Obsessed with Mom Ch. 02

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For the next couple of months, all I could think of was my mom’s body. I would ogle her whenever she was in the room, and it didn’t matter what she was wearing. She could be wearing a loose T-shirt and warm-ups and I’d find her so sexy. She may not have the perfect body, but she’s not ugly at all. At 39, and after two kids, she still has a good body. She’s got a frame of 5’6″ and her breasts are a 36D, and she weighs about 130lbs. She’s got a voluptuous figure.

I tried on numerous occasions to peek in on her when she was changing. But it was getting harder to do. She was starting to lock her door now. So I was again reduced to settling for her panties. But I didn’t just want them from the drawer, I wanted them right off her body. I looked through her drawer to see what kind she wears. Man, does she like the frilly kind. She had a few cotton and satin ones. But the ones that caught me eye were downright jaw dropping. She had a few pairs Brazilian cut panties. They range from lace to fishnet to hip huggers. Blood started rushing to my cock at the thought of my mom’s sweet ass in these.

One day I waited for her to come home from shopping. I waited for her to take her nightly shower. The second she finished and walked out of the bathroom, I rushed in there to rifle thought the hamper. There they were; a pair of hot pink lacy Brazilian cut panties. I held them up and just stared at them for a second. I tried really hard to envision my mom body in them. I could actually hear myself moaning, and I hadn’t even touched my cock yet.

My heart was thumping, realizing that just minutes before, my mom’s cunt was in these. I slowly brought them to my face. The closer I got, the harder my cock got. Finally, when it reached my nose, I took a huge whiff. I let out a loud moan. It was the sweetest smell me senses ever caught. I moved it so the crotch was sticking up, and oh my god, there was a wet spot. I crammed them to my nose, sniffing for all I was worth. Then, I couldn’t help but put them in my mouth. I started sucking all I could from them, trying desperately to taste her juices. My cock was throbbing so hard that as soon as I reached to take it out, I was already squirting my cum on the floor. All this was too much for me, and I almost passed out.

When I got up, I cleaned up my cum from the floor and put the panties in my pocket. There was no way I was gonna put them back. I had found my favorite pair. And I hadn’t tainted them with my cum. So I went to the kitchen and grabbed a ziplock freezer bag. I sealed the panties in there and put them in my drawer. Now I could seal her freshness and take them out whenever I wanted sniff her womanhood.

But this was just a band-aid for my affliction. After many jerk off session, I felt that I need more. I needed her flesh. I needed to feel her breasts in my hands. To kiss her soft wet lips. To caress the inside of her hot supple thighs. Fantasy and panties just wasn’t doing it anymore. I wanted her body to be mine. I wanted to make hot, passionate endless love to my mother. But since I couldn’t have her, I would have to settle for the next best thing.

I went out to some bars in search of women; older women. I wanted to find tuzla escort a woman who looked as much as my mom as possible. I went to those bars where the ‘cougars’ were out for the hunt. But the problem with those women is they’re looking for hunks and studs. Not that I’m ugly, but I’m no Chippendale dancer. Then that gave me an idea. I went to a strip club that had both male and female dancers.

Around closing time, I went over to the male dancers area. Most of the women were filing out and lost of them were drunk. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel. I looked around for a bit and found my trout. Her name was Angela. She was 44 years old and was a little chunkier than my mom, but she had similar breasts. She was with a couple of other women and they were looking around as if they were looking for someone. I went up to her introduced myself. I asked her if she enjoyed the show. She said it was fucking great but now she was all hot and bothered. I boldly told her, “Well I can help you with that.” She gave me a look like she wanted to rip my clothes off right then and there.

We went back to her place and didn’t waste any time. She grabbed me and started kissing me passionately. I reached up for her breasts and caressed them, but pulled off the top of her dress and pushed my head to her tits. All this was happening so fast for me. This was the first time I had a breast in my hands. I wanted to take it slow, but she was so horny she wanted my to ravage her.

So I pulled off the rest of her dress and laid her on the bed. All she had on were her panties. Nothing really great, just white cotton. But I was picturing my mom inside of them. I took a big whiff of her crotch while her panties were still on. I stated licking her pussy through her panties. She was really wet. I pulled off her panties and was now about to eat my first pussy. I was so inexperienced, I just stated licking all over. I just wanted to taste all of her. I wasn’t really thinking about whether or not I was giving her pleasure. But after a while I started finger her. That’s when she started squirming. Within minutes she was squirting in my mouth.

I made this women cum with my mouth and I felt so hot that I blurted out, “Oh yeah, Mom give me your cum.” She went along with that, but then I said, “I wanna fuck you mom. Please, let me fuck you.” She looked at me like I was some sick freak. So said, “What the fucks wrong with you?” That kinda snapped me into the reality of who I was with. I told her I’m sorry, but she was a little weirded out now. She said I should leave now. I was too embarrassed to get pissed off, so I went home. But when I got home I was really upset. I thought, “Fucking bitch. She gets off and I’m still horny?” When I thought about it more, it was all for the better. I didn’t want to loose my virginity to that cheap slut. I wanted my mom to make me a man.

