Nurtured Love

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Nurtured Love



I remember it all started the day of my 26th birthday, it was a Saturday. Mom and I were snuggled up on the sofa watching television. I began to realize that mother was one of those women who was not going to grow old gracefully. Mother, now 45 years of age, still painted her finger-nails and toe-nails bright red, although her lipstick is not quite such a vivid red. For her work as a legal secretary she dresses conservatively. Evenings and weekends she dresses sexy, low cut blouses, tight sweaters, short mini-skirts, both tight fitting and floppy ones, which under certain gusty wind conditions, well I’m sure that I don’t have to draw you a picture. The problem is that I feel embarrassed for her; she just doesn’t seem to care.

I’ve heard our neighbor’s gossip and call her a slut, mutton dress as lamb, red hat no draws, meaning that she is all show. The strange thing about the situation is, that it was only women; the local wives, that said these things, not their husbands. When we’re out together I’ve watched her turn many a man’s head as they walk by, and believe you me she has the figure to carry it off. Her figure is magnetic; men just can’t help themselves from looking at her.

I don’t remember my father, and mother won’t talk about him, so it makes me wonder if they were ever married. There are no photographs of him or them together, I don’t even know what he looks like, although sometimes mother says I look like him. All I know his first name is Adam and I assume his last name is Jennings because mother calls herself Mrs. Jennings. Another questionable point is that mother doesn’t seem to have any relations, I don’t have any aunts, uncles or grandparents, strange don’t you think? Another strange situation, well I think it is, and I have never known mother to go out on a date with a man. You would think that at least someone from work would want to take her out. Perhaps she has been out with other men without my knowing.

You now have a pretty good idea what mother is like so back to the day of my 26th birthday. I was sitting at the end of the sofa resting against the arm. Mother was leaning against me, her back half turned towards me, resting against my chest. Although we had sat in that position many times with my arm placed behind her and my hand resting on her hip, this time she must have been uncomfortable. She began to wriggle pushing my arm further up her back until she felt more comfortable. My arm was now under her armpit and the edge of my hand, my thumb in fact, was pressed up against the underside of her breast. I could feel the stiffness of the underwired bra which supported her breasts. Mom placed her hand over mine I assumed to ensure that my hand did not drift further up her body.

We remained like that for 15 maybe 20 minutes before she removed her hand from mine, then placing it behind my head pulled my head down then kissed me on the lips and said. “Happy birthday darling.” Then she kissed me again. Lately it was not unusual for mother to kiss me on the lips and call me darling, but I don’t know this time there was something different. The effect of pulling my face to hers and the twisting of our bodies towards each other caused her breast to drop into my hand and rub against my palm. After the kiss we returned to our original state except that now my hand was cupping the underside of her breast. Mother looked at me and smiled, placed her hand back over mine and snuggled in closer, ensuring that my hand remained in contact with her body.

That night in bed I thought about the day’s events and wondered if mother was trying to seduce me. What did I think about that? I know that after the kiss, when we snuggled down together and she ensured that my hand remained attached to her breast by placing her hand over mine, I got an erection. Did I want to do anything about it? Of course I did. Would I do anything about it? That was the question. Ever since I was twenty one I’ve had sexual fantasies about her, however, I had placed her on a pedestal and convinced myself she was well beyond my reach, but now I wasn’t quite so sure. I fell asleep trying to dream up ways to have sex with her.

Sunday morning mom was in the kitchen cooking breakfast. I moved in behind her, placed my arms around her body getting the edge of my hand as close to her breasts as possible without actually touching them, then kissed her on the cheek. Normally I would place my hands on her hips, then kiss her on the cheek. I wanted to make a move on her, get more daring, but not too obvious. That evening when we snuggled together on the sofa, I maneuvered myself so once again I was cupping the underside of mother’s breast, then waited to see how she would react. She smiled, placed her hand on top of mine and snuggled in even closer. Later in the evening she laid her head on my shoulder, then after a while she began to nuzzle her face against my neck. I could feel her lips, she wasn’t kissing me then, but eventually I could feel her lips puckered up against my neck. Before I could pluck up sufficient courage to take things further, she kissed taksim üniversiteli escort me on the lips and said “Goodnight.” The rest of the week was pretty much the same, because I still unable to sum up sufficient courage to slide my hand up and fondle her breasts; that is not until the following Saturday night.

