips met and parted, our tongues dancing briefly as she reached down and cupped my ass with both her hands. She squeezed and pulled my cheeks, separating them and causing juice to start running a little from my kitty.

“Mmm,” I purred in my throat. “That feels so good, Mommy.”

“What feels good?” asked my dad, coming around the corner into the kitchen. Then, noticing mom and I pressed together, her hands all over my tight little ass, he said, “Forget I asked. How are my favorite ladies this morning?”

Mom let go of me so I could go to my daddy. “I’m good, Daddy, thank you. How are you?”

Daddy opened his arms to me and I stepped into his embrace. His left hand went to my right breast, his fingers deftly coaxing my nipple to stand up. “Well, princess, I’m doing very well right now.” Daddy’s hand left my boob and tilted my chin up, then he brought his mouth to mine. I felt his short stubble against my face and found myself getting even wetter as his tongue stabbed deep into my willing mouth. I put my hands on daddy’s hips and pressed against him. Daddy stands almost seven inches taller than I do, so when I felt his cock stirring, its hardness was pressed well into my torso, against my stomach and just under my breasts. “Two days,” I heard Daddy murmur to himself. The thought turned my insides squishy, and I tried to pull him even closer.

“That has to be all for now, princess,” Daddy said kindly, kissing my forehead and stepping back from me. My eyes went directly to the front of Daddy’s pants, where I could plainly see it was no easier for him to wait than for me.

“Yes, Daddy.” I cast my eyes downward.

“No need to hide your eyes, princess. What you’re feeling is normal. We just have traditions to maintain.”

“Yes, sir,” I said, my eyes on his, Çanakkale Escort Bayan letting him see the need in them.

“Breakfast, family,” Mom called.

We sat at the table, three-fourths of our immediate family, and spoke of the day ahead. It was a normal family meal for what might be, to others, a decidedly unusual family.

It really wasn’t hard to understand, once you realized that our family, throughout our entire written history, had certain customs. For one, we preferred to keep our bloodline pure, so children could only be the product of blood relatives. My mom and dad were, in fact, cousins as well as half-siblings. Don’t worry too much about the details. What’s more important is that, to us, family comes before anything. Seriously, the Mafia has nothing on us for familial loyalty, though in our family, we strictly obey the law of the land — well, except for that one silly class of laws about incest. We had our own rules surrounding how such relationships were to be conducted, which brings us to my present life.

Chapter II

The first rule that matters is that there is absolutely NO sexual contact before a person is 18. That meant that, 363 days ago, my 18th birthday, was the first time I was ever kissed, aside from chaste kisses with family members. The next rule is that a person must spend the first 10 months following their 18th birthday having sex with people outside the family. It was up to the person how sexually active they would be in that time; each person had to have at least one sexual partner, but there was no limit to the maximum number. I was pretty run-of-the-mill as the tradition went. In my 10 months, I had sex with 136 people: 85 men and 51 women. Sixteen of my sexual encounters were with multiple partners; most of those were threesomes. In my first, I was spit roasted by two men in their 40s, who used all of my holes repeatedly until they couldn’t get it up again. They were so appreciative and complimentary, too; much more than their sons, both of whom I’d previously been railed by.

Another custom in our family is that there is no sexual shaming. Each relative has the right to live as they please; things such as sexual orientation and proclivities are accepted without judgment or fear of being made pariah. The only exceptions to this are, as I’ve mentioned, sex with someone under 18 or having a child with someone not in the family. The consequences of violation are unspeakable; the good news is that we were all raised with such strong values of family, none of us would ever think to violate these prohibitions. So, I was able to explore sex in all the ways I’d imagined it and do whatever interested me. It was, for us, simply a part of growing into adulthood.

After the 10 months, one could only orgasm from self-pleasure until their 19th birthday. This was meant to be a period in which one reflected on their experiences without outside distraction. During this time, though, it was expected that the person would begin expressing physical intimacy with their immediate family, hence the kissing and fondling with my parents earlier. There could be no sexual penetration, though. For almost two months now, my parents, my older brother and I had been exploring our closeness, getting to know each other in preparation for my birthday party, two days from now.

Our tradition was, I suppose, similar to the Amish Rumspringa; it’s a period of immersion into the outside world and all it has to offer before making a decision: did you want to be part of the family or part of the world? That’s what our 19th- year ceremony was about. I’d be offered a choice, and I would have to abide by that choice for the rest of my life. In the meantime, life went on as normal. I had to be in class at nine for a Chemistry midterm and I had a dentist appointment in the afternoon. According to all my family members, life became so much easier after “The 19”, as it was affectionately referred to. I was clinging to that hope; between the incessant horniness that engulfed me 24/7 and the stress of my pending decision (I believed I meant to stay with the family, but several relatives had told me I wouldn’t actually know until the words came out of my mouth), I was finding it next to impossible to manage my day-to-day life.

After breakfast, my parents groped me goodbye and I drove to the campus to start my day. Just like the past 8 weeks, this day passed by in a blur. I barely spoke to anyone, just kept my head down and moved through the day.

