“On the road with Lust”

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I hope you enjoy reading my story as much as I enjoyed writing it. Life is not perfect and neither is my story, it is dirty, unashamed, unedited, baring blemishes and all, bare. it is not a legal brief constructed so every word is perfect, every common in the right place, edited ten times. My tumbling out style of writing comes from emotion, desire, a longing, sexual desire, fun erotica, fantasy. My stories come spilling out of me full of lust, raw energy, with no filter, a friend confessing to you. I’m not looking for perfection in my writing, I’m simply purging my mind. Life is short enjoy the ride. I’m Cheryle “Cheri” an Irish Catholic, Attorney, Singer-Songwriter 30year old bi-sexual woman, 5’2″ 107lbs., with blue eyes and long red hair-💋

Chapter One-Summer Tour

When we came together to form a band there was chemistry right from the start. Tammy a tall, twenty-one year old, darked haired vixen, tattooed and always dressed in black, playing bass, Michelle, a twenty-two year old, short blonde with cropped hair, on lead guitar and vocals, Sherry a grad student, twenty-six, playing drums, with purple hair and a nose ring, and me a twenty-four year old red headed short spitfire on lead vocals and rhythm guitar. We called ourselves the aptly named “Lust”, we play at frat parties and college bars around campus, with a small but devoted following.

With the semester ending we made the final plans for a summer tour of dive bars, clubs, and summer festivals around the mid-west. Three months of living in Sherry’s rusted van and cheap hotels, sleeping all day, playing rock and roll all night. Smoking pot, drinking, parting like rock stars, sounded like a great way to spend our summer break. We had fixed up the inside of the van with two small sofas, a small table, rented a small trailer to haul the equipment.

We started out down interstate ninety-five, living the dream, we were like sisters, we shared a very special bond. The first show was great, a large crowd of partiers at Crows Mill Pub in Springfield, Illinois who really seemed to enjoy our performance dressed in our best slutty outfits playing our mix of covers and originals. The time we got to play flew by then back on the road headed to the next town, taking turns at driving, sleeping, parting as the tour wore on that long summer.

At the end of the second month heading to the Gas lamp in Des Moines, Iowa, an artsy, boisterous watering hole that features a diverse music lineup. All modesty had long since past, Michelle was laying on the small sofa in just her lace black panties sleeping, her cute little body curled up in a ball, Tammy was driving and Sherry was sleeping in the front seats.

I was just starring at Michelle’s beautiful body, her breast, a cute nipple peaking at me, the small of her back, her plump round ass, smooth legs, her cute little feet and pink painted toes. I found my self excited by her, turned on by her image, laying there, I watched her breath, a wetness growing inside my red panties.

A voyeuristic delight and in a trance of sexual lust my fingers caressed my wet pussy. Watching sweet Michelle sleep on the sofa she was so peaceful and beautiful in that moment. My fingers flicking with my clit strumming it like I would my guitar.

Moving my other hand down to part my pussy lips with two fingers slowly at first before finding a rhythm. Working my pussy like the fine instrument it is pleasure radiating through out my little body. My juices flowing, so close, speed increasing, a sweet orgasm hit me in waves of sheer delight.

Chapter Two-Michelle

Arriving at the Motel Six we had about two hours before we had to head to the Gas Lamp to set up for the gig. We got two rooms Tammy and Sherry took one, Michelle and I took the other. Taking turns using the shower, I went second when Michelle was Ağrı Escort done, I shaved and washed my body in the hot shower.

Emerging from the shower wrapped in the white hotel towel to find Michelle still undressed laying in one of the beds. I walked over climbing into the bed next to her both of us just in towels. Chatting about tonight’s set list I started rubbing her smooth leg with my foot. A playful game between good friends, band mates, sisters.

Coming together arms, legs in a warm embrace, kissing with erotic passion, hands rubbing each others wet cunts, tongues dancing inside each others mouths. Her body was soft and smooth, warm, soft, pleasure filled my brain, laying her on her back. I climbed on top of Michelle my face diving into her wet pussy, my wet cunt grinding into her mouth, sensations everywhere, tingling, I glanced at the reflection in the hotel mirror on the vanity. What a wonderful sight the star of our own porno movie “Sixty-nine with Michelle and Cheri,”.

