On the Couch

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“Are you comfortable?” asked the doctor.

“Yes, thank you.”

“And are you sure you’re ready to talk to me?”

“Oh yes. I want to tell you everything.”

“That’s good. Begin then, when you’re ready.”

I relaxed as much as I could. The couch I was reclining on was very comfortable. It had obviously been bought or even specially made to make its occupants feel comfortable and at ease. Its covering was warm and soft, the springing or foam just the right consistency.

“I don’t know quite where to start, Doctor.”

She didn’t say anything, she just looked at me in a very unthreatening and patient way as if to say, “wherever seems best to you. But start.”

So I did.

“I’m a very ordinary sort of girl, well, woman…”

The doctor interrupted, “There’s just the two of us here, and we don’t need to worry about political correctness. If you want to use the word girl, please do so.”

“Ok. He calls me a girl. As I was saying, I’m very ordinary. I didn’t have a boyfriend until I went to Uni at eighteen for instance. I had just two boyfriends at Uni. The second one became a long-term one. I slept with them both. Oh! Not at the same time!” I hurriedly added. I didn’t want her to think of me as, well, as a tart. This might seem strange when you read what follows.

The doctor smiled, “Go on.”

“I did ok at Uni, I got my degree and started work in the hotel business. I didn’t have much ambition, I don’t know why, I never have had. I ended up working at a small rather run-down hotel locally. Part of a big chain, but one of their lesser establishments. It was a business hotel. I was supposed to be on a management trainee scheme, but really we, the staff, were just dogsbodies. Doing everything, even cleaning sometimes. But I didn’t mind. I had my boyfriend. He’s a very nice man with a good job. I assumed we’d get married soon…”

I trailed off.

“What is it, dear?”

“Well, as I say this I begin to understand myself a little. It sounds like a deadly dull life. And it was. My boyfriend was dull. We did the same things each weekend at the same places. He stayed over Friday and Saturday nights…”

“Tell me about that.”

“Oh, there’s little to tell. We’d go out for a meal or a drink. We didn’t drink too much, of course, then we’d go back to my place to bed where we’d have sex. Always the missionary position. It never lasted very long and only ever once a night. But I thought that was ok, you know? I thought that was normal. I never had an orgasm, until I began inducing them myself…” I trailed off…

“This is no place for embarrassment. Tell me about your masturbation.”

“I started out of frustration at my relationship. I tried it, but I wasn’t very good at it then. I didn’t know how to pleasure myself. And I felt horribly guilty. So guilty that I stopped doing it. Until…” I trailed off again.

“Yes? Until what? You must tell me everything!”

I stretched on the couch, moving slightly to get comfortable.

“I’ve got ahead of myself a little. There had always been something at the back of my mind telling me that I was missing out somehow. I’d never done anything dangerous or exciting. It was beginning to bother me. I looked things up on the internet, but I didn’t want to go skydiving, or bungee-jumping or anything like that. I read quite a lot, so I expanded my reading taste. That helped a little, but it wasn’t enough. I tried dance and exercise classes, but they didn’t suit, though I met some interesting people. People who had a much more interesting life than mine, it sounded like. Especially their sex lives. I could hardly believe some of the things they claimed they were doing. I became curious. One of them mentioned a website called Literotica, that had lots of, you know, raunchy stories. I looked at it one night. I had to pluck up my courage. Well, a lot of it is awful; very badly written unrealistic male fantasy. Sometimes very misogynistic, too. But some of it is…interesting,” I took a deep breath here, “some of it I found…exciting. Arousing, if I’m honest. The accounts of deep, absorbing sex; shattering orgasms, profound relationships based on…well, all sorts of things. I knew it was fiction, but I wanted something like that. I wanted erotic adventures. That’s when I discovered masturbation; I had to relieve the arousal I felt. I got better at it; I had orgasms.

“This all sounds dreadful, doesn’t it? So…naff! But it’s the truth. There I was, twenty-three with a boring life and a nothing job, frigging myself off every night and dreaming of having real sex. The saddest thing was that the masturbation was far better than the real sex I was having.”

I paused to gather my thoughts. The recollection of my self-induced orgasms was giving me slight tinglings in my crotch. I squirmed very slightly. I’m sure the doctor noticed.

“Please go on, my dear.”

“I tried to improve my sex life with my boyfriend, but not only did he not seem to want to have better sex, he disapproved of me wanting it. He virtually told me I was an immoral beylikdüzü escort slut! I tried to settle back down but it was no use. In the end I broke up with him. Neither of us was deeply upset, I don’t think.

