Nine Wonderful Women Ch. 08

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Ball Gag

This is the eighth chapter of a series.

The first seven chapters can be read with or without having read the previous chapters.

This Chapter 8 can be read without reading previous chapters. Chapters 8 and 9 are about Lindy, with whom I had a passionate relationship for over 18 months.



I noticed a new attractive profile on the dating website, SunnyGirl19. She wasn’t 19, but the personal details she gave resonated with me and her photo really got me. She was a little further away from the camera than other women’s photos, in a field and she looked fresh and natural. I pinged her, to tell her I want to make contact, but after a couple of days, heard nothing, which was not unusual; this happened most of the time when I initiated the contact. Then she replied. Her real name was Lindy, and apparently she had been overwhelmed by men sending messages (no surprise) and struggling to sort out the wheat from the chaff in the messages she was receiving. And, being new to the website, she wasn’t totally familiar with its operation. After a few tentative messages, she revealed that she was new to this whole web dating thing and a bit nervous about it. I gave her my number, and asked her to call me so she could reassure herself that I was genuine.

Lindy called me, we had a great conversation and she invited me to come to her place the following Saturday afternoon as she was having a few friends over for a small birthday party. I happily accepted. It seemed a bit odd, being invited to her birthday party before we’d even met, but the advantage from her viewpoint was that she had safety in numbers with her friends there.

It was a long weekend with Monday as a holiday. When she gave me the address, it turned out that she lived in a small town about an hour and a half drive west of my metro area, although on the website she had listed her location as being in the metro area. Since it was quite the drive from my place, and because there would be drinking going on until fairly late, she told me I could stay overnight in her spare bedroom. Her friend Margaret was also staying overnight, so I guessed she was the chaperone.

By the time Friday came around, I was already a bit dubious about going, because I felt that she’d tricked me a bit with the location and I didn’t really fancy three hours round trip for a date, even with a birthday party thrown in. But I had no other activities planned for the weekend, and didn’t want to be a jerk for cancelling, so I decided to go.

The drive on Saturday turned out to be very enjoyable. There were not a lot of cars on the road, and I was driving a new car with a fabulous sound system under clear autumn skies, cool weather with bright sunshine. Lindy came to the door and I was struck by how pretty she was: about 5 feet 4 inches, slightly plump and curvy in the right places, shoulder length light brown hair with blonde streaks, perfect complexion with a slight tan remaining from the summer and the most compelling blue-green eyes. As she brought me through to meet the others, I noted that they had Van Morrison playing on the stereo, and I thought that was a great start. Of the friends she invited, evidently Brianna couldn’t make it and Karen had canceled at the last minute, so there was only Kathy, Margaret, Lindy and me. They were all attractive but definitely Lindy was the pick.

We sat around a table talking, having a few glasses of wine and snacking on cheese, olives, samosas and other stuff for a few hours. They were good conversationalists and the topics were interesting, including good discussions about music. My situation was also interesting to me, being evaluated by the friends as well as the potential date; kind of like an employment interview. I just relaxed and went with the flow. At that point, I didn’t much mind whether Lindy and I got into dating or not, because I just couldn’t see myself doing that drive regularly to hang out with her. So if we decided not to continue, I’d just go back to the website. However, as the afternoon wore on, I was more and more attracted to her and she was giving me the sort of glances that sent the same message back to me.

Around 6 pm, it was getting cool, so we went inside and Lindy heated up a couple of pizzas. When we finished those, Kathy, who lived nearby, said she needed to go home and asked Lindy to give her a lift. Lindy agreed, and suggested that Margaret and should I come too, then the three of us could drive to the local pub and watch the band there.

When we got to the pub, we got some drinks and stood up the back. We’d finished those drinks, and I turned to Lindy, intending to ask her if she’d like another when we looked at each other and came together, moved in close and started kissing passionately. My right hand found its way to her left breast, and feeling her through her sweater, I could feel her nipple was hard and erect. I rolled my thumb back and forth across it while I continued to tongue kiss her, then after a long kiss and feel, stepped back. Neither of artemisbet yeni giriş us said anything for a short while, then she asked if I would like to dance.

