No Way my husband is Gay?

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My husband hadn’t been the same since he returned from a six-month military tour. There were various symptoms that he had changed, but I couldn’t figure out and what the underlying cause might be, since one of the symptoms was that he’d become obsessively reluctant to disclose what he was feeling at any given time. He was just withdrawn … distant.

I mean there was the obvious: he didn’t want to talk about his time overseas, but that wasn’t really surprising. He had been in two shooting conflicts and seen men die. He also seemed unable to hold constant eye contact, as if he were ashamed of something.

And, there was something else… his demeanour in the bedroom had totally changed.

In the past, he would snap his fingers and point to his cock and his happily submissive wife (meaning me) would immediately drop to my knees and suck his cock… I was a natural submissive and had always loved the task of being ordered to my knees to bob on a cock. I had sucked his cock cued only by a snap of his fingers hundreds of times, including while he watched sports, while he was on his laptop watching porn, while he was on the phone, while we were in the back of a taxi and while he was driving, just to name a few.

And although you may think that made him a dominant asshole, he wasn’t. He could be tender and loving too, but when it came to sex I wanted to be fucked, I needed to be his slut, and he was happy to put me in my place and try out new tasks for me.

He wanted to try anal for example, and I was willing, and ended up loving it, once he properly prepared me with his fingers and lube first. Not dominant at all, he was so sweet and tender as he prepted me, but then once I was taking all five inches deep in my ass and begging for him to ream my asshole, it was blazing saddles!

He was a good man who loved me unconditionally and could be both tender and sweet (in public) and firm and dominant (in the bedroom)… in other words, perfect for me.

Yet, since his return he hadn’t been dominant at all. I mean he never took control and never seemed to be doing any more than going through the motions when we had sex… which had never been his style.

I had read up on PTSD and all that could happen to men returning from the military and tried to be patient, but I was getting overwhelmed by sexual frustration.

So, discovering today was Nude Day, I decided to surprise him. I took off work at noon, went lingerie shopping, and after buying various items I stripped and put them on. A sheer black bra, a black thong, a matching garter-belt and stockings (the old school ones with a seam down the back). He had a major nylon fetish, so I bought the sexiest, sheerest sleekest ones I could find… they were sixty-five bucks for a single pair (but worth it if it helped him get out of this post-war funk).

I squeezed into four-inch open-toed heels, he loved seeing my nylon-clad toes (although I didn’t anticipate the heels staying on long), hid my raunchy outfit under a trench coat and drove home.

I was already wet when I pulled into the garage and once the door closed, I sauntered… no, scratch that, I adjusted my posture and crept silently into the house.

I opened and closed the door silently, as I wanted to surprise him with my outfit and perhaps with some sauntering when I made my grand entrance, not from hearing me opening or closing any damn doors.

Yet, I was the one who was in for the surprise of my life.

I removed my hand from the door handle and froze as I heard a deep male voice I didn’t recognize saying, “Beg for it, bitch.”

The next voice I did recognize. It was my husband, although the tone was one I hadn’t ever heard from him. “Please, sir, pound my pussy with your big cock,” my husband begged, with an urgency I had only ever heard coming from my own mouth while I was close to coming from his rough fucking.

“Have you missed my cock?” the stranger’s voice asked.

“It’s all I think about,” my husband answered, as I listened in complete shock.

How could this be possible? He obsessed about this guy’s cock?

My husband was a dominant alpha male.

My husband had been a linebacker in college.

My husband had spent the past three years in the military, although the last six months had been his first two combat missions.

He was a man’s man.

No way was he gay.

Yet that would explain his behaviour since his return.

Then I heard the loudest moan out of his lips ever… one that was way more feminine than masculine.

“Oooooooooh,” he moaned, loud enough for me to hear it outside, although I was only a room away.

“Your cunt is still so fucking tight,” the guy acknowledged.

“It’s just for you, sir,” my husband replied.

Although I had now heard my husband’s betrayal of me, I needed to see it. I needed to see who he was cheating on me with. I needed to see his crime with my own eyes. I needed to try to make sense of the shocking reality I had walked in on.