“The trouble was I was now left with no sex at all. I’d discovered that I had a longing inside me for good sex. Masturbation wouldn’t cut it, so I began experimenting. I told you that the Hotel I worked in was a business one, didn’t I? So there was no shortage of lonely men around. It was easy to get myself picked up and fucked. Oh!, you know I would never have used that word two years ago! But it’s the only word that really fits. I was getting men who didn’t care about me to fuck me. But it wasn’t much better than it had been with Wayne. Mostly they only lasted two minutes then insisted on telling me how wonderful their wives were! Occasionally there was one who was better than the others, but I was still deeply frustrated. So, the day that changed my life for ever….

“Oh! Wait! I have to tell you this first! I said, didn’t I that the hotel was a little run down; it didn’t make much money? Ok, well, one of its uses was as a….brothel is not right. But it was used by working girls to bring their clients back. We usually let them use rooms in the side annexe of the hotel. It was discreet. Upper management had told us to turn a blind eye just as long as the money came in. There were also call-girls in and out quite often, visiting men in the other rooms. I was shocked at first, but I got used to it. The girls soon became quite familiar, we used to exchange greetings. I often wondered what it would be like to have sex with a stranger. Did they enjoy it? Wasn’t it dangerous? Well, on that last point, I was never aware of any…unpleasantness while I was on duty. I was occasionally asked by a man if I knew ‘where there was any excitement available’ or ‘is there an escort agency around here’ but I always claimed ignorance. I didn’t want to be involved in that. I still thought it was a little distasteful, despite the thrill I got from fantasising about it.”

I stopped, stretched again, feeling decidedly aroused. I squirmed a little harder to try and generate some friction between my thighs. But I couldn’t really do much just then.

“This is fascinating, my dear. Do please go on. I sense we’re getting to the crux of the matter.”

“Hm. One day I was just finishing a shift on the reception desk. It would be about two o’clock. One of the other staff members relieved me so I went upstairs to get changed. Our staff changing room is on the upper floor, you see. Well, I showered, changed and was on my way back down. I was wearing a really nice red dress. It wasn’t very revealing or anything, but it suited me well, showing off my body, such as it is…”

“Don’t be coy, my dear, you have a lovely body,” said the doctor with a smile.

I felt a flush come over me. “Thank you. I don’t wear dresses that often, but I’d put one on that day. Perhaps it was some kind of premonition…I don’t know. Anyway I was feeling good and..sexy. Sounds silly, doesn’t it? But I was.”

“Not at all. Clothes certainly affect our sense of self and well-being.”

“I’m sure you’re right. Anyway, I was walking to the lift when a room door opened and a man looked out. He looked rather stern, but not frighteningly so. He definitely was good-looking! I smiled at him. Perhaps I thought there was an opportunity there, perhaps I was just being professional. I don’t know. ‘Ah! At last! Come in!’ he said. Well, I thought he’d recognised me as a member of the hotel staff and wanted something from me. I went in to his room. ‘Hmmm. Tall, dark, a good body. You’re just what I ordered,’ he said, to my astonishment. ‘I’m sorry?’ I said. ‘Tall, dark-haired, good body, as far as I can see. Just what I asked your agency for. I’ve booked you for two hours, you understand that don’t you?’

“He went over to the bed to turn down the covers so he didn’t see my face just then. I flushed heavily and my mouth hung open. It hit me straight away. He’d mistaken me for one of the call-girls! My heart began beating like some kind of mad drummer. My first thought was to run away, but something inside me told me to go with this. It would be an adventure. Remember, I was very frustrated and my head was full of erotic fantasies. Well, here was one made real! Incredibly I heard myself say ‘Oh, yes sir, that’s fine.’! ‘Right then. Let’s have a good look at you. Take that dress off.’

“Oh, God, I was so turned on by that! The humiliation of being ordered to strip so that he could assess me, like a piece of meat! My cunt was so hot! Oh! I’m sorry. My language again!”

“‘Cunt’ is a very venerable Anglo-Saxon word, my dear. Use it if you feel it appropriate.”

“Oh, Ok, thank you. Well, yes. My…cunt was hot and getting wet as I unzipped my dress and stepped out of it. I had on a nice matching set of peach-coloured, half-cup bra and high-cut panties that day, I looked pretty good, I think. The panties, particularly, beylikdüzü escort bayan showed off my bum nicely.

