Olivia Pt. 03

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Olivia requests a caning.

Half term flashed by and I was sworn to secrecy. I wasn’t to tell any of my friends what I had learned from my mum over the past week. Let them find out for themselves. Soon there were girlish shrieks as we all returned to the dorm and our lives at The College. It was on the Friday that Miss Kent sent for us all, in turn, starting in the morning for a half-hour conversation. I was the last alphabetically, and my turn came in the late afternoon, so I had a bit of an idea of what to expect, and it was a far cry from anything I had conjured up in my wildest imagination. Perhaps that was why three of the girls had simply gone to their dorms, packed their stuff and called their parents to be picked up and taken away.

There was little preamble. She started by asking about all the studies and topics we were learning and how much did I enjoy them. She moved on to give me a report of my successes and failures at College so far and concluded by saying that I was a fine student and she hoped I was happy here and wished to continue for the full year. I agreed that I did.

Then she moved on to the burning topic, the elephant in the room. Discipline.

‘You orchestrated your first punishment, Olivia, and I orchestrated the second one. Yes, I asked Matron to find fault in you and she did. In a most interesting way too. It appeared that you were on your knees in front of your naked friend preparing to perform cunnilingus on her. We do not disapprove of this kind of behaviour here, so if that is your particular pleasure, please feel free to enjoy yourself. But you must realise that was not the best place for it.’

I was struck dumb. I’ve never kissed a girl’s pussy in my life and I hadn’t been planning to kiss Petra’s. But just hearing her words put a flash image through my mind. I’ll be having a word with Petra about this soon, I thought.

‘To continue. You have now accumulated an initial twelve strokes of the tawse for your next disciplinary visit. Let me inform you of further developments over the course of this year should it be necessary to discipline you again. As I have informed you, there is no reset button on your discipline record until the beginning of the next term. This term, every new visit will commence with the total from your previous visit. There is more. I am going to add new instruments to your punishments. Your next punishment will be with the whip and the subsequent one a riding crop. After that will come a paddle made of leather. You will experience these before your finale with the tawse. But I keep the best for last. If it becomes necessary, I will apply the cane. It is my favourite instrument of correction and you will learn to request its kiss from me if you transgress sufficiently often.’

I still couldn’t speak. I didn’t dare. My voice would have squeaked like a mouse. I felt my nipples hardening inside my bra and my pussy lips swelling. I stared at Miss Kent for a moment and then had an inspired thought. I stood up from my chair, parted my feet and placed my hands behind my head.

‘Yes Mistress. Thank you, Mistress.’ My voice not at all normal, the vocal cords not working so well but my heart was thumping and I somehow wanted to express my deep desire to be subjected to these degradations, and more. I wanted to submit to this woman.

‘I have not finished, but you may remain in that position, Olivia. I like to see compliance in my students. There is more. On the next occasion that you are called for punishment, you will arrive wearing just four garments, plus your shoes. Skirt and blouse, bra and panties. However, you will lose one item of your clothing to receive your punishment. You will request that you be permitted to remove it in front of me and it will be forfeited for the remainder of that day, as a reminder to yourself and to your colleagues. The confiscated items will be returned to you at lights out. You will lose your clothing in the order of your own choosing.’

I was breathing deeply now, picturing what she was describing and getting very horny indeed.

‘Yes, that is correct. Soon enough, you will be presenting yourself to me completely naked, requesting that I administer punishment from whip, crop, paddle, tawse and cane. And consider this, if you are sent to me in the morning, you will spend the rest of that day doing your studies in the nude. Does this appeal to you at all, Olivia?’

‘Yes Mistress. Thank you, Mistress. I rather think it does.’ There, I said it. And it was true. Standing as I was in the punishment position was a humbling experience in itself, but knowing that in due course I would be compelled to do so stark naked and beg to be thrashed and then spend the rest of that day without my clothes was about as much as I could take right now. I needed to rub my engorged clit. I could feel it emerging from its protective folds.

Miss Kent looked startled at my reply. I guess not many girls would confess to wanting that, even if they did.

‘In fact, Mistress, there is something kaçak iddaa I would like to say if I may.’

‘Please. The floor is yours, Olivia. What would you like to say to me?’

