Nine to Five

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My name is Josh and I’m a 32-year-old half Dominican white guy. I work as a biologist and was recently tasked with training our two new employees: Hank and Dave. Hank had just recently graduated college, he was 22, about 5’8″ with shorter dark brown hair and probably like 170 pounds. Dave was a transfer from a different branch. He was 24 and 6′, just an inch or two shorter than me. Dave was heavier set but he rocked the lumberjack look in his flannel and jeans everyday.

Hank started a month earlier than Dave and we hit it off pretty well. Hank’s really nice and he seemed to slowly but steadily learn our job. Me and Hank would joke around and just be generally goofy friends with each other. I called him little buddy, since he was younger and shorter than me and he seemed to like the nickname. Dave was a real bro type but he kept to himself. He was also very funny and liked to party like I did when I was younger. I liked both of them and thought we all worked well together. Three weeks after Dave started dramatically changed how well we worked together.

I was sitting at my desk messing with some spreadsheets. I was about halfway through the workday so I didn’t think anything of it when Hank and Dave both weren’t at their gaziantep suriyeli escort desks. Maybe a bathroom trap, maybe the lunchroom. I couldn’t stare at the numbers any longer so I decided to go look for them. I checked their desks, not there. I checked the bathroom, not there. I checked the lunchroom, not there either. I began to think that maybe they left work early without telling me. I decided to check the other bathroom which is in our warehouse. After I did a quick in and out there, it’s just a stall, I was about to leave the warehouse when I heard some weird noise from a storage room that we don’t use for anything. We have big vents running because we use some hazardous stuff, and I thought I mistook it for the vents just rattling. But I decided no I didn’t hear that wrong, and I went to the door and pressed my ear to it.

“Is that… Did I just hear?” I thought to myself. It kind of sounded like Hank was talking, or maybe like groaning? It didn’t sound pleasant and I had some meds in my desk so I was about to open the door when I heard Hank quietly say “fuck, eat my ass.” I paused, thinking there’s no way that I just heard him say that. Hank has a fiancé, I’ve seen her photo at his desk. He wears his engagement ring every day, there’s no way that he would cheat on her. I started to wonder if she’s in there, and maybe he just liked getting his ass eaten.

I sat there with my ear to the door listening to Hank quietly moan and groan when suddenly both got louder. Maybe my ear was just pressed right against the door but it sounded like I could hear the slurping and sucking that Hank seemed to be enjoying. It sounded hot, I can’t deny that. I’ve eaten an ass once or twice in my day, but since I got married and my wife had our kids, I haven’t had any sex in a while. Never even got to try my wife’s ass. I was just complaining to Dave the other day about how I missed having a warm hole.

My dick started to plump up listening to Hank moan and thinking about the last time I got my dick wet. I start to massage it through my jeans, just enjoying the steady stroking, when I hear Hank yelp, “FUCK!” Hank let out a steady stream of expletives and I realized that he was coming. I was harder than fuck and scared of catching Hank and whoever was in the storage room, so I ran to the bathroom that I had initially checked in the warehouse and locked the door. My bulge was obnoxious in my jeans and I still wanted to get off so I threw off my belt, stood over the toilet, and started beating. It didn’t take very long since that was the hottest thing I had seen or heard in months, maybe a year.

I was right on the verge of coming and Hank popped in my head. I pictured Hank up against the wall, pants down ass out, with his cheeks spread. Pictured him moaning and groaning as a tongue dived into his ass. The shudders he felt. My fantasy morphed and I was on my knees behind him with my long tongue up Hank’s tight pink asshole. It was my tongue that made him moan. I couldn’t hold it anymore and I came, gushing all over the toilet seat, desperately trying to think of something else but still vividly imagining Hank’s hole clenching on my tongue as I came. Fuck, that was gay but it got me to cum the hardest I’d had in a long time.

I cleaned up, blissfully, and used the restroom before returning to my desk. Hank was sitting at his desk across from me, a little color on his face and a little heavy lidded. Hank asked where I had been (the irony) and I said I was using the restroom, unable to make eye contact since I’d just busted a nut imagining rimming him. I sat down and tried to power through work but three minutes after I sat down, Dave walked into the lab and went to the desk behind Hank. No way, I thought. It couldn’t be. Were Dave’s lips looking a little plump?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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