For that point on, I made a vow that I would be with another women until I’ve made love to my mother. Now I was going from cheap thrills and fantasy to trying to seduce my mom. This would not be easy. After all, she was happily married with an active sex life. If this was going to happen, it was going to be a long pendik escort and painstaking process. But I was in this for the long haul. No matter how long it would take and no matter how far I would have to go. I was going to have her.

The fist part of the process would be to start acting differently around her. I wanted her to look at me as a man and not just her son. I started working out to shed those extra pounds and get toned up. I also started wearing lots of muscle shirts and tight jeans and shorts. I even got a new haircut to make myself more attractive. I began talking to her with a deeper voice to make myself sound more mature. I began paying more attention to the news in order to bring up more adult conversations with her about world events. I went so far as to eaves drop on her conversations with her friends and her sister, just to get any extra info I could use. I was leaving no stone unturned.

After six long months, I got my first break. I found out that my older brother was going off to college in Michigan (we live in Texas). This would just leave mom, dad and me in the house. One less cock blocker. Unfortunately, the biggest one was still in the house.

It was the beginning of summer and I got summer job. Originally, it was save up for a car, but then about a month later I got second break. And it was a big one. My eaves dropping finally paid off. I overheard her on the phone with her best friend, telling her that she hadn’t been having sex for a while now. She said her and dad had been fighting lately, mainly about him staying out late with his brother drinking. She said she suspected he was having an affair. That pissed me off. So I did some detective work to find out if it was true.

I followed him around a couple of times to see what he was up to. Apparently, he wasn’t having an affair. But he was hanging out in bars with his brother. And I did notice that women would hit on him, but he seemed to resist. But one time, I did see him accept a women’s phone number. A week later, I overheard him on the phone with uncle Frank, and he asked dad if he had called that woman. He said no, but he was really thinking about it. Now I know my dad was willing to cheat on my mom. Well, if that’s what the fucker wants, then I’d see to it that it would happen.

By the end of summer, my brother Stephen went off to college and I had enough money saved to put a down payment on the truck I wanted. But I decided to put my money to better use. I would use the money to hire a whore to seduce my father into an affair. And make sure mom would find out about it.

I got the number of a hooker a friend of mine had been with and asked her to go to the bar that my dad frequents. I told her to go up to him and make him think he’s the sexiest thing she’d ever seen. And make sure he went home with her. I told her to leave hickies and scratch marks on him. But also to make sure to please him in every way possible, so he’d go back for more. The next day when I talked to her, she said told me that he did go home with her and he fucked the shit out of her. She also told me that he said that his marriage is dead. That his wife can’t please him the way aydınlı escort she did. So it wasn’t hard to convince him to go back for more.

I ended up paying for four more of their sessions, which cost me a pretty penny. But my diabolical plan was all coming into place. For the last session, I told her that she should tell him that her sisters were staying with her and she couldn’t bring him over. That weekend, my mom was spending at her mother’s house. She lives about 50 miles away. I asked if I could go, I really didn’t want see grandma, but I had a plan set in motion. As soon as she would get to my house, she would text me. That would be my queue. She would call me and as soon as I answered, she’d hang up. But I would fake a conversation that would be with my friend Tony, who lives a couple of houses down from us. I acted as if he told me that he saw someone going in my house. I said to call the police and we’d coming home now. Mom was really nervous cause she didn’t know if dad was home. I hauled ass home knowing damn well what was about to unfold.

When we got home, I told mom I’d go in first to see if everything was OK. I crept inside and I could hear what was going on in the bedroom. I asked her to be extra nasty just for effect. I walked up to the bedroom door and slightly opened it. She had dad tied up to the bed and was riding the shit out of him. She turned and noticed me there. I winked at her, which would be her queue to get him to tell her how much he loved fucking her.

“Tell me, baby. Tell me you loving fucking me.”

“Oh god yes, I love you baby. I love to being inside you. I wanna fuck you forever baby.”

At that moment, my mom walked up next to me. I turned to look at her as if I was stunned. I told her, “I can’t fucking believe this.” She looked in and the shit hit the fan. She slammed open the door and screamed at the top of her lungs, “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!!”

She leaped off of him and tried to reach for her clothes, but mom went after her, grabbed her by the hair and dragged her out of the front door. Naked. I went over to dad and untied him, telling him, “You fucking piece of shit.” Then, when he was free, mom started hitting him. I quickly grabbed the whore’s clothes and rushed to the front door. I told her sorry for that, but it ended up costing me extra. Hell, I didn’t care. Mission Accomplished.

When I went back to the bedroom, he was still naked and he was dodging her punches and scratches. Then he fucked up. He told her, “Hey fuck you bitch, get the fuck off me.” Then he slapped her. That was all I needed. I knocked the shit out of him. I grabbed him and dragged him out of the front door and told him if he ever came near my mom again, I’d kill him. And I meant it too. I love my mom and I’ll be damned if ANYONE lays a hand to her.

He left that night for good. And now it was just mom and me. The plan is getting close now, but I can’t make any mistakes. I can’t just rush it when she’s still going through all these emotions. For the next couple of months I would be her emotional shoulder to cry on. I would have in depth talks with her about their marriage and their problems. During this time, I grew to love her even more. I felt like we had become soul mates. She could talk to me about almost anything, and I assured her I would always be there for her and I would never hurt her.

When December rolled around, matters would take a real turn.

To Be Concluded…

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