Nicola Redux Ch. 06

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Nicola Redux*

Olwen’s introduction. This is a work of fiction, dreamed up since joining Literotica and being inspired by lots of very hot kinky stories that I’ve already read. I don’t think I’m a vain person, but I have been self-centered enough to include a character based on myself. She is quite different to me, but I enjoyed putting myself in her shoes. I note that many authors here include a disclaimer that says all characters in the story are 18 or over, and that all sex is consensual. This applies to this serial too. If you like it, please vote and leave comments.

*One dictionary definition of ‘Redux’ is ‘to bring back’ or ‘to bring home safely.’

Chapter Six

Lynette disengaged herself from Nicola’s embrace reluctantly and glanced over at the viewing mirror.

“Well he’s got Malvina well trussed up,” she said with a grin. “That’ll save us the trouble. We can go in now. I’ll keep Kevin occupied whilst you cane Malvina. Do you want to cane him too? If so, I’ll get him tied up and ready for you.”

Nicola looked at Lynette thoughtfully.

“Change of plan, I think, lover,” she said looking very devious. “If I’m a member of the Inner Sanctum now, I suppose I can do pretty much what I like in this club, can’t I?”

“You certainly can,” replied Lynette, looking at her in confusion. “But I heard you say you were going to thrash Malvina, and I assumed that you’d want some sort of revenge on Kevin. What’s this about a change of plan? What do you intend doing?”

Nicola put her leather hood back on, obscuring her features totally. She picked up the internal phone and asked Lynette if it was possible to get hold of Georgina. Lynette took the receiver and pushed a few buttons. She handed it back to Nicola with a questioning look on her lovely face. Nicola smiled and blew her a kiss.

She smiled as she heard, “Hello Rethepthion. Kalie thpeaking.”

“Hi Kalie,” said Nicola brightly. “Do me a favour, please? Go and find Mistress Myra and ask her to send Georgina to dungeon number three in fifteen minutes, will you?”

“Of courth, Mithtreth,” lisped Kalie in reply. “Dungeon three in fifteen minuite-th. Of courth”

“I have a plan,” Nicola confided to Lynette. “My revenge starts here and now. Let’s go in there, and see how things play out,” she smiled. “Remember Kevin saw you that day when we ‘found’ my divorce papers. He knows who you are. Maybe you should put your hood on too?”

“No point,” Lynette grinned. “Let him see me. I told you. He’s going to disappear. He’ll never leave this club again after tonight.”

With a feeling of immense self-confidence, Nicola led Lynette into dungeon number three. As she opened the door and walked in, Kevin turned to her and said rudely,

“Are you fucking blind? This dungeon’s being used. Why don’t you two sad dyke bitches fuck off and find somewhere else to munch each other’s rug?”

He did a double take when he saw Lynette.

“Hang on,” he stuttered, “you’re that fucking pig who fucked me over the other day. I’ll be making a complaint to your superiors, good girl. I wonder if they know their colleague is a fucking lesbo?”

Lynette smiled and shook her head.

“They don’t, and you won’t,” she said. “Now, are you going to do as you’re told, or am I going to have to make you shut your foul mouth and listen?”

“Listen to you, you sad fucking dyke?” snarled Kevin. “No, I’m not. But you, you listen here, good girl…”

He got no further. Lynette, striking with the speed of a cobra kicked him squarely in the bollocks. There was a squelching sound as his balls were crushed against his pelvis, and Kevin uttered strangulated “Aaargh!” He collapsed in agony on the floor, holding his throbbing cock and balls.

Lynette sauntered over and pulled him into a sitting position by grabbing his hair and yanking him upright. She stepped on his balls to ensure that he wasn’t going anywhere, and then looked over at Nicola.

“There should be some handcuffs in that drawer over there, darling,” she said, smiling sweetly. “Be a dear and pass them to me will you, please?”

Nicola opened the drawer indicated by Lynette and found several pairs of handcuffs lying there. She selected the heaviest looking pair and walked over to her friend, who was now rubbing her foot back and forth on Kevin’s balls as if she was extinguishing a cigar. He was whimpering continually.

Expertly, Lynette cuffed Kevin by his wrist to an eye peg set in the floor. She stepped away and smiled at Nicola.

“Well, that’s the first bit of business done,” she said. “Now I think you have some dealings to finish with that cunt over there, don’t you?”

“Leave her alone, you fucking sick lesbian bastards,” croaked Kevin. “She’s done nothing wrong!”

Nicola squatted down in front of Kevin, making sure she was out of grabbing or kicking range. He still had one arm free, she reminded herself.

