One August Night Ch. 03

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Hey people, you may have missed part 2 being posted. I got the nasty end of the stick because somebody got mad at me for saying something about my book. Be sure to go look at part 2 before you read this one. Thank you all.

Thanks OmegaZone

L.A. Wicker

Tina staggered into the kitchen, wiping the sleep from her eyes, hoping Jimmy was in the mood for some hot sister cunt. She was on fire after hearing him and Mom fucking each other all night. Now she needed his long, hard cock deep in her little cunt, fucking her like a whore.

‘Hey baby.’ Mom said reaching to clean above the stove. That day she had only worn a small half shirt and an equally small pair of white, bikini panties.

Tina looked to Mom, enjoying the sight of her great little ass stuffed into the small panties. She felt strange feelings running through her young body as she looked to Mom’s ass and her long shapely legs. ‘Fuck! Just what I needed to see,’ she moaned out as she flopped into a chair.

‘What baby?’ Donna turned to see her young, sexy daughter looking at her body. Tina’s eyes roamed over inch of her, sending warm rushes between her legs. She slowly walked towards Tina, ‘Did you sleep well? I’m sorry if Jimmy and I made to much noise last night,’ she said moving to Tina, softly hugging her to her excited breasts.

Tina felt as if she was going to explode as Mom pushed her wonderful breasts to her face, all Tina could think of, was sucking one of her nipples. ‘God Mom! Your tits feel so good!’ Tina moaned wrapping her arms around Mom’s body, moving her hands to her tender ass. Tina began to softly caress her wonderful Mother’s soft flesh.

‘What are you doing girl?’ Donna moaned enjoying Tina’s loving touching. ‘I’m not sure if I’m ready for this baby,’ she whispered caressing Tina’s soft hair and couldn’t believe the feelings rushing through her body. ‘I need to think about it,’ she added pulling from her daughter and could feel a fire burning deep in her cunt. She made love with her handsome son and now her sexy daughter wanted her; Donna’s brain raced trying to figure out all of the emotions.

Tina just laughed to herself. ‘Hell Mom, you should give it a try. I know you love that cunt of yours licked, I heard you telling Aunt Judy you loved it,’ she said looking to Mom with a big smile on her pretty face. ‘Where’s Jimmy? I need him to fix this for me,’ she added rubbing between her legs and saw Mom looking at her.

‘He went to Judy’s. She needed him to help with her yard today. Her Mexican gardener got deported!’ Mom said with a laugh as she watched Tina rubbing her little cunt. ‘He’ll be back late tonight or in the morning,’ she added and couldn’t stop watching Tina. Things were running through her brain that she couldn’t believe. She could see herself licking Tina’s cunt and she loved it. ‘Why don’t you go take a shower and we’ll go shopping and do lunch,’ Mom said turning to the sink and felt the fire deep in her cunt, thinking of herself and her sexy, young daughter making love together.

Tina smiled and walked to get a drink from the fridge. ‘Think Jimmy will try to fuck her?’ Tina asked pulling out a Coke. ‘He sure fucked us like two whores and Aunt Judy is a hot one,’ she smiled opening the can and waiting for Mom to reply.

‘I wouldn’t blame him if he tried.’ Mom smiled thinking of her beautiful sister. She was very tall, 5 foot 10 inches with long, flowing blonde hair down to her tight 36-inch ass, great 38 c breasts that were the envy of all women. ‘That’d be something to see wouldn’t it?’ Mom smiled thinking of Jimmy ramming his long cock deep into Judy’s hot cunt. Many times Judy had made comments about how nice it would be to have a young son like Jimmy around the house to help with ‘things’ that needed fixing. ‘He’ll tell us if he did, I just hope he shares some of the juicy details!’ She laughed as Tina moved against her and this time; Mom caressed her young, horny ass.

‘I know if I ever got the chance, I’d do anything for her hot ass!’ Tina moaned thinking of her Aunts sexy, long legs and her great, big tits; she would love to suck them into the long, dark night. ‘Shit! This is making me even hornier!’ She laughed feeling Mom squeezing her burning ass with her loving hands. ‘Mom! That feels good,’ she smiled to Mom and saw her pretty face smile and Tina knew that this could turn out to be a great day with Mom.


‘Hey there handsome!’ Judy yelled walking from her lovely home with nothing on but a small shirt and a pair of cut off jean shorts. ‘I sure do thank you for coming to help me,’ she smiled pulling Jimmy against her body and could feel the heat building in her lonely, little cunt. Jimmy had turned into a young man any woman would love to fuck, even her.

Jimmy always loved his sexy Aunt and after the things that happened yesterday, he was going to try everything to get inside this sexy lady. ‘You always feel so good!’ He moaned in her ear as his big hands moved down to enjoy the ataşehir escort feel of her toned ass as her full breasts pressing into his chest.

