Nourishing My Nieces Ch. 03

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The transition to college was bittersweet. Of course, Monnie, Ronnie, Rick, and I were all looking forward to the era of unprecedented independence and exploration that awaited us on the university campus, and we also looked forward to starting a long journey towards what we hoped would turn out to be engaging careers. On top of that, at least three of us were going to the same institution, so we had much less of the impending separation blues to cope with than was probably typical for college freshmen. Our luck did have its limits, though, as in addition to leaving our parents and broader family behind, we would also have to bid farewell to Ronnie, whose choice of university took her a couple hundred miles away from ours.

There were also some inevitable ramifications on our breastfeeding habits. Ronnie would probably have little trouble finding a friendly feeder in her school’s Gamma Lambda Kappa chapter, and I was perfectly happy to keep providing Monnie with as much milk as I could produce. For Dina, however, it would be the end of an 18-year era, which is why I didn’t blame her for shedding a few tears as she nursed one twin from each breast on the morning of Ronnie’s flight to college. She would obviously miss the regular feeding sessions for their own sake, but more importantly, without sufficient simulation, her lactation would become quite susceptible to tapering off and eventually ceasing altogether. Even regular pumping might only do so much to prolong it. There was a good chance that, even when the twins returned for the holidays, Dina’s days of nursing her daughters could be over for good. She’d known all along that this was a possibility, but that still didn’t quite prepare her for when the time came. The twins sensed it as well, which may explain why they suckled a bit more slowly than usual, clearly savoring the feeling of closeness with their mom and the taste of her warm milk. They sucked firmly on her nipples and gulped down mouthful after mouthful, perhaps symbolically taking in a piece of Dina herself as a sort of parting keepsake. Nevertheless, when Ronnie finally stood at the front door with her luggage in hand, the round of hugs that ensued from me, Monnie, Dina, and Mom was mostly celebratory and optimistic.

Rick, Monnie, and I departed for our own campus just two days later with a similarly warm albeit bittersweet send-off from our immediate families. In fact, when Monnie and I arrived at Rick’s house to pick him up, I was soon engulfed in a quick but sincere hug from his mother, who remarked, “It’s lucky enough that you two can stay together geographically, but I’m really glad you two actually got together romantically too! You don’t know how long Rick’s been pining for you!”


Monnie and I could only laugh at Rick’s protest, while his mother just ignored it and smirked at him. “Not a moment too soon, too! There’s bound to be some hot guys in college, and Michelle’s a real beauty, so you took her off the market in the nick of time!”

“Aw, thanks!” I replied. “He’s shaping up to be a real catch, too.”

“If you say so,” she quipped with a wink.

Rick rolled his eyes. “Very funny, Mom.” His sarcastic grin then turned sincere as he embraced her one last time. “Bye, Ma.”

“Be safe,” she said with a sober smile and moist eyes.

“We will,” Monnie assured her as we turned to exit the house.

Despite the gravity of the situation, Rick’s mom apparently couldn’t resist a parting tease. “And when I say, ‘Be safe,’ I don’t just mean driving. I’ve never seen such clearly child-bearing hips!”

“Okay!” Rick declared loudly and abruptly. “We’re gone!”

Monnie and I cackled at my visibly flushed boyfriend while he rushed us out of his house and into my car.

With that, our road trip and in turn our college educations officially began, and at least for the next few months, I would be Monnie’s sole source of her favorite snack food. While Rick drove, I sat in the back next to Monnie specifically so that she would have easy access if she happened to get a milky hankering, which she in fact did towards the end of our roughly day-long journey. The sun had just set on a period of comfortable silence, and I suspect we were all fully realizing just then what a turning point this was for us. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Monnie idly glance towards my boobs, and within a couple of seconds she was leaning over towards me.

“I’m gonna have dikmen escort some milk,” she said as she gently gripped the bust of my tank top and pulled it aside.

