On Miss’ Orders, Getting Home

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From the second my cooling, cum smeared body contacted the seat when I collapsed into it at 4am I became increasingly aware of just how much cum was covering me. What is She going to think when I get home. It takes 20 minutes at that time in the morning to drive home from the club. When I got home at 5am My Miss was shocked, surprised, aroused and eventually satisfied.

The missing 40 minutes was spent on my knees at the side of a church getting off a drug-driving charge. It was particularly exciting when I realised that this was exactly where Miss Lilo had had her first ‘ eating’ with a stranger. A cop pulled me over for a r and on breath test and one thing lead to another, they realised I was a faggot and drove me the km or so to the church parking lot just off the main road. They ordered me out, I stripped and knelt on the dirt. The two of them stepped up right before me and thrust their hips forward. I looked up at them and under their glares I reached out and unzipped them, both at the same time. I fumbled with fear/excitement eliciting angry glares reached in and uncovered their growing cocks.

I pulled them both free of their trousers, they weren’t quite solid but firming nicely. I pulled them towards each other and licked the heads at the same time, they both groaned.

Then I got skull-fucked, twice.

The one to my left was the senior ? stable and he just took my head in his hands and began to skull-fuck me, no preparation, just balls deep, slamming into me. The junior con stable stood back and watched, wankning slowly, waiting. He noticed I wasn’t choking or gagging even though I was being hammered mercilessly. “What a fucking faggot slut, not the slightest gag!”

Senior wine t beserk and hammered me for a few minutes before ramming full depth and held me there untIl he’d emptied his balls.

Junior lay me across the bonnet of the car, on my back, head over the front. anadolu yakası escort He then grabbed my throat and skull-fucked me, a straight line fuckhole which he revelled in abusing. He only lasted a few minutes before groaning and ramming deeply, I blacked out only to awake as I slid from the bonnet headfirst to the ground.

The two cops walked to the car, “Get dressed, get back to your car and fuck off faggot or we’ll arrest you.”

I stumbled towards my clothing, my naked, cum-smeared body shining in the moonlight of the church car park.

“You know what this means if we catch you again, your arse is ours faggot.”

Then they got in and drove off.

My cock was still purple and my balls aching for release, two fresh loads on cum filled my guts and the local cops had ‘marked my card’ for future reference.

I dressed and quickly got back to my car, I drove home.

I entered the bedroom and began to strip as I gently awoke Miss Lilo by calling her name. Miss L awoke and switched on the bedside light,”oh your back!”

Weakening quickly she added, “Did you have fun?”

I described my evening at Steamworks as I stood before her, turning, bending, spreading, opening, displaying myself in any manner or aspect She wished me to. I finished by reselling my recent run in with the law when My Miss bent forward and licked my cock. I squealed, so so close to cumming. Then she sat back on the bed, slid her hips forward and commanded me to “EAT!”

I knelt before her upturned thighs and lent forward to kiss My Miss from arsehole to clitoris, I licked her slowly, repeatedly, covering every square mm of her genitals. I delved deeper and deeper, forcing my tongue into her rectum and vagina. She grabbed my head and forced my face hard against her cunt which she ground away grunting, swearing and generally abusing me. My cock was dribbling, my ataköy escort balls hurt and my hole was throbbing. As she reached the hieght of her orgasms I began to black out, she released me and I collapsed to the floor. I was conscious but bleary when My Miss made me position myself at the head of the bed. I was upside down, my my shoulders, my back up the headboard. My Miss pinned my ankles down so that I was helplessly lined doubled over. My cock was now dripping onto my face, My Miss had this planned, “Open your mouth Cow Cunt!”

My cock dribbled into my mouth, salty precum and piss.

“Letting anyone do anything to you, you filthy faggot slut. Now I’ll FUCK YOU!”

My Miss knelt across my ankles and watched me drinking my own juices as she greased up each hand, wrist and forearm.

She looked deep into my eyes,”I love you Cow Cunt! I hope you enjoyed yourself baby, I expect you to do this for me at least monthly.”

She pressed her palms together as she spoke, them pointed her fingers at my arse and fisted me!

I ah been really fucked a lot, My Miss’ hands hardly met any resistance at all, she just pushed her hands through my loose anus and into my stretched out bowels. I just felt a fantastic expansion and pressure, a thrilling scraping across my prostate which stroked me towards an anal orgasm. I squealed and moaned in delight.

“Oh my Cow Cunt is so loose, I love it, the mess you’re going to get drooling onto you soon.”

The image she described and the sensations had my cock running and the pressure emptied my bladder across my face, as much as I tried to catch it on my outstretched tongue.

She began to fuck both hands in and out of me and true enough the cum and lube began to be pumped from my depths dribble around my strapped balls, across the straps, down the aching length of my cock and drool into my mouth and ataşehir escort across my face.

She watched, her gaze shifting the small space between my huge arse and my smut smeared face. She began to curl her fingers when deep inside me so that my hole was stretched even more on pulling free.

She smiled at me,” Did you enjoy being a ganbang fistfuck slut?”

“Yes Miss, I love being your gangbang fistfuck slut.”

She smiled, balled her goo covered hands into fists and began to Punchfuck me, she started with her right, then her left and then harder, faster and deeper. I screamed, begged, groaned, moaned and started cumming as she landed the first blow, I kept cumming.

Her concentration was on my cow cunt, I watched her through a drool,of lube, piss and cum, mine and others. She deliberately punched into me, her aim deep inside my body giving each punch a certain degree of weight which forced me to open before her knuckles. She seemed to reach a point of satisfaction, I was beginning to cosy fall open.


I quailed, tightening slightly.

“Wrong move sweetie.”

And she slammed her left fist in without withdrawing the right one. I really squealed and my anal orgasm paired compared to the ejacualtion painfully coursing through me and squirting into my mouth. The internal pressure just finished me off, I collapsed and became to fuck-tube She really liked.

My Miss pushed until both fists were alongside each other, then she pulled them out, together. My guts almost turned inside out,”Oh my god, your arsehole is clinging to my arm, there’s 6″ of it hanging out along my forearm.”

I can’t really say much about what I may have done as I was lost in orgasming, I know it just got more intense.

My Miss proceeds to double fist me hollow, especially as the goo in my guts lubricate the huge intrusion. She allowed me to finish my burying herself fully in me and letting me cum and cum and cum.

As I “came-down’ She smiled at me,”OK? I’m going to pull out now, you know how hard you’ll cum, you’ll most probably pass out but I’ll look after you.”

I felt the start of the pull out, I came even harder.

I awoke lying in bed next to My Miss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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