I slipped out of my heels and quietly moved to the living room to see this, trying to remain a fly on the wall. I didn’t want to witness my husband in the act of homosexuality, yet I needed to.

“Oh God, your cock feels so good in my ass,” my husband Jack moaned.

I heard a smack on his ass just as I reached the entrance to the living room to hear the other man reprimand, “Do sissy sluts have asses?”

“Sorry, sir,” Jack apologized, as he reworded, “Please pound my pussy, sir.”

I peeked around the corner to get the ultimate surprise of my life… even more shocking than what I had already heard.

My husband was on all fours, dressed in white stockings, a matching garter-belt and bra, and even a blonde wig!

Behind him was a naked, well built, heavily tattooed, black man. His hands were on my husband’s hips and he was slowly fucking him… and this man was a male goddess.

“Yeah, the boys have missed this tight twat since you left,” the black man said, as he did a couple slow strokes and then one hard, deep thrust.

Each time, Jack would moan loudly as he was filled completely. He answered, inadvertently telling his wife the secret truth about his military past, “I miss all those cocks too, especially the big black ones.”

My eyes went wide again. Was he a bottom for black men? I mean, I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t been curious about the big black cock myth. Yet, from my hidden position I couldn’t see the black cock at all… just his chiseled body and hot, firm ass.

“I have many civilian friends who will be happy to give you your daily BBC fix,” the stranger said, giving three quick hard thrusts.

“My cunt and cock sucking mouth are for you to use as you wish, sir,” my husband declared without any sense of shame, but instead sounding like the submissive slut I always sounded like in the heat of rapture.

“Oh yeah, my brother is in an all-black fraternity across town,” the stranger added, as he continued the slow fucking with the odd rapid-fire thrusts. He really knew how to tease a cunt….

Did I just call my husband’s ass a cunt?

“Is he as big as you?” My husband asked.

“I’ve never measured,” he shrugged, “but I’m sure there are a lot of big black dicks around to fuck your white faggot ass. Although let’s be honest, you’re a cock hound for any cock, of any colour, any size.”

After calling him a cunt and treating him like a girl, hearing him call him a faggot surprised me. Although I’m not sure why… it seemed pretty obvious my husband loved cock… apparently any cock.

“I can either be a sissified submissive slut with two holes to use, or a dick-sucking, ass-taking faggot,” Jack declared, “it just takes a change of costume,” showing more emotion with a cock in his ass than he had shown me even once since he had returned home.

Suddenly the black man caught sight of me, his dick balls-deep in my husband’s ass… or cunt… I didn’t even know anymore.

He smiled at me before he asked, pausing deep inside Jack, “Tell me, what would your wife say if she saw you like this?”

“She’d be mortified,” he admitted, even as he tried to fuck himself on the cock… my husband had no shame.

“Did I give you permission to fuck yourself, faggot?” The man objected, as he pulled out and slapped his bitch’s ass hard.

It was then that my eyes went wide as humanly possible.

This completely naked black man was perfection… and his dick, his big fucking dick, was at least ten inches long. Fucking double my husband.

It was magnificent.

My mouth dropped open.

Wetness gushed out of my cunt, which was suddenly on fire, and into my brand-new panties.

My husband apologized, something I don’t think I’d heard him do three times in our marriage, he was a stubborn man, “Sorry sir, I just missed your massive cock fucking me.”

Looking at me as he stroked his cock, offering me a full glorious view of it, as if knowing the power it had to draw any woman under its spell, he asked, “Which would you choose if she were here: my big cock fucking your pussy or your little one fucking her pussy?”

“I’d beg to have you drill me while she watched,” he admitted, and based on the desperate lust he’d been displaying ever since I walked in the door, I believed it.

“What if she wanted to join in?” he asked, as he slammed back into Jack’s ass hard and deep.

Fuck, I wondered how that massive dick would feel inside me. The fact that he was black had no impact on me. The interracial thing did nothing for me. I had dated an Italian, a Muslim, a Swede, ever so briefly a Puerto Rican, and a few Caucasians… I just like men who know how to fuck… who knew how to get past my prim and proper demeanour and use me as the slut I wanted to be.

“Oh, God, she would never do that,” he whimpered loudly from the deep, violent thrust.

