Old Biddy’s New Car Broke Down

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I was just loading my shopping into the back of the car when I heard soft sobbing from the car next to mine. It was a nice old woman in her late 70s looking distraught and frightened. Being a sucker for helping the oldies I went around and could see she was sitting half in and half out of the car with her legs wide enough apart flashing her fat thighs. Asking what the matter was she told me that the car would not start and it was virtually new.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I phoned the AA and they said they could not fix it but agreed to tow it to the local garage from whom she purchased it but as it was Sunday, they would not be able to do anything till tomorrow.

“Now what am I going to do, I can’t lug all this shopping on the bus”.

“Don’t fret, I’ll give you a lift home and then you can get a taxi tomorrow to the garage. By the way, my name is Donald and you are?”


“Well pleased to meet you”.

Getting herself settled, I noticed that she dressed quite almanbahis modern with a skirt that came just above the knee and rucked up as she sat down, showing some nice wrinkly thigh.

I could not stop looking and she caught me doing so.

“So, you’re a leg man? I must say getting attention from one so young is a lovely compliment.”

I was surprised at her directness and then said, “Yes I also liked the look of your crinkly fat thighs when you were sitting in your car.”

“Oh that, I’m always doing it, to see if anyone notices. Because at my age nobody is interested. But it seems you are, young man.”

“I just love elderly ladies and I think you are adorable Edna.”

Pulling her skirt higher she put her hand over my crotch: “Yes, I really do think you mean it.”

Arriving at her home, she put the groceries away and added: “my girdle is killing me, I’ll change into something more comfortable. Make yourself at home Donald.”

When she reappeared, my almanbahis giriş cock got an instant hard-on. She was “sex on fat cellulite dimpled and wrinkled legs. Her lovely protruding jelly belly was straining her shortish skirt and her droopy tits could clearly be seen through a thin tee shirt.

Going straight to her I forced my tongue into her mouth. We kissed gently at first but Edna’s need got the better of her and she kissed me harder pressing her lovely fat belly into my cock.

God, she smelled so good. I could not resist putting my hand up her skirt fondling the fat wrinkles and working up to her surprisingly hairy pussy, teasing the lips with my fingers, seeking her clit, stroking to the tune of her moaning. She reached down and grabbed my hard-on.

“Shit Don, I haven’t been fingered like this in such a long time. And it felt even better because I just love sex with a full bladder. Did you feel me squirting?”

“That’s one of the reasons I love really almanbahis yeni giriş old gals like you, Edna. They can squirt like mad when they get going.”

“Well, I really must have a piss now, otherwise, I will pee on the carpet and I don’t want that.”

“That’s easily solved. Let’s go into the bathroom. I can’t wait to see you naked and fondle your lovely fat body.”

In the bathroom, we soon shed our clothes and started urgently kissing.

“I’ve really got to go, Don.”

Ok Edna, but I want to give you the best ever orgasm you’ve had.”

I gently pushed her towards the toilet and made her stand over it with her legs astride the bowl. Then I went to town. God, she had a fucking lovely jelly-belly tummy and as I started to kiss her neck and stroke and massage it she groaned.

“Oh, that is so good. And your cock feels lovely.”

After a couple of minutes of getting her worked up again, I pushed my thick dick up her whilst my finger rubbed her fat clit.

Needless to say, she didn’t last long and as she built up to her climax her piss dribbles turned into a torrent of golden nectar. Which turned me on so much I shot more spunk time after time.

After we cleaned up, Edna said that she would love me to see her every week.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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