“Not done anything wrong?” she asked quietly, undoing the lacing at the back of her hood and removing it. She faced Ankara Escort Kevin with an evil grin. “No, I don’t think she has. In fact, she’s done me a huge favour by fucking you.”

“You!” he spluttered. “Oh thank fuck for that! Nicky, this mad dyke pig has kidnapped me, told lies about us and has just assaulted me. Get me out of these fucking handcuffs, and we’ll go straight to the police. Thank fuck you’ve come to your senses and come to rescue me, babe!”

Nicola looked at Lynette and shook her head in amazement.

“Are you hearing this?” she asked incredulously. She turned back to face Kevin.

“See this mad dyke pig, as you so rudely describe her?” she snarled. “Let me tell you this. When I’ve finished with your secretary, I’m going with her and we are going to spend tonight, and the rest of our lives fucking one another senseless. You, on the other hand, are going to spend the rest of yours sucking cock, and being fucked by men and pegged by women members of this lovely club!”

Kevin’s face was a picture of incredulity.

“You mean… you’re a part of this club?” he asked slowly. “How long have you been coming here, you deceitful bitch?”

“Me? Deceitful?” Nicola laughed. “Who was it that wasn’t fucking his wife, but was fucking his secretary?” she asked rhetorically. She turned to Lynette and asked her, in a low voice, to untie Malvina and bring her over. Lynette did as she was asked.

In the meantime, there was a discrete knock on the dungeon door. Nicola went to see who was there. She opened the door to find a naked, cock locked Georgina standing there.

“I was sent for, Mistress,” said Georgina respectfully. “May I be of service?”

Nicola looked at Myra’s sissy transvestite. Hur face was beautifully made up, lipstick and eye liner perfectly applied, skin moisturised and smooth. She smiled at Georgina.

“Come in,” she said, reaching for Georgina’s hand and pulling her into the dungeon.

Lynette had untied Malvina by now and was fastening a lead to the collar she wore around her throat. She led the Polish slave over to where Nicola and Georgina stood in front of the handcuffed Kevin. He made one last effort to bluff himself out of the pickle he found himself in.

“Babe,” he appealed to Nicola, “please believe me. This bitch used me to try and get a work permit. I admit that I like a bit of slap and tickle, but it’s you I really love, babe. Come on. Let me out of here. I’ll forget I ever saw this bitch.. er, I mean this police officer. Let’s go home and start again. What do you say?”

“I say this,” replied Nicola in a quiet, but extremely determined voice. “Malvina here is going to pay the penalty that she agreed to when she sold you out to my friends recently. Initially, I was going to cane her, and make her suffer for what she did. Taking you away from me. But I’ve seen you in action now. Not only this evening, but the other day at my house.”

She smiled. “Yes, my house! Where, after today, my very good friend Lynette will be welcome to visit so that we can fuck whenever we feel like it. As for Malvina, watch this.”

Kevin’s eyes widened in disbelief as Nicola pulled Malvina towards her and kissed her full on the mouth. It was obvious to all watching that there was a great deal of tongue action involved, and when Nicola pulled away, both her and Malvina’s nipples were very prominent indeed. It was obvious that both women had enjoyed the kiss. Nicola looked at Malvina.

“That night of our last wedding anniversary, when this twat,” she nodded in Kevin’s direction, “when he phoned me to say that he had to work late but that you had volunteered to stay on and help him. Do you remember?”

Malvina nodded, wordlessly.

“I was so upset,” Nicola continued. “I’d bought his favourite food, set up an evening which I hoped would end in sex, and what happened? He’s a no-show, and then I heard you two planning some sort of Mistress and slave evening. If I could have got hold of you then, I’d have ripped your head off and pissed down the hole in your neck!”

Lynette giggled. “I absolutely love it when you talk dirty, my darling,” she said with a smile.

Nicola ignored the interruption.

“But having seen this twat in action,” she continued, “I realise I owe you a debt of thanks. You’ve allowed me to see what an absolute cunt this bloke is. I was going to punish you. But not anymore. I release you from your promise, and I wish you well. I understand that there is a job for you in the Building Society? Well, good luck to you. I’m sure we’ll bump into one another both there and here in the club. I’ll be a regular visitor here. Of that you can be assured!”

Malvina sank to her knees and put her arms around Nicola’s legs.

“Thank you, Mistress,” she sobbed. “If there’s anything you require of me, ever, all you have to do is ask.”

Nicola winked at Lynette.

“Well now that you’re down there,” she said, “it seems a shame to waste such a talented Sincan Escort tongue. You may worship me.”

As Malvina eagerly started to tongue Nicola’s cunt, she turned to Georgina and smiled.

“Georgina,” she said quietly, but very clearly, “my ex-husband adores oral sex. He particularly likes having his cock sucked by sissy transvestites. Would you mind obliging him? I’m sure Mistress Lynette will get him into position for you.”