The black stud pointed to my coat and gestured he wanted it off, as he pointed out, slamming back into Jack so hard I thought my husband might collapse forward, “Do you think she could resist this cock? I mean, you couldn’t.”

“She is stronger than I am,” he said, which made me feel good about his view of me, even as I felt my hands opening my coat.

“Think she would like this dick up her tight, white cunt?” he asked, again pulling out to allow me a clear view of the amazing cock under discussion.

“She would love it,” Jack agreed, giving me up in seconds. “She is a submissive in the bedroom.”

“Oh really,” he said, as he pointed again to my coat, giving him three quick, deep thrusts. “So she would be a submissive slut for my cock, just like her sissy husband?”

“Oh, fuck,” my husband whimpered like the sissy he was. “She would obey your every demand if you offered her your big fucking dick.”

It was crazy how he was willingly throwing me under the bus just so he could get fucked… and yet… he wasn’t wrong. I couldn’t disobey this stranger. I mean, I could have if I had to. Yet, I didn’t want to. If my husband was going to allow some guy to fuck him… he’d better be willing to let the guy fuck me too… especially after ignoring my needs ever since he returned home. It suddenly occurred to me that maybe he was completely gay now. It would explain his pathetic bedside manner since returning. This really pissed me off, not because of any compulsion to obey (for the moment), but from my own decision, I took off my coat and allowed it to silently drop to the floor.

The black guy pulled out, admired my body and sexy lingerie, giving me another lengthy look at his lumber, and slammed back into Jack as he said, while looking at me, as if ordering me, perhaps he even was ordering me, “I bet she would walk right over to me, drop to her knees and take my cock in her mouth.”

“Oh God, yes,” my husband moaned… I wasn’t sure whether it was from the rough reaming or the talk about my getting fucked by this black Adonis. My own body was betraying me like my husband’s was betraying him. His cock was rock hard as he got fucked… my cunt was sopping wet at the thought of that black cock being inside me.

He pulled back out, again gave me a look, and this time pointed to the floor in front of him, making it clear his earlier words had been an order, as he slammed back into my husband’s ass… I mean cunt, as he asked, “Do you want to see me fuck your wife, Jackie Girl?”

“Oh yes, I’d love to see you blacken my slut wife and make her your fuck slut too,” J.G. willingly agreed with a whimper, as I reached him.

“I think we can definitely make happen,” I spoke up, deciding it was time to let J.G. know I was there… it was time to take control. If this sissy blonde slut wasn’t going to be the man of the house, I was fucking ready to let this stranger do the job.

“Oh, my God,” Jack gasped, turning around and trying to move, even as the black man held his hips so he couldn’t move… on all fours with a cock lodged up his ass… his cunt.

Angry at him, yet also turned on as fuck, I asked him some mocking questions, “Which is it, Jack? Oh, my God, do I ever love black cock up my sissy, faggot ass? Oh, my God, do I ever love this big cock up my cunt? Or, oh my God sweetheart, I’m so sorry you caught me like this?”

His eyes were big, his face beet red with shame, as the black stranger resumed fucking him, clearly amused.

“Oh fuck,” my husband whimpered, at the rough hammering.

“Show your wife who you really are,” the man ordered, now slamming into him as hard as I imagine a man could fuck someone… and God, did I want to be fucked like that… just used… just pounded.

“Sorry,” was all my husband could moan, as he turned his face away from me and whimpered like a bitch in heat.

“Tell this fine-ass woman what you are,” he ordered, again pausing deep inside him.

My husband surprised me as he turned and did face me, looked right into my eyes in fact, and declared, “Di, I’m a cock sucker, a faggot, a bitch, a two-hole slut for black cock.”

I shook my head in disgust as I ordered, “Then turn around and suck his cock, Jackie Girl, get it good and ready for me. If you’re not man enough to fuck me right anymore, I bet your friend is.”

As I expected, he obeyed, turning around, now hands and knees right beside me, and took that big cock, that had just been lodged in his ass, into his mouth.

“I’m Rich, by the way,” the black man offered, extending his hand.

I smiled warmly, taking his hand into both of mine, “Yes, you are. I’m Dianne.”

