Obsession… by Calvin Kline Ch. 02

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The rest of the day I stayed as normal as I could think of being given what I had just seen. The pictures that blew it all open for me. My brother’s naked torso, his big dick conquering a variety of girly girls, and the very distinct picture of his penis shooting cum into his mouth. Who gave him that facial? Better yet, who did I want it to be? I pictured all kinds of hot couplings with my brother in my mind as I discreetly undressed him with my eyes at the dinner table. I let my erection be while eating, but made sure to think it back down before getting up. For a moment he and I crossed glances, the kind of “accidental” glance most men usually save for a woman when they’re checking out their rack. I hope he didn’t anticipate what I was thinking. It would be so much less fun.

For the remainder of the night I kept myself occupied with various pointless things, mostly involving watching movies, taking a very long shower, and doing my best not to give myself an orgasm. I was trembling in my room as I thought of walking in on him. Would he take an advance, or would he be like me and cower away before I got there. I had a light step, I could sneak in without him knowing. Oh god, this was so good!

I slept patchily that night. Waking up waiting for the time to come when he made his way downstairs, usually around 1:30, to do his dirty horny deed where I could vaguely watch. I slept nude that night, caressing myself and imagining him all over me. Taking his nipple into my mouth, licking down his smooth skin on his hard body to his hard dick, sucking it…

OK, hands off the penis. I heard something make its way downstairs. Here he comes! I started to shake uncontrollably… the time was finally coming for this to happen!

The startup was fairly routine. The TV turned on, the media was taken out and played. The volume was low and with my ear against ataşehir escort the door I could faintly make out the moans of some girls and boys doing their duty for nature. When would it be the right time. I was still shaking with nerves… not yet.

My erection started to slowly return to me, and my body became less cold and trembling, and more relaxed as the minutes slowly ticked by. I could just see him there, all hot and into it, holding off just to strengthen the orgasm, building up the semen for the final big blow at the end when he couldn’t take it anymore. Except this time, I would be there. I was ready.

I creeped out my door, naked, kind of cold, and excited as all hell. For a second I got nervous, but it quickly subsided as I snuck quietly into the room. There he was… my brother. His clothes were on the floor in a heap next to his feet, his long sleek penis at a full erection as he worked it slowly, enjoying the scene unfolding on television. Two men and two women took turns pleasing each other and at that point the guys were on each other and the girls were tending to each other. A closeup of one man taking the other’s cock into his mouth and back up made my brother squirm with a little lust. I was so ready for this.

“Hi.” I said, and walked proudly in front of him, erection in my hand. I sat down on the adjacent couch and started to watch the porn with him.

“Hey.” If he was surprised he masked it well. He was surprised, but he must have been pleased.

“Group sex again?”

“I’ve been on a group kick lately. Just a lot of action and change.”

I nodded and started to work my dick a little, watching one girl sit on the other’s face while one man stuck his dick slowly in her ass. He pumped in and out slowly while the bottom girl licked the other’s pussy with a fervor I would never avcılar escort know. I looked down at my dick to see the semen already starting to dribble out.

“You look turned on,” my brother remarked.

“Yeah, I love watching.”

“Me too. Nice dick.”

I looked at him. He had been checking me out the whole time. I took a full look down at his manhood. There it was, the magic cock, in real life, throbbing at full girth, slick with precum, being worked by this gorgeous man’s hand. “Thanks,” I said. “Yours is better.”


We continued stroking ourselves in front of each other, but this time I just sat and watched how he worked his hot cock. I felt an unheard of amount of desire in me to take him right there. So when he casually asked me if I wanted him, I eagerly said

“Yes, I do.”

He chuckled. “Yeah, you’re pretty hot yourself. I guess I’m trying to be cool about it.”

“I want you so bad.” I was working my cock harder now.

“I’m right here.”

I got up from the couch and knelt down in front of him, getting a good close look at the best penis I have ever seen. All 9 inches of it just waiting for me to do something with it. I started out coy, licking the sides of it, then up the middle of the shaft, which made him jerk his cock back a little. Then around his wet, cum-covered head, tasting a little of his hot semen. I sucked the whole head into my mouth, licking off the drops from the tip of him. He let out a small moan of approval and I continued to lick him. Then I surprised him and took as much of his cock as I could take into my mouth.

“Oh god!” He groaned. The moans on the TV were getting louder. “Oh god, he’s cumming… he’s going to cum in her mouth!”

We moved around so I could watch it with him. I took his cock back into my mouth and watched as the man avrupa yakası escort pulled his cock out of the girl’s ass and pointed it at her face, jacking it off furiously as she opened her mouth. His cum blew out of his cock all over her, then dripping onto the other girl laying on the ground. I went back to focusing on his dick, feeling his body, his hard muscles, his pointed nipples, his tight ass, worshipping as much of him as I could while I sucked his dick.

I could feel his shaft tighten slowly, and I knew he was getting close. I licked around his dick and glanced at the television again. The other man was getting fucked in the ass by one of the girls while he licked the cum off the one man’s dick, fucking the second girl slowly. My brother was quite turned on by this, I could hear his breathing get shallower and faster and I knew he was about to cum. I pinched his nipples and bobbed on his cock as fast as I could. He started moaning a little faster.

“Open your mouth,” he gasped. I pulled off of his cock, jerking mine off waiting for his hot load. I watched his dick as he pointed it at me. Then the cum started to shoot. The first stream was on my face, I opened my mouth to catch the second, the third shot straight in, the fourth landed on my face again. I finally took his whole dick back in my mouth to swallow the rest of the semen that pumped out of him. He tasted so good, I wanted him to keep cumming. My own cock was starting to feel like it was going past the point of no return. I held it back as long as I could.

“Cum all over me,” he commanded me as he laid back on the couch. “I know you will.”

I did too. I wanted to do this for so long and now here he was. Beautiful, naked, hard, willing. Mine. I watched in amazement as he stroked his waning erection, I held my dick over his stomach and brought myself to orgasm. My semen exploded all over his stomach and his chest, I moved further up to shoot my load on his mouth and face. He delighted in it and sucked the cum off my cock. I have never shot that much semen before or since.

And this is why that experience was, in fact, the single biggest mind opening experience I have ever had.

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