I’m a hopeless dancer but I enjoy moving around, so we moved to the area in front of the stage where the dancing was happening, and danced for a while. During the slow numbers, we moved in close and I could feel her stomach pressing against my hardening cock, so I supposed she could feel that too. We stayed at the pub for a few hours, drinking and dancing. By this stage, I really had the hots for Lindy. I drove us all back to her place because the girls had had a little more to drink.

Margaret, Lindy and I got back to her place a bit after 11 pm and sat around for a while talking and having snacks. Margaret said she was going to bed and headed for Lindy’s daughter’s room, while I headed for the spare room. Then I heard Lindy behind me call out, “Andy, do you want to sleep with me?” so I turned and followed her into her bedroom. Now that we were alone for the first time, away from her friends, she grabbed me and we started kissing feverishly. Our arms around each other, lips locked and tongues entangled, we both felt the relief of being able to finally act the way we felt.

I lifted my sweater off and she did the same, then my shirt, shoes, sock and jeans while she dropped her jeans. Now, in just my briefs, I leaped onto the bed as she followed, still wearing her shirt and panties. We locked in a tight embrace and then she tugged at my briefs as I lifted my hips to allow her to remove them, letting my hard cock spring free. I returned the favor and now I could touch her beautiful cunt as she held my hard cock. She had a trim growth of short light brown hair on her mound, around her pussy and on her prominent outer lips. Her inner lips were hidden; a gorgeous sight. I ran my fingers up her slit, collecting some of her juice, brought my fingers to my mouth to taste her, then wetting my fingers with saliva, returned them to her cunt and continued my manual exploration of her folds. She was rolling my foreskin backwards and forward, spreading my pre-come all over my cock, and getting me harder and harder. Soon, she decided that she and I were wet enough, and she moaned “Mmmnn, let’s fuck now” as she laid back and lifted her knees. I positioned myself above her, she held my cock and guided it into her hole, and due to the extreme wetness, and I slipped right in.

My god, she was so tight. Her cunt squeezed my cock like no woman I could remember. As I pushed my length further into her, the sensation was magnificent. All the woman that I’d fucked in the past 20+ years had had babies down their birth canal, and although they felt tight, and especially when they got excited or were coming, Lindy was tight like a twenty year old. It was exquisite: inside her body, tight, wet, hot, perfect. I started sliding, in and out and could hardly believe the sensation. I knew that I had not warmed her up enough to get her to orgasm, but I wanted our first fuck to be memorable, so I took it slowly and whenever I could feel my pressure building, I backed off a bit and just admired her. But she was so sensational that I couldn’t hold out for long. I could feel my cock expanding as it does just before I come, then I came with a huge roar and a big delivery of semen, as far up into her as I could push, feeling her cervix against my cock head. She yelped a little as I pushed my hard cock right up into her cunt, then she smiled a satisfied smile and we locked lips and kissed deeply. It had been a pretty fast fuck with no real foreplay, but we were both happy, so we snuggled up and went to sleep.

She was an early riser. On Sunday morning, I woke up to the sound of AC/DC playing on the stereo, Lindy in the kitchen making breakfast for the three of us. She was happy, smiling and looking beautiful. After breakfast, Margaret packed her stuff and left around 11 am. Now we had the house to ourselves, it was time to go back to bed. As we had plenty of time, we lay around talking and touching each other as we gradually got more and more excited. I loved her pussy and decided she was good enough to eat, so I lay between her legs with my arms under her thighs so I could reach around and touch her pussy or her breasts, alternately. I licked her from her perineum to her clit, spreading those puffy outer lips and feeling her trimmed hairs on my tongue. I placed my mouth over her lips and slipped my tongue into her opening, tasting her sweet juices and thrusting my tongue in and out of her sweet hole as far as I could. I moved up and placed my whole mouth over her clit and sucked gently while my tongue did little circles around, under and over her clit. I love doing oral and her pussy was beautiful and different to many of the other pussies I had enjoyed in that her inner lips were quite small and concealed inside her outer lips. She was making little moaning sounds, and I was completely lost in the smell, touch and taste of her exquisite pussy.