He chuckled, as my husband bobbed on his cock, “You two are Jack and Dianne?”

“Perhaps it’s Jackie Girl and Dianne now,” I said, shoving my husband’s head roughly, forcing him to deep throat all ten inches… to my surprise he didn’t gag.

Rich said, “He can deep throat cock like no other faggot I have ever used.”

“Do you have a lot of faggots?” I asked. I continued holding my husband’s head in place.

“There are always more straight white guys to turn,” he said, as if it were a hobby.

“Not white women?” I questioned.

“I can multi-task,” he said.

“How did you turn my husband?” I asked, curious as to how my masculine husband, my dominant love, had become a cross-dressing, cock-sucking, ass-taking, sissy faggot.

“He was easy,” Rich said, as he began face fucking my husband. Wanting to get a closer look, I dropped to my knees to watch the cock piston in and out of Jack’s mouth, the big black balls bouncing off his chin as my husband expertly took all ten inches. I had to admit… he was an amazing cock sucker.

“Please tell me,” I requested as I stared at his black panther.

“In the military there is a pecking order and there are only tops and bottoms,” he explained, without actually answering the question.

“Are the blacks tops and the whites bottoms?” I asked, wondering if it was that simple.

“Not really,” He said. “There are black bottoms and white tops too, but your husband, although he will suck any cock, of any colour, at any time, or take it up his cunt, he really is a size queen, although he loves black cock.” Rich pulled out and asked, “Isn’t that right, slut?”

Now looking right at me, our faces less than two feet apart from each other, he apologized, “I’m so sorry, honey.”

Rich slapped Jack’s face with his cock and scolded him, “I asked you a fucking question, you dumb faggot.”

Jack turned to Rich and apologized, “I’m sorry, sir. Yes, I love black cock, and yes, I will suck or be fucked by any cock of any colour, the bigger, the better.”

“My turn,” I said, the black cock too delicious-looking not to sample. I then took it in my mouth in front of my husband. Before this afternoon, the thought of cheating had never remotely popped into my head. Yet here I was bobbing on the biggest, thickest, hardest cock I had ever seen, and doing it in front of my husband. Although since he was watching and not objecting, perhaps it wasn’t cheating.

“Do you like watching your wife with my cock in her mouth?” Rich asked.

“Yes, sir,” Jack replied, his tone in full agreement.

“Do you think she wants my cock in her cunt?” he asked.

I answered for myself, “Yes, I’m sure she does,” before I took the huge snake back in my mouth.

“Let’s go to your bedroom,” Rich suggested, the tone more of an order.

“Yes, sir,” my husband replied, in complete submissive mode.

“You’re going to fuck me on our marriage bed?” I asked, stroking his throbbing cock. I wasn’t challenging his right to do so, I was just helping him heap the humiliation on top of my husband.

“You should have a real man in your bed,” he said, as he pulled me up and kissed me. Oddly, this seemed more intimate and awkward than my sucking his cock. Yet, I melted into his arms. After Jack being gone overseas and afterwards so distant, I needed to be desired.

We kissed for two or three minutes, his big hands groping my ass, unclasping my bra, mauling my tits, before pulling me tightly against him.

When he broke the kiss, he ordered, “Lead the way, faggot.”

“Yes, sir,” Jack said, looking up at us like a puppy dog. As Rich took my hand in his, checking out my big tits, Jack crawled towards our room.

“Shit, you already have him domesticated,” I laughed, stunned at my masculine man being treated like this.

“True faggots will do anything for cock,” Rich gloated, as we followed my crawling, sissified husband.

“You never finished telling me how he ended up a true faggot,” I said, as I watched my husband start crawling up the stairs… perversely enjoying calling my husband a faggot… it was oddly the****utic. It helped explain the past few weeks, and helped me recover from my insecurity that I had been the problem. Although perhaps I still was the problem, since I don’t have a cock, ha ha.

“I don’t turn and tell,” Rich said, as we reached our bedroom. “But I’m sure once I’m gone you can make your sissy tell you the whole sordid story.”

“Oh, that I promise,” I said, dying to know, but truthfully at this moment, I was dying for something else… his big black cock. “Faggot, grab the camcorder.”

