Nothing Left For Us To Do

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For a 19-year-old guy, there is nothing more embarrassing or unsettling than to be caught by your mother fucking a sweet young thing in her bed. We should have at least heard the door deadbolt unlock! 18-year-old Sheila was in the throes of a mind-blowing orgasm I had just given her by eating her pussy. Midway through the orgasm I had scurried to mount her. She had guided my cock into her and I was fucking her with abandonment when she screamed.

If we had been situated properly with our heads at the headboard of the bed, mom would not have been spotted halfway through the living room. We had our heads towards the foot of the bed and Sheila had spotted her. For whatever reason, I was unconcerned with my own nakedness and scrambled to cover Sheila with the bedspread.

“For crying out loud mom!” I exclaimed. “Go to the kitchen!”

Mom seemed to be in shock standing there in the middle of the living room, but with my urging she finally turned and walked towards the kitchen at the back of the apartment.

Sheila was scurrying to gather up her clothes, then, headed towards the bathroom, which was across from and slightly to the left of the front door and just a few feet from the kitchen entrance. I started dressing as quick as I could. When Sheila exited the bathroom I met her in the short hall, opened the front door and pushed her out, hollering to mom I would be back in a few minutes.

After driving Sheila home, I had no other option except to return to the apartment and face mom. She was preparing dinner and told me it would only be a few minutes before we would eat. I sat at the table across from her eyeing my hamburger patty and freshly cut fried potatoes. I could tell with my peripheral vision that mom was eyeing me. I did not know what to say or expect.

“How long has that been going on?” She finally queried.

“With Sheila you mean?” I returned.

“There have been others?” She said in a surprised tone. “How many?”

“Two besides Sheila.” I answered. “Over the past four months or so.”

“Well, aren’t you the stud!” Mom said sarcastically. “You have been using protection I hope! And what exactly were you doing to that girl?”

I didn’t know how long mom had been in the apartment…. spying is not the word…….. viewing us doing it, I suppose. Anyway, I figured mom knew what sexual intercourse was, so I figured she was not asking about that.

“Kissing her.” I answered, using a term that I deemed not to be vulgar.

“Kissing her? Your head was between her legs! I would not call that kissing her. Kissing IT, maybe! Who the hell taught you to do that?”

“It’s a long story.” I began. “Well, maybe not that long. A 24-year-old. She used to live up on the hill near dad. How to do that and other things.”

Mom set staring at me. It seemed she was at a loss for words. I put my head down and continued eating, not really wanting to discuss it anymore.

“I suppose I had better ring the bell before I start up the stairs.” She finally stated. “I can’t be interrupting you and your girlfriends.” She continued. “I understand you using my bed…..your bed is so small. Have you been washing it afterwards?”

“Yes ma’am. Every time.” I assured her.

All seemed to be forgiven and she had appeared to come to terms that I was sexually active. We finished supper and I helped her wash and put away the dishes. She retired to the bathroom to take a shower. I followed suit and we were soon sitting on the sofa in front of the TV as usual, drinking our favorite beverage and eating snacks. We always held our conversation until a commercial came on. During one of those commercials, mom surprised me with the topic.

“You doing that,” she began. “Kissing her down there. It must’ve been awful good for her. She was screaming like a banshee. And you two coupled midway through her orgasm! I saw her guide your penis into her. I cannot get the vision of…… how do I describe it……….. your penis moving in and out of her vagina. I’ve never seen anything so erotic and stimulating. Do you like it without hair?”

“Actually, I hate it without hair.” I answered the only question I had been asked. “I love a thick bush! You said you found it stimulating? Would that mean you were aroused?” I queried.

“Regardless of what you think about me being naïve or so down on men, I am not a cold fish. I enjoy sex!” She replied with challenge in her tone. “But every man I’ve ever been intimate with has cheated on me. You know how your father was. The show is back on.”

We both we turned our attention to the TV and nothing else sexual came up that night. A few days later we were again together watching TV and snacking as usual.

“Have you seen your girlfriend?” Mom asked during a commercial.

“Not here. Sheila has her own apartment. We were together yesterday afternoon.” I answered.

“Together? You mean you to had sex?” She inquired. “Did you kiss her……. down there?”

“She likes it a lot.” I replied.

“Does she bath before you do taksim elit escort that?”

