Nude Party

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Jasmine was so nervous. In just one hour her first big party was going to begin and she hoped everything would be ready.

The doorbell rang. It must be Nadia, she had promised to come earlier to help her with the last decorations. Jasmine ran to the door. When she opened, her best friend jumped and hugged her so tight.

“Jazz! Oh my God. I’ve missed you so much! You gotta tell me everything about Europe! How long has it been? A year?”

Jasmine had left the United States the day after she finished high school and went for a gap year with her aunt to visit Europe. Her aunt was a famous painter and convinced Jasmine’s parents to let her go with her. She had come back only a couple of days ago.

“Almost,” she answered. “But the important thing now is that we have a party to prepare. I’ll tell you all about Europe in the morning.”

As she spoke, Nadia started walking around the house.

“Wow Jazz! This place is even bigger than your parents’! What did you say your aunt did for a living? I surely made a mistake with architecture…”

Her aunt had let her use her two-story house for the party. In fact, it had all been her idea. “Jazz, you’ll be back right before Nude’s Day… you should throw a Nude Day Party for your come back!”, she had just let out one day while having dinner. Jasmine almost choked with surprise. It was true that she lived in a quite liberal neighborhood, and her parents had taught her since she was a little girl not to be shy about her body (they had even taken her some times to nude beaches with some friends when she was younger). But Jasmine thought it might be a bit scandalous. So she was really surprised when the FB event got so many affirmative replies among her old high school friends.

“Well, Nadia, almost everything is ready, but I want you to help me check it out, ok?”

“Let’s get this party started!” Nadia shouted.

Jasmine couldn’t believe her friend was so excited about the party.

“So, first point, the changing room. I asked everybody to come here wearing clothes, well, if they wanted to, so they’ll have to take them off somewhere. Here is where. I’ll be opening the door, but you might have to guide someone here if I’m busy…”

“What’s this?” Nadia asked, grabbing a robe from a pile next to the door.

“Well, those are the ‘friendly robes'”, Jasmine unfolded a blue piece of cloth.

It was a transparent gauze robe. There were about 30 of them folded on a chair, different colors and sizes.

“My mum suggested that,” she tried it on, her shirt and jeans could be seen through it. “It’s for the shy ones, it gives the unreal feeling of wearing something that covers you. We could be wearing them at the beginning of the night.”

She folded it again and placed it on top of the pile as they left the room.

“That way is the swimming pool, no bathing suits allowed, and the dinner table.”

Nadia approached the back window to check the backyard garden. There was a quite big swimming pool, partly covered with foam, and some small bamboo tables with all sorts of appetizers and snacks on them. Colorful floor cushions were scattered around them.

“Hey! That looks so nice!” Nadia complimented.

“Thanks! And here’s the most fun room: body paint!” She pointed to the nearest door on the right.

“That is so cool!” Nadia rushed to the room and was astonished by the thousands of jars, brushes and colors in the room.

“I want to try that right beşevler escort now!” She said as she took off her shirt, now wearing just her purple bra above her waistline.

“But. Have to finish preparing…”

“Is there anything else?”

“Well, no, but…”

“Everything I’ve seen is more than ready. The party is going to be a success! So just relax, Jazz. And come here and paint a flower on the back of my neck,” she determined as she wound her blonde hair around her left hand. “Make it purple and green, will ya?”

Jasmine grabbed one of the brushes and a jar with purple paint, and started painting the petals on her friend’s skin

“Hey! That tickles,” she said giggling. “Try with your fingers.”

Jasmine dipped her finger on the cold purple liquid and continued painting on her friend.

“That’s much better,” she said, “and it is less cold this way.”

As soon as she finished, Nadia turned to see the flower on one of the mirrors in the room.

“Beautiful! Now take off your jeans, I’ll paint one on your ass cheek.”

Jasmine looked at her skeptically.