He wordlessly crawled into the closet (Wrong direction, I thought laughingly) while I led Rich to our bed. Once there, he pushed me onto it and moved on top of me, cupping and kissing my tits.

I moaned, “Yes, suck on my big tits.”

I glanced over and saw my husband with the camcorder. I generously permitted, “You may stand up to film us.”

He didn’t say a word as he stood up and started filming. I then said to Rich, “Showtime!”

“It may be an Oscar-worthy performance,” Rich smiled, as he roughly tugged my panties off and tossed them at Jack, telling him, “I’ll bet you have never made these this wet.”
“I have never felt so horny in my whole life,” I admitted, spreading my legs wide and offering my cunt to him.

“You’re already leaking,” he said, as he moved his hands down my legs.

“I think you may have broken my overflow valve forever,” I joked.

“Oh, wait a few minutes,” he said, as he kept moving his hands on my legs. “Shit, these are some nice stockings.”

“Only the best for my new man,” I said, stroking my left foot across his chiseled chest.

“I will expect you to be wearing these anytime I come over,” he said.

“Yes, sir,” I nodded, wanting to make it clear I was his obedient, submissive slut… just like my husband.

“And when I invite you to entertain some friends,” he added, as he sucked on my toes… something I had never had done to me before.

“Really? Yes, sir,” I repeated my obedient response, at this moment willing to agree to anything to get that cock in me, but the prospect of serving his friends additionally exciting.

“Fuck, I really do like these nylons,” he said.

“It’s Nude Day,” I explained, “although my version of nude includes sexy, sheer stockings.”

“I approve,” he said, as he moved between my legs.

I ordered, enjoying the surreal balance of being a dominant towards my sissy husband while being subservient towards this dominant stud, “Faggot, come and guide this big dick into your wife’s cunt.”

“Yes, honey,” he nodded, while filming… his cock, I noticed, completely erect.

I asked, “Are you hard because you were just ass fucked like some queer, or because you want to see me get fucked by a cock twice your size?”

“Both,” he answered sheepishly, now right beside us.

“So you really would rather have his cock over my cunt?” I asked, needing to hear him admit it again, this time knowing I was here.

“Yes,” he admitted, even as he apologized, “I’m so sorry.”

Rich added, “Don’t blame him, many straight white guys don’t know they are sissy, cock-sucking, ass-taking, cum-craving faggots until they take their first cock… and then they’re addicted. At first they often try to deny it. They convince themselves they were pressured into it… yet once the hunger is awakened, it’s a hunger that will last forever. He will crave cock the rest of his life. I mean, I have a seventy-eight-year-old cock sucker who lives in my dad’s old folks home. That said, once you take my cock inside you, you will forever want black cock too.”

“Too late, I already do,” I said, his explanation fascinating and, I imagined, the truth. I was mad at my husband, but if Rich’s take on things was true, he couldn’t help it, just like I couldn’t help needing to have this cock right now. “Stick Rich’s cock in me, Jack. Let’s both of us be his sluts.”

“Yes, honey,” he said eagerly, sensing for the first time a glimmer that I may support this new reality. He positioned the black cock at my pink pussy, all the while filming as he invited, “Sir, please fuck my wife.”

“I’m going to come inside her, you understand,” Rich warned, his cock now nestled between my pussy lips, but frustratingly not pushed inside of me.

Although I was not on the pill, I didn’t hesitate, as I agreed, “Shoot your dominant seed up my white… cunnnt!”

He slid inside me… his thick cock spreading my pussy lips in ways they had never been spread… then his long cock reached depths inside me I didn’t know existed.

Once all in, he said, “Ready to become a white cum slut for black cock?”

I wrapped my legs around him and begged, “I’ve never needed to be fucked more in my life, sir.”

“Please fuck her hard, sir,” Jack said. “She doesn’t like making love, she likes being fucked rough.”

“Like husband, like wife,” Rich said, as he began slamming into me.

“Oh yes,” I moaned loudly. “No wonder you love this cock, baby.”

“It looks so good in you, honey,” he approved, as Rich pushed apart my legs, spreading them wide.