“Yes of course. Sometimes, if we’re in a hurry, she squats in the tub for a quick scrub.” I answered.

Mom’s curiosity intrigued me and I became very brazen when I spoke next.

“You seem to be infatuated with the notion of oral sex.” I began, shooting a little BS. “I doubt if you’re going to find a man of your age and generation who is going to do that for you. If you really want to find out what it’s like, I could perhaps show you?”

“You could show me! You mean….. we couldn’t do that!” Mom stuttered. “You’re my son! I’m your mother! It wouldn’t be right! That’s incest!”

“Mom, we’re not talking about sexual intercourse here. You see me in my underwear and I have seen you wearing only panties and bra. It’s not like we have been monks for crying out loud.” I reasoned with her. “We can have the lights off and you won’t even know it’s me. I’m just offering if you’re interested, that’s all!”

“No! We…. I can’t do that!” She protested. “It just wouldn’t be right.” Then, after a few minutes, “I’m a little tired tonight. I think I’m going to bed. You can continue watching TV. You’re not going to bother me.”

The only thing separating mom’s bedroom from the living room was a chest high bookcase that partitioned half of the double door opening. I watched mom remove her heavy housecoat and caught a glimpse of the top half of her naked breast over the top of the bookcase. I cut off the lamp leaving the apartment in the dim glow of the TV. Mom had received my offering without going ballistic or accusing me of improper thoughts. I had opened the door and wondered if mom would walk through it. I was, truthfully, only interested in her well-being.

A week or more pasted and life went on as usual. The few evenings that mom and I did not watch TV together I was at Sheila’s apartment having sex. Then one evening I was unusually late and mom was already in bed. I entered a darkened apartment. I crossed to the bathroom and shut the door completely before turning on the light. I turned the light off before leaving the bathroom and quietly walked across the living room to my room.

“Did you have a good evening?” Mom asked before I had covered half the distance.

“I did. I had a very good evening.” I returned.

“Would you come in here a moment?”

I turned my angle slightly and walked to the door-less opening to stand beside mom’s bed.

“I’d like to ask you a question.” She began. “You’ve had sex with Sheila so tell me whether I’m right or wrong? Your male hormones are at a low point and if you kissed me…… down there……… You won’t be getting crazy wanting to do more?”

“That is a safe assumption, though I think I could be quite capable of doing that without getting upset in the least. I was just thinking of you mom.”

“So you will leave your clothes on?” She queried.

“Certainly! There is no need to take them off.”

“I would like to you to kiss it, then.” She offered. “It’s good and clean.”

It takes a lot to make a room completely black. The apartment always had a bit of ambient light seeping through the windows, even with the blinds shut. So, I could make out mom’s movements as she pulled the covers off of her and lifted her legs up removing her panties.

I moved to the bottom of the bed and maneuvered onto it. I could make out that mom had her knees high and her feet flat on the bed. Her legs, modesty kicking in, I suppose, were not spread but a few inches.

“What should I do?” She queried.

“I need you to spread your legs far enough apart to get my head between your thighs. When the time feels right, putting your feet on my shoulders will help It would also help, mom, if it’s okay, if I put my hands under your butt.”

“Do you need to do that?” She asked but did not wait for a response. “I guess that will be okay.”

I moved slowly taking care not to alarm her. I rested my torso on my elbows and blew lightly on her pussy to let her know I was very close to her. And, indeed, I did begin with kissing her pussy lightly and tenderly. While doing so, I pushed my upturned hands under her butt and she lifted to assist. I then stretch myself out onto the bed.

“That feels quite nice.” She whispered in an analytical tone.

“Relax and don’t jump.” I instructed.

I placed my tongue at the bottom of her labia and pulled it up slowly between the lips.

“Mercy!” She moaned saying the word quickly. “Do that again.”

I repeated the action three more times, each time eliciting a pleasurable moan and lifting motion of her ass. I spent many minutes exploring her labia. The lips were quite large and seemed to invoke an almost continuous series of moans from mom. I finally concentrated the tip of my tongue on her clit with the expected response. Her feet maneuvered to my shoulders and her ass levitated over the bed.

“OHhhhh! Yes! Don’t stop! Please don’t stop! Right there!” taksim escort She exclaimed with labored breath. “I’ve never felt anything so good! Thank you!”