After a while, she put her artemisbet giriş hand on my arm and pulled me up so that I was on top of her, and said “let’s fuck now.” She was the first woman I was with who was so forthright about wanting to fuck. I reached down to guide my hard cock into her super-wet cunt and, as I slid my full length inside her, again I marveled at how tight she was. I started pushing in and out of her, taking my time, wanting this fuck to last for a long time. As the pressure built up, I pulled out of her in order to slow myself down, and when I did this, she rolled over and got up on her knees with shoulders on the bed, presenting me with her most delectable backside. I got to my knees and moved in behind her, kissed her ass cheeks and ran my tongue up the length of her slit, then lined my cock up with her opening and slid my length all the way inside her slowly.

The view was unbelievable. The previous night, I had noted that she has a big, round backside which filled out her jeans perfectly. And here she was, with her big, gorgeous bare ass, thrust up in the air, with her crack spread, revealing her little brown ass hole, and my hard, straight cock disappearing into her, in and out. I became really excited and started thrusting into her strongly, my thighs slapping against the backs of her thighs. I could feel that I was hitting her cervix and when I did this, she yelped a little but pushed back for more. I pistoned in and out for as long as I could, then felt my cock expanding, so I let her know “uh-oh, I’m coming” to which she replied “come now, give it to me.” As my cock squirted its load into her hot, tight pussy, I pushed my hardness into her and she squealed as bumped into her cervix and delivered my load of semen.

We lay there talking for a long while, touching, holding and kissing. We talked about my marriage and hers. She had been married and had one daughter, named Deborah, aged 18, who was still at high school. The marriage had split up about 8 years ago and her daughter spent every second weekend and half of every school holiday break with her ex-husband. She’d been in two long-term relationships since then, but they didn’t work out and she was definitely looking for a long-term boyfriend, preferably a husband. She told me that I was the first guy that she’d ever fucked on the first date. That to her was a big deal and showed she was very keen on me, as I was keen on her.

That evening we decided to go to a local Thai restaurant for a romantic dinner. We headed for the shower together and spent a long time soaping each other and rinsing each other off. I paid extra attention to her breasts and her groin, and somehow my hand lingered around the area of her pussy for a long while, washing her carefully and rinsing her with love and attention. I could not get over how beautiful she was and her pussy was. She had short, soft hair around the labia and on the lower part of her mound, in a little delta shape. The other part of her mound she kept shaved. Her outer lips were plump and puffy, and concealed her inner lips, which were small and neatly tucked in.

We had a nice quiet romantic dinner with a couple of glasses of wine, came home, stripped off, and got on to the bed. I loved exploring all over her body, and starting with kissing her mouth, I moved down, kissing her neck, chest and tits towards her tummy. She, however, was keen to get my cock inside her, and she rolled over, pushed up on to her knees and presented her fabulous backside to me. I moved up behind her, and wiped my stiff cock’s throbbing red head up and down her slit, spreading her and my juices all around her cunt opening. Then I slid my hardness into her beautiful cunt. Once again, I could not get over how tight she was. She had the snuggest pussy I had ever been inside, although I think that my first girlfriend may have been as tight, 27 years ago. Lindy’s daughter had been born by caesarian, so had not stretched out her vaginal canal. Certainly my ex-wife’s cunt was not the same after having children, and the other women I’d fucked recently mostly had kids and although nice and tight, none were as tight as Lindy.

I plowed into her tight, juicy wetness with measured strokes and huge pleasure. By controlling the speed, we were able to fuck for quite a long time as I watched my hard cock slip smoothly in and out of her smooth, round body. Eventually, the pressure built up and I let it go with a yell, shooting my semen up inside her as I shook with the orgasm. We lay down and she said that although she hadn’t orgasmed, she loved it when I came because I was so loud and I shuddered more than any guy she had fucked before. She also told me that she had found out years ago that having her man fuck her from behind was her favorite position because the angle allowed his cock to stimulate her cunt in a way that felt best to her.

Monday was the last day of the long weekend. Originally, I had intended to stay only until Sunday morning, but it turned out to be lucky that due to the long weekend, we were artemisbet güvenilirmi able spend Saturday afternoon, all day Sunday and most of Monday together for our first date. On Monday morning, we woke up, kissed and made out for a while until our juices were flowing and then we fucked; just a quickie.

