Old Love

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She called yesterday and told me that she is coming home today at 17 by train. It is almost 16. I need to take shower.

“You go to her?” The mother asked me when I get from a shower.

“And?” I asked and laugh.

“You two decide once if you are couple or no. When you will get back?”

“On Sunday!” I took a car keys and left the room.

I got to a station just when the train stopped. She smiled from the window and waved with hand. Pretty like always and with a spark in her eyes that was telling me the day will be great. We kissed like a couple and I took her things.

She took my other arm and kept smiling. She had a nice black dress I knew well as we bought it together. On the way home, we went to say hello to her grandmother first. She lived on the first floor of the house. We kept looking each other during a chat, those looks showed how horny we were, how strong we want to feel the other’s body. On way to their flat, we stopped on stairs and fall into a deep kiss.

I felt her standing nipples through bra and shirt and she could feel my dick ready to fuck her horny pussy all the way she wanted. We continue to kiss and hardly unlock the doors. I undress her dress and bra faster then I imagine that can be done and start to kiss her gorgeous breasts.

She took off my pants together with my underwear and start to play with my dick. She licks and sucks it like only she knew. Always good and always so intensive. I could finish in her mouth in no time.

I could not wait anymore. I pushed her to the wall and lift her leg up to have access. She was wet and ready. Dick slide pass her pants in her wet pussy.

We both enjoyed while dick fulfilled every space of her pussy. She waited the whole day for that. I lift her both legs and she accepted the whole length of my tool for pure joy. We fucked like crazy. Her tight pussy squeezed my dick and took us both to heaven.

We almost finished so I made a pause and let her on her feet, kiss her and then turned her around. She bent a little ahead offers herself to me again.

I did not let her wait too long as she was thinking about that sex for days before she came and she needs to get it fast. She needs to be fucked hard like in our old days. I enter and fuck her pussy while she used a hand to play with her clit. My other hand played ataşehir escort bayan with her ass.

“You like my pussy? You like my ass?”

“Yes,” I said and fuck her even harder.

“We like your dick a lot also!”

In next moments we finished fast like some teenagers. I took it out and finish on her ass as I knew it will be more of licking and fucking later.

She starts to walk and took my hand leading me to the bathroom. In the shower water did not cool us down just the opposite. She went on her knees and start to suck my dick and play with my balls.

I let her do that for some time then I lifted her as I had other plans. I turned her and start to wash her allowing myself to cool down.

I like washing her hairs, her back, breasts, pussy. I like her whole body. I washed her pussy while with my other hand I came to her ass.

Hand was full of soup and I start to wash her ass. Finger slide in her ass and other in her pussy. Her breathing was more and more intensive.

I felt her ass was not relaxed so I just wash it and then removed hands. I position myself behind her and enter dick in her pussy. She bends in front to make that pose easier and I start to move.

Slow with the full length of my hard tool. She enjoyed and I fucked her like this while one of her hands travel from her clitoris to her breasts and back. I saw she is close and in next few moves, she finished. I felt her pussy contraction and I was close also.

Suddenly she takes it out and goes on her knees. She starts to suck and lick it like the best ice cream on a stick. I could not wait for anymore. I finished in her mouth and she ate down that best desert ever. It was good and we sit on the shower floor and rest.

We ended the showering and sit naked on a sofa in living room.

“Where should I take you today?” I asked.

“To my bed and fucking heaven!”

I know that means she needs good and hard fuck and sure I was ready to give that.

I kissed her, took her to a bed and made her lay down on her belly. My hand travel on her back.

I wrote, “I love you,” with my finger and she just smiled.

I kissed her back and bite her ears as she like that. My hand got over her ass to her pussy and she moved the leg to make me easy access.

I continue to lick her back escort kadıköy down to ass and pussy which I finger fuck and lick clit gently, very gently as is super sensitive in short period after she finishes.

It was still too sensitive so I left it and put my attention to her always hairless pussy and her gorgeous ass. I played and fucked that ass many times and it was always something extra.

It was more than a month when we were together and more than 3 months since our last anal sex.

I looked that ass and thought to myself, “I want to fuck that ass.”

“I want that, but please, be gentle. It is a long time ago,” she said when I licked her ass.

“Am I not always gentle?”

I knew that she really want me to do that other way she would just stop me. I took a cream that was on a table and took more, much more than needed. She lifted her ass when I start to make rounds around its entry.

Playing with pussy relaxed her completely. She was almost ready so just as it would be the first time I enter her ass with one finger first. I felt she is not so tensed like under shower so I continue.

Finger in her pussy and finger in her ass. I add another one to her ass and fucked like that. She starts to produce louder sounds of joy that made me fuck here more and more intensive.

She was relaxed and ready for whatever she want to get, whatever I’ll give to her. I asked her to move on the floor and she did. She knew what will happen and hold her ass up just like inviting me to enter. I did enter but I enter her pussy first and fuck her gently.

She really needed to be fucked and tt was like good old days, good pussy fuck. Her sounds became louder. I hold her hairs and push dick deeper and deeper. The right to its base. She has still used its dimensions.

Her hand was on her clit all the time for extra stimulation. We got close to our finishes but I knew she is waiting for anal also. So was I. I took it from pussy and set it to her ass. With not to much pressure head slide in.

“Do that to me, do that to me, do that to me!” She repeated many times, almost whispering.

I slowly moved in and out and fucked her with good 1/3 when she starts to push her back for more. I want to tease her a little so I took it out.

“Give it to me, fuck me!” That was all she bostancı escort could say before I reenter.

I fucked her ass and she kept pushing herself on. I moved slow and with passion. I liked the feeling of her tight ass gave to me and how she was murmured from all the joy she got. At that point, I knew her ass is ready for everything.

I took it out and lay on my back. I want to see her ride it like only she knows.

“Come and ride my dick you slut!” I said and holding my dick so she could sit on.

She came over me and sit as I expected. I reached for her breasts with one hand to her pussy with another hand. I thought she will fuck me fast but she continue slowly like I did before.

It was amazing watching her after all that time enjoying on my dick. She finger fucked her pussy and speed up but still kept herself not getting it deeper.

We got almost to the end when she lifted herself right to its head and stopped. We breathe like one watching each other and waiting what will follow.

“You still like that?” She asked.

“With you always!” I returned shortly.

I felt how her body gets lower and lower and my dick deeper and deeper in her ass. She closed her eyes and bite her lips. I knew that is to prevent her from starting screaming because of joy.

She did that always in the past. She just holds like that waiting for the wave of joy to release a little. I asked her to turn to be my leg faced and she did that without moved off it. That way she liked the most.

I like that view of my dick in her ass. How it goes in and out making her feel all that joy.

She put her hands on her pussy and start to move more intensive. This time we knew that train of orgasm will not stop anymore. We fucked like rabbits, fast and powerful until I was not able to hold on anymore. My dick starts to pulse when all my blood went in it. Its pulses were all she needed to join me in a gorgeous finish.

She released her body and accept all the joy she was waiting for weeks.

When orgasm flow over her body and makes her scream I hold her strong like I would never let her go away again. At least for that weekend, I didn’t. We fucked whole weekend.

“Your dick is so wide and long, he has the one like a thin stick,” she said after jet another finish on Sunday.

I knew she talks about a guy I also knew. I also knew that was a breaking point and our last sex.

And it really was. I never heard from her anymore. True I missed her pussy and ass, damn I missed all sex we had but life goes its way. A lot of girls out there to fuck.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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