I felt her wetness growing, tasting her, my own pleasure building, grinding down into her tongue and mouth. I so wanted to come together, curling my tongue inside her, reaching a finger to her hooded clit. Our orgasms shaking our little hot bodies, shaking the hotel bed, like a giant earthquake. Exhausted I collapsed down into my sweet Michelle, after a few minutes I turn around, hugging and kissing her. Mixing our juices into a wonderful flavor exploding in our mouths.

Chapter Three-Plummer River Bike Rally:

At twenty-four, on break from university before starting law school touring was a fun way to spend a carefree summer. I was testing my skill set on the road with “Lust”. I loved flexing my feminist muscles on stage a grunge rock goddess at least in my mind. We came to decorticated the inside of Sherry’s van with dark velour, looking like a glitzy dance club on wheels, we were a band of wild rebels, a traveling circus.

Long show days unraveled into ragged all-night drives along dusty hi-ways. Drinking and parting sometimes I would fumble for my ear buds, trying to escape into an Ann Rice novel. Tucked inside my flimsy sleeping bag cocoon, an easy bond that kind of camaraderie that eludes most relationships. Times like those solidify our sense of togetherness – sisterhood.

in August we played the Plumer River Bike Rally set in the middle of nowhere in Indiana forty acres of campers, RV’s, tents and bikers in their leather vest. We were in the battle of the bands Thursday night and if we won that, which of course we did, we played Saturday before the headliner “Jackyl”.

I watched as a week-end of parting and depravity played out before my eyes. There were topless woman, tits everywhere, all shapes and sizes, young and old alike, sex around every corner, a tent with a mechanical bull, a water slide, and live music and games all day Friday and Saturday an adult Disney land.

One bright spot of the week-end was the shower house with big shower stalls, hot water, after being on the road so long a proper shower was wonderful. Soaping my naked body running my hands over my small breast, playing with my nipples, lost in the moment. Eyes closed hands drifting lower over my flat stomach through my red pubes a fantastic feeling.

That’s were I met her, Sunny, a twenty seven year old blonde her hair in braids, shorter then me and plump, very attractive in a farm girl sort of way. Chatting with her after my shower there was something about her that intrigued me immensely. She said she loved the band and was looking forward to seeing us play again Saturday.

I asked if she would like to see the van and meet the rest of the band. She bubbled with excitement as we walked to the secure area were the bands were camped. I introduced her to Michelle, Sherry, and tammy and showed and we sat on the small Ağrı Escort Bayan sofa chatting. I had a genuine attraction to her there was something about Sunny.

My band mates went to get some breakfast Sunny and I stayed behind snuggling together on the small sofa, pressed together, our faces so close. Giggling, laughing, our lips brushed and we were kissing, tongues intertwined passion exploding inside us. Arms and legs wrapping around each other in a warm embrace a beautiful moment of exploration with my new friend.

Sunny found her way inside my pants to find my wet cunt with her fingers caressing as only a woman knows how to do. Humping her fingers full of desire at her soft touch, moaning loudly, I let go my pent up sexual energy. Sunny worked me into a frenzy as an orgasm crashed through me, toes curling, screaming and squealing in delight.

A new discovery of lesbian sexual pleasure had befallen me after my trysts with Michelle. I dropped to my knees and removed her shorts to expose a smooth pubic area glistening with wetness. I dove in licking and teasing her pussy lips. Parting those sweet lips my long tongue plunged inside her twisting, dancing, making her moan in pleasure.

She was loud a sympathy of sound her sweet juices covering my mouth and tongue. She grabbed my head pulling me into her, her body shaking a wild orgasmic moment has she squirted pussy juice in my mouth and on my face.

That’s when I heard the applause of my band mates who had returned from breakfast.

Chapter Four-Crystal Corner

In show business, the green room is the space in a theatre, comedy club, music venue that functions as a waiting room and lounge for performers before, during, and after a performance when they are not engaged on stage. Green rooms typically have seating for the performers, such as upholstered chairs and sofas. There is no one accepted theory as to where the term “green room” got its start, but it’s been in used for centuries. A private space where actors, musicians or speakers can go before, during or after a performance to be away from the crowds, these secluded areas have gained a reputation for various shenanigans. They can serve as anything from silent temples of preparation to rowdy dens of ill-repute.

While the origin of the term is perhaps lost to history, one possible explanation dates back to 1599 and the Blackfriars Theater, which offered a room behind the scenes where actors waited to hit the stage. That room was painted green and was even called “the green room,” according to lore. In 1662, London’s Cockpit-in-Court theatre also included a room covered in green material, which may also have sparked the use of the term.