“What? Shouldn’t we be naked and painted when everybody arrives? How else are we going to convince them to do the same?”

She was right, so Jasmine undid her jeans and left them on the floor as Nadia went to get one of the yellow paints.

“Ooh, what a nice thong,” she said as she sat on the floor at Jasmine’s feet. “Now tighten your butt, I don’t want my flower to be blurry,” she joked

And thus they went on. Nadia took off her skirt to get a butterfly on her lower belly. Then Jasmine took of her shirt to get a sun on her shoulder.

“Well, bras off?”, Nadia said then.

“I think so!” Jasmine was more lively now.

Soon, her tits were bouncing free.

“So, to make this less strange… Think about what you’ll paint and we’ll start together at the count of three, ready?”


“So, three, two, one, paint!”

The touch of each other’s hands on their breasts was weird at first, but then they easily got used to it as they started laughing at their designs. None of them had thought about anything special, just doodles, circles and dots in every imaginable color.

Soon they were laughing out loud, most of their skin painted, the floor dirty with fallen droplets of paint.

“This is so much fun! I’m glad you talked me into this.” Jasmine said as she placed a pink happy face under Nadia’s right eye.

“I won’t say I told you so… But I did.”, she laughed.

Suddenly she stood quiet.

“I’m a bit turned on right now…”

Jasmine looked at her surprised. She couldn’t tell by her friend’s face whether it was a joke or a true fact. While she was abroad, she had got some news about her best friend becoming “too affectionate” with other girls in college. But she hadn’t listened to those stories, as she had imagined they were just rumors set by some jealous people. She had always heard things like that about any of her friends, and they were never true facts.

“Are you making fun of me?” She finally said.

“No, Jazz. I find your body very appealing. I always have. And I needed you to know,” Nadia was so serious now.

As her friend showed no displeasure at her words, Nadia moved forward and placed her lips on her friend’s. Just a quick short kiss. As Jasmine didn’t back off, she tried again, now more insistently, more passionately. cebeci escort She was starting to introduce her tongue into her friend’s mouth when they heard the doorbell. Suddenly Jasmine pushed her away and got up.

“They are here!” She said as she quickly ran to the front door.

Nadia stayed a while on the floor as she was, wondering what would have happened if they could have been alone for a little longer. Soon she recovered and got up, ready to help her friend as she had promised her.

The party was a complete success, at least for all the guests. Some of the girls were a bit reserved at the beginning but with the help of the ‘friendly robes’ and some drinks everybody chilled out and they had a great time. Soon everybody was naked. Some spent more time bathing in the swimming pool. Others decided painting their body was more fun.

However, Nadia wasn’t having such a good time. As soon as she tried to approach Jasmine, she would quickly run away. Nadia was beginning to fear she had scared her friend, though she hadn’t seemed displeased at her first advances. Finally she decided to leave her alone, and she stood most of the time in the painting room, trying new designs on her own and other bodies.

When the party came to an end, Jasmine saw everybody to the door, thanking them for coming and receiving their compliments for a great party. Some of them even left the house with their clothes in their hands, being so confident with their bodies after spending those hours naked.

Everybody but Nadia. She stood for a bit longer waiting for everybody to leave. She wanted to apologize to her friend, not wanting their friendship to finish like that.

As the door closed after the last guest, she approached Jasmine. She had got dressed with one of the robes, in an attempt to make her friend less uncomfortable.

“Jazz, I’m so sorry about what happened before,” she apologized, staring at her friend’s eyes. As much as she wanted to admire her beautiful round and painted tits, she tried not to lose eye contact. “I didn’t want to make you uncomfortable.”

“That is the thing, Nadia,” she started, looking down at the floor. “You didn’t. It was quite pleasing. I just don’t know what to think…”

She seemed quite confused. Nadia lifted her chin with her right hand and talked directly to her eyes.

“Then don’t overthink it. Just enjoy.”