Saturday we sent out for Chinese, and drank a bottle of wine between us before retiring to the sofa. We resumed our seductive seating position with me supporting mother’s breast with my hand. I waited patiently, and nervously for that part of the evening when she would nuzzle and kiss my neck. When she finally lifted her head, I turned, lowered my head, trapping her lips with mine and kissed her. The kiss was short, but she didn’t pull away, so I kissed her again only this time for much longer and mother seemed to melt into my arms. As we kissed I brought my hand up and fully covered her breast and held it. Mother never broke the kiss, but she did push my hand from her breast before placing both arms around my neck. Maintaining the kiss I replaced my hand over her breast, and this time uninterrupted began to lightly squeeze and feel that magnificent globe for myself. As we broke the kiss mother pushed me away and jumped up saying. “Sorry darling as much as I want to, I can’t do this, it’s not right, I’m going to bed.”

After locking up and turning the TV and lights off I followed her upstairs. I thought I heard her sobbing so I knocked on her bedroom door. “Mom are you ok?”

“Yes thank you darling, I’m fine.”

“Would you like me to come in and sit with you?”

“No thank you, you go to bed I’ll see you in the morning.”

I went to my room and sat on the bed and pondered on the nights events. I had certainly made headway further than I thought possible, but on the flip side a little disappointed at mothers reaction pushing me away like that, then getting up to go to bed. However, there was this little voice in my head telling me that it was far more difficult for mother to give herself to me, than for me to take her. It was also suggesting that I was taking things too fast.

Sunday morning when I came down mother was laying the table for breakfast. She was still wearing her nightgown, a full length white satin gown that clung to her body, leaving very little to the imagination. I attempted to put my arms around her, but she just pushed me away, telling me to sit at the table while she made breakfast. She sat opposite me, and as we ate I couldn’t take my eyes off her breasts as they swayed and bounced around beneath the gown, particularly her raised nipples. As her breasts swayed from side to side they formed little mounds which changed position, as they scampered around beneath the gown. I swear they became enlarged as they rubbed against the underside of the gown’s material. It was probably one of the most erotic displays I had seen, causing me to become fully aroused.

That evening when I entered the den, mother was already sitting on the sofa, having left a gap next to her for where I usually sat. Instead of joining her I sat in a separate armchair, and I could see the concern on her face as I sat down.

“Paul have I done something to offend you?”

“No mom, it’s just that last night I seemed to upset you, and I wouldn’t want to upset you anymore. I thought it may be less embarrassing if we sat separately.”

“Oh darling you didn’t upset me. It’s just that ladies of my age gets these difficult situations where feelings and emotions get knotted up beyond our control. Sometimes we do strange things, like burst into tears for no reason. That’s what happened last night, please come back and sit with me.”

I moved over to the sofa and slotted into the space she had left for me. Thinking now I had the upper hand, I put my arm over her shoulder and placed my hand fully over her breast. Mother didn’t say anything or look at me, just shifted her position slightly, making her breast more accessible to me.

“Mom would you go out to dinner with me Saturday night?”

“What do you mean, like on a date?”

“That’s exactly what I mean.”

“Darling I would love to.”

Our snuggling didn’t change during the week, I was satisfied with our progress and wasn’t prepared to risk her pulling away from me again.

Our restaurant date Saturday night was a great success. Mother looked fantastic although she dressed a little more conservatively. She wore a fairly tight fitting white blouse sufficiently opaque to hint what lie beneath it. The silky material of her knee length pleated skirt shimmered as she moved. The meal was excellent and we talked all evening about most subjects that affected our lives, work, the house, life in general. When at the end of the evening, after she had a couple of drinks, I tried to get her to tell me about my father, that’s when she suggested we go home. Back home we stood in the hall talking for a few minutes until mother finally said she was going to bed. Placing my hands on her hips I pulled her towards me and we kissed goodnight. Before tophane escort going to our separate bedrooms, mother put both her arms around my neck, and allowed me to slide my arms around her back and pull her close, it was our first really passionate kiss.