We had a late breakfast, showered and went out for a walk to the village center, about a mile each way. It was a lovely autumn day with a fresh, clear westerly wind and no clouds, so nice to be out walking together and holding hands like teenagers. We had a coffee, bought some fresh bread and headed home, had a bite to eat and headed for the bedroom again.

We were naked, lying beside each other, and I was thinking. By this time, we’d fucked four times but she had not orgasmed yet. I had tried to lick her to an orgasm, but it seemed that she really wasn’t into oral, and stopped me doing that when she asked me to go inside her. Every time I tried to finger her, she was OK with that for a while, then she wanted me to stop so she could feel my cock inside her. It was becoming clear that the guys she’d had until now (she was 44) had not been at all concerned with her satisfaction and she had grown used to the guy just fucking her until he was satisfied.

“I have had four orgasms and you haven’t had one,” I said, “it’s not really fair and I would like to get you to have an orgasm.”

She said that she didn’t orgasm often, and in fact, had never orgasmed with a guy, but it was no big deal because she the main thing she loved about sex was having me inside her and coming inside her. She said she orgasmed by masturbating herself, and she had a vibrator that she liked and which worked well. Since having been taught by my ex-wife about women’s orgasms, I thought it was not acceptable for the woman to not have a good orgasm as part of sex, so I told her I wanted to work on that with her. By now, she trusted me enough to agree, and she got out her favorite vibrator. It was a big fat thing, with the “rabbit ear” clit stimulator and the rotating beads in the main body.

She explained the controls to me and I got her to lay back on the bed with her head on a pillow so she could watch, legs spread and her knees up. I sat between her legs, looking straight into her beautiful cunt with a big hard-on. I got some lubricant and lubed up the vibrator, then carefully applied some lube to her cunt lips and opening, slipping my fingers inside briefly just for good measure. I brought the vibrator to her opening and turned it on low, and eased it into her. It was even wider than my cock, so I could guess how tight it felt to her.

I gradually eased more and more into her, using little back-and-forth motions, simulating a slow fuck. As the vibrator got further inside her, I gradually increased the speed. I deduced that the little rotating beads must be intended to massage her cunt walls, and it made sense to keep a little pressure on the wall behind her clit because I thought that’s where the sensitivity was best. After a little while, I got the vibrator in far enough that the rabbit ears started to contact her clit. Then I turned on the rabbit ears and slowly, gently, moved the vibrator in little circles around her clit and inside her cunt. I was concentrating on the position of the rabbit ears on her clit because there was not much I could do with the position of the main shaft inside her; that was just a tight fit.

I could see that she was starting to relax; it must have been a bit intimidating for her to have a new boyfriend fucking her with a vibrator on the first date, albeit the third day of the first date. As she relaxed, I turned up the intensity until she appeared to be just at the edge of tolerating it without having her wince. Still making the little circles around her clit, I was now adding in-and-out motions. We continued for what seemed like a very long time, and this vibrator was giving her cunt a real workout.

She obviously did not orgasm easily, and the strange situation of having a guy work her vibrator, which she had only ever done by herself, probably made it harder for her. Then she started taking in short breaths and I knew she was about to catch the wave. The little breaths got faster and shallower as she filled her lungs and then, with a massive sigh, she exhaled with a big “aaahhh” and pushed my hand away as the contractions hit her. Her orgasm was different than other women I’d been with. She just had a single release with a huge sigh, like one big wave rather than a series of rolling waves. As it turned out, this did not change during our entire relationship. This was the first time she had orgasmed with a guy, so I was doing well on her list of “firsts”: first time she fucked a guy on the first date and first time to orgasm with a guy.

Time was passing, and we had to leave; she to pick up her daughter and me to go home to get ready for the working week. The drive home was wonderful. If this wasn’t love, it was pretty close, for the first time in a decade or so. It wasn’t just the sex, which itself was fantastic. We just had so many things in common, from our love of classic rock — The Rolling Stones, The Who, U2, Led Zeppelin, Counting Crows — to similar upbringings and childhood experiences, to cooking, food and travel. This felt like the real thing to me.

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