I maintained my position, the punishment position, and spoke with a sudden new confidence.

‘Mistress, I had a long and very interesting talk with my mother over half term and I now think I know where I have these feelings from. I suppose they must be inherited. I too would like to request a sample caning, Mistress, just like my mother did years ago, at a time convenient to you. I really want to know what it feels like to be caned and I don’t think I could bear the wait, which could take weeks, before I find myself awarded such a punishment. Would you please give me a sample caning as soon as possible?’

Miss Kent was obviously taken aback. ‘Well, I am a little surprised at your eagerness, Olivia. Are you absolutely sure this is what you desire?’

‘Yes, Mistress. Please, Mistress.’ I managed to wheeze out.

‘I am not even going to ask how much your mother has revealed on this topic. Do you truly know what you are getting yourself into?’

‘Yes, I think I do, Mistress.’

‘You know there must always be a witness to a caning. I would have to invite Matron, if she is available, or another member of staff, to attend. But there are three other matters to consider as well. The first is that to receive a caning, a girl must first lose all of her clothing. That is the progression of my punishment regime. One item of clothing for each instrument of correction. You would be naked. Would you agree to that?’

‘Yes, Mistress. I rather expected that would be the case. I will willingly remove all my clothing for you in order to submit to a caning.’ I responded.

‘The second requirement is that you would be subjected to each of the four preliminary instruments before being introduced to the cane. I would propose twelve strokes from each in this case. Would you agree to this preparatory beating before you sample the cane?’

I hadn’t thought of that, but I was determined to see through my request. The more I thought it over, the deeper my desire to experience her dominance over me.

‘Yes, Mistress. I would.’ I said, briefly, not trusting my voice again.

‘That is good. The third requirement is that you will be restrained. I have, behind that door, my special room for the more serious offenders and all canings take place in that room. I’m guessing you already know that. There are several contraptions there to ensure the recipient of hard punishment cannot escape the consequences of their actions, and believe me, canings are seldom inflicted gently. If you truly want me to cane you, even as an experiment to test yourself, I shall have you placed in restraints in such a way that you will not be able to remove yourself, and you will take the full punishment that you are allocated. Do you agree to this?’ She was very serious. I could see that in her eye as she regarded me.

What am I doing, I wondered? This woman is without an iota of doubt an expert in what she does. Am I out of my depth? Yes. Do I want to explore my deepest recesses? Yes. Do I want to expose and exhibit myself naked to her and the matron and beg to be caned? Yes.

‘Thank you, Mistress. I beg you to subject me to the proper procedures in being caned.’

‘Then I shall grant your wish. You may go now but expect to be summoned at any time during the weekend.’ I was dismissed.

I went back to my dorm and found Petra lazing on her bed.

‘Have you had your chat with Miss Kent?’ she asked.

‘I certainly have. Did you know that Matron thought I was eating your pussy when we got caught in the shower?’

Petra laughed. ‘Yes. She told me that too. We got twelve strokes of the tawse for something we didn’t do. Pity. I’d have preferred to have been beaten for having done it.’ She looked up at me from under her eyelashes, with a little smirk on her lips.

‘Really? You wish I’d been licking your pussy?’ I asked, holding my breath, waiting to hear the answer I wanted to hear.

‘Oh, yes. I’ve been wishing that since the beginning of term, ever since I set eyes on you. And, I hope you don’t mind, but I’d really like to push my tongue up yours too. I’ve been fantasizing about it for weeks. Sorry, Liv, I hope you aren’t disgusted.’

I sat on the bed beside her, reached behind her neck and pulled her face to me so I could give her a kiss, full on the lips. I pushed my tongue into her mouth, separating her lips, imagining her mouth to be her pussy.

Releasing her, I said, ‘Sorry Pet. I hope you aren’t disgusted.’ And when she burst out laughing, so did I, both of us having taken a tentative new step in our young lives.

Being an open dorm, it wasn’t possible for us to rip our clothes off and set about each other, as we so obviously wanted to do, lest someone come in and discover us. It was one of the tortures of this kind of life, great frustration and unfulfilled desire.

Instead, I decided to kaçak bahis tell her what I had said and done in Miss Kent’s office. As I started to relate the conversation, I noticed Petra’s eyes opening up in disbelief and she took a breath as if to say something, but changed her mind and listened to me quietly till I was done.