Sunday morning I went down stairs just wearing my boxers, hoping that mother would still be wearing that satin nightgown. My luck held, standing behind her I wrapped my arms around her and placed my hands’ over her breasts and kissed her neck. She spun in my arms placed her arms around me, with one hand behind my head she pulled me down until our lips mashed together. I could feel her breasts being squashed against my chest, and she could not help but feel my erection pressed firmly against her. Finally when we broke the kiss she pushed me away telling me to go and sit at the table.

Sunday night I sat down beside her and put my arms around her shoulder and my hand on her breast. She lifted my hand away from her breast and my arm from behind her.

“Darling I can’t do this, it’s not right, I’m your mother not your girlfriend.”

“Mom, I know who you are, I love you, I’ve always loved you and now I’m in love with you, and if I could I would ask you to marry me, because I want you for my wife. I can’t just sit next to you, my feelings are too deep; I think I had better sit in the armchair.”

“You want to marry me? That’s sweet but you know that’s not possible.”

“I know.”

All week we sat apart, I was miserable and I know mother was, we were so used to sitting together, separated it was like losing a part of oneself. Saturday morning when I came down for breakfast mom said. “Tonight I’m taking you out to dinner I’ve booked a restaurant way out of town which I’m told is secluded with a romantic atmosphere. I would like you to dress up for me.”

Mother was a vision as she came down the stairs wearing this white silk figure hugging dress showing just enough body and outline of her underclothes to get the imagination racing. During our journey in the car she asked me to call her Kate, rather than mother, during and after our time at the restaurant. The restaurant was all she said and more, the food was terrific, the ambience magical, and best of all it allowed me to hold her as we danced on the small dancefloor. When we arrived home Kate suggested that I poured out a couple of drinks while she went upstairs to get into something more comfortable. The only difference I noticed in her dress when she arrive back downstairs, she had removed her bra. She sat on the sofa and beckoned me to sit beside her, I became mesmerized as I watched her breasts shake as she patted the seat to encourage me to sit. I sat, placed an arm over her shoulder and my hand over her unfettered breast.

“Darling shall we lie down?”

Kate turned and stretched out along the sofa, and I maneuvered myself alongside her, wrapping my arms around her as I closed in. I placed a hand over her breast it felt warm and pliable, and as we kissed I felt her nipple press into the palm of my hand. I fantasized about burying my face in her breasts, kissing them and sucking her nipples. When we broke our kiss, I kissed her neck, then pressed my face deep into her breast. My mouth sought out her nipple and I began to suck. Kate placed a hand on the back of my head encouraging me to continue. As I sucked there was a buildup of saliva in my mouth which dribbled down the substantial mound of her breast, saturating the material of her dress. When eventually I lifted my head, everywhere saliva had soaked into the dress the material was transparent, flesh and nipple could be clearly seen. I managed to completely expose one breast by licking all over it.

“Darling you’ve made me all wet that side, I think that’s enough and it’s time to go to bed.”

“Do you mean together, we sleep together?”

“No that’s not what I mean, we sleep in our own beds.”

I must admit I was a little disappointed because of the progress we had made, not to be sleeping in the same bed, but I was more convinced that sooner or later it would happen.

Sunday morning was disappointing, when I came downstairs just wearing my boxers I found mother in the kitchen fully dressed and she insisted that I dress before breakfast. After Saturday night, was this going to be another backward step?

Sunday evening Kate was sitting on the sofa and patted the seat for me to join her. She refused to let me put my arm around her or get romantic in any way.

“Darling I want to have a serious talk with you and I want no lies. You said that you’re in love with me and if it was possible, to marry me, honestly, is that how you really feel?”

I told her that’s exactly how I felt.

“Would you really like me to be your wife?”

“Yes I would, would you consider marrying me?”