“He looked me over, then he came and stood behind me running his hands over my bum and squeezing my buttocks lightly. ‘Mmm, yes. Very nice. I’m going to enjoy fucking that later’. Suddenly I was petrified! I’d never done anal sex. Or even thought about it. I felt like running away again, but I hadn’t the nerve now. Besides he was undoing my bra. I was so aroused it felt like my nipples would shoot off like bullets. He cupped my breasts, massaging them, then pinching my nipples; quite gently. But hard enough to make me wince. But a large part of the wince was with pleasure. Running his hands back down to my bum, he pushed my panties down to the floor and I meekly stepped out of them.

“Moving in front of me again he said, ‘Give me your hands.’

“I held them out, not having the slightest idea why he wanted them, so I was completely taken by surprise when he slipped a pair of handcuffs on them.

“I think I cried out, because he said, ‘don’t worry. I’m not a sadist. These are just to remind you who’s in charge. Get on the bed, face down.’

“I complied nervously. My arousal increased yet again as I lay down, the feel of the sheet against my naked skin just adding to my excitement. I couldn’t see him anymore. That made it more exciting. What was he going to do next I wondered? He uncuffed one hand and quickly cuffed me to the headboard. ‘Up on your knees. Spread your legs. Wider!’

“His tone was very definitely harder now that he had me at his mercy. I’d never felt like this before. I was naked, cuffed to a bed, my bum stuck up in the air, my cunt wet, swollen and completely exposed to a complete stranger I couldn’t even see. I was breathing so shallowly and quickly I thought I might pass out. If that didn’t happen, I thought I’d have a heart attack it was pumping so hard. Then he gripped my mound and squeezed it hard. I yelped. He started rubbing my cunt; hard enough to make me gasp and moan, but not as though he was sanding something, like some of the other men I’ve had. He was clearly skilled. I began moving my hips in time with him. I was quite near an orgasm. He slapped my bum. ‘Slow down! We’ve got two hours, remember? ‘ he said commandingly.

“I stopped and tried to relax, but it’s very difficult when someone’s stroking your cunt and teasing out your clit.”

I was definitely feeling aroused as I told my story on the couch. I noticed the doctor crossing and re-crossing her legs and shifting in her seat a little. Was she aroused too? It looked very much like it.

“He continued for a long time stroking and rubbing my cunt lips and my clit, alternating that with inserting two fingers into my vagina and hooking them to stimulate my g-spot. God! it was so good! Every time I got near to a climax he sensed it, slapped my bum and ordered me to stop. He didn’t slap me very hard; it stung a little but it served its purpose of getting my attention. It also maintained my arousal. So when he continued with his stimulation I was right back up there. I don’t know how long this went on; it seemed like hours. Eventually, he climbed up behind me and summarily shoved his cock right into me. I was so aroused and so wet that it didn’t hurt at all, though it made me cry out. That got me another slap. He began fucking me…no that’s not the right word. He began banging me! It was as if I was just a hole for him to thrust his cock into as hard and as quickly as he could. I came almost immediately, but he kept banging away for ages. I could feel his cock right inside me. It was big, the biggest I’d ever had! I very soon had another climax just as he did. I felt his cock twitching inside of me. It was heaven! My fantasies about good sex had been more than fulfilled, they’d been exceeded!

“After a few minutes he pulled out of me, giving me another slap, then he uncuffed me. He said,’ You have a fine cunt. Go and shower while I have some recovery time. I’ll fuck your ass next.’

“Well, you can imagine the nervousness I felt as I showered quickly, using the handset to flush his come out of my cunt as best I could. I was on the pill, so I had no worries about getting pregnant, but I guessed that he would want me clean. When I returned to the bedroom he said, hoarsely, ‘Come and lie down. I want to play with your tits.’ He cuffed me to the bed again.

“I was really very comfortable now, if being in a high state of arousal whilst handcuffed to a bed can be called comfortable. I was eager to know what he was going to do next. It was all quite simple, he massaged, kneaded, sucked and nibbled my tits and nipples so thoroughly and skilfully that I almost had an orgasm just from that. ‘You are certainly more responsive than the average whore. I like that,’ he said.

“I almost cried out ‘I’m not a whore!’ but bit it back.

“Just then, there was a knock at the door. Looking surprised, he pulled on a dressing-gown and opened it. I couldn’t see who was there, escort beylikdüzü restrained as I was, but I heard quite clearly, ‘Good afternoon, sir. I’m from the agency. I’m so sorry I’m late, there was an accident…’ He interrupted her. ‘There must be some mistake. I already have a girl here. The agency must have sent someone else.’