‘So now you are waiting to be called to her office to report for a caning?’ she asked rhetorically, and when I nodded, she added ‘A caning that you asked her to give you. Strange, that. So am I.’ She grinned mischievously.

Petra continued. ‘You saw how I reacted to being tawsed. I loved it. And when she told me about her regime of using various instruments on the transgressor concluding with the cane, I nearly came again. I told her I couldn’t wait; that I didn’t want to wait. I suppose it was my mum who spurred that on. You know Miss Kent is a professional dominatrix, don’t you?’

I was dumfounded. Is Petra my clone, I wondered? Are we sisters separated at birth? And, how does she know that about our headmistress?

‘Well, that’s the reason I’m here at The College.’ Petra continued. ‘My mum lost interest in men almost as soon as I was born and has been living with another woman all the time I was growing up. I guess a lot of it rubbed off on me, because this woman was very strict with me and I was frequently disciplined. Now I crave it. She gave me a wonderful spanking at half term when I told her about getting caught with you in the showers. The marks from the tawse were still there and she spent some time admiring them too!’

Petra beamed at me. ‘She says she would love to meet you. But you’d better watch out if that ever happens!’ I couldn’t think of a suitable response and Petra continued.

‘Mum’s lover knows Miss Kent and how she runs The College and she suggested I might enjoy a year in her school and that is how it’s working out, for sure. Finding you was a bonus. This is going to be a great year!’ She laughed delightedly. Happy in the disclosure of her secret and on discovering her secret hopes about me were going to be realized.

I got my call before Petra. It was Saturday, late afternoon. Matron appeared and informed me that I was to report to the head’s office. She followed as I walked there, having prepared myself mentally all day, and physically the evening before with my shaving equipment. My pubes aren’t very thick anyway and I decided I wouldn’t miss them. I did as thorough a job as I could but Petra wasn’t around at the time or I would have asked her to check.

‘Come.’ Was the call from behind the door as I knocked. There was Miss Kent, dressed in a white shirt and black skirt, her shoulder-length hair framing a strict expression on her face. No welcoming smile.

‘Matron. Olivia has requested a sample caning on the bare bottom. I have agreed to provide her with that and she has agreed to the usual terms. I have asked you here to witness her … we can’t really call this punishment; we will have to call it her foray into the world of submission. Are you willing to observe this test?’ Miss Kent tried to suppress a knowing smile.

‘It will give me great pleasure to watch as you cane this girl, Madam.’ She replied. ‘I have noticed in her some traits that told me we should have expected something like this. I shall prepare the room.’ And she stepped through the doorway into the mysterious room beyond.

‘It is now too late for you to withdraw from your request, Olivia. However, as this is out of the usual routine of punishment, we will regard it as your own personal experience and not include what happens today into your punishment record. You will not carry these strokes of the cane with you for your future punishments. Now, I think Matron is waiting for us. Please go through to the Punishment Chamber.’

I gasped as I entered the room. It was large, with red painted walls and black furniture, like mum had described. The lighting was dim, yet bright where it mattered and I could see all sorts of instruments and devices on the walls, floor and even ceiling. The centre of the room was tiled, black and white squares and I was ordered to stand there. I could see my reflection in full height mirrors on three walls. The windows were shuttered. I wondered how many girls had given themselves to the cane in this room over the years, including my own mum.

‘Olivia, you have requested a sample caning on the bare bottom, and you are about to be granted your wish. Your first task is to disrobe completely. Tell us when you are ready’ Matron spoke with relish, but neither of them turned away. They watched keenly as I started to undress.

I unbuttoned my blouse and slipped it off, placing it on a chair indicated by Matron. My skirt followed, and then my shoes. I was left in bra and panties.

‘Get on with it, girl. You have ten seconds to be naked.’ said matron irritably. My hands were shaking and I had trouble with the clip of my bra. Finally, it came free and I removed it, putting it with my other clothes. I straightened up and illegal bahis took hold of the waistband of my panties, lowering them to the ground and stepping out of them, I added those to the pile of clothes on the chair.

