Nipple Play

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I arrive at your home and when you answer the door, you are wearing a robe. We are all atwitter, we have been talking about meeting for months. As I walk into your living room, your robe falls off. There you stand in all of your glory, you look radiant and lovely, much prettier than I ever imagined, a gorgeous 52 year old woman. I draw close to you, our mouths meet in a frantic embrace of swirling tongues. You smell heavenly as I cup a breast and roll your thick, hard nipple between my thumb and finger, tugging on it.

Your breath sharply intakes and your face flushes, a wave of desire courses through you. The wave of passion goes from your nipple straight to your pussy. You are now tugging my tee shirt off, your mouth sucking my nipples as we both fumble with my jeans and shoes. “Where do you want to go?”, you ask me as you grab my hand to lead me somewhere.

“ I want to sit on a kitchen chair as you straddle me, slowly sitting on my cock” I tell you, and we go to the kitchen when I sit on the edge of the chair, and lean back. You drop to your knees and your tongue licks the glistening pearls of pre-cum, before engulfing my cock with your mouth. It is not much work and he is rock hard. You straddle me and guide my cock to your wet pussy

My cock is having a hard time going into your tight pussy, as you have not had sex in a while. Quite a while, in fact. Lucky for us you are incredibly wet and soon my entire 65 year old cock is deep in your tight pussy. I love mature women so much.

Once on my cock, I pull on your nipples as you lean back. I pull, you pull back, we stretch those nipples. You can not slip, you are impaled on my cock, and you lean way back. We are stretching your nipples as I tug and you pull back. I can feel your cunt flexing on my cock, the nipple play is getting you so damn wet. I pull harder , pinching your nipples so damn hard in the process

Your breathing has changed, and you are quite primed about now. I pull you close and suckle your nipples, squeezing them, trying to express milk as I suck hard on your nipple. You are not lactating so it is fruitless, but it brings you pleasure. I reach down and rub your clit. You jump a bit, and we are close.

I get out the nipples sucker and I lift you off of me. I lead you to the bed room, and I have you lie on the bed. I pull your lips wide open, your pussy smells like sex. I use some clothespins and ribbon to tie your fat pussy lips open, I tie them to your thighs as I suck and tug on those succulent pieces of ham, your labia.

I get between your legs, your lips pulled against your thigh, and I am licking you, my mouth sucking up a labia that hangs. These glorious lips are so beautiful., I lick one and I suck it and pull it. I’m sucking it deep before I switch and go to the other side. Soon I suck them both and then pull up and grab one in each hand and pull. I pull your lips out and apart, as far as I can

I open you up like never before, getting a good look inside. I gaze longingly at your vaginal muscles and your pee hole. I bend my head closer and inhale your fragrance as my tongue darts out to your clit and drops down and I lick your pee hole as I stretch your lips. Each tug pulls on your swollen clit. You are already very hot with desire being so exposed to me, submitting to my pervy ways, so this tugging on your clit is getting you quite worked up. I love watching your stretching lips tug on your clit, yes I do.

I find some clips, not binder clips, but plastic clips and put one on each lip, and add some string and fishing weights, to tug on them. I add some nipple suckers to your nipples and tie string with weights to them too. I have you get on your hands and knees near the edge of the bed, I stand behind you and with you on your hands and knees, the swaying weights tugging at your lips, I gaze at the mirror on the wall, and see your tits hanging down, swaying a bit, Mmm I love those tits of yours.

I pull your ass cheeks apart and give your asshole some worship. I lick and probe with my tongue. Pressing and slowly relaxing your ass so the tip of my tongue goes deeper, and deeper into your ass. I pry your cheeks wide apart and guide my cock to that pink pucker. You reach back and tug your ass cheeks as I push my cock into your ass.

I go slow, you are about an anal virgin, but with much lube and patience I am balls deep in your ass and you are rocking, sliding on my cock. You push and pull, filled with desire and you are forcing it in and out of your ass. So with each thrust the weights swing, and begin tugging on your lips, and my balls sway and hit your stretched lips. All the while your tits ache in a most delicious way as they are being tantalized by the weights tugging on them.

bam bam bam I am now pounding your ass, and I feel your fingers rub your clit as I bam bam bam, our flesh meeting, the noises are louder as your pussy is pretty wet. I know I will cum soon, so I pull out of your ass, and grab your labia and guide my cock in between them and push. I am leaving the clips and weights on, I slide half of my cock in and out of your tight and wet pussy

Soon I pull the clips and weights off and have you straddle me again. As you sit on me, sliding my cock easily into your pussy, now I tug so hard on your nipples and you lean back again.

my cock deep in your pussy and you just pull back and stretch your nipple farther than before and zoooom you go off like a rocket. Your pussy clenches my cock as you moan.

My balls are quite soaked and you start rocking your hip, grinding your clit on my fat pubes trying to see if you can edge another orgasm out. I can’t hold off. I cum in your cunt and soon I get soft. This does not deter you, but your rub your cunt on my soft cock, brushing your clit on my pubes and there goes that wetness again, my lap is soaked once again

We kiss and hug, and you get off of me and we shower and go snuggle in the bed, resting a bit for the next adventureNipple Play

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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