Office Discipline

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As you stand in the corner, naked, I watch you tremble. I can’t tell if it’s in anticipation or out of fear. I walk up behind you and my hand slides around your body before wrapping around your neck. I pull you back against me and you feel your skin press against my clothed body. You whimper as I lean towards your ear and say, “You want to be a bad girl? Fine. I’ll show you how I treat bad girls.”

You are staring straight ahead as I undo the tie at my neck. You feel my chest twist against your back as I fight with the silk with one hand and hold your head still with the other. You are hardly breathing as I work. I can feel your pulse quicken and your throat move as you swallow.

After a long moment the tie is loose and I let go of your neck. My hands quickly move to grab your wrists and I push your body against the hard wall. You feel the rough paint against your nipples as I manage to wrangle your hands together. As soon as they are touching you feel the tie wrap around them and in another heartbeat they are securely tied together.

I spin you around and then take a step back. You are so sexy, standing there naked, tied up a look of surprise on your face. As much as you trust me, knowing I’ll only take things so far, you aren’t sure how much I’ll be testing your boundaries tonight. My gaze follows your curves up your body, from your calves to your thighs, to your hips, to your breasts, to your shoulders and then finally your nervous face. Your eyes are huge and pleading, and I can feel myself growing hard at seeing you this helpless.

I walk back over to you and grab you by your hair, my fingers twisting around your ponytail at the base of your head. Using esat escort this as my reign, I guide you over to my desk and you see the black leather desk pad before you, clean of all the usual papers. My hands move to your shoulders and I press down, indicating that I don’t want you to move from this spot. Not wanting to make me angrier you do as you’re instructed. I’m tempted to reward you for your obedience, but what kind of punishment would that be?

I walk around you and you see me open my top left desk drawer and fumble around inside. You don’t have a long time to wonder what I’m searching for, in a moment I’ve pulled two binder clips out. Before you know what is happening I’ve attached one to your right nipple and I am about to place the second one onto your left nipple. As the black plastic pinches down you let out a whimper and I ignore your discomfort.

I walk back behind you and I push your back down. You find yourself lying on my desk chair, your body supported by the arms, your breasts hanging down towards the seat. You can smell the leather and my sweat on the chair as you await your punishment. You are aware of my body next to yours, on the floor as I chock the wheels, making sure that you won’t go anywhere.

I kick your legs apart, and then look down at you. You are helpless, completely off center, and unable to do anymore than spin the chair. That won’t help you get away from my blows. Your hands are tied and resting against the small of your back. Your ass is on display and the roundness of your mound is visible between your legs. Just looking at you makes my cock twitch with excitement. I’m sure I’m dripping precum as I watch you writhe etimesgut escort for me.

As you wait, you hear the clink of metal as I undo my black leather belt. This is followed by the sound of leather against cloth as I quickly pull it out of the belt loops. SMACK.

You cry out in alarm as the leather hits your sensitive ass. You weren’t expecting it, so you haven’t tensed up in preparation. The suddenness of it makes it sting and you start whimpering. I admire the red line running almost completely across your white skin. It needs friends.

I bring the makeshift whip down and this time the smack of leather against skin rings out filling the room. This time the pain is so much you just gasp, your vocal cords not working. Your body shakes as you try to acclimate to the pain and before it does, I bring the belt down again.

Your whole body jumps as you shout out. You’re such a wimp, and I take pity on your red ass. You’re so helpless as I lean down and massage your cheeks. Your screams turn to moans with an occasional sharp intake of air as I touch a particularly sensitive patch of skin.

This close to you I can smell how aroused you are. I look between your legs and your pussy lips are bright red and glistening. I smile as I see how wet your thighs are, you are so horny that you’re a mess. “Wow! You’re such a bad girl that this punishment turns you on!”

I stand up and before you know it the leather is kissing your bare pussy. The high pitched scream you emit tells me that it stings and I’m proud at how well you are handling your punishment. I stand aside you and grab your hair as I administer a few more lashes directly etlik escort against your pussy.

You are crying, tears messing up your mascara and black lines are running down your cheeks. You are barely in control of yourself as finish up with your punishment. I gently let your upper body back down to the arm rests and when it has your weight I let go of your hair. I take my hand and tenderly caress your head, calming you down as you fight back the tears.

You’re still tied up, your ass is still stinging, your pussy soaked, clit is throbbing and the clips on your nipple are starting to become very uncomfortable. My free hand moves to your pussy and you feel my fingers slide into you. You let out a low moan of pleasure as my fingers find your g-spot and my thumb locates your clit.

I can feel your whole body shake as I play with you. I can tell that you are so turned on that you’re already on the verge of an orgasm. I move my lips to your ear and I can smell the lingering aroma of your shampoo mixed with your sweat. “You will cum for me.”

As soon as the words were out of my mouth your body tenses up one last time. As I stroke your hair and play with your pussy your bliss erupts through your body. My hand leaves your head and reaches below you and to your hanging breasts. As you cum I first take off one clamp and then the other, each time your body shakes violently. As the blood flows back into your skin the pain intensifies and so does your orgasm. The whole time I’m rubbing your pussy with my other hand, prolonging your orgasm for as long as possible.

After a minute you are panting and begging me to stop, your body now over-sensitive. Slowly I pull my fingers out of your pussy and bring them to your mouth. As you lick them clean I say, “So, next time, you will remember to refill the printer when it’s out of paper, right?”

You look up with your huge eyes and smile, neither one of us sure what the right answer is.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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