‘Oh Jimmy!’ Judy moaned and couldn’t believe the way he was touching her, but she loved it. She hadn’t been with a man since John died ten years ago and her cunt needed fixing bad. ‘I can’t believe you took off a Saturday to come and help me,’ she smiled looking to give him a soft kiss. ‘I’ll make us a great lunch and then we’ll take a dip in the lake. How’s that sound?’ She asked feeling his hands moving to the tops of her long legs, trying to move up under her shorts and something in his pants began to grow.

Jimmy softly caressed under her tiny shorts, he could feel her tensing up, and knew he definitely had to give her a try. What a thrill it would be to fuck his beautiful Aunt. ‘Anything with you would be great!’ He smiled and gave her a kiss on her full, sexy lips.

She giggled and pulled away. ‘You better stop it buster! I’ll tell your Mom,’ she laughed pulling from her handsome nephew. ‘Here are the keys to the garage. I’ll be back in a few to help you,’ she said handing him the keys and ran into the house, falling against the wall grabbing her breasts. ‘Oh my God!’ She moaned out. ‘How and the hell am I going to resist him,’ she whispered thinking of his tall, young body and the large bulge in his pants, knowing he must have a long, think cock just like Daddy had.

Jimmy laughed and went to get the tractor from the garage; he knew poor Judy hadn’t been fucked in years. ‘Aunt Judy, you sexy, little cunt, before I go home, I’m going to fuck you!’ He laughed climbing on the tractor and thought of what it’d be like sliding into her hot cunt.


‘You think Jimmy’s fucking Judy yet?’ Tina asked with a laugh looking to Mom. ‘You know she has got to be one of the prettiest women in the world. Why didn’t she ever try being a model?’ Tina asked handing Mom a pair of sheer, black panties. ‘These would look hot as hell on your sexy ass!’ She whispered reaching under Mom’s short dress and gave her ass a loving squeeze.

Donna enjoyed Tina touching her this way and felt the fire in her cunt growing. ‘She never thought she was pretty. She always thought she was too tall and that her breasts were too big.’ Mom replied with a laugh pulling Tina’s hand from under her dress. ‘Stop it!’ She teased her sexy daughter hoping she’d touch her more.

‘I would love to look like her!’ Tina moaned out moving to put her arm around Mom. ‘Buy these; they’d look great on you too!’ Tina moaned holding up a small pair of white panties. ‘When you get horny, they’ll get wet and they will be transparent,’ she smiled leaning to softly kiss Mom on the lips.

Mom just let out a soft moan as Tina’s lips touched hers and she knew later that they would move to a new level of love. ‘You’re driving me crazy,’ she whispered out, thinking of holding this beautiful girl in her arms, kissing as lovers while their bodies pressed together.

‘Good!’ Tina smiled out kissing her again, this time deeper while she slid her hands back under Mom’s short dress to her excited ass. ‘I want you so bad!’ She whispered moving one of her trembling hands to her Mom’s hot cunt and felt pure heat coming from her.

Mom just looked to Tina and felt more excited than when she was with Jimmy and knew she was lost. Tina had a soft touch that she could learn to love and wondered how it would feel having her hands roaming her naked body. ‘Let’s buy these and have lunch. I’m starving!’ Mom said trying to get her mind off her daughters loving hands.

‘I’m starving for you.’ Tina whispered in her Mom’s ear as she softly kissed it. ‘I’m going to get you tonight,’ she whispered again as two of her fingers gently ran up Mom’s burning cunt slit. ‘I’m going to suck these hot tits,’ she moved one hand to Mom’s left breast, gently caressed her nipple. ‘I’m going to kiss every inch of your great body,’ she moaned kissing Mom’s neck. ‘Then I’m going eat your hot, wet cunt until you explode!’ Tina said as her two fingers eased under Mom’s panties and deep into her wet cunt.

Donna stood in shock as Tina moved inside her cunt. Her body locked around Tina’s fingers and she hoped that if she came, she could hold back screaming out with joy. ‘Oh shit!’ Mom softly moaned out when Tina slowly moved them in and out of her wet fuck hole. ‘Come on Tina, stop until we’re alone!’ Mom begged her knowing that if she didn’t. She was going to cum.

Tina giggled as she slowly pulled her fingers from Mom and held then between both their lips. ‘Help me lick them,’ she whispered pressing them to Mom’s soft lips and they enjoyed the sweet taste together. ‘I’m getting you tonight.’ Tina said with a smile looking into Mom’s pretty eyes.