A woman opens her soul to you when she’s in orgasm. I waited with anticipation of mom’s orgasm. I was hoping it would be huge. To help ensure a mind-blowing orgasm, I began to flutter my tongue with a feather-light touch at the base of her clit. Her orgasm hit like lightning. She bellowed as her ass began to hump my face, causing me to struggle to keep my tongue glued to her clit. The orgasm released her slowly and she collapsed, breathing heavily. I again kissed her pussy lightly and tenderly for a few long moments.

“That was good Sean.” She said in a satisfied tone. “You better stop now or I’ll be wanting you to do it again.”

“That’s not a problem for me mom.” I assured her.

“Mother is tired now.” She reaffirmed her desire to quit. “Maybe next time.”

I moved slowly away from her returning to the bathroom to wash my face and rinsed my mouth. I was in bed for a few minutes before remembering her words “maybe next time”, and determined I could not go to sleep without jerking off first. I reached for one of the socks I had wore that day to catch my ejaculate.

The next night was different only in that we spent a few hours watching TV. I spent those hours pondering how to bring up the subject of giving her more oral pleasure. At our usual time, 11 o’clock, I began to return our glasses and dishes to the kitchen as usual. On returning from my second trip;

“I don’t know how to ask.” She said as she stood. “Could I impose on you for a few more minutes? It was very good last night. But, only if it’s not going to get you upset!”

“I can control myself.” I assured her.

I waited by the lamp as mom moved to her bedroom. She removed her housecoat as before. She made no effort to cover her breast, even shooting me a shy smile as she entered the bed. I shut the light off and joined her the same way I had the prior night.

I pleasured her orally in pretty much the same fashion. My mind pondered mom willingly showing me her breast. Maybe, it was her way of giving me something in return. That, and the statement about getting me “upset” revealed her concern of me pushing her for more. I wanted more! I just didn’t know what I wanted more of. I knew intercourse was not going to happen. I don’t think I wanted it to happen!

Again, mom had a most satisfying orgasm and thanked me profoundly. I scurried off to bed to jerk off, releasing a good deal of stress and anxiety. I was going to push just a little.

It was near a week before mom asked me for a few minutes of attention to her desire.

“Sean I hate to admit it but I really need to be kissed down there.” She admitted during a TV commercial.

“Mom, it’s not a problem. If you want me to eat your pussy, all you have to do is ask!” I remarked, intentionally being vulgar.

“That doesn’t sound very nice!” Mom challenged. “Is that how Sheila asks?”

“She doesn’t ask. She commands.” I returned. “And that’s what I want you to do. You can give me that much can’t you?”

“If that’s what you want?” She said shyly. “That will help you?”

“Yes! It makes me feel needed. If you say it one time, it won’t bother you again.” I assured her. “And just to show my appreciation I’ll give you something special tonight.”

“I want you to eat mother’s pussy tonight.” She said shyly.


“Yes! Really! You’re going to eat my pussy tonight!” She repeated in a much more demanding tone.

I restrained myself the same as I always did. I probed, explored and teased her pussy until I had her delirious. Then, I withdrew my hands from her ass and pushed her legs back and stuck my tongue into her hole. I pushed my tongue as deep as I could push it and then wiggled it.

“Sean! Why did you do that? ” She exclaimed, lifting her head. “That is very vulgar and ……………..”

I pulled it slightly out of her only to push it deep into her again, once, twice, three times.

“My Lord! You’re making me weak!” Mom exclaimed.

I figured I had pushed enough and began to concentrate on her clit, bringing her to orgasm quickly. I kissed her pussy as I always did for a few short moments. I then pushed my nose up through her lavish bush and kissed her belly. I continued up just short of her breast when I felt her body tense. I withdrew from her, stopping at the bathroom and returned to my own bed.

“You surprised me last night.” She said the next morning, Saturday, as she sat the pancakes in front of me. “Don’t you think you went a little bit too far?”

“Was it good mom?” I queried. “I wanted to give you something special.”

“Yes of course! But I’m not talking about THAT. I’m talking about kissing my belly and going near my breast?”

“Then you shouldn’t worry about it.” I counseled. “I won’t do it again unless you ask.”

“You’ve done it once. I just want to be clear. I’m not taksim eve gelen escort going to ask. ” She replied. “And the other was very good. You don’t have to wait to be asked to do that again.”