Some theaters have multiple green rooms, demarcated for various bands/performers. Maybe the headliner will have the biggest one, whereas the opening band gets the most cramped. Even in green rooms, there can be a hierarchy.

Often, there are food and drinks in the green room, couches, and posters on the wall. It’s where the night’s producers will find the talent and tell them when there are five minutes to go on. It’s a place to relax without the eyes of audience members glaring. It’s also a place to go after the show to decompress and come down from the high from their performance that just took place.

Most green rooms aren’t actually green, of course, unless you count the less sanitary of the bunch, where mold might be a factor. In fact, there’s little that these spaces have in common. For musicians, there’s an eternal element of surprise and possible horror when coming to a new venue and its unfamiliar prep room. Will it have its own bathroom? Sinks? Chairs without suspicious stains? Will there be a green room at all, or will the band be forced to mingle with the masses out in the bar before and after the show?

The Escort Ağrı moments before a performance are crucial for tuning instruments or just spending time screwing around with my band mates, groupies and other hangers-on. Getting my mind in the right place whatever that means to each performer and what they require before hitting the stage and melting the audience’s faces off with their innovative sound, a decent green room can be a lifesaver.

I find them terrifically useful, not only for gathering my thoughts and warming my voice but for a high-maintenance bitch like me to have a sacred space to get read to perform helps immensely.

One of the best green rooms is in the basement of the Crystal Corner Bar on Williamson Street, Madison, Wisconsin. This remarkably swank space boasts a very large, attached bathroom with a full shower and a magically refilling candy jar. Certain unwashed musicians have even been ejected for using the facility’s showers on nights when they weren’t actually playing the venue.

The Crystal Corner Bar is an unfussy haunt with glass-block windows and a small dance floor featuring live blues, country and jazz. Lust played there two nights a Friday and Saturday our last shows of the summer tour.

Unloading our equipment when we arrived at the Crystal Corner, setting up, doing a soundcheck to get the mix just right. We had two hours to kill before performing Sherry, Tammy and Michelle went exploring Madison, Madison, the capital city of Wisconsin. It’s known for the domed Wisconsin State Capitol, which sits on an isthmus between lakes Mendota and Monona. The Wisconsin Historical Museum documents the state’s immigrant and farming history. The city’s paved Capital City State Trail runs past Monona Terrace, a lakefront convention center designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

I took a shower in the green room and was longing in a towel on the sofa when Tina came down carrying a tray she explained she would be are server tonight and asked if I need anything. I requested a Blue Moon Craft Beer with an orange slice, high maintenance bitch that I am, a short while later Tina returned with my beer.

A graduate student, Tina is twenty-four with short dark hair framing a cute face with dazzling brown eyes. She explained her shift didn’t start for another hour but when she had the green room she liked to come in early to get the band squared away before she got busy with tables.

So I explained it was just me for now my band mates were exploring Madison and invited her to hang out if she wanted. Sitting on the sofa we casually chatted I had forgotten I was just wrapped in a towel. That is until I noticed Tina starring at my body as the towel had slid open exposing my naked front.

Making no attempt to cover my self I just let Tina enjoy the view of my hot little body, my neatly trimmed red pubes. Almost like she was in a trance Tina lowered her face between my legs her fingers touching my soft skin. Her tongue teasing my pussy lips, I watched as she worked, sensations of playful pleasure radiated through me.

Tina’s tongue entered inside my wet pussy, my hands gripped her head, my legs up cute little toes pointing at the ceiling. My eyes closed enjoying the sensory pleasures. How long this went on I’m not sure lost in the pleasure of the moment worked into a frenzy, on the brink.

When I opened my eyes to see my band mates watching I was to far gone an orgasm crashing over my little body. Screaming in a delight of pleasure has my band mates watched my most intimate moment.


A summer of adventure, playfulness and fun exploring new pleasures living the rock and roll dream would end far to soon. I sit in my office somedays starring out the window at the Chicago skyline and I remember the summer before Law school touring the mid-west in a four girl rock circus.

Sherry is married with two boys living in Tennessee, Tammy is divorced a single mother of one living in Pittsburg, I lost track of Michelle in California last I knew she was still a working musician she has performed in many bands over the years.

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