‘Oh. I see. They didn’t tell me. I’ve come all this way for nothing,’ she said peevishly. ‘Well, you’ll have to take that up with them, Miss. I’m busy.’ He closed the door again. ‘She wasn’t as good-looking as you. I’m glad they sent you instead,’ he said as he sucked my left nipple and half my tit into his mouth. My nipple hardened as he bit it. He didn’t bite hard enough to cause pain…well, perhaps a little, but it was enough to send my hormones crazy again.

I paused, remembering how his mouth felt on my breast and his hand on my cunt as he caressed and fingered it. I stretched a little and tried again, vainly, to get some relief from my aroused state by rubbing my thighs together. The doctor was looking at me curiously, so I stopped again.

“Would you like some water?” asked the doctor.

“Oh, no. No thank you. I’d rather continue now I’ve started.”

“Very well. In your own time.”

“He took me to a very high level of arousal then ordered me onto my knees again. There was a pause, then I felt something cold on my anus. It was his finger, covered in lubricant of some kind. He smeared it around my hole, then gently but insistently pushed it in. He said, breathing heavily, ‘God, you’re tight! Anyone would think you’d never done this before.’

“I was very frightened at the thought of anal sex, but, really, I’d gone too far now to refuse him. My fear was overruled by my arousal anyway. I didn’t say anything; I just tried to relax as best I could. I couldn’t help making noises, but he didn’t seem to mind. He didn’t slap me, anyway. Not then, at least. The penetration didn’t hurt much; just a little bit of a sting. Much less than I’d expected. Perhaps it was because he was so skilled, I don’t know. Anyway, once he’d penetrated with one finger, he pushed another one in. That was more uncomfortable, although it was easily bearable. Once he’d probed around enough he pulled his fingers out, knelt up behind me and pressed his cock against my opening. I knew how big he was from earlier, so I was very apprehensive. But he didn’t ram it in, he gradually increased the pressure until it popped through my sphincter. I couldn’t help but make lots of noise, though. He gave my bum a few slaps, harder than before, just to remind me he was the boss, I think. ‘Now, keep still!’

“He began thrusting, pulling out so the head of his cock was almost out of me, then pushing all the way in, over and over again. I was enjoying it, in a way, but I couldn’t help wishing he was fucking my cunt instead. I’d have come several times by then if he had been. He fucked my ass for a long time, obviously enjoying himself, if the noises he was making were any guide, but eventually he came. Breathing heavily, he lay on top of me. I struggled to support our combined weights, until he pulled his softening cock out of my asshole and lay down. ‘Go and shower again.’

“Sensing that he needed a break, I lingered a little in the shower. That was a mistake! ‘Where were you? I haven’t paid for you to stand in the fucking shower! Come here!’ he yelled.

“He pulled me down onto the bed and gave me a much more comprehensive spanking. My bum was on fire! And so was my cunt. God, I was turned on again! But he didn’t fuck me.

‘Suck my cock!” he ordered peremptorily and sat back. I didn’t have much experience of oral sex then. I’ve sucked scores of cocks since, but I was very nervous as I lowered my head and took his cock in my hand. I tentatively licked it. I could taste myself on it. It wasn’t unpleasant, even though it had been up my bum not long before. I took it in my mouth and began sucking it. It was so big I could hardly get my lips around it, but I persevered. I’d read many stories on Literotica about ‘deep-throating’, so assuming that he’d like that, I began trying to get more of his cock further in. Judging by the moans and groans he was making it was a good idea. It was surprisingly easy for me to suppress my gagging instinct; the two gags I made I covered up as breathing pauses. Once I had his cock head as far down as I could get it, though my lips were still some inches from his crotch, I began bobbing my head more rapidly whilst sucking hard. Occasionally I stopped to swirl my tongue around his cock head. I would have wanked him at the same time, but my hands were still cuffed together. I could get them both between my legs, though! I was so horny! Making sure to not break my rhythm too much I diddled myself while sucking him off. I don’t know how long it was, but eventually I felt his cock stiffen even more just before he came. I’d never tasted a man’s come before, but it didn’t really taste of much: salt water if anything. There wasn’t much of it anyway, this being his third ejaculation in less than two hours. I hadn’t managed to get myself off completely so I was hoping for a little more as I licked the last of his come off his cock and sat back. ‘Not bad, babe. Not bad at all. Ok, look, there’s still ten minutes left, but I’ll let you go now. Have a quick shower if you like,’ he said as he released the handcuffs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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