Nipple Mad

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I had all but given up on men. All they cared about was having a quick fondle and fuck. I have yet to find a man who could give me what I so desperately craved – hours of foreplay! Or, to be more precise, copious amounts of time fondling, rubbing, licking and sucking on my nipples!

You see, I have been blessed with VERY sensitive buds. So sensitive, in fact, that I cum repeatedly just from having them played with.

Oh, how I long to have them played with by an unselfish man. A man who understands what I want AND need. But where to find such a man? I began to believe that such a man didn’t exist. I had all but given up on my search and contented myself with hours of play alone, in a bid to satisfy my lustful yearnings.

I would often fantasise about two men. Each with a nipple in his mouth, sucking and licking me to heaven. But its never as good as the real thing could be – is it girls?

What was also compounding my feeling of frustration was the sweltering summer we were experiencing which would always make me feel on permanent sexual heat!

The hot sun meant less clothes, which in turn meant that my nipples were more visible to greedy male eyes. They would erect at the slightest thing and when they were hard they protruded by at least an inch! They would rub back and forth against my summer dresses sending exquisite feelings of pleasure and the urgent need for sexual release.

I worked in the city for a firm of stockbrokers. I spent my entire time in the data input department where I shared a large open plan office with about fifty other girls. At 39 I was probably the oldest by some way, but that didn’t bother me. They all looked to me as a kind of mother figure – often there would always be one who came to me with boyfriend or husband problems. And I’d hear the same stories over and over again. Men!

Anyway, this particular week was hot and it wasn’t helped by the fact that the air conditioning had broken down at the office. There we were, fifty perspiring female bodies. On one particular day at the office it was so hot that I decided to remove my underwear, when no one was looking, leaving just my thin summer dress for cover. It was all I could think to do.

Our work spaces were screened off so that we had a little privacy. The only person who had a view into my space was a girl, Katie, who had joined us at the beginning of the week. Her cubical opening faced mine from across the walkway.

On the first day Katie arrived I was unaware of her presence and for a moment, safe in the thought I would not be seen, I allowed my fingers the pleasure of rubbing my nipples back and forth through the material of my dress. I couldn’t help it – they izmit escort bayan were itching to be felt and oooooh did it feel nice! When I opened my eyes I found Katie staring at me, or more precisely my nipples. It was quite clear that Katie was more than staring. Her chest was rising and falling rapidly and she was flushed. I could even see her own nipples erect. Her nose was twitching and her nostrils flared as if she could smell my sexual heat. We both looked at each other for a long moment, and then, flushed also, returned to my work.

From then on, whenever I saw her, she would always smile and, at he same time, her eyes would slowly wonder to my breasts. Her eyes would half close and she had a distant expression, as if she was imagining what my nipples must look like. What I found more disconcerting was that my nipples would respond and erect, causing her to stare even more insistently.

Now don’t get me wrong girls, like all females, I have had the occasional fantasy about other women, but not in any serious way and I had definitely never ventured over to the other side, nor been tempted to. But Katie was causing something in me to stir. Maybe it was just the fact that I had been without for so long and craved the touch of knowing fingers, but either way my body was responding to her desirous looks.

To cap it all she was attractive. Dark long wavy hair, maybe 5’2″ tall and, for a thirty something a very curvaceous body with a nicely rounded fleshy bum which would wobble about freely under her dress. But the best part was her breasts. They must have been 38C/D and judging by what I had seen her nipples were very long too.

I began thinking about her – what she must look like under that flimsy dress. When I got home at the end of the day I would rip my clothes off, jump on the bed and start to fantasise about what men would do to my body, but now my fantasies were turning to images of Katie – her body rubbing against mine, nipple to nipple, pussy to pussy! Ooooh, they were illicit feelings that would result in the best orgasms I’ve ever had – with or without a man. – My resistance was breaking down.

Anyway, back to that particular day. I had very carefully removed my underwear and felt such relief and freedom. Later that morning I had to take some paperwork to the main office. I got up from my cubical and without looking walked straight into Katie who was leaving hers.

‘Oh sorry’ I said, ‘stupid me not looking’.

‘That’s ok’ she replied, but didn’t attempt to back off. She just stood there, her breasts to mine. ‘I…, I mean it’s really hot today isn’t it?’ As she spoke she held my stare as she started to subtly move her body from side to side izmit eve gelen escort causing our breasts to rub together. I could feel my nipples instantly erecting as she continued to rub back and forth.

‘Y.. y.. yes’, I replied, ‘hard to ooh, concentrate’. I could feel our nipples flicking as hers hardened under the friction.

I couldn’t stand it any longer and excused myself and dashed down the walkway.