“If I might suggest mom, and only if you think you would like it, I would like to begin sometimes with kissing your buttocks. They are very lovely and I would enjoy that very much.”

“I think I would find that very pleasant.” Mom replied. “And I would like to do something for you. I’m just glad you are getting the kind of real satisfaction you need from Sheila.”

“May I make another suggestion?” I queried by did not wait for an answer. “You’re going to be cleaning the house today. Could I talk you into wearing just your panties and one of my white shirts? And if I happen to be sitting on the sofa playing with myself you think you could just carry on like nothing’s happening? “

Mom stopped dead in her tracks. She turned and gave me a stern look. I thought sure I had gone a little bit too far again.

“So, you want me to parade around the house while you sit on the couch ogling me and jerking off?”

“Sheila has been away with her parents for a few days.” I defended. “You want to keep me and the hormones down and under control don’t you? I might be tempted to take a chunk out of your rear end!”

Her look softened. “Any color panties you have in mind?”

After mom showered, I took my shower. Thinking positively, I put on cotton shorts with an elastic waist and a T-shirt. Exiting my room, I found mom dressed as I asked, one of my dress white shirts buttoned up, with the sleeves rolled up twice, and a pair of red panties. They were of the bloomer type but still quite provocative. I sit down on the couch to read the paper.

Mom, I found out, was quite adventuresome and provocative. Moving around the living room, she bent over presenting her ass to me and occasionally gave me a seductive glance, telling me she knew what she was doing. I was soon fondling my ever-hardening erection through my cotton pants. Not as confident as you might think, I finally mustered the courage to release my full erection over the top of my cotton pants. I covered up the action for a brief time, but finally threw the paper to one side.

Mom stopped more than once to watch me. She continued her progress around the living room and through the opening to her bedroom. She was sometimes lost from my view. I really wanted her, needed her, to stay visible.

“Mom.” I called.

She came to the bookcase and stood staring.

“I really need you to stay where I can see you!” I begged. “It’s only going to take a few minutes.”

Mom placed her dusting rag and spray can on top of the bookcase. She walked across the living room, approximately 15 feet, and spread her stance, bending over seductively, placing her hands against the wall.

“Come closer mom!” I pleaded.

“This is all you get young man.” She chided.

I hammered on my cock as I stared at my mother’s ass trying to imagine what her pussy must look like. I could make out quite a few pubic hairs trying to escape from around her panty crotch True to my word it only took a few minutes.


I reached for a few tissues to clean up the cum that I had directed back towards my belly, hand and wrist.

“Thanks mom. I really needed that.” I said after a few brief moments of collecting myself.

“Well, that’s all fine and dandy but you have gotten me upset. You can start with my butt.” She said walking to her bedroom. I was standing quick enough to watch her remove her panties, kneeing herself onto the bed. It was broad daylight and I was going to get a look at my mother’s ass and more importantly her pussy. She took a position on her belly in the middle of the bed, her legs spread wide, which surprised me.

Kneeing myself onto the bed, I saw dark, almost black fur between her legs and surrounding her labia.

“I forgot you are not a natural redhead mom.” I said as I began to nibble on her ass.

“Lord I need this! That feels real good.” She exclaimed, then, “surely you have noticed my black roots coming through. I only let it get so long before I go have it colored. But no, I am not a natural redhead. I hope you are not too put off?”

“Not at all.” I answered. “I feel very fortunate to be where I am right now. It doesn’t matter that the collar does not match the cuff.”

I soon had mom rolled over.

“May I look at it for a few moments?” I asked.

“Yes. But don’t tarry too long. Watching you jerk your cock has really gotten me horny.”

Mom had a much more mature looking pussy than Sheila. Her labia was thick and puffy. Pulling the lips apart, the color was an angry red turning light brown as it neared her hole. My cock was hard as a rock again. I put my face to her pussy and put my tongue right to her clit. It only took brief minutes to bring her to orgasm. I continued tonguing her clit. She did not resist getting aroused once more and again it took mere minutes to bring her to her second orgasm.

As her second orgasm slipped away, I mustered my strength for the suggestion.

“Mom would you be willing to roll over and let me lay my cock in the crack of your ass.”

Long moments ticked by and I became anxious that she was going to deny my desire.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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