“Apart from the obvious difficulties, no darling I don’t think marriage is a good idea because of the documents we would have to submit, we would be drawing attention to ourselves. All these years I have been known as Mrs. Jennings your mother, topkapı escort if we moved away I could still be known as Mrs. Jennings, but your wife. However, there are things you need to know about my life, which are not very pleasant, in fact for me they are very distressing. If after I have told you, you want to change your mind and revise our relationship, I will fully understand.

“My parents met at college in the sixties and became part of the flower power movement, hippies, marched for everything, demonstrated against everything, they had no idea what they were looking for and were easily influenced by others. In the same college was a Mark Jennings a natural leader and wonderful orator, his arguments with regard to society at that time were sound and he had a huge following, which included my parents. As his popularity grew his ideas became more controversial, then he produced a document entitled “Natures Commandments” dictating how people should live under his leadership. The rules as stipulated by him was more or less a sexual gratification for himself. His following plummeted and with the few he had left which included my parents, he formed his sect. They bought land and formed a commune which my parents after finishing college and married, joined.

“Mark Jennings became known as Master Adam. He chose the name Adam as being first in the sect, just as Adam, according to the bible, was the first man created on Earth. The children attended what they referred to as school, but all they were are classes where they brainwash the children to comply with the rules. Occasionally my mother would be missing for the night, and when I asked my father where she was, he would say she was nursing a sick friend. It was only later that I found out that there was a roster, where each woman would have to spend the night with the Master for his sexual gratification.

“The day of my twenty first birthday I was told that I had to spend the night with the Master in his bed, where I would be deflowered. Of course I didn’t have a clue what they were talking about, because up until that point the boys were always kept strictly separate from the girls. It was only after our twenty first birthday that a marriage could be arranged.

“That evening two elders came to collect me and take me to the master. They called themselves elders but really they were just his goons, and did his bidding. It was an awful shock when I was taken to his bedroom and suffered his advances. He deflowered me alright, three times, and it was probably the worst time of my life. I told my parents the next morning of my suffering but they just shrugged their shoulders and said it was just the way of life. They knew what would happen and failed to warn me.

“That afternoon I went to complain to our local police, they investigated and actually took the Master in for questioning, but there was no proof and he was released. From that point I was ostracized, everyone including my parents were not allowed to talk to me or help me in any way which included providing me with food, so I ran away and lived on the streets. Two months later I realized I was pregnant and was committed to a home for unmarried mothers by Social Services. At least I had a roof over my head and regular meals. The home was sponsored by various large companies, and in the four years I was there they encouraged me to train as a legal secretary. I was accepted by a large legal firm, one of the homes sponsors. After the four years they offered me a permanent position, and during the course of my work found out about DNA testing. I spoke with my boss and told him my story as I have told you.

“My boss represented me, and a paternity suit was taken out against Mark Jennings. He sent my parents to try and persuade me to drop the case, but by that time I was more worldly wise and refused to talk with them. However, my boss suggested that I should talk to them in his office where he would serve them with a subpoena, so they would have to give evidence in court. Much to my surprise and relief Mark Jennings folded immediately, he wasn’t prepared to go to court to be charged with rape and be hounded by the press. The settlement bought us this house and your college fund and a much improved life. Well that’s my story and my secret revealed, so if you wish to retract you marriage proposal please tell me now.”

I put my arms around her and pulled her down so that we were both lying on the sofa. I kissed her and said. “Oh mom I’m so sorry about your suffering, it makes me want to be with you even more.” For the rest of the evening we just snuggled up together on the sofa without any romantic advances being made.

Monday evening I noticed Kate was wearing one of her short miniskirts, also that she was braless beneath her white blouse. Lying on the sofa she stretched out her arms enticing me between them. We kissed, passionate kisses, my hand fondling her breast, squeezing and giving it slight taps so that I could watch it dance around. I played with one breast while sucking the nipple on the other. As her blouse became soaked with my saliva, it exposed her flesh, making her breasts more obvious. I began to unbutton her blouse, starting from the top. Opening up the front of her blouse was the first time that I had seen my mother’s breasts uncovered. They were fantastic, two firm, well-formed mounds, each topped with a light brown wrinkly nipple, the size of a large grape.

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