“Www! That’s just the spot, Malvina, my dear. My clit really appreciates that! Do it again, please!”

Lynette dragged Kevin to his feet, and then remembered that he was handcuffed to the floor.

“Oops!” she said with a giggle. She released his handcuff from the eye peg and pulled him upright. Swiftly, she dragged him over to a whipping bench, and secured him to it, face up. Kevin’s cock lolled about uselessly. He was obviously not enjoying this.

Nicola was jiggling up and down, riding Malvina’s face with obvious enjoyment. As Lynette finished securing Kevin to the whipping bench, she looked over to see what was causing Nicola to make such a racket.

She saw her friend bouncing up and down on Malvina’s face, whilst the Pole tried to keep her tongue in Nicola’s cunt. They were both obviously enjoying themselves. Lynette felt a twinge of jealousy. She really wanted Nicola all to herself. As she watched, Nicola squealed in ecstasy and gushed all over Malvina’s face. She almost stumbled, but Georgina steadied her before apologising for laying hands on Mistress Nicola. She shook her head, thanked hur and smiled at Lynette.

“That’s just about set me up perfectly for your strap-on, darling” she said, her voice thick with emotion. “Thank you Malvina. You certainly know how to eat cunt!”

Malvina got to her feet.

“It was an honour, Mistress,” she said, licking her lips, “I…”

The rest of the sentence was cut off as Lynette kissed her, thrusting her tongue into Malvina’s mouth. She broke off quickly and started to lick Malvina’s face.

“It tastes gorgeous,” she grinned. ” I can’t wait to drink it direct from source!”

Nicola blushed and laughed.

“Give me a few minutes,” she said, turning to Georgina and taking hur by the hand.

“I know you’re Mistress Myra’s sissy,” she said with a smile, “and I haven’t said ‘thank you’ properly for all the meals you’ve cooked for me, how carefully you’ve bathed and shaved me, or for the help you’ve given me in dressing. I wonder can you do me one last favour?”

“Of course I can, Mistress,” replied Georgina. “And there’s no need for you to thank me. It is an honour and a privilege to serve you.”

Kevin was listening to this exchange. He sneered loudly.

“You fucking poof!” he said, rudely. “Call yourself a man. Look at all that fucking make up you’re wearing. And what the fuck is that thing you’ve got on your cock? It looks fucking ridiculous.”

Georgina blushed, but said nothing. Nicola walked, rather unsteadily it must be said, over to the whipping bench.

“Shut your foul mouth,” she said, slapping Kevin hard across the face. “Georgina is more of a man that you will ever be. She’s loyal, hard-working, polite and she has one other attribute that she’s about to demonstrate to us all, you included.”

“What’s that?” sneered Kevin. “The ability to piss sitting down? He can hardly piss like a man with that contraption round his balls!” He laughed.

“That’s an idea,” said Nicola brightly. “Thanks for that. Ladies,” she turned round to address Lynette and Malvina. “If you need a piss, please use this latrine here.”

Kevin gasped in horror.

“You fucking mad bitch!” he yelled, “They can’t piss on me. They’ll fucking poison me. Don’t be so fucking disgusting!”

Once again, Nicola ignored this outburst. She whispered something to Georgina, who nodded eagerly and moved closer to Kevin on the whipping bench.

“Your Mistress tells me you adore oral sex,” she simpered, using a very effeminate tone. “What a lovely coincidence! There’s almost nothing I like more that sucking a man’s cock!”

She reached out and gripped Kevin’s flaccid cock. He yelled in outrage.

“Get off me you fucking pansy! Leave my cock alone, you bent bastard! I’ll fucking kill you when I get out of here.”

Lynette put her finger across his lips to shut him up.

“You don’t get it, do you, you stupid bastard,” she said. “You’re not getting out of here. Now shut up. All this noise is giving me a headache. Nicola, Malvina and I want to see Georgina giving you a blow job in peace and quiet.”

She giggled.

“You were right, darling,” she said pulling Nicola into her and giving her a quick kiss.

“Look! He’s getting a hard-on!”

Georgina’s skilled fingers were obviously doing something right. As the three women watched in delight, Kevin’s cock stiffened and began to twitch. Georgina peeled his foreskin back to reveal a shiny pink mushroom.

“May I, Mistress?” she asked Etlik Escort mischievously.

“Be our guest, Georgina,” smiled Nicola, waving her arm to give hur the go-ahead. “I want you to carry on to completion, but please, don’t spill any and don’t swallow.”

Georgina’s eyes lit up with delight, and she opened hur mouth and swallowed the whole length of Kevin’s hard cock. Kevin wailed in anguish.

