Oliver Teases His Sister Ch. 05

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Big Tits

(I’ve decided that from now on, the story will be in third person. Mostly because I keep forgetting that I am writing in first person. Sorry! Hope you like it. Leave comments, please!)


“You’re so sensitive,” Oliver chuckled, pulling on her waist to get her to sit on his lap.

“I can’t help it!” she whined, sitting on his lap and resting her head on his chest. Moments later, a curious smile began to appear on her brother’s face. “What?” she asked.

“I have a question.” He said slowly, arching an eyebrow at her. “Are you a virgin?”

She narrowed her eyes at him and rolled her eyes. “What do you think?” she asked. He thought about this for a moment. “I don’t think you are.” Oliver told her. Miracle laughed shortly. “So you think I’m a little hoe?”

“No, I just don’t think you’re a virgin. You asked her what I thought.” He said honestly, with a small shrug.

“Right. Well you’re right.” Miracle laughed. He shook his head. “I felt guilty there for a minute. But I can’t believe you! Shame on you, missy.” He jokingly lectured her. “How many?” he inquired.

“Just one.”

“Do I know him?” Oliver asked.

“Umm… well…” she said slowly, biting her lip and looking off to the side. “What?” he said curtly.

“You do know him.”

“How well?” Oliver said, glaring at her.

“Very well.”

He made a face at her. “Oh my god. Who, Miracle?”


Oliver gave her a look.

“Matt.” she said softly.

“What?!” Oliver yelled. “As in, her best friend Matt?!” he asked, glaring at her. “When did this happen? How the hell did you guys even meet? When did you even find the time to do that? I’ll fucking kill him!” he continued. Miracle glared back at him. “None of your business, Oliver. I’m eighteen. I’m old enough to make my own choices!” she yelled right back.

“So it happened when you were eighteen, then?” he asked icily.

“No…” she said slowly.

“When, then?”

“Like, last year I think.”

“Last year?! He was nineteen, Miracle! When you were seventeen? Ugh!” he yelled.

“Why the hell do you even care? It’s none of your fucking business, Oliver.” she repeated.

“It’s my best friend! He’s not supposed to be having sex with my younger sister!” Oliver yelled escort bayan some more. He shook his head. “What happened, exactly? Tell me.”

Miracle gave him a dirty look and stood up. “No. I’m not telling you what happened. Like I just said twice; it’s not your business! And don’t say anything to him about it, Oliver!” she told him.

“Oh, hell no. I’m going to tell him, alright. I’m going to ask him what the fuck was wrong with him, that he would fuck my little sister.” Oliver yelled.

She stared at him for a moment, taken aback. “What do you mean what the fuck was wrong with him?” she hissed, glaring daggers at him. “You know what, Oliver? Fuck you.” she snapped, wheeling around and heading to her room.

“Wait, Miracle. That’s not how I meant it…” Oliver sighed softly, walking after her.

“Save it.” she said, walking into her room and slamming the door.

It seemed like every time they started talking, he would say something to piss her off. She sighed, and walked into her room. He was such a douche bag. Why was it such a big deal that she had sex with Matt? Then she thought about it. If he would have had sex with one of her friend’s, she would have killed both of them. She bit her lip. Maybe she had over reacted. Maybe he had a right to be mad. Oh well. She dismissed the thought. There was no way she was apologizing. Miracle collapsed on her bed, and buried her face in the pillow. Hopefully he wouldn’t say anything to Matt…

Much later, she awoke suddenly to a bad dream. She was breathing heavily and her eyes were watering, but couldn’t remember the dream. She shook her head and took a deep breath, trying to calm herself down. She always had the worst of dreams. The same thing would happen; she’d wake up crying but was never able to remember what happened. Her thoughts immediately shifted to what had happened earlier with her brother. She glanced at the clock. It was two thirty in the morning. Only hesitating for a moment, she slid out of bed and walked to Oliver’s bedroom, unsure if he would be asleep. Quietly, she opened the door, to see him lying in his bed. She tiptoed to the side of his bed. “Oliver…” Miracle said softly. He stirred slightly, and moved so he was lying on his back. “Miracle?” he mumbled. “What’s wrong?” tuzla genç escort

She debated what to tell him. He knew she had bad dreams, and always make fun of her for it. But that was only part of the reason she had decided to come. “I wanted to apologize.” she told him. He blinked a few times, and opened his eyes and glanced at the clock. “At two am you decided to come apologize?” he asked groggily. She paused for a moment. “I also had a bad dream,” she admitted. He chuckled softly. She crossed her arms awkwardly, as a chill passed through the room. Oliver looked up at her and scooted over in his bed, lifting the blanket up.