Judy stood making lunch thinking of Jimmy on her, using her lonely cunt hard and fast. She hadn’t been fucked the way she liked since Daddy died so long ago. Even after 20 years, she kadıköy escort still missed him and often thought of all the times that they had spent making love. ‘I still miss you Daddy,’ she whispered with a sad voice and heard the massive tractor pulling up to the house. ‘Yummy, my sexy nephew is here,’ she smiled finishing the salad.

Sweat rolled off Jimmy’s body and he couldn’t wait to jump into the cool water of the lake and begin the seduction of Judy. He should have tried long before this; he had every opportunity in the world. He just about lived with her for the three years after Uncle John died.

He walked into the house and to the kitchen for a drink; maybe Judy would have a cold beer. He made his way in, than froze in his tracks. Judy was bent over, her fine, little ass high in the air with her tiny shorts deep into the crack of her ass.

‘Lord!’ He said walking to her; he ran his hand down her back until it rested on her gorgeous ass. ‘You should be careful, some sex crazed man might try to get this,’ he smiled as she stood up.

She smiled as they pressed together. ‘That’d be nice, if he were a sweet, handsome man,’ she replied pushing his wet hair from his face and gave him a sweet kiss. ‘You go shower. I’ll put a swimsuit on the bed in your old room. I’ll meet you down on the dock,’ she smiled giving him another kiss and knew she had to get him deep in her body.

‘What are you going to wear?’ He asked wrapping his arms around her waist and pulled her into his growing cock. ‘I’d really like to see lots of this sexy body of yours,’ he smiled running his hands over her wonderful behind, then up her sides. He reached for her full breasts. He looked into her pretty, blue eyes and when he didn’t see any sign of resistance, he softly caressed each of her hardening nipples. She began to tremble and a soft moan came from deep in her body.

Judy couldn’t believe the feelings running through her body. She knew she had to have her handsome nephew. ‘Jimmy, go shower!’ She pulled from the great looking young stud and hoped she could at least resist him until nightfall.

Jimmy just smiled to her, kissed her sweet lips, and walked away, knowing she was his. He’d have another hot woman to fuck all he wanted and this one was his very wealthy, beautiful Aunt.

Judy ran to her room and reached into a drawer to pull out a small white, string bikini. She’d bought it last year and only wore it on hot nights and those times she’d be dreaming back to the wonderful times with Daddy. She slid out of her skimpy shorts and small shirt, wondering what it was going to be like to have her flesh and blood fucking her again.

She pulled the top on her full, excited breasts and carefully tied it just enough to allow her breasts to jiggle, but not to fall free. The bottom wrapped around her seductive hips and firm ass. It now gave any horny young man, a great view of what prize lay underneath.

‘Oh Lord! This is going to drive him fucking wild!’ She laughed out giving her nipples a good pinch to unsure they stood up. ‘Well, no turning back now,’ she smiled running to the kitchen. She started to carry the food down to the dock. She truly enjoyed sitting out on it. It went some 100 hundred feet over the water and at this time of day, the trees provided some wonderful shade.

She sat at the table, enjoying the vast view of the water while having a well-needed cigarette; when Jimmy walked from the house. Her eyes gazed over his tall body and down to the prize between his long legs, wondering if he inherited Daddy’s size. She stood to admire him. ‘My! You sure do make a woman’s blood boil,’ she smiled as he roughly pulled her into his arms.

‘You look pretty hot yourself,’ he replied giving her a long, deep kiss as his hands moved to her sexy ass and the soft bikini covering her. Soft moans of pleasure escaped her body as he caressed every inch of her gorgeous body. ‘Let’s have lunch, then we’ll talk about some desert,’ he said giving her a wink and a firm slap on her soft behind.

‘Ouch!’ Judy yelled out as a big grin filled her pretty face. ‘You better watch it buster! Or you won’t get any desert,’ she smiled pulling from Jimmy and moved to sit at the small table.


After lunch, Jimmy moaned out. ‘Oh shit! I ate too much,’ he moaned again and walked to hug Judy. ‘Thank you; that was a wonderful lunch. I might have to wait on desert,’ he added with a frown. ‘I need to go lie in that hammock for a while,’ he smiled hugging her close to him. ‘After I get up,’ he carefully reached between her long, lean legs enjoying the softness and the heat flowing from her. ‘I want some of this!’ He leaned to give her a long, slow kiss, gently running his fingers deep in the soft folds of cunt flesh.

‘Sounds good to me,’ she whispered spreading her legs for her handsome nephew. His caring fingers gently spread her desire, sending feelings through her that she had all but forgotten. He teased her hardening bostancı escort little clit and traced the tiny opening of her wet cunt hole. ‘Oh Jimmy!’ She cried out with lust, needing his cock deep in her cunt, fucking her.

He pulled from her and moved to lie down. ‘Later sweety,’ he smiled at her and quickly drifted off to sleep.