Katie had lit a fire in me that had little chance of burning out. I was aflame with desire and need – and for a woman! Or more precisely, Katie. She was the same height, same curvaceous figure and same sized breasts – a perfect match. Oh god, what was I thinking? I must be going mad in this heatwave.

I couldn’t wait to get home and have orgasm after orgasm. In fact, by the end of the day I couldn’t wait full stop and decided to dive into the rest room and quickly relieve myself. – I knew afterall, that no one would be in there now as they were all too intent on getting home.

I shut the stall door and sat on the toilet and leant back as my fingers immediately went to work on my poor sex starved nipples through my dress. Oooooh, it was sooo wonderful and illicit slouched there fingering, flicking, pulling and twisting my nipples like there was no tomorrow.

I imagined it was Katie who was playing with my nipples. ‘Oooooh yes’, I breathed, ‘please rub them, feel them….. ooooh suck them’.

I was rubbing them like mad now and it didn’t take long for my orgasms to start flowing. ‘Ooooh yes, huh, rub them together… flick your long nipples against mine oooh yes!’.

Juice was streaming down my legs, as I imagined Katie rubbing her body against mine. I was in a frantically aroused sexual state, and instead of feeling relieved I was only feeling hotter. I decided to head home as quickly as possible unaware that someone had entered the rest room during my pursuit of pleasure.

When I opened the stall door my eyes met with Katies. She was leaning against the basins opposite. I just froze, still breathing heavily from my exploits, my nipples erect and poking through the material. It was obvious what I had been upto. Again, Katies eyes slowly drifted from mine to my breasts. My nipples were throbbing under my dress.

Katie didn’t say anything she just stared, her eyes half closed, her breathing rapid, her chest flushed. Her legs were bent at the knees and slightly apart. Her hand was on her sex as she idly rubbed it through her dress.

This was more than I could take. I approached her, taking hold of her waist. It was my turn now to move my body from side to side, allowing our nipples to rub and grind together.

‘Ooooh… izmit otele gelen escort its soooo rude’, she breathed. ‘Rubbing our nipples together like this. It makes me so h.. h.. h.. horny’.

Our mouth’s met, hungrily, exploring and dualing with our tongues. With my knee’s slightly bent too, I rubbed my pussy against the back of her busy hand between her legs. I grabbed hold of her fleshy bum, kneading and fondling. Katie let out a long low moan.

I removed the straps of her dress letting it fall to the ground. Then I removed mine and went back to rubbing our nipples against one another. Two pairs of inch long, erect nipples fighting with each other, extracting sexual pleasure upon sexual pleasure. The feeling was indescribable.

‘How does this make you feel?’ I said as I held each pair of nipples together with my fingers and rubbed then against one another.

‘Ooooh, it makes me feel wanton with lust. I have always wanted someone to feel me up in this way. I have such horny nipples’.

We stood there for what seemed like an age nipples and tongues dualing, hands rubbing and squeezing. We were both breathing heavily, rubbing and moving from side to side, back and forth, up and down.

‘Lets rub each other to orgasm’. I replied. And with that I released our nipples and lifted our dresses up together and leaned into her as I began to grind my pussy against hers.

‘God, yo.. yo.. your so lustful and erotic’. Breathed Katie. ‘Yes, rub yourself against me, make me cum… please…’.

We both started to rub and grind more frantically. Katies legs began to buckle as she started to cum. ‘Oooh, my pussy can’t stop cumming… its flicking and rubbing yours oooh’.

Katie collapsed to the floor. I followed pulling her dress up and parting her legs, scissoring her and forcing her down with the weight of my torso as I continued to grind my sex against hers.

“Ooooh our clits are rubbing… huh huh.. I’m cumming again’, cried Katie as I felt her pussy spasm and throb under mine as I felt the spray that was her cum enter my own gaping and juiced up sex.

‘Oooh Katie I can feel your cum spurting into me, i.. it.. makes me so wanton and lewd. I just love to rub against you. Can you feel our large bums rubbing against one another?’

‘Huh, oh god yes… I just want to rub our bottoms together in rude and, ooooh, primitive ways huh’. With that Katie came again and again sending spurt after spurt into my waiting love hole.

Our sex lips were soaked with the juices of our intense sex, slipping and sliding together – clits rubbing back and forth. Our rude talk sent me over the edge as I felt my pussy pulsing and throbbing and releasing my juices into her. ‘Oh god Katie I… I… I’m cumming’, and with that I began to grind myself feverishly into her – gripping her legs as I gyrated and ground my pussy into hers. Whilst she met my thrusts, humping into my being, pulling and rubbing her long and sensitive nipples.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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