“Get a good shot of this, faggot,” Rich ordered, holding my ankles as he slammed into me.

“Oh yes, faggot,” I agreed, “make sure you get all this on film. I want to be able to watch this with you again and again.”

“Yes, honey,” he said, “I’m getting it all.”

“Shit, do you have a tight cunt,” Rich said, as all ten inches slid in and out of me.

“You have the biggest cock ever,” I moaned, unable to fathom anything bigger.

“Well, thanks,” he said, before adding, “although I have a couple of buddies with longer ones.”

“I can’t imagine,” I said, as my orgasm was already rising fast.

“Your hubby took a twelve incher in his cunt once,” he revealed.

“It wasn’t as thick as yours though, sir,” Jack said, not denying he had taken twelve inches in his ass.

“Oh, God,” I moaned loudly, trying to listen, but about to erupt.

“You always love your first one,” Rich said.

“I concur!” I screamed, as my orgasm hit… my entire body twitching. Kind of a clinical thing to be crying out in orgasm, but I wasn’t in the mood to go thumbing through some damn thesaurus at the moment, so sue me.

Rich didn’t slow down as he fucked me throughout my orgasm… an orgasm that was still flowing through me while I felt another one rising… something I had never experienced before.

Rich suddenly pulled out and I was about to whine ‘No!’ when he flipped me over onto all fours and slid back into me.

“Oh yes,” I moaned, “fuck your white slut.”

“Yes, give it to her,” Jack urged him, “pound my wife.”

“Yes, give me that entire fucking prick. Show my sissy husband how to really treat a woman,” I said, looking back into my husband’s eyes.

“Come right in her unprotected cunt,” Jack added, surprising me, as I could hear Rich’s moans … it was obvious he was getting close, himself.

“Oh yes, shoot your load in me,” I begged, wanting to feel his cock pulse inside me, shoot inside me.

“Ready for your first cream pie, faggot?” Rich taunted, as he grunted and spewed a massive load of cum in me… triggering my second orgasm.

“Yes!” I screamed, as I collapsed forward, another body-shattering orgasm hitting me.

Rich kept flooding my cunt with his cum before he pulled out and ordered, “Eat, faggot.”

“Yes, sir,” my husband eagerly agreed, as I felt cum leaking out of me, and then his tongue lapping it all up: my cum, Rich’s cum.

“Yes, eat all that cock cum, you cum-eating, sissy faggot,” I demanded, sensing the name calling would turn him on.

“Yes, honey,” he said, between licks.

After a couple of minutes, my double orgasm finally subsiding, I looked up to see Rich filming. I smiled into the camera, “Thanks for the best fuck ever.”

“It’s the least I could do after turning your husband into a cock hound,” he shrugged.

“How long are you in town?” I asked.

“A few days,” he said.

“And how long before that cannon will be ready to go again?” I asked, watching it beginning to go flaccid and thinking it would likely be bigger flaccid than my husband’s when hard.

“I’m almost always ready,” he said.

“I hope you’re staying for round two,” I invited like a gracious hostess.

He glanced at his watch. “I think I can fit you in.”

“I know I can fit you in,” I smiled, as I reached out for his cock.

“Faggot, eat my asshole while your wife sucks my cock,” Rich ordered.

I got off the bed to kneel on the floor, with my husband, before Rich became our sex sandwich.

Three orgasms later for me, a second load for Rich, this time on my face (which Jack cleaned up), and watching Jack fuck his own ass with my vibrator until he came on himself, and I was spent.

Rich left, promising to be back tomorrow… with a couple of friends.

I pulled Jack up onto our bed and said, “Just so you know, I forgive you.”

“I’m so sorry,” he repeated.

I asked, “Did you enjoy watching me get fucked?”

“Yes,” he nodded.

“Do you want to watch me get gangbanged tomorrow?” I asked.

“Yes,” he whispered.

“And I want to watch you get spit-roasted,” I said.

“You do?” he asked surprised.

“Yeah,” I nodded. “Even though I didn’t envision any of this, the reality is that we both like the same thing.”

“We do?” he asked.

“Yeah,” I nodded. “Big, black cock.”

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