‘Fuck! This sucks.’ Judy said jumping in the cool water of the lake. Then climb into a floating raft that she spent many hours dreaming of the past. She closed her pretty eyes and the one man that she truly loved filled her mind, her Daddy…

‘Hey baby girl!’ He said with a smile as he pulled Judy on the bed with him, enjoying the sight of her beautiful body in the small bra and panty set. ‘Where are your Mom and Donna?’ He asked hoping to get a chance to play with this sexy 18-year-old girl.

‘Donna went to work and Mom is just cleaning the kitchen, bitching as normal,’ she laughed as he pulled her into his big, strong arms. Judy so enjoyed when Daddy hugged her this way. She knew it was wrong, but she loved feeling his big, hard cock against her body, it sent chills of excitement through her so good that many a time she would orgasm as he held her.

He smiled moving his hips and growing cock to his youngest daughter. He loved holding her breathtaking body and would pray someday soon that she’d give in to him and let him fuck her tight, young cunt. ‘Daddy loves you,’ he whispered leaning to kiss her seductive lips as his long cock moved against her young, virgin cunt. Heat flowed from it to his cock, making him moan out as he pushed against it.

‘Oh Daddy!’ Judy moaned when he moved on her. She could feel his giant cock head pressing on her cunt and she knew very soon that she’d give in to him. She loved how his spice after-shave and his manly smell invaded her as he covered her burning, young body with his. ‘My pussy is on fire today!’ She said pushing her hips up to rub his big, hard cock, hoping it would find its way past her tiny, wet panties and deep in her hot cunt hole. Judy knew what she needed: Daddy’s cock in her. She moved with him and reached to pull her panties over.

A big smile filled his face; he drew his hips back, ready to claim his baby girl. He watched a warm, loving smile fill her beautiful face. This was it; at last, she was ready. ‘I love you!’ He whispered hugging her to his body and started to push forward.

‘Jake!’ Kathy, his wife yelled out walking towards the bedroom. ‘Are up yet? Breakfast is ready and getting cold! And I need you to drive me to the club. I have my tennis lesson today and then lunch with the girls.’ She said getting closer to the room.

Jake gave Judy a fast kiss and moved off her body. ‘We’ll finish this later,’ he said giving her a wink. ‘Yes, I’m up,’ he yelled back jumping from the bed and into his jeans, hoping Kathy wouldn’t see his hard cock.

‘Hi there baby,’ Mom said walking in the room. ‘How long have you been up?’ She asked Judy seeing a strange look on her very, pretty face. ‘Do you feel okay?’ Mom asked putting her hand on Judy’s forehead. ‘You’re running a fever. Why don’t you just stay home today? Daddy will be here to take care of you,’ she smiled to Judy and pulled the blanket up to her neck. ‘I’m ready to go. You need to hurry up and eat!’ Kathy ordered pointing her finger to him.

Later that day, Judy lay in her parent’s bed sleeping like a baby when she felt something sliding between her long, slender legs. ‘Mmmm,’ she moaned as Daddy’s big cock made its way against her hot cunt. She loved it when Daddy was behind her, hugging her as he ran his long cock to her cunt. ‘Oh Daddy!’ She cried out as he moved it back and forth, teasing her like never before. He sucked her neck, teased her nipples and his long cock was driving her wild. ‘Fuck me Daddy!’ She moaned with need. Quickly pulling from him, she turned on her back, pulled off her panties and spread her long legs. ‘Fuck me now!’ She ordered and watched Daddy move over her. His hard cock pointed the way as he moved over her body. Fear and excitement raced through her body.

Jake looked to the young lady under him, never before had he been with someone this young or beautiful in his life. He carefully lay on her, gently kissing her heated lips. ‘I love you,’ he moaned reaching to position his throbbing cock at his virgin daughter’s cunt.

Judy trembled with excitement. In only a few seconds, Daddy would be deep in her body. ‘I love you,’ she whispered feeling his fat cock head move slowly in her tiny cunt. ‘Oh Daddy!’ She moaned as he hit her special shield. She bit down on her lip, closed her eyes, ‘Do it Daddy!’ Judy cried out and he pushed. ‘Oh Daddy! Yes! Yes!’ She squealed out as he drove deep into her tiny cunt. Tearing away her innocence with one push of his long cock.

He held her trembling body in his arms, enjoying the feel of her tiny cunt hole spasming around his long cock. Her muscles were the best he had ever felt. ‘Oh baby! You feel so good!’ He moaned hold his young daughter. ‘Thank you for doing this,’ he smiled kissing her lips. ‘You’ll never know what this means to me,’ he added looking into her love filled eyes and began slowly moving in and out of her tight cunt.

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