“You fucking cock sucking pervert! I’ll fucking kill you when I get up from here.”

“Oh fuck this noise,” said Nicola snappily. She cocked her leg over Kevin’s face and sat down heavily. There was a muffled “oomph” and the sound of Kevin’s voice disappeared.

Georgina, meanwhile was bobbing hur mouth up and down on Kevin’s cock with the regularity of a pump. She was breathing heavily out of her nose, and sweat was beginning to break out above hur top lip. But still she continued to suck Kevin off relentlessly.

As Nicola, Lynette and Malvina watched, she started to slow down, and then eventually, she stopped her bobbing. She raised hur head, releasing Kevin’s rapidly softening cock with a plop. Hur lipstick was smeared. Hur mouth looked like an angry red gash. But hur eyes were smiling.

She stood up, turned to Nicola and opened hur mouth. It was full of thick, warm cum. Nicola giggled and got off Kevin’s face. He gasped for breath, his face red and shiny with sweat.

“You stupid cunt!” he yelled at Nicola. ” I nearly suffocated then. And your arse stinks! When did you last have a shower, you filthy bitch?”

Nicola grinned at him.

“I had a shower before I came out,” she answered. “But whilst I was waiting for my initiation test, I knew that I needed a dump. I was halfway through it when this idea came into my head. Now you come to mention it, I was so excited about sitting on your face I might have forgotten to wipe my arse after I’d finished my dump!”

Kevin’s face turned green and he retched. “What the fuck has come over you?” he asked in genuine amazement. “You used to be so timid. Afraid of your own shadow.”

“That was before you drove me into the arms of my friends,” Nicola replied with a smirk. “I’m never going to kow-tow to a man, ever again.”

She smiled and turned to Georgina.

“This piece of shit just asked what has come over me,” she said softly. “I think someone should cum over him, don’t you? Why don’t you go and give my charming ex-husband a nice wet, open mouth kiss, Georgina?”

The sissy grinned. She closed hur mouth and went to lean over Kevin He glared at hur.

“You come any closer, and I’ll…”

The threat went unsaid as Georgina covered Kevin’s mouth with hurs. The two rocked back and forth, and Georgina stood up. She couldn’t speak as hur mouth was still full of cum, but it was obvious that Kevin had clamped his mouth shut. Georgina couldn’t deliver hur load of cum back to Kevin.

Lynette understood straight away what was happening.

“Leave it to me,” she said, opening a drawer, and taking something out. She turned to Malvina.

“Do me a favour, sweetie,” she said with a smile. “Grab hold of this twat’s balls, pull them as if you’re in the Polish tug-o’-war team, and squeeze them too.

Malvina did as she was told, and Kevin yelled in agony. Lynette leant over him and straightened up almost straight away.

Kevin was yelling like a stuck pig, and Lynette smiled at Malvina.

“OK, sweetie, you can let go now,” she said. Malvina relaxed her grip, but before she let go she gave Kevin’s ball sac a vicious twist, which elicited another yelp.

“Job done,” smiled Lynette at Georgina. “And in a dramatic reversal of roles, Princess, you may kiss the captive prince!”

Georgina blushed and moved in again. Lunette had put a spring-loaded clamp in Kevin’s mouth. He couldn’t close it now even if he wanted to.

Georgina hovered a few centimetres above Kevin’s open mouth and dribbled a thick stream of cum out of hur own mouth and into Kevin’s. His eyes expressed both anger and disgust, but there was nothing he could do. He tried to spit, but was unable to do so, and only succeeded in swallowing half of what was in his mouth.

When hur mouth was empty, Georgina kissed Kevin tenderly and thanked him for such a lovely mouthful of cum. Kevin sobbed. He was a broken man. Nicola looked at him scornfully. She kissed Georgina on the cheek and told hur to report to hur Mistress. Georgina thanked her and left.

“Now then,” said Nicola, suddenly in-charge and extremely confident, “You and I have a date with a double headed dildo, I believe, my darling.”

She kissed Lynette tenderly.

“What are we going to do with this piece of shit?” she asked, gesturing at Kevin, who lay supine and cowed.

“Please, Mistress, leave him to me,” said Malvina. “I’ll sort him out.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” said Lynette, reaching for the dungeon’s internal phone. “Not that I don’t trust you, Malvina,” she carried on hurriedly, “you still need us for that work permit and the job you’ve been promised. But you’re not used to handling people who cut up rough like I am. I’ll get two of the staff to come down and take him to the slave cells. It’s where he’ll be living from now on anyway. And if we’re not quick, the staff will have started their celebrations for Mistress Nicola’s elevation to the Inner Sanctum.”

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