A smile formed on her face as she waited for the slightest confirmation from her friend. As she saw her starting a smile too, Nadia went again to taste her lips, but slowly. She knew Jasmine would run again if she went too quickly with her.

So she took her time to savor her friend’s glossy lips, they tasted of raspberry and felt delicious. She waited until her friend started returning her kiss to get her tongue in the game. Quick licks to her upper lip and around her teeth, and she felt Jasmine was beginning to feel more relaxed, so she started the hand dance.

Nadia placed her hands on Jasmine’s hips and started caressing her right side, up and down, each petting a little bit further, until she reached her tit. She waited around there for a second, checking her friend was ok with where she was going. Their kissing didn’t slow down, so she took that as a confirmation.

Soon her right hand was embracing her boob, caressing all of its flesh, pinching her nipple now and then, which soon was hard and pointed. kolej escort Nadia felt the urge to leave her lips and surround the button she was now teasing, but she guessed it might be too much for this time. She preferred to keep it simple for the first time. She just just took a second from her lips, to breathe a little and admire her perfectly rounded breasts.

“They are so beautiful,” she complimented her friend, staring at the green-painted globes.

“Than…” Jasmine started replying to her but couldn’t finish and Nadia quickly went back to eating her lips, now a bit anxious as her passion was flowing hungrily through her veins.

As her caresses started turning on her friend, Nadia could hear soft moans and sighs in Jasmine’s mouth. She realized it was time for the final blow. She could have pleased her friend’s body for hours, but she guessed it might be better to make it not too long.

So she moved her other hand up to the forgotten left breast and her right hand started descending, caressing every inch of her hot skin down to her belly. She stopped there for a while and let their lips rest for a few moments.

“I know you’ve had some guys please you down there,” she started whispering in her ear, and she licked and nibbled its lobe. “But girls always know better…” she added as she went down further.

Her fingers touched her lower lips at the same time she sucked her upper ones with her own. Her hole was damp and Nadia felt so turned with that. She was making her friend wet, something she had dreamed about for a long time, but had thought she would never get to do it.

And there she was now, just about giving her best friend her first female orgasm. She wanted to make it memorable, so that she might ask her to repeat it.

Seeing she was quite comfortable Nadia decided to finally go for it. She alternated some raids into her wet hole with some rubbing of her pointed and hot button. Soon Jasmine was breathing more intensely and louder moans escaped her lips. That was when Nadia let her lips free and concentrated on kissing and licking her neck. She wanted to hear her scream when she got off. Which wouldn’t take long, as she started rubbing faster and faster.

Soon Jasmine was trembling hard against the wall and secretly wanting Nadia to finish her off promptly. Her wishes were fulfilled as, with an expert pinch, her friend finally broke the barriers of her pleasure and it scattered all over her body, touching each and every fiber of her skin, coming out as a yell through her mouth.

Jasmine slid down the wall against her back and sat on the floor, as she started to recover her normal breathing. Nadia sat down by her side and left some butterfly kisses on her cheek, neck, shoulder, and nipple. She couldn’t help it.

“So, I’m guessing you liked it, right?”

It was more a confirmation for her friend than for herself. She knew quite well when a girl had been satisfied.

“Yes… It was… So good, thanks.”

Jasmine was a bit shy yet, as she kept looking to her own naked body. So Nadia thought she should leave her alone. She started getting up.

“Wait, uhm, do you want me to… You know…”

Yes, of course she wanted her to return the pleasure, but it shouldn’t be today.

“No, sweetie, you’ve done more than enough,” she said as she kissed her forehead. “I have to go now, but you can call me when you are ready for more…” she said as she started leaving the house.

Once outside she sent her a reassuring message, “u r gorgeous” she typed on her cell phone. She waited to hear her friend’s phone beep before she started walking.

As she crossed the street she heard her own phone ring.

“come back now. i want more.”


Thanks to azure_skies for editing assistance with this story

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