It hadn’t been long since we’d all stuffed our faces with burgers from a McDonald’s drive-through, but it wasn’t at all unheard of for the twins to follow a conventional meal with a milky dessert, so I smiled and shrugged as Monnie enclosed my left nipple between her lips and instantly began to suck on it, her eyes fluttering shut as she drew out the first welcome burst of sweet vanilla nectar. She purred audibly and mashed her nose against my areola, promptly settling into a firm suckling rhythm. My niece’s regular and thirsty gulps made it clear that she enjoyed every mouthful, which was perfectly typical but still just as heartwarming as the first time I’d ever nursed either twin. Her mouth never leaving my breast, she drank her fill while I absent-mindedly stroked her hair. As that first reservoir neared depletion, Monnie cupped it in her hand and gave it a subtle squeeze to draw out every last dollop of milk before pulling away just long enough to expose and latch on to the other breast to resume her feast. “Mm,” she moaned in satisfaction at my immediate let-down, which encouraged her to suckle even more eagerly. I chuckled at her as she continued to gorge herself on my breastmilk for another five minutes or so before she finally opened her eyes and pulled back, having completely drained both of my mammaries.

“Mm, thanks,” Monnie said with a very satisfied sigh as she wiped away a milk moustache with the back of her hand.

“Anytime,” I replied while putting the bust of my top into place. “You really went to town there!”

She shrugged. “Don’t I always?”

“Yeah, you kinda do,” I confirmed, “and I’m always happy to oblige!”

We arrived just an hour later and spent a couple of more hours moving in to our dorms. Monnie and I shared a room, while Rick’s room was a few doors down the hall from ours. Rick’s roommate was a second-generation Indian American named Kevin who was planning to major in psychology. “Great!” Rick joked when he learned this. “I’m living with an aspiring shrink. Am I going to be able to do or say anything without being psycho-analyzed?” At this, Kevin gave him a blank look and replied, “‘Shrink’ is a colloquial term for a psychiatrist, which is an actual physician who specializes in the mind. A psychologist’s expertise is usually less clinical in nature and never confers a medical degree.” I snickered as Rick momentarily stared back as if thinking, Holy crap! I’m living with Indian Sheldon Cooper! Then, Kevin himself snickered and broke character. “I’m just screwin’ with you, dude! That is technically true, but I’m definitely not a robot, if that’s what you’re thinking.” That really broke the ice, and I could tell that Rick and Kevin would get along well enough.

It was past midnight when we had all finally settled into our new home, and we collapsed into bed soon after. The following morning, consciousness dawned on me gently, and I moaned softly as I lay dozing. In a minute or two, I felt Monnie climb into bed next to me and tug at my T-shirt. I moaned again in contentment as she pulled it up and immediately let her thirsty mouth descend on my nipple. She let out a moan of her own as she instantly elicited a robust flow of milk from my breast, her lips smacking against my areola as she suckled with her usual appetite. Still dozing, I finally opened my eyes just enough to look at her messy bedhead bobbing against my chest, her arm lazily strewn across my abdomen. In that moment, we were undoubtedly both grateful that the bed was just wide enough to accommodate two of us, even if a bit snugly, because this would most likely not be the last time my niece opted for a milky breakfast and didn’t bother waiting for me to get out of bed. Not that I minded, of course.

Hell, I wouldn’t even mind if she woke me up to nurse, and there was actually some precedent for that. When either twin came down with the occasional case of insomnia, it wasn’t uncommon for them to engage in some impromptu nighttime nursing. A stomach full of breastmilk often seemed to help, as it clearly did that one time I was staying overnight at Dina’s house. In the wee hours of the night (or technically morning), I was awakened by a restless Ronnie tossing and turning in her bed. “Can’t sleep?” I muttered, to which she emek escort replied, “Nope.” We chatted idly for a minute or two before I asked if she’d like some milk. She nodded, and before I could move to go to her, she came to me, and she was shortly laying beside me and drinking her fill. The next thing I knew, I awoke much later that morning to find her fast asleep next to me with her lips still clasped, albeit loosely, around the nipple opposite the one she’d started with.