Without thinking about it, Miracle climbed into his bed. “Go ahead.” He said softly. I stayed silent for a moment. “I’m sorry for yelling at you earlier…” Miracle told him, snuggling up to his side and resting her head on his chest. She sighed softly, draping a leg over his. He put his arm around her. “After thinking about it, I would have been pissed, too…” Miracle told him, absentmindedly drawing on his chest with her finger.

“It’s okay, Miracle.” Oliver said. “And I’m sorry for yelling at you, too.” He told her. She didn’t respond, and they remained quiet for awhile longer. “Have you noticed every time we start to get along I get pissed at you?” she asked softly. “Yeah.” Oliver said, his hand wandering underneath the back of her shirt. He began to slide his fingers up and down the length of her back. Her skin was so smooth. The room was quiet, except for Miracle and Oliver’s breathing.

“I can’t believe you had sex with Matt,” Oliver said, with a small laugh.

“Ehh, it wasn’t exactly… fun.” Miracle confessed awkwardly. Again it grew silent, and Oliver’s hand slid around to her stomach, running his fingers along the smooth flesh. “That tickles,” Miracle laughed a bit, flinching. He kept doing for a bit longer. Then, he moved his hand up higher and traced a line over the top of her breast. Her body trembled, just slightly. “Oh, you like that?” he questioned, clearly amused.

Needless to say, Oliver was getting horny and having his sexy little sister in his bed was not helping. Neither were all the dirty thoughts racing through his mind. He decided to see how far she would let him go. His hand found tuzla kendi evi olan escort her bra clasp and undid it in one swift motion. He moved away a bit, to kneel over her. Even in the dark, he could make out her facial expression, which seemed a bit worried. “Just relaxed, baby,” he breathed softly, putting his hands on either side of her hips, working his way up to take off her shirt.

After her shirt was off, she slid out of her bra and Oliver saw her glorious breasts; just about a handful each. Her nipples weren’t too small, or too large. He cupped her breasts, and flicked her nipples, rubbing them, twisting them mercilessly. He glanced at her face, to gage her reaction. Her eyes were closed, and she looked like she was thoroughly enjoying it. He dipped his head, and placed his mouth on her breast, sucking her delicious nipple. She stirred, emitting a soft sound from her lips. Oliver began to kiss her breasts, leaving a trail of kisses down her flat stomach.

When he got just above her jeans, he looked up at her and raised his eyebrows; as if asking permission. She gave a slight nod, and he unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans. Slowly sliding them down her hips, he smiled at the sight of her cute little panties. They were string bikini with pink and white stripes. He kissed the sensitive area, along her waist causing Miracle to sharply inhale.

After that, he began to kiss the inside of her thighs. Oliver put a finger to her panties. They were soaked. Lowering his head, he grabbed the top of her panties with his teeth, and slid them down the length of her body. To his delight, she was shaven. He slid his finger, just barely, up the length of her little snatch; her juices coating his finger. He rubbed her clit for a bit, trying to find the right spot. A moan escaped her lips, and he grinned, making circular motions on her clit, faster now.

Just as she was close, or so Oliver thought, he stopped. Miracle groaned at the tension between her legs. “Calm down,” her older brother soothed. Lowering his head once again, he licked up her snatch. Miracle moaned again. He sucked on the little nub, and gently bit on it causing Miracle to moan even louder. Oliver sucked a bit harder, which sent her over the edge.

Her muscles tensed, her back arched, and Miracle came. She exhaled deeply, and whimpered softly afterwards.

Oliver chuckled softly, amused at his cute little sister. “Damn, that was good,” Miracle said quietly. She moved so their places were switched.

“Now it’s my turn big brother.” She chuckled.

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