I adopted the punishment position, arms behind my head, palms towards my head and realized for the first time how this made me push my breasts out. Now they stood proudly, pointing towards the two women who were here to administer and witness my caning. My nipples throbbed and grew stiff, possibly harder and larger than they had ever felt before. I spread my feet and could feel my pussy lips parting. I could also feel them swelling. My heart was in my mouth. I hoped they liked what they saw, my cunt completely bald. Not a hair in sight to hide my most private parts. Mum had indicated that both Mistress and Matron liked to see a completely hairless pussy.

‘Mistress, Matron, I have removed my clothes and present myself before you naked, ready and willing to be caned.’

‘Yes, and you took your time doing so.’ Added matron. ‘Bench or stocks, Madam?’

‘I think the stocks would be a splendid choice this evening, matron. Please set the height suitably low.’

I was led across the room to a strangely familiar looking wooden frame. There were three holes in a bar, the bar being about three feet across and padded in soft looking leather. The two outer holes were much smaller than the central one. As Matron fiddled with a mechanism, I saw the bar slide down a few inches, lower even than my tits and it dawned on me what this was. Yes, mediaeval stocks, and this was confirmed as Matron raised the hinged upper half of the bar and indicated that I place my wrists and neck into the semi-circular spaces. I had to bend down to do so, resting my throat on the leather. Matron lowered the bar over my neck, ensured there was plenty of space for me to breathe, my wrists secured with my hands trapped. She brought a padlock into view so that I could see she meant business and I heard it clicking shut on the bar. Now I was indeed restrained, locked into my bending position with no possibility of escape.

Sturdy wooden legs prevented rocking of the stocks and my ankles were wrapped in soft cuffs and dragged apart. They were secured more than two feet apart but in such a position that there was no strain keeping my balance. I was perfectly comfortable; however, I knew that I was shamelessly exposed and my cunt was beginning to flow. I was getting sexual pleasure from this.

‘Try to move, Olivia. Can you escape?’ came the question from Miss Kent. I struggled a little but knew it was hopeless.

‘No, Mistress. I cannot escape. I am here at your mercy.’

‘Indeed, and on that point, can you remind us why you have removed your clothing and allowed us to secure you in this position?’ Taunting me.

‘I begged to be here, Mistress. I begged you to cane me and I know now that even if I change my mind, or find it too painful, I will still have to take the full number of strokes you award. I cannot prevent you from inflicting the full punishment. I like to think of this as a punishment, Mistress.’

‘Yes. Think of it as punishment for challenging me, Olivia. And now that we have you where we want you, and where you wanted to be, I wonder how many strokes you think would make a suitable introduction to the cane. Bear in mind that all of my punishments come in sets of six.’

Oh, lord. I hadn’t even thought about that. I wasn’t experienced, like mum. How many strokes makes a caning? I’ve heard of six of the best, but it doesn’t sound like too much of a challenge to take just six. Twelve? I’ve already taken twelve from the tawse. Am I mad?

‘I think eighteen strokes would be a good test, Mistress. This will be the third punishment session I have taken from you so that seems like a fair number. However, I wouldn’t want to waste your time, so if you think I should take more, I would have no choice but to accept your decision.’

Matron snorted. ‘Eighteen? We have a glutton here, Madam. Most girls would ask for just six. However, I think it would be interesting to watch this naked girl take eighteen strokes, with the option of adding six more for her sloth in stripping naked for her Mistress.’

I gulped. My mouth was dry. My pussy was wet. My nipples ached with desire. I was in some kind of submissive elation and before I knew what I was doing I called out.

‘Yes, please, Mistress. Please add the extra six that Matron wants me to have. Thank you, Matron.’ Yes, I think I was mad.

‘Very well, Olivia. You have requested that I subject you to a total of twenty-four strokes of the cane. As you know, once awarded, you will receive them all. Are you sure this is what you want? Speak now, before I pass sentence.’

I decided to brave it out. Once again, I knew this was going to hurt, but I was going to overcome that and I told myself I would not cry or beg for mercy.

‘Thank you, Mistress. Please give me twenty-four strokes of the cane.’

‘Olivia Van Der Gilt, you are sentenced to twenty-four strokes of the cane. Sentence is approved and will be carried out immediately by myself with Matron Riley as witness. Matron, please enter this punishment in the record book.’

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