I made my way to the campus gym on a break between classes; I was incredibly horny and in need of the privacy of a hot shower. Quickly stripping out of my clothes, I went to the far end of the communal shower room. Standing with my back to the entryway, I slid two fingers deep inside of myself, thrusting quickly while trying to cum quietly. I had spent the morning struggling to keep thoughts of my dream at bay, but they fought their way to the front of my mind with frightening ease. Escort Çanakkale In my dream, I never saw my lover’s face, but I knew in my heart it was my Daddy. Only one man had ever made me so happy or made me feel complete the way my Daddy did. I knew the feeling that I had in the dream of being stretched by his thick cock, of being completely satisfied, was the sexual equivalent of what my Daddy had always done for me emotionally.

With Daddy firmly in my mind, I rubbed myself to a hot, steaming climax there in the public shower. I clasped my free hand firmly over my mouth as my orgasm coursed through my being, not wanting to draw attention to myself. After my legs stopped twitching, I turned to grab my towel.

“Looking hot there, Nicki. Thanks for the show.”

It was Laura, whom I knew from Calculus… and from my bed six months earlier.

“Oh, hell, Laura.” I grinned. “I thought I was alone.”

“Don’t apologize, Nicki. Baby, you look just as tasty as I remember.” Laura opened the towel she had wrapped around her body and hung it on a hook across from me. I couldn’t help but stare appreciatively at her nude form. Laura was the opposite of me in every way. Fair to my dark hair and skin and curves for days; unbidden, the memory of squirting on Laura’s face as she licked me lightly yet skillfully arose. I tried to shake it off.

“Oh, thanks. Um, how’ve you been?”

“Not bad at all,” she replied, tipping her head back under the showerhead, causing her full breasts to point tantalizingly toward my mouth. “Not as good as you just now, but…” She looked across at me frankly. “I could be. Wanna fuck?”

“I have to say no, Laura. I’m sorry, but I just can’t.”

Laura shrugged, disappointed. “I thought we had fun. Maybe that was just me.”

“No, Laura, it’s not that. It’s not anything. I had a lot of fun. A lot lot. I’ve just got other demands right now.”

“So, ok. Let me know if you ever change your mind. I’m into you, Nicki. I’d love to see you again. Shit, now you got me horny.” She looked behind her; seeing no one nearby, she asked “Mind if I jill?”

“Jill away, Laura. I’m done in here anyway. It was nice to see you again.” I wrapped my towel around me and went to get dressed. Stepping away from the shower, I heard Laura moan my name. I shook my head. People got so attached over sex. I had had several such awkward run-ins over the past eight weeks; they never got easier. ‘Hey, sorry. Yeah, it was amazing. No, it can’t ever happen again. Weird, huh? Yeah, I’m a fucking enigma.’

It wasn’t like I could tell anyone the truth. Family was like Fight Club. ‘Just STFU about it to outsiders. It’s always Us and Them. No exceptions. We come first, last, only.’ Too bad, really. Laura ate pussy like a champ.

Chapter III

Later that night, my mind was far-removed from Laura, though. When Junior got home from work, he wanted to cool off in the pool, and he invited me to join him. My big brother in swim trunks is a sight every woman should see at least once. Junior loves the outdoors, so he chose a job with the Park Service. Constantly walking and climbing toned his body better than any gym ever could. Right now, I was watching from the pool deck as he swam laps. His lean, strong body sliced gracefully through the water. He was tall and toned, not as muscular as our dad, but just scrumptious! I wondered what it would be like when I had his cock in my mouth. I knew from the last two months his cock, while not particularly long, was the thickest I’d ever touched. I felt the stirrings in my pussy that always accompanied scandalous thoughts about my brother. I decided to slip into the water and interrupt his swimming. I didn’t think he’d mind.

I quickly swam to a spot where he’d pass close by on his return lap. I treaded water easily, a smile on my face. Junior was just passing me when I reached out and grabbed the waist of his swim trunks. I felt the tug as he tried to swim, not realizing what had hung him up.

His head popped above the surface and he sputtered, “What the hell, Ki? Why’d you do that?”

I moved closer and slid one hand into his trunks.

“I want you to pay attention to me, big brother.”

His expression changed from amusement to lust as I wrapped my hand around his thick dick. He wasn’t even hard, though that was changing, and he was already as thick as any cock I’d ever felt. Junior turned toward me and twined his legs around my waist, locking his feet behind me.

“You better swim us over to the shallow end,” I told him with a grin, “or I’m liable to drown while multitasking.”

My feet firmly on the bottom of the pool, I ran my hand up and down Junior’s johnson, loving the feel of his pulse as he throbbed at my attention. Junior pulled my top up over my breasts and began rubbing his thumb over one nipple. The sensations were combining to awaken my pussy to her needs.

“You nervous about The 19?” my big brother asked as I slowly pumped his cock, “or just horny?”

I shrugged. “Both, probably.”

“I get that, Ki. I remember how hard it was going from the 10-month-long all-you-can-fuck buffet to almost 9 weeks of solitary confinement.” He shook his head. “It’ll be worth it, so don’t worry too much. When you know what your decision is, it’s just such a load of stress off of you.”

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