Anyway, I lay there on our first morning in college breastfeeding Monnie for about ten or fifteen minutes until she emptied both boobs. Then, with her stomach full of warm breastmilk, she stretched, rose from the bed, and headed to the bathroom for a shower. A few minutes after she left, I climbed out of bed myself and proceeded to prepare some breakfast for myself, which took the form of two large bowls of Frosted Cheerios, a slice of toast, and three slices of bacon.

Before we knew it, classes began, and a routine soon emerged. Luckily, our schedules happened to coincide well enough that Monnie didn’t have to give up her milky breakfasts. Perhaps the most unexpected development was that Rick essentially got promoted from back-up suckler to semi-regular customer. One day, during the first week of classes, he entered our room to find me sitting in Monnie’s lap at her desk with my shirt unbuttoned so that she could enjoy an after-class snack. She had barely begun before her suckling intensified, her lips loosening a bit and then re-tightening around my thick nipple in rapid cycles.

“Damn, that’s hot!” Rick breathed, mesmerized at the sight of my niece happily suckling from my exposed and very full breast. “It never gets old!”

I smirked at him and said, “There’s plenty here to go around, if you’d like some too. Monnie’s used to sharing anyway.”

“Mm-hmm,” intoned Monnie without ever detaching her mouth from my areola.

“Actually, that does sound good,” Rick admitted. He was surely speaking for his stomach, since I could tell that, if he’d been speaking for his dick, his response would’ve been more along the lines of, “Hell, yeah!” In any case, he knelt besides us, cupped my free breast in his hand, and seized the areola in his mouth. I purred as he sucked on my nipple and drew out his first helping of milk, emitting a low moan as he swallowed it and immediately drew out another burst of sweet sustenance. He quickly established a steady suckling rhythm, his jaw efficiently massaging my areola. I could only sigh contentedly as I basked in the sublime sensations of letting two people I loved enjoy a tasty and nutritious treat from my own body.

This quickly became our habit. On a typical day, Monnie would gorge herself on two breastfuls of milk as her breakfast. Then, in the afternoon, I offered one breast to my niece and the other to my boyfriend as an after-class snack. Finally, at night, it became increasingly routine for Rick to indulge in a solo feeding session, at least if Monnie hadn’t already depleted my supply as a milky dessert after dinner. Eventually, I convinced him that he didn’t even need to ask before availing himself of my fleshy reservoirs. True to form, Rick was always rock-hard within minutes of latching on to my nipple, but at the same time, he didn’t seem at all immune to either the gustatory or the broader emotional appeal of the experience. He basically said as much the first time he ever suckled and once again when he idly described it as “a joint treat for my stomach, heart, and penis.” That earned him a kiss on the mouth, which soon escalated into a full-fledged make-out session.

One evening, when Monnie was conveniently out with a new study group, I was laying on my bed with my T-shirt pulled up while Rick helped himself to sweet nourishment from my bare boobs. I ran my hands through his hair while he gnawed rhythmically on my areola, gulping down mouthful after mouthful of my breastmilk and letting out occasional moans which made my heart swell with the knowledge that my body was amply sating his appetite. This time, however, the other kind of appetite came more to the forefront than it ever had before. Rick had increasingly taken to stroking my thighs while he fed from me. I’m not even sure if he was consciously aware of it, but it was at least mildly pleasant, so I wasn’t about to complain. On this particular occasion, though, it seemed a bit different. Maybe the range eryaman escort of his strokes had been moving progressively upward and I just didn’t notice until then, or maybe I was in a slightly hornier mood than usual. Whatever the reason, I became aware of his hand grazing my crotch as he caressed my inner thighs, and I found myself enjoying it more and more with every stroke. It didn’t help that I was wearing soft drawstring shorts that left my legs bare and the contours of his hand against my groin easy to feel. Soon, I realized that I was getting downright wet down there and that my labia were starting to twitch subtly. I just reveled in it until one caress sent a particularly searing shiver through my body, and I gripped his hand on its way up for another light touch to my privates. “Okay, Rick,” I said as he looked up from my nearly empty breast in a bit of a daze, “I think it’s time to take stock of what we’re doing here.”

“What?” he said in confused amusement.

“You do realize you’re kind of feeling me up down there, right?”

“Oh, right, sorry,” he replied. “I guess I got carried away.”

“No, no,” I reassured him. “Don’t apologize. I’m actually liking it. That’s the problem.”

His amused smile remained. “How so?”

“Well, do you remember when I first started breastfeeding you, and you’d always have to go ‘pee’ afterwards?” I mimed quotation marks around the word “pee.”

His blush earned a light giggle from me. “Yeah. What about it?”

“Well, that’s kind of where I am right now, so if you’re going to keep doing that, it’s totally fine, but you might have to let me break away at some point so I can…relieve the tension, if you catch my drift.”

“Damn!” he seethed, clearly enthralled by the mental image I’d put in his head. Then, his face suddenly erupted into a sly grin, and I realized that I just might have undone my own upper hand. I suddenly remembered that I had a habit of teasing him with breastfeeding and strip-quizzing. Now, vengeance just might be his. “Well,” he intoned, “what if I help you with that?”

I gulped. “Well, the only other alternative to me rubbing one out myself would probably require some form of protection, and…”

“Ah, but you seem to be assuming my dick would be involved somehow, but it doesn’t have to be.”

If his meaning wasn’t already clear, it became crystal clear when he deliberately brought his hand up and gently prodded my genital slit with his index finger.

“Oh, geez!” I squeaked. Why was I such a lightweight?

“You like that?” he teased despite his own growing arousal as indicated by his darkening eyes. He stroked my genitals more firmly through the cotton of my shorts, and a sensual purr escaped my lips, which only spurred him on. He added a second finger and initiated a more rhythmic caress, and at that point, I didn’t see the point of resisting such pleasures. I dropped the pretense and surrendered to the tingles of heat he was eliciting in my body, and those tingles soon turned into broader waves of searing sensuality. He was taking his time, but eventually, as my moans grew louder and longer, I’d had enough. When a particularly heated ripple overtook me, I snapped. “Ah, screw it!” I tore my shorts down to give him direct access, and he immediately took the hint and plunged three whole fingers through my thick bush and into my vagina. It didn’t take him long to establish a steadily accelerating thrusting motion, and I was practically puddy in his hands. “Mmm,” I drawled while biting my lip. “Aah!” Just when I thought it couldn’t get any more intense, he began rubbing near the top of my genital slit with the index finger opposite the one that was still rammig into my pussy. “Oh, frick!” I cried in ecstasy. “I think I’m gonna…” My breath caught in my throat for a moment before I emitted a long and ragged moan. “Oh, yeah, I’m gonna cum! Oh, God, I’m gonna…AAAARRRRGGGHHH!” With a loud and primal half-moan/half-groan, I finally climaxed, and Rick’s feverish thrusting abruptly dwindled. “Ugh! Ugh!” I grunted as my hips spasmed violently against the mattress a couple of times before I fully crashed with a dazed smile on my face.

After a few moments, I became fully lucid again and kicked him playfully. “You asshole! You totally researched how to do that, didn’t you? There’s no way that was just raw talent or instinct!”

He nodded with a self-satisfied smile. “I knew I’d get my revenge eventually, so I came prepared. I had a very awkward conversation with my dad when he caught me looking up techniques, but this was totally worth it!” He leaned over me and kissed me on the lips. “By the way, if it makes you feel any better, I totally just jizzed myself.”

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